Week 16 TEN vs HOU


Specifically, stash HOU


im rolling eagle and chieft ... I will pick Ten next week just for week 16.


Rostering 3 Defenses? I was gonna go Philly all the way to week 16 then possibly grab CIN or LAR until someone dropped TEN this morning


Im happy with my depth at RB and WR. I can lose 1 bench spot for one week.


Are you me? I'm maybe doing the same.


Hi Me!


What's your plan with the three DST? Starting titans in week 16 of course. Week 15 chiefs I assume... 17 eagles?


I made a mistake in the initial reply This week I grabbed Seattle, next week TEN Week 13: Seattle Week 14: Kansas Week 15: Kansas Week 16: Ten Week 17: Eagle


Baltimore or Kansas City


i have NE but their schedule is shit trying to get chiefs who someone dropped but i have 0 faab so we’ll see rolling browns this week vs houston


Yeah I've been rolling pats too but their schedule is scary.


Someone just dropped Chiefs for Browns and I'm really tempted to drop NE for them. I'm sitting on three DST right now because my roster has been shockingly healthy and the waiver wire is shit in a 12 person league. Was planning on playing matchups with NE, PIT, and SEA.


I did. Dropped Pat's. Funny same guy in my league who dropped KC grabbed browns. . I grabbed Titans and Chiefs. I have bye all but locked. Issue is I now have to start Chiefs this week. Or Titans


I'm one game back from the bye but I own the tiebreaker. Next two games are absolutely critical for me.


Nice. I wish you luck man. I'm in for her bye. I'd like it keep the one seed tho because I know who's I'm probably playing as the two, and no thanks. But you never really know. Anyway gl man. I gotta decide to I grab Seattle and pair with Tennessee. and drop KC, or hold KC and Tennessee.


Ravens and Chiefs for me


Eagles owner here. Picked up the Browns this week. Gonna start the Browns this week vs Houston and then on Week 16 when the Eagles face the Cowboys (Browns face NO).


any D you can get playing Houston


Oh good…I hadn’t seen a post about this in a couple hours.


Last time I opened this subreddit this was the top post




Baltimore and KC are among best RoS in my opinion. A sneaky one to play/stash is GB. They just got lit up last week but they play a beat up Bears team. Then they come out of a bye and play a beat up Rams team first week of fantasy playoffs. They aren’t as preferred as some stashes, but they are an under the radar one that helps you this week and week 1 of playoffs


Dont have the problem with deciding since i wont be in playoffs this year


I’m just rolling with the jets. Not a great matchup this week but they’ve been solid all year.


Would you stick with the jets or play Seattle vs the Rams this week? I've been riding the jets too but I'm torn this week


I'm doing the same. Jets DST have been elite and match-up proof. Sure, they play some good Os down the stretch, but I would much rather take my chances with starting an elite DST and save a bench slot for a RB lotto ticket than pick up a LAC/DEN/MIN that has a killer playoff matchup but will likely disappoint and score less than the Jets anyway.




Im rolling with Dallas and holding the Jets for week 16.


Are the Jags a good matchup for defenses?


Not according to Yahoo


Good defenses, yes.


Eagles / Browns pair nicely. Eagles have the Cowboys on week 16 but Browns have NO.


Eagles and Titans seem good too. Titans have Houston week 16


ah yes, but unfortunayely they are not available in my league.


Streamed Chiefs this weekend and found they play Denver twice, Houston and the Raiders down the stretch probably a good hold to stream those weeks


Should I drop jets or bills d to pick up KC? Any thoughts?? KC has Denver and Houston after this week, and it kinda feels like I should go hard for them since they were dropped


Have the Cowboys. Will be dropping them probably after this week. Will be rolling with KC for Week 15 and 17. Tennessee for Week 16.


I'm doing same for week 16 and hopefully 17. I have a bye locked basically. So going Titans and KC for those week. Issue is this week I'm screwed unless Burrow has a bad game


Oh look this thread again just in time for my coffee


love my bills/chiefs combo


I’ve got chiefs too but def not playing them against CIN


I have this but going to drop Bills next week for Titans week 16 and roll Chiefs 14/15


Not enough people saying TB


This is who I was currently going to roll with , was wondering how they stacked up


They get New Orleans this week (who they crushed week 2). Of course you gotta avoid them for SF and Cincy, but I’d feel fine starting them against ARI, Car, Atl. I’m rostering them and Pats and just matching up. Edit: Cincy (not Cindy)


That bitch Cindy


Damn lol


Currently have Eagles and SF. Is SF a drop now? Jets, Dolphins, Titans are available.


Packers, Titans, Ravens


Pitt plays Carolina in week 15


I am currently rocking the Chiefs but this week vs the Bengals and week 16 vs the Hawks don't inspire confidence. Sounds like I should pick up the Browns who have Houston this week and then the Saints week 16. Chiefs and Browns would then be a run of Hou, Den, Hou, New, Den


Not enough people talking about Cowboys D and their ROS… Seems to be a top tier D/ST option.


Dallas and stashed Tennessee for week 16


Holding the Cowboys and just picked up Broncos since TN wasn't avaialble and Broncos get the Rams.


Love the one you're with.


Really don’t know what to do for week 15. Holding Pats (@LV) and Ravens (@CLE) right now. Hoping Rapist Massage Man looks like shit Thought about GB but honestly don’t trust them to stop shit. Rams QB might just run on them all night. Pats could be the sneaky play since I assume Bill will eat Josh’s lunch. Idfk


Rolling with the Ravens for now. Theyre fighting for a playoff spot so motivated to do well against weak opponents like Den, Pit and Car coming up. They also have one of the better Turnover and Point Differentials in the league.


I'm rolling Dallas and KC rest of season. Im scared of week 16 but there's nothing out there I'd trust in a playoff game


Someone dropped the 49ers in one of my leagues, so I’m pairing them with the Eagles. In the other, I’m pairing KC with the Eagles since their ROS schedule has a lot of bad offenses on it


i got dal (w13 ind, w14 hou) & chiefs (w15 hou, w16 sea) if i get ten (w16 hou) after w14, i'll take them instead of dal


I’ve got Eagles, rolling with them week 17, trying to decide between Broncos @ Rams or Titans vs Texans week 16


Already have Tennessee and KC stashed for 16 and 17. I have a bye locked up. Although I'd still like to win this week. . I might pick Seattle back up. Then I still get Houston and Jets week 16 and 17. We can only hold two Ds now. People were hoarding defenses for years so we changed rules