DJ Moore


Finally managed to offload him. Packaged him and Jrob for Pittman and Goeddert (my TE was my biggest weakness)


Big W for you


Huge W


This could be a major L for you


People over to assume JRob, our Hero RB stud, will slow down. He won't though, first time we've seen our man in a competent offense.


Traded him for Damien Harris just to have the RB depth instead. Sick of him and even if he has a big week I’ll never have confidence in Rhule/McAdoo and baker making him consistent.


I dropped him for Olave. Feel relieved. If he pops off, I don’t care, I wasn’t going to start him anymore.


You couldn’t have traded him for anything roster-worthy?


League doesn’t trade unless it’s drastically one-sided. I pull off trades every once in awhile after some back and forth but no one wanted him.


Sounds like my league. The stars have to be totally aligned for a trade to process.


i would’ve offered like doubs or burks straight up would u have taken it


Doubs yes.


Doesn't matter had sex if you picked up Olave.


I sent offers trying to offload DJ Moore for 10% FAAB and others for a DST. All got rejected because no one wanted to drop any bench players to take on DJ. He is worthless right now.


Nobody wants him


Dropped as in dropped? Yikes.


I mean, if you wanna have fun with him clogging your bench and never starting him, go ahead.


No I get it, I'm just saying it's a very unfortunate situation right now with him.


Absolutely. Thought he was a great choice at the time, but it’s just sad now. That offense is a mess.


Guy you can't drop (yet) or start


I see your DJ and raise you an Elijah


You didn’t draft Elijah Moore in the third round though


I have both.. and in one league Mooney


Yeah I'm really hoping he can put a decent game together, which would at least justify keeping him on my bench.


Hopefully him and Zach Wilson are eating breakfast together.


Fantasy experts love this dude and for the life of me I have no fucking idea why


He's good. He's shown it before. I think people underestimated how bad Baker really is.


Gonna have to wait until he strings together a good game or two, which could still happen as there is lots of season left.


Allen Robinson


I offloaded him for Damien Peirce before last week. Feel like I robbed the guy now.


Holy shit same here, exact trade. So relieved


I dropped his ass. Can't watch another game of Stafford only having eyes for Kupp no matter what. Even when Robinson is wide open he won't look his way. Then he tosses in to Robinson in tight coverage and doesn't trust him after missing


i traded Damien Harris for him in week 2 trying to buy low since I think he will bounce back. So far ehhh but there's time


At least getting redzone targets, but yeah maybe he just needs time to develop chemistry.


Don’t have him but I think he’s going to be much better in the future. Dude is extremely talented, he just building chemistry/trust with Matt


He hasn't been good for two years. People were crazy to get so hyped about him. He may have a couple good games but he'll have more 3-8 pointers. Let him do that on somebody else's roster.


Just dropped him for Doubs. Done with Mr. Low Floor Low Ceiling. He can be someone else’s problem.


Dropped him and Boyd for Doubs and Zay. Trying to churn the bottom of my roster for upside.


Same here. It’s beyond infuriating watching Skowronek get more looks from Stafford than ARob


Traded him for Russ last week to compliment Sutton/ Javonte Need broncos to wake tf up




Chase Edmonds - but now I want to offload him to the waivers


I get that, but he's had 3 of 4 games in double-digit PPR points and for all we know he's going to see more usage with Tua out for awhile. I think it's worth keeping him in your last bench spot at least for this next week and go from there.


I'm restoring Craig Reynolds in one league, I think I'll hang onto Edmonds.


This is where I am. Completely unplayable and borderline unrosterable. I was so sure he was a great late draft diamond in the rough...now I'm the fool.


Unless Mostert gets injured both of them are a rough start. Without Tua it might be worse as im not sure rhe offense moves as well with Bridgewater.


It is my opinion most of Edmonds hype came from pre season best ball leagues. Where he is likely still a good pick.


I saw him when he gets the handoff and man does he not look good. He is more of a slot guy. Might as well pick up McKenzie if you got Edmonds.


Edmonds is unplayable rn, but he is still paired with Mostert who is made of glass. And the dolphins offense is actually good. It’ll be tough to let him go with the current RB landscape


If he had caught that 2nd TD pass yesterday we would be talking about him in a “how to I buy him” post. It’s a long season, just stash him


Our only hope is a mostert injury


I think they are using him all wrong FWIW. I think he’s no start but have to bench for future. He still has huge upside imo.


