That makes him a non-foundational piece of my fantasy team


So nothing has changed then


That would make a trade tough to execute…


So nothing has changed then


Poor guy


Moore is punching air right now. #FreeDJ


He is very not poor he basically collects a giant paycheck to jog around a field without any fear of ever being tackled as the ball never comes his way. Showers and goes home to what I can only assume is a sizable piece of property. Rinse and repeat weekly. Hopefully he doesn’t have Twitter tho. Fantasy managers big mad at him.


If anyone tweets at a professional athlete and bitches about their fantasy production you’re a fucking loser


Yes. But the exchange between Todd Gurley and a fan a number of years ago was gold so I give that guy a break haha.


Sauce? I need this


Fan said he would fight Gurley over fantasy, Gurley said “pull up then” fan said “been waiting on you in the end zone where are you” Gave me a chuckle but I dunno about gold


Uhm sauce. I don’t quite follow.


Source basically


Ah. Well in that case I would advise google “Todd Gurley fan Twitter exchange”


That sucks cause it's not his fault Panthers have been a dumpster fire for years. Sad. Really poor look for the fantasy community


So Kenny Golladay except he’s loved (well maybe except fantasy owners)


I don’t think anyone loves golladay at this point


If you think that’s “the life” for an nfl receiver you don’t have very much forethought. Jogging around a field not catching passes is not going to get you that next level contract and the big guaranteed money that these guys are all looking for. It’s going to get you a below average deal for a below average team, because there’s no proof you’re actually as awesome as your draft capital says you are. These are competitive athletes who want to catch footballs.


I didn’t really think I would have to explain it’s obvious sarcasm with those words but here we are.


Ohh ok I was confused because it wasn’t funny. Maybe that was the problem.


> Fantasy managers big mad at him. They should be mad at themselves for drafting him


Hell have CJ Stroud next year not the end of the world. Panthers will need to find a way to land a WR who falls like Quentin Johnston or Boutte to pair with DJ


Because Ohio State quarterbacks are reliable NFL players


You could say this about alot of schools prior to a player breaking out. Focus on attributes and film. How many QBs have come out of Wyoming? Means nothing.


People still haven’t realized helmet scouting is so useless cause unlike skill positions, no one school has produced a lot of hall of fame qbs consistently lol. It all depends on what team they get drafted too and if they can develop them correctly


everyone said this about herbert and oregon


Tua and Hurts cause Bama too.


Has OSU ever had a good NFL QB? It's actually impressive how bad they are


Joe Burrow 😅


Q is such a beast, he looks so much bigger and faster than anyone on the field, excited to see him in NFL


foundation to what


to be a #1 option for the QB they select at 1.01. It makes complete sense if they don’t wanna trade him


Bryce Young + Dj Moore + Tank Bigsby could be fun offense in 2024


exactly. people comparing the trade value of a 26 yo elite back to a 25 yo elite receiver dont know nfl outside fantasy. dj moore has 5 good years left and can help bryce young (or whoever) like crazy. car needs 2 first rounders for dj and i dont think a team will give that. what would they do with just 1 first round pick? draft a receiver for their young qb? :)


To even put CMC and Moore on the same level is a gigantic fucking slight to CMC. Having DJ should help the next QB, but what shot is there that anyone they draft is going to be successful in year 1, or even year 2, when they don't even have a head coach. Can't fault Carolina if they don't trade him, but getting a Receiver who is 4-5 years younger than DJ with a rookie contract isn't out of the question. I would be able to stick my own head and penis in my rectum at the same time, before DJ Moore ever goes for 2 firsts.


If they thought they were a QB at 1.01 away, they wouldn’t be trading actual foundational players like CMC. This sounds like them just trying to drive the price up.


They don’t think they’re a QB away, but you need to surround your new franchise QB with talent or you end up with a Justin Fields situation. CMC was traded because the shelf life on RBs is terrible and they got a nice haul for him. Nobody is offering 4-5 picks for DJ Moore.


They should be able to get a 1st for DJ though, likely Moore. He’s an improvement over almost any WR you’d draft in the 1st and you get him now instead of next year. And Justin fields situation may not be great, but he’s also not a good QB. Good QB’s with bad teams should still show flashes of good. He’s lucky to show flashes of “that’s not terrible”. Regardless, the Panthers are at least 2 years from being competitive, and that’s an extremely optimistic timeline. While you have DJ until 2026, he also has a tangible cap hit and salary starting next year (25M).


