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Wow how incredibly random/lucky that his first game back is against his old team /s


definitely scripted


Texans gonna give him a taste of his own medicine.






I bet the medicine tastes salty


Your username checks out


37 handjobs


Exactly hahaha!


In a row?


What whip it out when they see him?


I hope so but we’re not lol




The NFL couldn’t be anymore obvious about how much they don’t give a shit about Watson and what he did.


Imagine if the browns played the Texans in week 5 or something lol.


"4 game suspension for lack of evidence" or something.


Week 17? "We needed to send a strong message."


Week 1? “Um excuse me, have y’all heard about Roe V. Wade? There are bigger issues at hand here.”


"is there video evidence?" "not that we know of" "cool, here's your briefcase of cash"


Because a lot of the owners do exactly the same.


It’s bc they know us savage fans aren’t going to stop watching the product. We know the NFL doesn’t care about how their players act. We know they don’t care about player safety. Yet we watch it regardless.


Well if they thought fans would watch regardless they would be fine suspending him longer and getting the good pr. It was a calculated move to let him come back now. You’re right that they think it will lead to more eyes rather than fewer.


Watson being back is going to make more and better ratings than not. I mean why do you think they chose to let him come back when he plays his old team. Everything is about money. If they thought keeping him out would make more money they would choose that, if they thought him playing would make more they choose that. It’s all about money. And time and time again, fans have shown we don’t really care about morality. We act like we do, but nope.


They never do.


11 games allows Watson’s contract to vest this year. That’s why he agreed to settle at 11 games rather than continuing challenges to uphold original 6-game suspension. I doubt the NFL wants any type of story for this game.


Uh, it’s both. They don’t really want to punish him, so he gets paid for the full year, and the narrative of returning against his own team is too good to pass up. The NFL loves to cram storylines into games so that the broadcasters and talking heads can hype it up, and this is the best they’ll ever get. The NFL doesn’t believe in bad press, and angry viewers are still viewers


What's the story? Watson going for revenge against the team that enabled his crimes?


Exactly. The Texans got all these picks and there is barely any criticism of Texans


Didn't they make his 1st year of the contract like 2 mill, so if he did sit the whole season he wasn't losing that much money?


That’s how all QB contracts look like year 1 of extension. Watson wants this year to count because he will get his 40+ mil salary sooner instead of waiting 2 years


11 wasn't the number the NFL tried to choose.


No what's incredibly lucky is he didn't get suspended for even 1 more game which would void his first year $1 mill salary to next season. Nfl is a complete joke organization


He might not ball out but he will definitely have his balls out


Time to see what Cleveland sold their soul for I guess.


I hope it works out as well as the Broncos.


As a Broncos fan I wish this as well


Let’s ride


Wives & kids, let's hide


Hey now. We didn’t sell our souls for Wilson, we just mortgaged our future. I’ll take the latter over the former any day


We sold our soul for a former Walter Payton Man of the Year and not for a rapist. Wilson might be a weird team mate but he is a good person.


I’m not saying wilson is not but Watson was the poster boy for the NFL. He was doing all these charitable things. We don’t really know athletes/celebrities.


Browns country let’s ~~sexually assault~~ ride


As a Browns fan. I agree


Russell Wilson v2.0


Fuck that. Hopefully he's worse.


He has no incentive to be good with that contract, unfortunately


Broncos will gladly hold his beer while he makes his deal the new worst guaranteed contract in the league.


Lol, Deshaun is a shitty person but are people actually expecting him to be a shitty QB? The guy is amazing at football.


Hope njoku has a night with this being Watson’s first game and he just checks it down to him a ton


I think Watson could be very good for Njoku and Cooper. Probably bad for Chubb as he likes to YOLO a ton. We will see.


Controversy aside, where would you rank him ROS?




Somewhere between Josh Allen and Zach Wilson


So definitely top 38


Impossible to say right now. Russ was like top 7 for years until he went to Denver.


Tbf Russell’s decline was evident last season… I didn’t acknowledge it and drafted him like an idiot but it was there. There’s never been anything like that for Watson. But of course there’s a big question mark surrounding a player that hasn’t seen the field in two years.


Yeah go back and look at preseason rankings for Russel Wilson compared to now. Personal opinions aside if anyone in this sub guarantees he comes back at the same level you are purposely blinding yourself to the other possibilities


I drafted both Wilsons. Fortunately, after I tried to waive Zach for just a week, someone else picked him up and I was forced to pick up Geno. After continually luck boxing close win after close win, I'm guaranteed first place and a bye in a deep league's playoffs, despite being in the bottom half of scoring. Two weeks ago I picked up Watson who I'll get to evaluate for two weeks. Let's say he doesn't suck. It'll be tough NOT starting him against BAL, when Geno has to face the Niners.


