They expect one of us in the wreckage, brother


Have we started the fire?


Yes, the fire rises.


Now is not the time for fear....


That comes later


Ryan started the fi-yah!


*loud Hans Zimmer music*






A little worse for wear I’m afraid.




Aw jeez


Always have a fall guy




From The Dark Knight Rises


How many fingers am I holding up? Tua. What’s your name? Tua What fish goes great on a sandwich? Tua He’s good to go guys.


I remember watching Monday Night Football ~20 years ago when John Madden was still doing it. A guy got clocked and afterwards Madden said, "The doc held up four fingers and asked 'How many fingers am I holding up?' and the guy said 'Thursday'".


What's the really big instrument played in a marching band? Tua (And yes, I know it is technically a sousaphone)


I love your joke. And I'm glad you know you're wrong. Source: former Sousaphone player


Wife's a music teacher :)


That's not how you spell saxophone /s


I will come to the defense of marching tubas, we used them in high school marching band. They’re damn heavy but they look impressive dammit.


In Breaking Bad, what would Hector Salamanca's nephew be named if he was a girl? Tua


If you're not coming *from a* game, you're going ____ game?


Scapegoat fuck the nfl


Of course the nfl concussion protocols are squeaky clean. There was just a single bad actor.


can’t wait for this next round of gruden e-mails to be released


They play several commercials every game to remind us they take player safety into account regarding concussions so not sure what else they can possibly do here.


I'm sure they have a specific color of headband for player safety awareness, so they're maxed out


I mean, how many “drink responsibly” commercials do you see by alcohol companies? This is how big business operates.


Acknowledging Tua means acknowledging literally every player in the nfl who has suffered head injuries. If that happens, the NFL is done. There is too much money at stake for that to happen.


When are people going to realize the reason the NFL won't talk about concussions is because *you can't play NFL football without getting concussions?*


Or that it's made significant worse by the hits guy take every single play, not the big concussions that they pretend to care about.


Exactly - I've read that the injury he sustained should be season ending. The NFL has to stop allowing players not to heal properly.


Concussions definitely take longer than a week to recover from if there's a decent chance you will get hit in the head the next week.


Very true - sadly.


NFL = police department confirmed


Message in my league chat Thursday night: “Nope. Doctor becomes scapegoat and is publicly fired and maybe loses license. Billionaire owners compensate him under the table while admonishing him while facing no repercussions”


Lol, as if he’ll be compensated under the table


That sweet sweet hush money


Hush money and NDA.


**IF** they were paying him to knowingly pass obviously concussed players you better believe he's getting paid to stay quiet.


I doubt there was any real agreement like that. It was implicit, though. He's getting paid good money for the sweet gig. He knows who writes those checks.


He’s gotta keep quiet regardless. Speaking up would get himself a lot of prison time and no money.


The doctor is definitely going to be taken care of. He'll probably never have to practice again.


Why the hell would they compensate him? They didn't become billionaires by paying unnecessary fees. All they need to do is call their on-call media people and ensure the press drags the doctor through the mud, and that will be that.


Gotta grease a few palms to keeps the cogs going.


I'd assume he would be paid to sign an NDA.


This is standard, yes.


If you want to mix metaphors you gotta crack a few skulls.


Seriously, anybody can see what this is. Some unnamed consultant that's not employed by the NFL, how convenient.


He wasn't fired by the NFL, but by the player union.


Someone check his fantasy team.


… the nflpa found a scapegoat? cuz he was fired by the players Union because of what they found in their investigation


It’s the NFPLA that fired him


I know people like complaining without any actual solution... But is there someone else who was more responsible that should have been punished?


I'd wager maybe there was some monetary incentive for him to make those mistakes, or maybe he did follow the slightly less-than-stringent policies and was paid off to take the fall... source: I am a redditor that has consumed too much netflix


Shit is almost humorous it’s so stupid. What would these people want instead? The nflpa saw what happened, said this is fucked up, let’s investigate. They’re investing, decided the doctor fucked up, and they fired him. Tua could probably sue him and I’m assuming might. What the fuck else do they want? The nflpa is operating with tua’s interest. If they find ways the process needs to be fixed I’m sure they’ll announce it when they decide to. Yet people here are confidently wrong about the nfl scapegoating a guy when they don’t even decide when to fire the guy lmao


You already know the answer. Takes awhile for a circle jerk to stop rotating


Honestly, fuck the players too. If Tua was that fucked up he knew better. But instead, the doctor gets fired, the NFL protects its image, and Tua is reverently called a competitor. The only thing the doctor did wrong was trust Tua when he said the all the things he was supposed to say to stay in. And even if he was being motivated by the coaching staff to accept what Tua said as truthful that really just means the team is getting away with it too. That doctor had no personal incentive for pretending to trust Tua.