I think it is confirmed that where we all drafted him, there is no way he's returning ADP. However, for PPR, he is still a good pass catcher on an explosive offense. I think he is still worth a roster spot, but I would not start him with any confidence, unless there was an injury to Mostert. I think he's just a trade sweetener if anything


Najee Harris and James Conner 😭


Traded Najee for swift, as I have Jamaal. Time will tell… I think Pitt gets it together a bit more


I think swift and Jamaal is a great handcuff tbh


I’d say it’s like chunt where you can start both


Kinda can’t believe the swift owner did that


I’d hold Conner. That offense absolutely will turn things around, and Conner is the workhorse and goal line back.


my former rb1 and rb2 😭 i finally managed to trade najee this week for amari cooper and breece hall, otherwise i’ll continue to pray for conner


Ah yes, my round 2 and round 3 picks! Honestly Najee has been fine as an RB2 (went Mixon round 1) but rough if those are your RB1/2. Hasn’t gotten the volume I’d hoped for, but he’s been solid. Hopefully he goes off this week vs NYJ. Conner I dunno… I benched him with the injury last week and plan to again this week I think. He hasn’t put up over 57 combined yards in any of the games, and only has 1 TD. It feels gross benching my third round pick when he is supposedly healthy, but prob sitting him again for Cordarrelle and Hollywood


I had to package James Connor with Justin Jefferson to make it attractive, good luck lol


Alvin Kamara. Surprised I haven't seen him on here yet


I just packaged Kamara with MT for Dalvin and Diontae. Was trying hard before that to no interest


That's a steal


Robbed them blind


And they proposed it lmao


I feel you bro 🥲


Im not a Kamara owner but with Winston most likely out I think he’ll have his bounce back game. I knew from the start that he wasn’t going to be himself with Winston at QB. Dalton looks more like the checkdown type QB compared to Winston who slings it, but in the end it all depends on the coaches and their game plan.


Allen Robinson for sure. Russell Wilson as well. Tried packaging Wilson with CEH or Curtis Samuel for like Burrow and wasn't accepted.


Can't trade Wilson, but can't drop him either. Can only hope he has a boom game this week and then offload as fast as we can.


You can definitely drop him


I think it's too early to drop unless you need the space. If that offense somehow turns it around, Wilson is a great trade piece/backup to have if you already have an established starter


Melvin Gordon, Javonte owner doesn’t want him at all


I have Melvin too, and IMO he’s a firm hold in 12-team leagues and can even be plugged in when you’re in a tough spot with injuries or BYEs. He’s averaging 11 rush attempts and 3 targets per game. Usage isn’t amazing, but it’s nothing to sneeze at either. Plus, you’ll be kicking yourself for dropping him if Javonte goes down.


Yeah, plug him in, and pray for a touchdown so that you can break 10 points.


The Singletary special


i have them both. thanks for this. 🥲


Smart on their part




Even if they believed in Javonte more than they should’ve why would trading for the other guy make the situation better?


If one or the other goes down you’d want him


And then if neither goes down you’re stuck with roster clog


"at this point" 3 games into the season bud.


I’ll never let anyone try to dangle my handcuff over me as trade bait. One of my biggest fantasy pet peeves lol


I was in TE wasteland with Gordon as my RB5, moved him for Dalton Schultz to someone being forced to flex Kenneth Gainwell (16 team). Very happy with the outcome.


Damn homie that's a nice get


I'm a javonte owner and I don't want him either


Why would they lol


Nobody wants Allen Robinson or Mike Williams.


I think you should hold on to Mike Williams. He’s volatile but can carry you on his big weeks. I think he’s still going to put up WR2 numbers for the season. High powered offense and Keenan Allen often gets hurt, great buy low candidate.


Robinson has been dropped three times this year in my league, every time he's made it through waivers. No one wants him.


Yep, Mike is my WR4/5 and been trying to package him to someone more needy, but the boom bust nature just kills his value.


Was close to trading Antonio Gibson for Hollywood brown but fell through at the end. Haven’t gotten even half as good of an offer so I’ll just hold Gibson cause RB waivers are awful rn and maybe the “experts” are way too low on Gibson idk


That's how I feel. Gibson has been a solid producer for them. If Brain Robinson was soo good wouldn't he have been drafted higher? just feels like players with crazy hype usually don't pan out like that unless there's no one ahead of him. Gibson has been solid imo, i mean 2 years ago Gibson was the hype rookie


3rd is pretty high for an rb now. Camp talk was high on him and a bit low on Gibson. Don't expect Robinson to take over but he will take touches away. Gibson will have value but it'll most likely be diminished. I dont understand why Gibson doesn't get more receiving work though. He has the ability and is explosive.


Ken walker for some reason


Honestly holding with penny's injury history


I feel like I’m going to end up having to drop him anyways when dealing with byes


Keenan Allen


Gibson and jeudy


I was lucky enough to get Higgins for Gibson and Lazard.