Wouldn't risk it in 1 QB leagues until we see him play. He's been off for a long time.


Ok but hear me out - I’ve started Brady for 12 weeks


Depends on if Fields is ready to go 🤷🏻‍♂️ I’m desperate.


Starting him over Daniel Jones in a pivotal matchup.


I have to start him, my other QB is Murray who's on a bye. I'm 10-2 so I'll be alright no matter how he plays.


9-3 Kye on bye.....Watson bring it home


Wouldn't myself, but you do you


Yeah I know it's risky, but I'm shooting for ceilings. DJ's matchup is rough too.


He’s pretty clearly a top 10 QB ROS with not only the Browns solid offense/weapons but on his own merits unless he just lost all his talent over the past year


past 2 years\*


Top 7 despite Reddit wanting him to be bad




We're all Texans fans this weekend!


Really wish it was a team with a good chance at winning


My HS team stopped playing the small private school that was the only other school in town. I asked the coach why we did that. He said it was because it wasn’t beneficial to us regardless of the outcome. We either beat a tiny school with 1/4 the students which isn’t impressive at all, or we get beat by a tiny school with 1/4 the students and it’s super embarrassing. Yeah Watson could get a tuneup match against the Texans, but who cares if he wins. Tua embarrassed them in half a game. On the other hand, imagine how embarrassing a loss could be against them? Seems like Watson can only be seen neutrally at best base on this game, and could look like shit.


To be fair the private schools literally recruit people from other towns so nothing to be shameful about


I guess this one could have? But they definitely weren’t on the same level as some of the private schools/academy’s that are out there. I’d love the benefit of the doubt for my school’s pride, but they really weren’t that standout of a sports school lol.


It’ll just make it even sweeter if they could pull off a win.


Here is to Jerry Hughes sacking him violently 5 times


Except for the Texans fans, who are likely fine with continuing the tank.


Texans have the Browns first rounder, so of any game to win, this is absolutely the one we would want.


Oh, that’s a damn good point. Go Texans!


Sorry to your fantasy teams but I hope he throws like 4 or 5 picks and gets benched for Brissett and booed off the field every single offensive possession. Creep ass


Even if he played worse than Russell Wilson I doubt the browns can afford to sit him at this point. They wouldn't have taken this much shit to not start him as much as I don't want to see that creep play


Well at least you apologized


And we know he means it which is more than Deshaun ever did.


Don’t be sorry that is very good game script for my darling dameon pierce


I’ve stashed him for a few weeks now, but I still wouldn’t be upset if his ACL went boom on the first play




Only if he hits Amari for 10/130/2 first


Brisket deserves better


They better reinstate Ridley when eligible then.


Imagine a year suspension cause of some shitty 10 leg parlay… Then imagine watching someone with tens and tens of sexual harassment allegations play 3/4 a year earlier…


I know it's ultimately the NFLPA's fault the NFL couldn't suspend Watson for longer but it's just an awful look for the league if Ridley isn't back next year


Can already see this happening next August: “BREAKING: the NFL has not reinstated Calvin Ridley and he remains suspended indefinitely with no timetable for a return. This report brought to you by DraftKings Sportsbook, where new users can get up to $200 in free bets by depositing as little as $5 into their account.”


META - can we bet on when Ridley gets reinstated? Odds on before or after start of training camp next year


None of the legal sportsbooks will ever offer that, as I’m sure they legally can’t and even if they could, the NFL would never go for it. However, I wouldn’t be shocked if an offshore book like Bovada had that as a prop.


I’m genuinely curious to see how good he plays


As a Njoku owner I hope he just throws short passes to his TE all day since he's not back in rhythm after a long break.


Here's to hoping he looks terrible and is benched for Jacobeast


The likelihood of him getting benched with that contract at least for this season is essentially 0


Makes sense - as much as I hate Watson it is easy to see they will want to know what they got with him


I’m 6-6 after this week I’m going to need a real happy ending to make the playoffs


Sounds like you need a Cripmus Mirwacle


Boo this man




I was just publicly reprimanded by someone in my league because I’m rostering Watson. They sent a message to the league chat saying “whoever held onto Watson is trash you should be gd ashamed of yourself” Not sure how to proceed.


Send him a rapsheet on all of his players and call him a hypocrite. Odds are he went searching to pickup Watson. Some leagues banned him completely but give me a break, plenty of NFL players are garbage. Either get off the train or understand the circumstances.


Yea.. I mean Watson is bad even for the NFL, but it's not like having him on your fantasy team is going to make it right. I'm going to get as many points as I can get, regardless of who gets it.


