Mostert has been my RB2, I’m subbing in Gus this week, Hunt and McKinnon in reserve. Until I see Dobbins take over this backfield and make Gus completely worthless, I’m holding on to him.


Man I was so happy with Mostert as my RB2 with his schedule. Then they traded for JWJ...


Nah mostert isn’t built for 20 touches a game. He’s better off in a complementary Pollard type role, for fantasy and real life football.


Pollard is a 3 down lead back on virtually any team not run by Jerry Jones.


You haven't seen him try to block if you think that


Huh? His pass blocking was about equal to Zeke’s last year and far-better this year. Do you hold Zeke in dynasty or something?


Interesting I was pretty sure Pollard didn't rank anywhere near Zeke in pass blocking. Do you have a source for your claim? For the record I own 0 shares of Zeke and 2 shares of Pollard




I agree he is very talented and could potentially be a 3 down back in the league; but most teams prefer some sort of committee now.


Hey, so far it hasn’t been nearly the hit as everyone seemed to be making it out to be! And he’s got a couple great matchups coming up


And reality is dobbins is just a huge injury risk, so smart to hold anyway. I have dobbins and desperately need him to be an rb1/2 but i am realistic around his level of risk. Frankly they will almost certainly baby him so he’s likely to be rb2/3 most times and Gus will get lots of touches




Watch this on JK. You won’t want anything to do with him afterwards. https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=fdQQfpYNTL4


At this point in the season - this is the way. You play the guy this week who’s getting the load and reevaluate next week


I mean if you have some slam dunk on the waiver and no one else to drop then sure. Otherwise Dobbins and Gus should be held until we see how it shakes out




Then don’t and move along man


I mean, it’s really not


I mean, I kinda agree with you


Radio little bro


Thank you for not just choosing the one you own and trying to tell us how they were the better option


*This is a Justice Hill post*


I own Gus, but I'm just trying to be realistic


I think we have one more week.


I’m starting Gus this week. I am potentially playing Dobbins next week and ROS.


Well I spent the rest of my FAAB on Gus couple weeks ago so prob not him.


It's team dependent. If you can, you find a better option to start for a week or two to see how things shake out. You obviously don't drop either if you can help it.


I think once Dobbins comes back he'll get the most work in that backfield. Will that be a lot a more than Gus, enough to be fantasy relevant? Who knows. But I think Gus probably won't be usable the rest of the season if Dobbins is there.


Why is everyone assuming Dobbins will come back and play like he didn’t just have a devastating knee injury and two knee surgeries, and is 100% healed and in mid season form? I mean we saw Saquon be much less productive his entire first year back


Makes me sick because I loved his talent, but I think JK is never going to reach his potential coming out of college. That injury was devastating. Much more than your typical ACL/PCL. Watch this if you haven’t already seen the Fantasy Doctor’s take on what JK disclosed on the injury https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=fdQQfpYNTL4


I disagree. This team loves to run and Gus is a career 5+ypc guy (albeit 4.26ypc this year so far), you don't just not use him when he's healthy. He will continue to get work, but the upside for either guy will likely be limited due to TD variance.


I'm dropping Gus for another playoff DST when Dobbins comes back


Hoping he can be an rb1/rb2 so I can replace my Lions backfield in the last few games of the season.


Dropped warren back to waiver for some dobbins


I doubt Dobbins takes over a 20 carry role his first week back from injury but I think 12-15 plus a couple catches is very possible by the fantasy playoffs. That offense needs a playmaker badly right now.


All depends who you replacing/dropping either of them for? I am holding Gus until he becomes unplayable for me like Allegier did - I drafted Allegier and let him go finally during his bye bcs I replaced him with perine/Gus as they seemed more valuable to me (STD) if I would have to start them over Singletary/Palmer/Rondale in my flex spot. That’s where I am and that’s my thinking


I like Gus this week. Denver has been suspect against run of late and if Ravens should lead most of game, should be a favorable game script where you hope he falls in the end zone.


It’s only takes 1 week. Look at people rushing for Hasty and McKnight. If you had posted about them last week, people would think you’re an idiot. They were suddenly top waiver adds after 1 week.