Jeudy popped off when he was healthy week 1, got hurt week 2 and was a game time decision week 3. He’s fine


Starting to get tired of Ja’Marr Chase ngl


Allen Robinson. He was supposed to be my WR3 behind Pittman and Big Mike; give my lineup some stability on Big Mike’s dud games. Traded for McLaurin 2 weeks ago so I can afford to bench Robinson until he shows more but man, I had high hopes for him.




I can’t sell him for anything right now.


Akers! Can’t believe I’m the first one to post this


I just offloaded Akers in a package deal. I had to sacrifice the SunGod to get rid of Akers. But I got Swift and Gabe Davis. I fully expect Akers to boom this week now.


ETN (also have Robinson - 8 team league and someone dropped Robinson) Tyler Lockett Curtis Samuel/Scary Terry? I feel like I'm going too heavy on Commanders WRs


Funny, I’m trying to get ETN and the owner won’t budge


Same here, offered Curtis Samuel previously


You’re probably going to have to offer someone that immediately slots into their lineup. Cause that’s how Etienne owners see Etienne later this season.


Why?? Robinson is taking the majority of the fantasy production and the only reason I'm keeping ETN is the off-chance he takes off but given the start Robinson is off to, I'm not sure that's going to happen anytime soon edit: That being said I wouldn't mind a trade involving ETN, but thus far no one in my league seems to want him


The reason I would want him (and I’m about to acquire him as we speak) is he ranks really well in metrics. Everything screams buy low to me. It’s still his technical first season and he got 12 touches in week 2 and 16 in week 3. That’s a promising share. He looks explosive to the eye test as well. I don’t think he’ll ever be the rb 1 with Robinson playing this well but he still has a lot of upside and he’s getting solid work. He should figure to work into the game plan more as the year goes on and he gets more comfortable


I have ETN and am not looking to move him. Robinson is definitely the front runner for being the season long starter, but I also think we need to see both what happens in a Robinson down game (he has had some mediocre outings “saved” by a long touchdown run), and what happens when the Jags end up in a negative game script for a long period. You are being too quick to forget week 1 where ETN was an overthrow and a drop away from a 2 touchdown game, plus he is only 3 weeks into the season. Adjust expectations of course, but his upside (Probably an RB1 if Robinson went down) alongside his potential to grow into the role and become a consistent flex is worth more than what you probably can trade him for.


I've been offered Elijah Moore for my ETN in a 0.5 PPR and I'm seriously considering it because I'd start Moore this week with Thomas sitting out now. Trying to get him to add more. That said, I do like ETN and he should get better or way better if Robinson gets hurt


Curtis Samuel has been fine. Eagles shut them down and he still got 10. I think he's a solid flex play.


Yeah idk why anyone is trying to get rid of Samuel. Until the game plan/target share changes, he’s an absolute steal off waivers for a flex so far.


I offered Gibson for him straight up and it went through, I also have shares of JROBSZN




I threw out a handful of trades and nothing got accepted and no counteroffers either. Please one more week of going off and I can do this again.


Been trying to trade ekeler for WR depth but his lack of TDs makes him unappealing I guess Feels like my whole league is set at RB and everyone’s simultaneously trying to upgrade WRs without wanting to drop anyone, but also no one’s completing trades. It’s been a weird week or 2 in the side chats


His lack of touchdowns? Didn’t he have 4 carries for 5 yards last week? I don’t think it’s his lack of touchdowns. As an owner Im worried right now


I thought of trying to buy low on him but that game scared me out of it


Hockenson. Don't need him, have Ertz.


I was psyched to get Hock in the 7th round of my 12 team league, but guy has been a major disappointment. Hopefully with all the injuries he steps up this week and I can trade him.


Mike Williams and Aaron Jones. I just don't trust the volatility


Hunter Renfrow


why? picked him on Waivers just now. If Mack Hollins can have a game, why not him? (curious)


Dropped him 2-3 weeks ago. No regrets.


James Connor. Sick of him


Drop Henderson for Gallup ?


I can’t bring myself to drop him with the potential value if Akers goes down.


I have both Henderson and Edmonds on my bench. Can't play either of them, but can't drop them cause of Akers/Mostert injury history.


I have Hendo in a few leagues & I’m considering dropping him - but I’m a fraud the moment I do. . .


as soon as you do Akers goes down if you hold Akers is their RB1 sigh


Adam Thielen


Was nice to see Thielen have a nice game finally


I think you'll see more of it. Thielen is still far from washed. Game one was the Jefferson show because he was infinitely open and no one else needed to contribute. Game 2 the Eagles stellar D helped Cousins have a game that was among his worst ever. Game 3, JJ was double/triple covered all game and Cousins finally starting looking elsewhere so Osborn and Thielen benefited. I think you'll start to see more of the game 3 trend than game 1.