Doctors are taught to not trust patients blindly. Patients lie all the time.


Edelman and others said they knew what answers to give and "how to act" so they could get back in the game


It's probably not that hard. You have to put on a facade for like 4 minutes


Go watch Scrubs it's the same shit.


House also works.


Even sometimes they might not even be lying purposefully but humans are pretty unreliable especially when we aren't knokwledgable about something, if your job is to figure out what is wrong with something you definitely cannot just rely on whatever someone says blindly (Much different but I had this problem in IT) - If you trust the person blindly when they say "oh I already did that or oh no that doesn't happen" then you will often skip over the solution to the problem, that is why IT guys always redo things like restart the computer or recheck things you said you already checked.


Honestly agreed. All the ex-player talking heads are on ESPN being like, "it's the love of the game, they are gunna want to be out there." But that is such BS. If he doesn't play two games he's not going to just fall off the face of the earth. He signed a $30M contract already. He is set for life and then some! He should know that he needs to value his health. With players like Luck, Kuechly, etc. calling it early they should be smarter than this.


But some younger players likely have this mentality. Especially with "something to prove". Obviously I agree they shouldn't. Their health is their business model and should be number 1 priority


Honestly, I get it and respect players for playing hurt if it's some huge contract year, or the game really matters. But it's still stupid and even more stupid for a QB who has made $30M already in a regular season game. Some of the blame should fall on them


I'd wager there's actually more pressure on a franchise QB to play hurt than any other player. They're the leader of the team, and part of that is rallying your squad around you and having them always believe in you. They need to be seen as brave and fearless even in the face of injury because that's what their position requires. Is that the smartest decision for longevity and safety? Obviously not, but that most of the time isn't top priority in their minds.


Gotta protect yourself all the time. The sack tua took Thursday, he had plenty of time to throw it away as well. But still, I know I've gotten concussions in football, and it can seriously feel like you are fine after just a few minutes. The whole point of the doctor is to prevent this, and anyone without a medical degree could of said to hold him out since Sunday


I think everyone without a medical degree did say he should suit out. The whole world knew there was no way he didn't get a concussion in that game.


If he was concussed then he won't be thinking clearly. As much as you say it's BS Mark Ingram and Cam Jordan have a podcast and they had Amari Cooper on last week and talked about concussions, all 3 are current players and they all said they wanted back on the field after a concussion and had to be stopped by the doctor and coaches. That's 3 current NFL players saying they wanted on the field, it's on the medical professional and then the coaches to keep players out. Even if Tua didn't have a concussion, if he wasn't fit to be on the field they should've held him out.


It’s like when you try to drive when you’re too drunk. You always think you’re good enough to drive, you really need other people to tell you not to drive


Patrick Willis and Chris Borland too. Ignorance on the side of the players is no longer an excuse.


Kuechly’s concussion was a bad one for the NFL. I remember it was prime time somewhere and all eyes were just watching him sob uncontrollably. It was like a kid in an adult body.


This is what I've said since day 1. There is no way Tua didn't know he was concussed on Sunday. Did he want to go back out and play? I'm sure. Did he also feel a ton of pressure from the team/NFL to get back out there? Almost certainly. But at the end of the day he can walk off the field any time he wants and still have millions of dollars in his bank account. Not gonna lie, I likely would've went back out and played too if I were in his shoes. But let's not pretend he's entirely without fault here.


It’s not BS. They literally want to be out there even when they shouldn’t. Nerd.


Next time you get concussed, please make several really important life choices that affect not only you and your livelihood, but every person who works with you. Also, be sure to contradict your doctor at the same time. I'm not gonna pretend Tua didn't know better, but if he was badly concussed he wasn't exactly clear headed to make that decision. And clearly there's more to a diagnosis than what the patient tells the doctor. I doubt the NFLPA would fire him if there weren't a bunch of doctors telling them he fucked up really badly. If that were the case, this doctor could turn around and sue for wrongful termination.