Dobbins is RB1 (besides Lamar) when healthy


Says who


Says the Ravens any time Dobbins has been healthy


I dont think this is true. He and Gus split carries basically 50/50 in 2020 when they were both healthy. They both missed the 2021 season, and so far this year they havent both been on the field together. My expectation would be a split backfield like we saw in 2020. I know everyone loves Dobbins, but the Ravens coaching staff likes Gus alot too.


Dobbins is their guy. The best RB on the team. When he’s healthy, he resumes his role as the lead back.


You say resumes as if he and Gus didn't have a 50/50 split in 2020


In 3 seasons in the league, he's had like 3 games as clear cut RB1


They have a great schedule for running backs, their pass game is weak so they'll run the ball, and the list of RB options is pretty bare. If Dobbins takes over 70% of the snaps somehow, suddenly he's a top 20 option. Even if it's 50% he's still a strong flex and Gus would also be. I also think waivers are pretty bare; both Gus and Dobbins if they are playing are both stronger options than a Kyren or a Zonovan Knight if there's a RB committee in NY. You can stash Dobbins as well.


Baltimore’s backfield is fine. It’s Lamar.


I’m playing Gus with Dobbins on IR


With my RB1 and 2 out next week due to a bye I’m left starting 2 of Rashaad White, Gus Bus or Kyren Williams. I don’t have much of a choice


But... Gus has put up RB2 numbers in every game he's played this year. He's a fine fantasy option for your RB2 slot. And White could put up RB1-level points with Fournette out. I think you've got this!!


Not sure how Gus would perform if Dobbins plays week 14 though, and Lenny is back in and should play next week too barring injury so gotta rely on my WRs to carry me to the playoffs 🥲


Yeah, next week is next week, though. I gotta worry about my team surviving this week first!


I’ll be holding Gus unless I see someone on waivers who I think will be productive. Dobbins hasn’t been healthy for a long time, not out of the question that he comes back and has a setback. Not that I think Gus is very productive himself, but not a bad depth piece.


Yes and also their WRs lol


Think I’m starting Gus this week at my flex over Deebo. Can’t afford to wait and see if Deebo is playing and not having an option to replace. Gus has looked good on the ground, his issue is that he gets no receptions and is TD dependent. Still think he has a solid floor.


Ye sir


No sure things in Baltimore anymore except Tucker and maybe their Defense if you catch the right matchup. Speed team on offense and everyone is dinged up. Slower speed = average fantasy numbers.


I have Gus and Dobbins on my bench. I don't feel great about my chances if I have to use either of them, but they're both better options than any available FAs right now.


I’m playing Gus this week over Rachaad. Just don’t like Rachaad this week *unless* Fournette is sure to sit prior to Sunday 1pm games. After this week, I’ll probably drop Gus for a playoff DST or to open a spot on my bench for any fliers. Don’t see him being a great hold once Dobbins is back.


I dropped his edwards today for Waller. I’m fighting for the playoffs so if any of my RBs go down, I’m F’d regardless of who I try to plug in.


Dobbins is a RB1 when healthy


I dropped gus for one of my RB handcuffs


I’m starting Gus this week since Conner’s on bye. After this, I will only look to this backfield if in need of a desperate Flex


Gus or Donovan People-Jones this week?


I'm keeping Gus on my bench in my 14-team league until he doesn't play anymore.


We're running out of time with this backfield. Gus isn't a great start this week. Next week, if Dobby is back, neither are good starts. We need to see how the backfield shakes out and if Dobby is in shape enough to make an impact. By the time we have any clarity, the season will be just about done. Still, both have enough potential that you can't drop either. You can play the guessing game and maybe you get lucky but that's a hail mary move


Yeah. It will most likely suck and we just don’t know until they are all active together that first week. My guess it’s Gus and Dobbins splitting the early down rushes. With Drake and justice hill possibly still touching the field here and there making it even worse. Who knows who gets the goal line work. Probably can’t feel good about anyone the first week they’re all active.


Doubt drake and hill get many touches if any. Gus and JK are just that much better


You’re 13 weeks late


Would you guys trade away GUS for Najee Harris? Especially for ROS?