Rashaad Penney


Scary Terry. He has been solid so far but he is currently riding my bench and no one seems to want him despite having worse or inconsistent WR2s Maybe I'll have some success when bye weeks come around


I would probably trade Mike will, cooper, sanders or Jacobs for him. You’re selling low if you trade him now though. The problem w trading him is that you’re going to have to accept either more volatility in a wr or a lower ceiling in a rb for the return. I view terry as having a more stable role in the offense with less big game upside that Mike will or cooper. I think he also has more upside than sanders or Jacobs who I view as rb2s w decent floors but very limited ceilings.


Someone just sold him and JWJ for Fournette in our league. Pissed as I would have offered more.




Some kind of Zeke + Devonta Smith combo lol


Russell Wilson


Miles Sanders


DJ Moore, Hunter Renfrow


Reshod Bateman


Boom or bust guy. Have been starting Curtis Samuels over him and it’s worked out, but bye weeks are coming and happy to have dude on my bench.




Josh Jacobs 😓


I’m excited about Jacobs actually


Talk me off the ledge why?


James Robinson. trying to sell high but everyone seems to think he’s an rb3 or something so I guess i’ll just keep in my lineup


He’s a league winner. Just hold.


Pitts, AJ Dillon, Etienne, Russ, Dalvin Cook, A Rob. Basically my 1-2 team currently sucks and I’m only getting lowball offers, not worth it. lol ughhhh




Selling Goff on a high for a small upgrade at WR would be nice


He’s been dropped several times in my leagues over the last two weeks if that gives you a sense of his value. Not sure you’re getting anything there


Players I've tried to move but no one will budge on: Travis Etienne, Tom Brady, Melvin Gordon, Rashaad Penny Players I moved that I'm so glad I did: Chase Edmonds, Allen Robinson


CEH … and to a lesser extent Bateman, Dobbins, Dillon. Big diff between rankings / ECR and what people perceive them as. Lots of guys in my league that have serious depth concerns and none of them want anything to do with any of the 4 I listed above.


I have Adams, Kirk, ACooper, Cooks, Higgins. My RBs are CPatt, dobbins, and Carter, tho I did just get Mitchell and Stevenson off waivers the past couple weeks. I've sent Adams for all of the top valued RBs and nobody has bitten. Feels like every team only has two RBs so they don't want to trade. Nobody wants Davante Adams.


>Nobody wants Davante Adams. That's because it's Mack HollinSZN!


Tried sending out this trade got rejected in a 12 team PPR deep bench league I trade away: Kamara, Juju, & $20FAAB I receive: Davante Adams Trade was rejected, would you do this trade? Edit: there starting RBs are CEH and Akers, other RBs are Henderson and Gordon


Brandin Cooks, but I’m trying to stay patient.




Antonio Gibson. Lol


Waddle. Especially after yesterdays game he’s gonna be tuff to get rid of


Why do I have every player in this thread My whole team is "buy low" options bro


Antonio gibson


Antonio Gibson. Would any one trade for him at this point?


Rashaad Penny


Antonio Gibson




Damien Harris. Idk what to do with him. I’m leaning towards dropping him, but I can’t help but hold out hope that he could be part of a trade or give me breathing room to trade another one of my RB’s. JT, CMC. Then got Dillon and ETN in a couple of trades. And Brian Robinson on IR. So he’s sorta just a waste of space right now.


Damn that rb core is stacked. I’d value him above ETN personally because he gets a touchdown every single week, but I’ve been trying to trade him with no luck as well. Maybe see if a josh jacobs owner would go for it?


I’d agree that Harris is better than ETN right now, but I sorta view ETN as a high upside play that could pay dividends late season. Maybe I’m getting too cute though lol. I’m a sucker for high ceilings and dreams. Unfortunately the Josh Jacobs owner wouldn’t let me have him, so that’s when I pivoted to ETN. And the rest of the league is generally hard to trade with.


Juedy, Aiyuk, Bateman lmao


Rhamondre and Etienne in my 10 team.


Trying to get both these guys right now from the same team.


Maybe give Rhamondre one more week. His usage is getting interesting.


I got rid of Zeke


for? why do people say they got rid of someone but not say who they got in return lol edit: i hate you all, i deserve this haha


Yea I just traded him too


lol beat it


Zeke gone


After months of trying to find a deal, I finally traded him today. You’ll never guess what the return was


I traded him as well after week one, it’s worked out in my favor


Justin Jefferson - but there is a damn “can’t cut” bullshit going on




I’d drop Emergence of Walker you can always pick him up later kev


I want to package JWJ and Mitchell for a player like London.


Monty/Herbert or JRob. Have plenty of RBs but weak at WR.


Tom Brady


Melvin Gordon & Chase Edmonds