Paying him 25m wont stop them from being able build a team with a rookie qb contract. Not having a good wr1 for the next 4 years if they have bad drft luck could be a huge problem though. It also helps to hve a wr1 that can help develop other young wrs they draft. Bfl route running is hard to teach and most coaches cant give the kind of tips and tricks a veteran player can help with.


Yes, they would. CMC’s 5 year contract started next year. People are laughing about robbie and CMC getting out but both guys are killing the cap space for 2023. And this is the real reason they are being traded.


CMC’s cap hit is 12M versus DJ’s cap hit of 21M in 2023. I understand 12M is a big cap hit for RB’s, but 21M is also a big cap hit for a WR on a team not looking to win now. Panthers need a full rebuild, not a “let’s ruin whatever rookie QB we draft next year and rinse/repeat 2 years later”. Take a year or 2 under a journeyman QB to actually build a team.


But if you get like 2 1sts you should probably take it. Plus you maximize your tank job for the number one pick.


Who tf is giving 2 1sts for DJ Moore lol.


exactly why a trade wont happen. what would car do with a single first? draft a wr to help their young qb?


They won’t get 2 firsts and DJ Moore will not be the difference in tanking LOL. The offence was ass even when they still had CMC


He’s not even worth a single first let alone a pair. Maybe a 2nd/3rd with a 6/7th rounder is the best they’d get




Cool. Keep waiting on that mythical trade of 2 first round picks for a non superstar WR 🤡😂


Half the people are saying he's a foundational piece on a great contract, the other half are saying he's not worth a 1st


Both can be true dude


I guess if you're the Panthers


He’s both. In fantasy terms, he’s a solid hold. No one is going to give CAR what they believe he’s worth. He has 3 years in a row over 1100 yards receiving, but 0 over 1200. He has 15 career TDs…3 a season. CAR sees the explanation of these numbers, but other teams are going to use them to refuse to give a 1st round, even a late one.


Well they obviously plan to get a QB at some point, so having a WR in place would probably be important. I mean look at Justin Fields lol. Having Shi Smith as your WR1 for a rookie QB wouldn't have a fucking shot


Fields had Aron and mooney


My bad I should’ve specified. Good WRs* Kind of /s but also kind of not


Foundation *to* the regional manager


Our future, he’s 25 and a great WR


When will the team be good again? When he’s 29?


The Bengals went from 2-14 pre-Burrow to the Super Bowl in 2 years


Yup. And took receivers around the same time and also kept Boyd who is a key contributor. They could deal DJ, but why bother?


Yeah, it's harder to rebuild if you trade every good young player


Team has great young talent at LT, CB, WR, and DE. Along with good pieces at G, RT, C, DT, and S too. They need a QB, and they'll be in a good spot to draft one.


With competent coaches and nailing the draft, the team could be fairly competitive next year and possibly a playoff bubble the year after.


When? When!? How many times have you seen teams tank and then just show up and getting a winning record the following season? Almost every season.


You mean a year younger than Hopkins currently? WRs are still great at 29. What’s the point you’re making here?


That the panthers should draft a QB and give him a non-existent WR group cause it helps his dynasty team


See Bears


But my fantasy team!!!!


I guess I’ll let him know that his prime years of football (25-29) will be spent as the “foundational piece” to a dumpster fire


If the panthers hit on a qb they are no longer a “dumpster fire.” How were the bills before josh allen?


We were consistently average with TyGod Taylor at qb. Shady was a great back but we lived through him. If he had a bad game, we lost. TyGod was a textbook game manager. We still made the playoffs once and lost to the Jags


Last time the panthers had a qb they went to the super bowl.


Still went to the playoffs. I think they lost to the Jags




Since drafting a QB like that is easy as hell. Maybe you should go work for the Browns, Nostradamus


My point is trading him because we suck is a stupid point. So every team that sucks should trade their stud WR?


I agree with that, the point about drafting the next generational QB was just pretty incredible


They're still good at 29. No WR is great at 30. I think AJ green was the highest ER in the yardage chart over age 30 last season. I never really bought into the 30yo age cliff for WRs but they're few and far between. That being said dhop is generational so he can always be an outlier.


seems like a big risk, youre going to have hit on all your picks. may as well flip him for draft capital and maximize the rebuild


That’s why I’ve said if we can get more than a 1st rounder fine, but if we’re getting a 1st rounder why do it? DJ moore is a type of receiver you hope to get with that pick and is experienced to help a rookie QB. If we can get more than a 1st then by all means, but we won’t


Bro half these people don't know much about football itself lol don't even try arguing..


oh please, laziest comment on any sports sub.