If there’s no league rule about him, they’re talking out of their ass. Do they have Tyreek Hill or another player with a record? Hypocrisy is fun


This is what I love about FF. Player is a trash human being? Yes -> is he on my team? Yes -> eh it's just FF. Player is a trash human being? Yes -> is he on my team? No -> everyone who has him is guilty of sin! You will burn for this!


Next week, if I choose to start Watson, I’m against the Tyreek owner. Can’t wait for the shit talk to start up.


Lmao I’m so glad there’s no one in my league like this. We do not give a fuck


You’re fine. I hate Watson and wouldn’t mind his career ending but it’s fantasy football and while I didn’t pick up Watson because fuck him, having him on your team has no bearing on your opinion of him as a person, a ridiculous thing for your league mate to say. I give the Watson owner in my league shit but not seriously


A guy in my league grabbed him off waivers and accidently put him on his starting roster this week and didn't realize it in time before the game started. Came to this sub to find creative ways to roast him for it since I'm playing him this week.


It's fantasy football, you don't leave a consistent top 5 QB out on the waivers. Especially, if like me, you drafted Trey Lance and Russell Wilson, and had to trade for Rodgers. I think he's a total sleazeball scumbag disgusting freak, but it's no fantasy manager's fault that the NFL is full of fucking pussies that don't have the scrote to blacklist him. You should either ignore it, or leave the league if it escalates into something worse.


Honestly that’s super cringe. It’s not like you owning him is an endorsement of his character. You’re just trying to win a dumb made up game and Watson could be helpful in doing that. Yeah the guy is a piece of shit, but it’s just not that deep.


Guy sounds like a righteous prick. I would love to see his head explode in my league. We have a first-in-cuffs pool that pays out for the first rostered player to be arrested.


First place in my league takes home 3k, I don’t give a shit what anyone did outside of fantasy football as long as they help me win the league lol


Send back a smiley face. That guy in your league is a virtue signalling pussy, you're allowed to play whoever is eligible in your league.


Either own it or don’t play him and say you’re just burying him so no one else can use


For those who have him are you starting him in his first game back? If not who are you playing over him? I have Cousins as well and am thinking about waiting a week to see how Watson does.


Jimmy G has a great matchup vs Miami but Watson vs a terrible Houston defense is so tempting. What’s the deal with them being 30th vs the pass though? Is it bc they are so horrible vs the run and are always behind that teams don’t pass more vs them?


I have the same decision and plan to start Jimmy this weekend and yes Houston's corners are sketchy at best.


I'm goin Watson over Jimmy


I got Watson, Tom brady, or Jimmy G. Decisions decisions


Hello me, good to see you. It’s a tough call


Perhaps? They are 14th in passing yards allowed and tied for 2nd least passing TDs allowed. But they also allow highest percentage of 1st downs passing. I'm not nervous of their passing defense at all. I just presume Watson needs at least a game to brush off some rust.


I think it’s that they always get blown out by half time, then teams come out with their second/third string in the second half and just run it


Have Herbert. Picked him up so nobody else could use him


I’m in the same boat. Like on one hand I wanna play him in case this is the best he’ll ever play. On the other….


I would not. If the game goes to plan I think the Browns ease him in while riding the run game to victory. If it doesn’t go to plan it’s probably because Watson sucked after 1.5 years off in a new offense with limited practice time.


He's my back up to mahomes. Sold fields for diggs last week 🕺


That’s a STEAL for you lol


If fields doesn’t come back I very well may start him over Brady. I hold out hope he’s rusty as a passer so will just try to run everything


Same exact position I’m in. Played Brady this week and worked out ok. Next week will be a tough call.


Yeah Brady was serviceable. He just doesn’t have upside anymore


I’ve got kyler and fields, so it is either deshaun or whoever is on waivers. Goff/Russ/Mariotta etc


Yes, starting Watson. Fields is still questionable and I've had Watson on the bench for 6 weeks.


I also have Geno and I'm very conflicted


I have Chubb and Njoku on a team but I hope they find a way to lose every game 50-0.


Deshaun doesn't help our defensive secondary.


True but at least you have a guy now who might be able to put up enough points to balance it out. It’s insane how far the Browns D has fallen.


What this means is we want Chubb to rush for 300 yards and Watson to pass for 0. The only logical conclusion


I love this idea, every week just copy the gameplan for Pats-Bills MNF where Mac had what, 3 passes? Take the next step and give the QB zero attempts!


2 years. He will be very rusty


Cmon Texans d line


lol please


Looking forward to his reception when he starts in Cleveland. I mean, it's not like he was kneeling during the national anthem. God forbid. /s


Yeah it’s sad that Kaepernick was exiled from the NFL for kneeling while Watson gets another shot for being a criminal.