> Next time you get concussed, please make several really important life choices that affect not only you and your livelihood, but every person who works with you. Also, be sure to contradict your doctor at the same time. This kind of hyperbole is so specious and nonsensical. He wasn't being asked how to invest his money or signing away his life rights. He was being asked very simple, basic questions to determine coherence and cognition. The NFLPA fired him because he was an easy scapegoat. The responsible parties are the only ones getting off scot-free.


The culture among players and coaches that pushes them to play through injury is a big problem. But there's no way that doctor made the call without seeing the hit and subsequent video of Tua stumbling. If he didn't look at the video before making the call, that's incompetence enough to be worth firing. And anybody who watched that video can clearly see Tua was unsteady. I'm sorry, but if you're the person who is ultimately responsible for making that call, you're not a scapegoat. You're responsible. And for that position in particular, the job includes assuming the player will try to minimize their injuries to get back on the field. I'd put the blame at the top to begin with. Owners, GMs, coaches. Then the doctor. Then the players themselves. Everyone gets a share, but it certainly doesn't start with the guys putting their health on the line to make everybody else money.


Nah... if Tua was a boxer who fell when trying to walk after getting up from a knockdown the match would be over and the boxer likely wouldn't be eligible for a sanctioned fight until given the all clear. Everyone with any sense watching that first incident knew his head was rattled at a minimum. Except the on field doctor(s)


agree with this. are doctors expected to lie detectors? that isnt part of medical training. neurology in particularly depends on the patient describing their symptoms truthfully. if doctors are supposed to suspect lying, i am pretty sure what is going to happen is that nobody is ever cleared to go back into a game ever. we better get used to it.


Hi Everybody! -That Neurologist


Hi! Dr. Nick!


Inflammable means flammable? What a country.


"Where are the bodies?" "On second thought I think I'll take the window"


"The coroner? Man, I'm so sick of that guy."


These drugs will make the evaluation seem like a beautiful dream!


Can you feel your brain getting damaged?


Neurologist to Tua- Hello, do you know what we are doing? Tua- Yes Neurologist- HES GOOD TO GO!


*looks at Trent Brown* There are many options for a dangerously underweight individual like yourself, I recommend a slow steady gorging process combined with assal horizontology. You'll want to focus on the neglected food groups, like the whipped group, the congealed group, and the chocotastic!!!


I smell scape-goat.


Up pops the scapegoat!


Probably the only reason that job exists. When a scandal breaks they are paid to take the fault and get canned.


Hit the nail on the head there. The independent expert exists to lend credibility to the process but at the end of the day has very little authority. Hold someone off who the team has cleared and you’re replaced real quick. Physicians make plenty of money. These jobs don’t pay much in terms of $. Ask yourself why a physician would put themselves in this position and it’s easy to understand why the independent experts are so feckless.


On the one hand, yeah if there’s some big conspiracy and pressure was being applied by Miami and the NFL to get Tua back in this is a scapegoat thing. On the other hand, he put his professional stamp of approval on Tua being okay to continue playing. All involved heads should roll and he has responsibility in this regardless of the circumstances.


The coaches should 100% get some blame as well. Just because you went through the motions of the protocol doesn’t allow you to disregard what you and everyone else in the country saw with their own eyes.


The teams doctor has the final say on somebody going in, so all the blame can’t fall on this guy


Always have a fall guy. - ~~Cris Carter~~ Roger Goodell


That’s what I just was telling my buddy. They have their scapegoat!


Ah yes it's the neurologist and not the league office that has a history of downplaying brain injuries.


And also why does this guys opinion matter when they are trying to claim it's a back injury LMAO. 'guys this is a back injury so we are firing a neurologist!'




I feel like the head coach has partial blame as well. Or any coach for that matter. These guys have been in the game a long time, they should have know better than to shove Tua back in 4 days after the initial concussion. Especially in this day and age with recent concussion stories coming out. Ooo wait, they were 3-0 and didn’t give a fuck


They should know better than to shove tua in 10 min after the initial concussion. Ftfy


The NFL insisted that all protocols were followed correctly. The NFLPA says the neurologist messed up. Someone is wrong, and it's definitely the league.


Even if the independent neurologist fucked up, what about the team doctor? The independent neurologist is in addition to the team doctor. So either the team doctor also did not follow the protocols and make a correct evaluation, or the protocols themselves are part of the problem


The neurologist has little to no say, it’s the team doc that does. Sure hope that angle gets covered


Danny Amendola talked briefly on Russillo’s most recent podcast episode. They discussed how some players will know what to say to the doctors to pass, so it’s up to these guys to protect the athletes from themselves. It’s a real shame this happened. I really feel for Tua here, even if he fought to stay in. Of course he would, he’s a competitor.


