Yikes. I stand corrected. Legit. I guess people who get these sores on their legs and trunk have a worse prognosis then if on the extremities. I hope her doctors have done some homework. I wanted her to stop fleecing people for money and have to get a 9-5 job, not get a rare painful disease that could kill you 😳.


Those were the minor wounds too and they looked terrible.. She is in bad condition. Guessing she is terminal. Not snarking on that.


Looking at her diagnosis, there is an 80% mortality rate and most pass within 6 months of diagnosis


I’m not sure. Calciphylaxis is pretty rare and only happens when you are a dialysis patient…I’m not sure if anyone whose ever had it has come off of dialysis. When my dad had it, his sores would heal and then new ones would open. So it was a cyclical thing. He got the sores, we saw doctors, they hospitalized him for over a month, we did surgical debridement, skin grafts, hyperbaric chamber, and then he’d be a bit better for awhile and then new sores would appear but he was never able to stop dialysis because he had kidney failure.


Wouldn't she say that for attention though?


I wondered this, but I just don’t think she’s accepted the severity of her condition. She went on to say that most people who have her condition don’t have working kidneys and that they’re hoping that hers functioning again works in her favor. I think she’s clinging on to that as hope.


It's possible a doctor threw that out into the atmosphere and she took a flying leap to latch onto it.


She’s probably in denial and hence not verbalizing it.


Man, I wanted her to stop grifting and have to get a job but not to get sick like this!


Holy hell!


Sad for her. This is a bad way to go out.


Sadly I just had a family member pass away in her 30s to a prognosis very similar to this. Alcoholism and unhealthy addictions played a huge part but this is truly sad.


Yikes. It does look bad. Why is the one on her right leg symmetrical? Can that happen?


Would treatment can give it a symmetrical appearance


And those are the ones they haven't put a dressing on. Must be very painful.


It is really such a sad situation. It makes you wonder if this would be her health condition had she not spiraled these last few year. Which makes it all the more sad.


I wonder if she hadn't had the skin removal what her life would be like now. Her health, marriage, and appearance all took a nosedive. If the alcohol theory is correct I think her drinking got worse after surgery (but I could be wrong). I never would have expected this outcome.


Sadly I think it could have been a different scenario. Her skin removal was so quick after she lost the weight. I know some have speculated she may have struggled with medication after the surgery or that’s when her alcohol abuse increased. Although many are undoubtedly successful with maintaining their weight loss after skin removal surgery, IG also highlights some who can’t maintain the large losses after skin removal. But this is such a tragic turn it does make you wonder what if…


Came right here after seeing them. Yep, she’s definitely telling the truth with this one. 😳


I was just reading an abstract about 3 patients who had kidney transplants and their’s resolved. So there may be some truth and hope that because her kidneys are working, this might resolve. I have no experience in this area of healthcare, I’m in Respiratory and Sleep, but there is precedent. Just throwing this out there.


I read though most surgeons won’t do transplants unless your BMI is less than 30


Very true… her weight is definitely an issue.


I think she’s going to continue being vague no matter what because of what happened to get her to this point. If she keeps her head in the sand it’s not real.


Or she’s just in denial that it’s terminal…


Oh, she’s definitely very sick. I hope she pulls through because she is so young, but her diagnosis is very grim. I don’t know much about WLS, but from what I’ve read here, it sure sounds like her kidney issues stem from complications from that.


I had weight loss surgery. My doctor said not drinking is preferable, but if you do you need to be careful and drink in moderation. Which she definitely did not do


I’m shocked. I do feel for her, because that looks painful and not nice.


I’m totally a believer. She is SICK!!!


Is this condition the cause of weight loss surgery?


I’m not an expert but I THINK alcoholism added to it.


Looks rough! I wish she had posted a warning slide before the video though..


Yep. I legit jumped because I wasn’t prepared.


For real I was eating and unprepared🥴 Thought for sure it was more vague q&a. Finished my wrap though👌🏻


Whoooooa Nelly😳


Ok but she didn’t get this just from being dehydrated. We think it was drugs and alcohol right?


So sad ! Does anyone know if she could get better? Is this diagnosis Always terminal?


Where are these pics posted


On her story on Insta :)


you can also see them on facebook, although she doesn’t share all her stories there


I cant find them. Or any recent posts on her insta.


They're on her stories not posts. Click her profile photo and they'll be there.




Or you can just leave