Yep. It's pretty telling of standards in America but throwing money at problems and double standards are the American way.


Don't forget calvin ridley got a longer suspension then this.


Am I crazy for considering him over Lamar?


Im thinking about it. Especially over houston.


Looking forward to seeing all the memes.


I'm not going to lie, I've always just had this crazy, baseless conspiracy theory that the accusations were a sham/stunt designed by the Texans to get out of having to pay Watson when he decided he wanted out of Houston. I have absolutely no evidence and am not saying he didn't do anything wrong, I have no idea, but the timeline is fishy. all the accusations came out at the same time right after he started asking to get traded was suspect. I don't know. Just a tin-foil-hat-thought for the day...


Watson and the Browns have been prepping for this ever since they traded for him. Regardless of how you feel about him, I don't see how he doesn't ball TF out against Houston. He's an incredibly talented QB, and he hasn't exactly been sitting on the couch or rehabbing an injury for 2 years. He's probably in great shape, knows the playbook, and wants to silence the haters. And the NFL knows this, which is why they gave him an 11 game suspension, setting up a revenge game against a terrible team. Idk about the rest of the season, but next week for both real life and fantasy he's gonna be top 10, probably top 5.


To be a devils advocate. He has not played in a very long time. Almost 2 years. That’s a long time to be away from the game and the game gets better every year. I expect to see him scramble more and not make many throws he’s used to making. It’s likely going to take a minute for him to get the rust off.


Michael Vick came back from 2 years in prison and torched teams, but first he rode the bench for a year and participated in all of the team practices. I don't see the Browns doing anything other than rushing Chubb for 200 yards in this game and gifting Watson some short passes to ease him back into football.


Lol silence the haters.


90% of this sub will stop talking about him being a POS and be more than willing to draft him and root for him next year if he plays well. I mean, how many people wish they had Tyreek this year? Kareem Hunt assaulted a woman, Kamara attacked someone, Big Ben was also accused multiple times of sexual assault, Julian Edelman was arrested at least once for groping a woman, etc. Time and performance makes people forget how terrible of a person you are in the NFL.


This is a fair point for a majority of fantasy football players, I guess. Some people take a different stance, but you are right. A lot of people looking for upvotes for standing up against a POS on an anonymous social media platform and then draft him or trade for him.


Ray Lewis participated in a double homicide where the absolute best-case-scenario is that the friends he was with actually killed the 2 people and he "only" fled the scene, used his limo to help his friends also flee the scene, destroyed evidence, and lied to police in order to protect the people who committed the killings. Unlike Watson, he was charged criminally and reached a plea deal (in exchange for testimony against the co-defendants) where he took a criminal conviction. He was the defensive player of the year the following season, made 10 pro bowl teams following his conviction, is in Baltimore's ring of honor, was a consistent post-game interview guest and then had a TV career after he retired from the NFL. He is a Hall of Famer. You are 100% correct that time and performance makes people forget (or willfully overlook) truly terrible behavior.




Anyone else gonna be a Texans fan for an afternoon? Fuck Watson


Watson has entered the chat....


I wish him nothing but failure at every turn in his future career, some DE should probably just fall on this guys knee cap






Can't wait for the Watson towel give away game in Cleveland.


He’s gonna be a steal in next years fantasy drafts because people won’t take him out of principal. I expect a rusty first game then he’ll be fine. He’s extremely talented and still young. He’s never had this kind of offensive talent around him and players like him. They will come to Cleveland. Calling it now he’s a top 3 fantasy qb next season


Who else is starting him in fantasy?


If there is a god: He throws 5 INTs gets benched then J Brissett wins the game. If there is no god: anything else


If there's a God and he has the ability to control outcomes then stopping the sexual assaults themselves seems like they would've been better use of his power lol.


Has anyone found reports of how he’s looking in practice?


Calvin Ridley says what the fuck guys.




Lol [the level of pettiness](https://youtu.be/VRa_PwL2aws) you have matches this.


it’s no coincidence that i love that song haha


Donovan Peoples-Jones 📈 I’m so desperate at WR…


You think there might be some boo’s in Houston?


How do we feel about starting deshaun over geno this week?


Competition in the NFL is best for every fan. The games are more exciting when coaches and players are challenged. I never want to see stars get injured because I love the thrill of a close game. But I hope Watson tears his Achilles.




So pumped to watch this guy play again, starting over Brady and hoping for 20+ points.


Rapist supporters get really triggered when you call a rapist a rapist.


This may be the most energetic Boo in American sports history


Can’t wait to keep this guy on my bench, and not play him so nobody else can


That’s exactly my plan. Should rename my team to Deshaun’s Containment Cell or something lol


Thank you for your service, it’s truly a noble deed you are doing