My cousin was on the Bucks staff about a decade ago and he hated it. He didn't get paid for it and he had to try to do his job while dealing with bullshit from players, coaches, and owners.




No. He's a high end surgeon and his hospital did it for free. They stopped when the new ownership started charging for the gig. He called it babysitting and said he'd much rather do that with his own kids than OJ Mayo.


Lol wtf they dont pay team doctors? Thats crazy.


Yup. Docs do it because it is like free "advertising", is a resume builder, and a lot of team docs generally like sports, athletes, etc


The hospital gets to plaster their name all over everything which is why most teams are staffed by a big hospital system in the city. I think he said the fee to do it was around 500k.


They also get a ton of business. Had my collarbone redone and went to the jets surgeon for it. He was great regardless


Orthos in particular will always do this when possible. Have been to *a lot* of team ortho surgeons over the years.


Bucks or Bucs?


Bucks in 6


Tampa Bay Bucks 'n Deers


Protecting people from themselves is just an impossible task though. If players are gaming the system meant to protect them it’s a sign there’s a much deeper culture problem involved.


"I feel fine, and I want to go back in." "No, you just hit your head so hard you were unable to walk." There. Possible. I love the idea that "Well he answered my questions correctly so I have no choice but to let the clearly brain-injured guy play" is the way to go.


I'm with you, they need to err on the side of caution. if you get up from a hit with wobbly legs, it should be mandatory 3 game IR. The team nor the player should get any say in it, you take a hit that looks concussion-y, automatic 3 games off. No need to even screen for a concussion first, who cares, better safe than sorry.


Dude nobody would watch the NFL if it was backup QBs and RBs everywhere. Like I'm not trying to sound ridiculous but if every hit where a concussion was suspected was 3-week IR the product would be a less exciting college football. And imagine the playoffs... It's fucked up, but there's pretty much an inverse correlation between the quality of the product on the field and the respect for player safety.


Stop. Just stop. Nobody's talking about "every hit" here. This is a situation where a player was *very* visibly concussed on Sunday vs the Bills. He couldn't even walk straight. That kind of thing doesn't happen on every play. Their excuses about him clearing protocol are so pathetic. We all have eyes. Dude got his bell rung hard. We all know by now that it's a terrible idea to put someone back on the field after something like that.


> It's fucked up, but there's pretty much an inverse correlation between the quality of the product on the field and the respect for player safety. And I am saying that player safety should come first. Even if it means some team has to use a backup QB in an important game. We should be maximizing player safety not maximizing viewership. The players need to be protected from themselves.


And the players get paid to maximize viewership.


Not impossible at all. That’s why the league employs a neutral third party to evaluate. Clearly the evaluation shouldn’t rely on how the player feels and should be more objective


In this particular case, yes, there were clear outward signs he was concussed that were ignored. That’s why this is such a travesty and people are angry. There’s absolutely no excuse for clearing him to return last week or to play again 4 days later. Disease exists on a spectrum though. Not all concussions result in fencing response or a player visibly punch drunk. The system can be improved to address the severe cases but more mild to moderate cases will always require cooperation from a player to diagnose.


Tua is playing for an extension which will be worth enough to set his family up for generations. That’s the issue


Thats exactly the issue. The stakes are so high for everyone involved. I have no idea how you address that. When the payoff is so high and the window is so short of course people are going to take extreme risks.


Retool the baseline testing so that the players can't game the system. This is a multi-billion dollar sport, invest the resources. The current protocol is broken, make it work.




If he doesn’t value his health that much, why should anyone else?


99% of people would want to play. He was playing extremely well and if he did that all season he would have set his family up for generations. Lots of people work more dangerous jobs then NFL players. Do you think they don’t care about their health? Or do they need to do what they need to do in order to support their family?


Hope he sues the NFL for all the potential money he may have lost due to medical negligence.


[Yup. The players shouldn't be the ones making these decisions](https://www.chicagotribune.com/lifestyles/ct-xpm-2012-11-15-chi-chicago-bears-brian-urlacher-would-lie-about-concussions-20121115-story.html)




If players are so well known for faking being ok to avoid missing time by the doctors, who are specifically employed to evaluate head trauma, it would make sense to me to lean more heavily on the other evidence. For example, the tape from the Bills game where Tua clearly got flash KO’d or badly rocked, at a minimum. Anyone who has been knocked out/taken hits/seen people taking hits enough could tell what they were looking at with enough certainty to recommend that person avoid risking damage for at least a week. It’s hard for me to give this doctor a pass on that basis.


