Goin GB against a shitty Pats offense


A shitty pats offense without Mac Jones


Their next two games after that look pretty good too


Underestimating hoyer the destroyer!!!


This is the way


Defenses against backup QBs always worry me because the offensive game plan tends to be conservative.


They fall behind they’ll have to sling it to keep up with Rodgers. At least this is how I’m justifying it. I think the Pats defense can only do so much with what they have right now. Lawrence Guy is out so that works in my favor


I've had a lot of success by looking at which defenses get the most sacks and then and stream a top 10-15 sacking team against a bad team or bad qb, bonus if it's a backup. It all comes down to sacks and pressures, so basically aggressive D line against a porous O line. Even Brady and Mahomes have bad games when they're pressured. Check also the health of that defense and offense, it makes a big difference, ie chargers last week




This guy streams.


Vikings yolo


Feels like it’s either gonna be real good or real bad . I’m with you brother


Gone back and forth between giants and vikings… Settled on vikings. If Kamara suddenly goes off for 200 yards and a few TDs, so be it


He’s out


Makes my settle on Vikings even better…until Murray comes out of nowhere to run for 250 yards and 3TDs ☠️


I followed the experts and got not much from my Indy and Cleveland starts to begin the year. I streamed Philly last week and just keeping them until the wheels fall off. It’s not as fun to stream as I thought.


I feel like it's more about picking healthy defenses facing bad offenses. And even then you can get screwed but it's all part of the game and part of the fun.


I started LAC D/ST once. *Once*.




Same. -6 cost me the game


Someone dropped them and I couldn't overlook their upcoming schedule. I'm going to bite the bullet and carry two defenses for a week and see what they do on my bench.


What ever happened to quickonthedraw?


Asking the real questions... Is he safe?


I don't play weekly DST roulette. I play DST Frogger. The competitive advantage of streaming DST was identified at a time when FFB players tended to hold high-producing or highly-regarded DSTs without much regard to weekly matchups, which opened up an opportunity for the strategy of harvesting matchup advantages from among the good-not-great DSTs. Now a whole lot more people are streaming, which raises the costs of streaming and increases the risk of bad busts (which is the one thing you don't want in a roster spot that puts up negative numbers far more than any other). So people have, sharply, turned to holding two good, paired DSTs -- but that comes at the cost of a roster spot. Others regularly use waivers to grab their favorites -- which also has an argument in favor of it -- but that costs waiver capital. So now I look for DSTs that have some upside in their current circumstances, and who have a multiple-game stretch ahead of them that consists mostly of good matchups, and no bad ones -- one or two moderately-bad matchups are OK if the rest of the stretch, and the production and circumstances of the DST in question, look promising. Pay attention and keep adjusting as the season goes on, regularly looking for a good next stretch to jump to (and then finally devoting a roster spot to an extra playoff DST). That way, I get to devote the extra in-season roster spot and/or waiver capital to higher-upside positions, and keep building value into the top of the roster.




But not for kickers


“Fantasy points against” tables. Look for teams that allow the most fantasy points to defenses and select whichever defenses they’re playing against. Don’t just select any defense that’s high up in the table though. Make sure you’re selecting a decent defense. For example, I selected the Panthers D last week because Saints allow the most fantasy points to defenses. They scored 13 points and are a decent, mid-rank defense.


Who are you selecting this week? Also how does chicago bears sound?


Is Broncos D available in your league?


No :(


Which other DSTs are available in your league?


Giants, ten, seattle, chargers (I had them last week and burned me…), jax , Carolina, Ari!


Ten is the safest bet


Bronco over jags/Viking hype trains?


Broncos are a safe pick. Solid defense.


Bears D are 3rd in pressure rate, 3rd in tackles for a loss, and 8th in turnover rate. But they’re not good against the run, so Saquon gonna eat. So, if you go with the Bears, you’re basically hoping for sacks and interceptions, which is a viable strategy since most of Daniel Jones’ receivers are out.


Yes! This is exactly my rationale. I thought about the giants but they don’t really sack or intercept and chicago rarely throws


Fields gets sacked a lot


Who scores the least? Who gets sacked the most? What special team returns the ball more often? Has a qb been on a int throwing spree? Are there injured linemen? How are the match ups to wr? Is a good player coming back from a long break? Quite a few factors to choose from.


Wait should I be starting Bills d vs Ravens? I picked up Denver to stream, with medium confidence


Also the bills entire is secondary is just decimated with injuries, I wouldn’t feel great about starting them against Lamar when he’s been shredding teams


Bills D is great. Ravens offense is great. You would NOT want to drop Bills D, but lower expectations


No, not today.


I went from cowboys week1 to Pitts w2 w3 Big mistake, had I kept cowboys I’d do better


Pits vs Jets is a good play right? Right?


Steelers lost some great players. But the Jets SUCK. B+




Sure, bud.


Dallas D anyone?


I’m going with them in a league. Full expect Wentz to find his form and burn me…but if he could throw a few picks and get sacked a couple times on the way I’d be happy


Rule 1) Pick a D playing a bad team, one that doesn’t score much or ideally turns the ball over a lot Rule 2) Pick a D that’s scores a lot of fantasy points Rule 3) Pick a D playing at home Rule 4) Avoid divisional match ups (they can be chaotic) Pick an available team that follows as many of the above rules as possible.


People are hoarding D’s in my league so I’m streaming Colts this week v TEN 🙏


Somebody dropped the bucs I scooped them up. No more dst hell after this week.


I know this isn’t the best week to start Jacksonville but if they put out at least an average performance against Philly today I’ll be riding them for awhile