Damn, that’s a good amount of change. And as a board member, you have a fiduciary responsibility to the club. But I agree, I would rather have a different sponsor that didn’t have “political goals.” On second thought, in that case - FCB should be charging them $100 million. Bayern should have goals too right? Call it a premium for allowing them to suit their political goals. Edit: oops, wrote BFC, meant FCB, corrected. My bad.


> BFC say what?


BFC? Get out of here. No amount of money is enough to support them.


> And as a board member, you have a fiduciary responsibility to the club. Fiduciary duty doesn't mean maximising financial output at all cost. It means acting in another's best interest, not just financial interest. Fiduciary does not mean financial just because both words start with the letter F. This is a rather important point especially if you remember the last JHV. At least some fans/members have shown their displeasure to how those entrusted with the club have acted.


So in your eyes, it's okay to sell out as long as the price is high enough? Even 1 euro from that country is too much.


100 million it’s just symbolic to be a ridiculous amount that hopefully they will never agree to. Personally, I don’t like the partnership at all and I wish it never existed.


Alright I get you. I agree completely.


It’s moments like these, that I think to myself, “when that partnership ends, I want to buy thewhiteGaryColeman a Bayern jersey…” ![img](emote|t5_2sgxj|17989)![gif](emote|free_emotes_pack|heart_eyes)


Hahahah I have not bought a single one since they put that sponsor on the shirt. So I think it should be me buying one for both of us to celebrate when it ends.


Had to pass on a few beautiful jerseys because of them as well 😔


Bayern's sleeve sponsorship isn't worth more than (let's say) 10m, Qatar is paying a super premium. If there was a viable alternative, such as Lufthansa, then maybe -- but Lufthansa will never spend that amount to sponsor Bayern even if they got stadium naming rights. Is there a German or European business that can afford to spend 25m on marketing via Bayern Munich right now? I don't think so.


Would be interesting what these "political goals" are.


Geopolitical relevancy. Which is worth a price but is otherwise intangible. Qatar spent a lot of money to get recognized in France and the UK -- in exchange their political goals were aligned with the politicians they bought (Sarkozy, most notably). Qatar was involved in the destruction of Libya, which Germany supported, and also the botched and bloody revolution attempt in Syria.




Ok so not a huge loss if we don’t renew. I’m sure we can find some other partner who’s willing to pay a similar amount.


I feel ashamed that we have this sponsorship, but no way the board is going to give up a difference of roughly 15mil


Yeah, unfortunately the notion that we have someone lined up to pay close to that amount/or whatever Qatar might offer seems very naive


What makes you think we’d only get 10? I’d say 15-20 seems alright for this type of marketing no?


Because the previous sleeve sponsor who was replaced by Qatar Airlines, Lufthansa, was paying 10 million. https://www.businessinsider.de/wirtschaft/lufthansa-bedauert-sponsoren-aus-beim-fc-bayern-2018-2/


At this point I’d prefer PornHub as a sponsor over Qatar.




OnlyFans, grandpa


But that was 4 years ago, I think theres now more money to get


Simple as that: the big sponsors are similarly as criminal. Even with 4 years passing, there is just less appeal to sponsor a German team, except for maybe Chinese companies, which are similarly sht. German companies themselves will not have the capabilities to go that far. Quatar is rather an investment for after the world cup. They have limited oil resources, so they’re buying themselves into the European market. Companies matching that offer come from similar backgrounds.


That's a lot of money, it's not like they're our main sponsor. I don't think we'd get anything close to this under normal circumstances




It's hard to turn down 25m a year If it was 7-10m I'd say Bayern should give it up, but 25m a year is a huge amount of money for basically nothing.


It’s a huge amount of money for our entire identity. We’re Bayern, we should be the ones who set an example when we’re on top. Our protests against the World Cup in Qatar mean nothing if they’re literally paying us to advertise them.


It's not Bayern's entire identity. That's the problem, isn't it? It's barely a factor and it's a very low-effort way to generate a rather impressive amount of money. We don't know if Qatar Airways even wants to renew, and at what terms, so perhaps the issue will resolve itself but 25m for sleeve sponsorship and a tiny bit of PR work for Qatar Airways is too good to turn down. Our protest against the WC *are* meaningless because we've had 10 years to protest, deter, and distract from the WC and nobody did anything. So it'll happen and we'll move on.


Bayern consistent performance as top 3 clubs in Europe (On and off the field) for more than a decade really comes with a cost afterall ... Sometimes I do miss our "mediocrity" do the 00s


I don't think that roughly €15m per season would have changed much about our success.


its funny how the ZDF panders to the government, which throws billions at qatar, bowing and begging for gas, but they dig up old dirt about a football club having a sponsoring deal the world cup cant be concluded soon enough


I wonder if all the sjw that are demanding from every person living to boycot the WM is also quitting their deutsche Bank Accounts and stuff.. :) i guess that would be to inconvinient..


you wont ever see more than a bit of virtue signalling, because thats for free


The same German government that happily allowed its industry to first become entirely dependant on cheap energy and then implode when they actively cut their access to the energy... and then allowed their "allies" to blow up their only way to access cheap energy again. And today the German government does not allow any investigation of the Nordstrom terrorist attacks. You're right that Germany has bigger problems than Bayern's sleeve sponsorship but you know the German media will never be allowed to ask the tough questions, so consider this a proxy.


has to be, they are literally hitting the smallest player in the game....


Pecunia non olet.