Or there could be consequences for players subverting the protocol. Something that they actually care about like a suspension since their health obviously isn't a priority.




He went back on the field and was an effective quarterback. Having a brain injury doesn't necessarily make someone incapable of rational thought.


People that are in accidents and go through being in shock do weird things. I get what you are saying, though. He likely didn’t have the wherewithal to assess what had just happened and was functioning purely off adrenaline. It is hard to put blame on him.


TBI does not make you deceptive or subvert a neurological examination.




To be fair he possibly had a brain injury so its not like he would be thinking straight. Even if not, I think he does get a pass. These athletes are competitive down to their core and also feel the responsibility to not let their teammates down. Its the doctors job to evaluate him knowing that, and its the NFL's job to have a protocol that isnt easy fooled by a lying player.


He was thinking straight enough to know how to subvert the examination though?


Maybe this is a hot take but if the players are cheesing their way out of protocols then they should shoulder some of the blame, and the doctors are completely innocent here. Most of the blame is on the protocols itself as it shouldn’t be possibly for a player to ‘smooth talk’ their way out of the protocol.


Back when the players had an active lawsuit against the NFL for covering up facts about CTE, the NFL was abso-fucking-lutely panicking about head injuries and the independent doctors on the sidelines actually did their jobs and pulled players from games for even the slightest hit to the head. Any sign of a concussion, and that player was not seeing the field or any practices until they were cleared through established concussion protocols that lasted weeks. Since the players signed the undisclosed settlement with the NFL over CTE, that entire process has been replaced with a sham “evaluation” and players being able to talk their way back onto the field. It’s a night and day difference that I feel no one is talking about.


i said the same thing on Thursday after the re-injury happened - the NFL believes they bought their way out of hot water and that the concussion issue is behind them. This will keep happening because *they don’t actually care* if they can make it go away with money they’ll just create an budget line for concussion settlements


How do you stop that tho? All you can go off of is the symptoms and if players don't tell you the symptoms then how do you stop it? You can go off the hits but hits like that happen all the time during games. You can't just take out a player for two weeks after a big hit. You kinda just have to accept players will be dumb and do that shit. It's there dumb decision


How do you stop it? Well, if a player gets knocked so hard they fall over while walking off the field, it’s a safe bet they’re concussed. A concussion spotter needs to be able to evaluate the player and make their own call, not rely on player testimony.


by having the uncertain borderline cases be sat. We’re there ANY possible signs of concussion? removed. Turns out it wasn’t? too bad. safety is more important


That’s awesome. I picture a gun being held to the physicians head while he does his analysis of Tua and makes all those “mistakes”. Just to have the league fire him anyways and say “look what this guy did, we can’t believe he didn’t follow protocol”. And now they have his son and won’t release him til this blows over and the physician keeps his mouth shut.


One fall guy to sweep it under the rug asap and change nothing sounds like a clean get away. I’m sure nothing like this will ever happen again




New research (according to a neurologist i work with) has shown that the old idea saying that your brain should "rest" after a concusssion by avoiding screens, activity is inacurrate, and that getting back to activities that stimulate the brain are probably beneficial. The jury is still out on whether or not you should play QB four days after a concussion, however.


https://www.neurologyadvisor.com/topics/traumatic-brain-injury/screen-time-postconcussion-recovery-concussive-symptoms-young-adults/ “This randomized clinical trial found that abstaining from screen time in the acute period after concussion may be associated with a shorter duration of symptoms, which supports clinical recommendations to limit screen time in the acute period after concussion,” concluded the researchers. “A multicenter study would help to further assess the effect of screen time exposure.” Posted in January of this year.


The study was self reported screen time and even said that not all participants completed the 3 surveys. Also note in your quote “may be associated with shorter duration of symptoms”. Pretty inconclusive but obviously also doesn’t support the opposite point.


My point was that it specifically contradicts the other persons hearsay claim that their colleague made. And since there is no such study claiming what their colleague reported, the statement above mine can be dismissed as bullshit.


Scapegoat or not. There is an army of people at fault. McDaniels should have never had him on the field 4 days later. The league could have stepped in after seeing the tape of what happened. His teammates could have stepped in and gone to bat for him. The blame doesn’t rest on one set of shoulders, but it will be drawn up that way and it’s sickening.