Ok so if you trade all of your offensive threats when you are going to draft a qb.. do you think that qb has even a chance? It doesn't make sense at all...


Good luck getting a WR in his prime to stay there while you try to rebuild the entire roster from the ground up. He’s not gonna be there in 4 years, I doubt he gets past the dead line next year


except Moore isn't tall like Hopkins (who also has legendary hands) and relies on speed.


They’re listed at 1 inch apart. Nuk is 6’1” to DJ’s 6’0”. So you’re saying that’s a really important inch?


My points is WRs don’t hit that cliff until age 32, usually. So bringing up that he’ll be 29 when we’re competitive again in this hypothetical situation is a moot point


That a 26-27 year old WR would be better for when you’re first good again, so it’s not a need only a couple years after that point? IE use the draft.


ever heard of a top 3 draft pick?


You have 2 former top-3 draft pick QBs lol


Still gotta build an entire team around that QB


People would have said this about the Jets a season or two ago. Things can change quickly in the NFL.


gonna burn through his prime 20s years before the panthers are contenders




Damn you're right, they should just disband the team


The rebuild they’re undergoing. They have a lot of picks and will add a lot of young players to the team, Moore will be a key piece of that who’s already proven


Reminds me brandin cooks in texans, waste of a talent waiting for a good qb


what? lol


That’s entirely different. Cooks is on his 3rd team and wasn’t drafted by the Texans and is much older


He signed an extension there so he’s not exactly being held against his will


Same as moore


Moore also signed with the idea of having CMC, a solid d, and what was supposed to be an upgrade at QB in Baker Mayfield. He also just lost his veteran WR2 who at least took some heat off of him from opposing defenses. The Panthers just went from a team being a few pieces away from being competitive to a complete rebuild team in a matter of weeks. All went downhill once they realized that they had no qb of the future. 🤷🏻‍♂️


My sadness


Moore owners are one step away from ending it all right here lol


as Moore owner hopefully this means more targets and Designed plays for Moore Carolina should be losing alot, more passing opportunities, softer defensive coverages , garbage time points are still points


Thats very possible, or defences are going to key in on him because he's the only threat on that offense now. (Is what I'm telling myself because I just traded him away)


These mf *been* losing a lot though, and not much going on for Moore. Why would it change now?


No cmc, no Anderson, return of r/the_darnold !


The only positive for Moore owners (myself) is that it can’t possibly be any worse.


Sam Darnold is my very last hope. Hanging by a thread here.


I think ol Sammy gets DJ Moore right back into the mix for WR3.


Us Moore, Elijah Mitchell, Jeff Wilson owners have already ended it. We ded already.


Hey, that's me but add in Trey Lance and Javonte Williams too! Winning!


There you have it! DJ Moore RB1 for the Panthers now.


So you’re saying there’s a chance!


Just like how CMC’s starting price was, “Multiple Firsts”.


Cmc is a running back with a fat contract who's also older than DJ


The point is that what it actually took to get the deal done was a lot less than the Panthers leaked to the media.


He's literally 1 year older...


Running backs don’t age the same as receivers


Couldn't be truer. Desean Jackson just signed to a team this week. You know who the RBs were who got drafted the same year as Desean? This is going to make you feel old. Matt Forte, Chris Johnson, Darren McFadden, Jamal Charles Those feel like ancient names at this point. And Forte, Johnson and Charles all had longer careers than a lot of dudes.


Unless you're AB, lol.


AB had a good 7/8 years in before he started acting crazy crazy


The Panthers seem to be like the couple who passes on the home inspection then moves in and realizes their foundation is shit.


https://imgur.io/gallery/R390EId These splits show DJ Moore’s ROS projections if traded to various teams. Insane to see the wasted potential.


The potential we'll never get to see.


It’s hurts looking at what could be on the Packers


Talk about eye-opening


This doesn’t make sense. Why are the Chiefs so low?


Incredible visual to further explain what’s happening in Carolina


Just confirms what we’ve been thinking


Send him to the Seahawks


Dude what? The splits in the link above clearly show the Seahawks would be a bottom five destination


Tank for Wembanyama


DJM to Broncos confirmed?