Already dropped him in my fantasy neurotrama consultant league.


What about the Dolphins Dr? Lol


Thursday night football needs to be overhauled. There needs to be a 6 day rest rule in the NFL. Give everyone an extra bye week, and play all Thursday games between teams coming off a bye. If this means there’s no TNF weeks 2-4 so be it.


But that sweet sweet Amazon money /s


I am (and have been) a big proponent of the Thursday games only after a Bye for a while now.




Dr Vandalay


Dr. Art\* Vandalay.


Dr. Drake Ramoray


The symptoms he showed on the field were enough to rule it a concussion. Plain and simple. Pure negligence.


Everyone knows it wasn’t the tackle, he was sipping wine out of the Gatorade barrel.


Exactly. The evaluation can’t override the symptoms he already displayed in the moment. And even if he “passed” the protocol, the coaches were willing to set aside common sense because they felt they had done the absolute minimum and their asses were covered.


Absolutely a scapegoat. Damned if he did his job and stopped Tua, thrown under the bus when clearing him is publicly a terrible decision.


The NFL thought they dodged a bullet, then Tua went down on Thursday. There was always going to be a scapegoat. They found the perfect one. The "unaffiliated" is there on purpose. The NFL and the Dolphins think this absolves them since he's independent.


Lol they fired their patsy


People calling this guy a scapegoat. I guess that’s fine. On the other hand I’ve seen plenty of players ruled out because of concussion symptoms and the protocol. This guy saw what happened and still gave the okay. That’s just dumb and deserves everything coming to him.


So to clarify: If the owners fired him (which most posters here assume since the headline strategically left that out), then fuck them for finding a scapegoat. If the union fired him (which is true), then they did the brave and right and heroic thing to protect their players. Eventually. One thing I'm sure is irrelevant - whether there was actually any errors in the evaluation.


Bring on the sequel to Concussion starring Jaden Smith The world’s aware of CTE & whatnot, but what happens when players still decide to play. Shady business behind the scenes. Starring Jaden Smith Jaden Smith as Jaden Smith


As a 6th grade coach if any players showed any symptoms after hitting their head, they were done and needed a doctor’s note to play again. No questions asked that Sunday he should’ve been pulled and i don’t undesirable anyone saying otherwise or anything was missed. Open and shut concussed and shouldn’t have returned. I get the math and money is different in NFL. But he clearly was concussed Sunday.


I’m also assuming one of his “mistakes” was allowing a guy who fell down twice to continue the game?


It was drilled into my head as a kid that if I was "hurt" I should tough through it. This becomes ever more common when you're important to the team's success. Concussions aren't like broken bones where you can clearly see or even feel how severe the injury is and as a result, players often play through them because they feel guilty since they think it falls into the "hurt" category. I know that feeling of guilt is what kept me from going out a couple of times when I almost certainly was concussed, but I felt like I couldn't because I was our team's best offensive lineman in a group with no depth. Point is, the culture that has been built around injuries in this sport is incredibly unhealthy and as we saw with Tua, can be very dangerous.


I imagine this is gonna be the end of it honestly.


Oh, that's not gonna be the end of this...


Found Lee Majors, just in time for Autumn... #theFallGuy


Big ol NDA was signed here


going to be a long week


So how much hush money y'all think he got?


Fall guy found. Will the NFL cover up succeed or will there be more light on this unfolding scandal? Discuss.


This guy has some culpability, so good. Dolphins organization and McDaniels have some culpability — they should know better. Tua has some culpability — sure he said and did whatever he had to play.


Keep going down the list. The NFL has some culpability. They gave way too much wiggle room in the protocols that led to all of the above being able to have too much say in the outcome. The NFLPA agreed to these protocols as well and knows most of the players will try to use what they know to pass these tests despite having a concussion. The NFLPA knows this yet remains silent until there is an issue. If someone like Edelman will say this on a radio show this week then why don’t players police themselves through the NFLPA to stop trying to trick these tests to get back out on the field as it is against their own well being? Everyone is going to turn on each other and blame someone else and absolve themselves of blame when it is all of them who shares some blame. The rest of the NFL does it as well even though they all are passing the blame now.


Absolutely agree. Thanks for adding that.




The team administers the tests, the scapegoat signs off saying they were completed.


Scape goat


And what about those “affiliated” who were responsible?