Me: "How the fuck does this guy know these numbers?" God damnit 😂


Can’t build a foundation when you sell the soil underneath


They said the same thing about cmc lol it’s all about the right price


Just let DJ Moore be the RB


DJ “Deebo” Moore you say?


He's on Waivers right now, picking him up cause why not? Only option on this squad now aside from the RB's splitting touches


How is this manz on waivers lol


If I had to take a wild guess, it's probably because he is the 53rd highest scoring WR.


Yeah I drafted him. About to drop him for wandale. Starting lazzard over Moore this week


Smart. He’s about to be double team for rest of season.


If CMC wasn’t a foundation piece then I pray for the panthers future 💀


You can tell he’s a foundational piece by the way they script his 4 receptions for 6 yards into their gameplan


Just trade him. Your foundations are built on sand.


Except if he gets injured playing during a tank year


I hope they are just saying that to drive the price up.


Hopefully they’re content w the package they got for CMC so now they might be willing to let Moore go for a reasonable price.




Yeah but I’d they get a pick it could be anything even a WR1!


Translation: We want another boatload of picks.


He has to be asking to be traded at this point.


If Moore is a foundational piece, then CMC must've been the whole damn house.


Young Wide receivers are more valuable than running backs.


Not in this offense, not by a mile


I mean the offense and team identity would probably change.


They also said they wanted to deal CMC for a couple of firsts. Not saying a trade is gonna happen but anyone can be had at a price


3 more weeks until the NFL trade deadline. If he doesnt put up WR2/WR3 until then drop city (or am I the fool for holding onto him so long)


Yeah he’s droppable but trade deadline. I’m foolishly willing to hold out until then. Le sigh.


I need DJ to start acting up immediately


Packers need this man


Maybe just maybe make him center piece of offense force feed him down digit targets and few designed run plays then


This actually makes sense, he is a WR who is 25 and can be useful when a rebuild is finished. McCaffrey will likely be old for a rb when they are competitive again


Duh, been telling yall -Panthers fan


I fuckin a-toadasow


It's not rocket appliances


Send him to the fucking packers whores


That’s code for “we definitely need a 1st rounder to deal him.” If he was truly untouchable they’d say so.


Sounds like it’s a sell off in Carolina. Like Jacksonville did several years ago.


Fucking trade him you absolute scumbags


No wonder Matt Rhule wanted to gtfo...


How’s dj a foundational piece but cmc isn’t..


Football is not the place to hoard foundational pieces for a complete rebuild.


I guess cmc wasnt a foundational piece


Umm excuse me what? Trade CMC for not even a first round and now this!?!?


People should prob be careful what you wish for here. Midseason WR trades don’t have a historically strong hit rate. Might be best case scenario for him to stay and see a better target volume (and some deep bombs 3 yards down the field)


Agreed if he went to a team with already established WR corps...if he went to the Packers it's a different story (not that I want him to go to the Packers...was the only contender I could think of that needs WR help).


WR1 2025


Really!? And not cmc?


Honestly it’s disrespectful not to trade him. Don’t make talent like that sit through probable years of awful seasons.


*cries in Texans fan watching talents like Andre Johnson, JJ Watt, Hopkins, etc. having their talents wasted*


Sure panthers... a week ago it was multiple firsts for cmc.


RB prices are high in Fantasy, not so much in NFL. With WRs, the price is high.


Can someone explain me that situation strategic wise? They have an okayish defense fine. But they gotta rebuild an they do. I fully understand trading Anderson (locker room) and CMC (RBs don't last long enough in the NFL), but they need a complete o-line, a new at least mediocre RB and a QB. Especially an o-line takes years. Why keeping a WR then?


Best they’ll get is a 3rd for him.


Bruh stfu and trade him


Maybe his point is that time is ticking lol. They’re holding back a guy with top 10 wide receiver potential with a good quarterback. Hold him back any longer just a matter of time till karma comes & bites


9ers shoulda sent Trey Lance for Moore in the deal. . Shanahan is in love with Jimmy, hates Trey and isnt even good at hiding it!!


Is he even good good?


Considering the fact that he's put up 1k receiving yards in 3 straight years with literally some of the worst qbs in the NFL, i think dj moore is an elite talent.


well, off to go cancel some trade requests


It makes sense he’s young and isn’t on a bad contract. IIRC this would hurt them cap wise if they do trade him too. Better to have an established WR talent when they do bring in a young QB


This is the worst news I’ve gotten all day


he’s probably crying rn knowing he’s stuck forever