For the right price anyone is worthy of trade, but I wouldn’t sell Chase low


I traded for chase last week, gave up kamera and Keenan Allen in a ten man league, currently starting JJ and chase at wide out lol


That owner is an idiot Keenan is good but unclear how many games he can play and Kamara has been terrible


Name 4 running backs with as much upside as Kamara now name 4 wide receivers with as much upside as chase. Plus he gets allen for free. That’s a steal


JT, CMC, saquon, swift, Chubb, mixon, Henry, cook, fournette, ekeler all have good arguments to having more upside than Kamara Limited targets with Winston and simply running the ball worse than he’s had in his entire career


Kamara might end up with a fantastic game this week.


You don’t have the balls


I don’t lol


i’ll trade you higgins for chase straight up


Send it


I love sending people those kinds of offers just to torture them. They will never accept...but a part of them will really wonder if they should. A fun little way to twist the knife a bit!


There's a special place in hell for you lol


I should have offered the akers owner henderson after week one...


Ruthless but effective lol


I’m gonna need a lot of alcohol and drugs if Higgins ends up higher than Chase at season end


call me crazy but i wouldn’t do that trade. i really like higgins and i feel like at that point you’re trading apples for apples. obviously chase is the better receiver in real life but in fantasy there’s literally no telling


The problem is that Chase is the better receiver. That's why he gets double coverage and Higgins only single coverage. That makes Higgins more valuable to me.


You can use this same logic for like every WR2 lmao. The only reason it works here is because Higgins is basically a WR1 caliber player.


I don't know if it necessarily is obvious that Chase is the better WR. They're both incredible WRs but Tee's size is such a huge advantage against DBs and he is just as much of a playmaker as Chase. I do think Tee is benefiting from Chase getting a lot of attention from defenses after last year.


I have Higgins and I’m not sure I’d do this trade. I do have mixon and I’m not too fond of having two bengals players, and I love mixon. But I wouldn’t trade Higgins for chase right now. Love the safer higher floor.


same boat here man


Is he though? Are they not playing real football and Higgs has outperformed him every week?


Cause opposing teams double cover chase.....or put their best corner on him. Opens up tee to lesser corner/single coverage


i was drunk last night and jokingly sent that to the higgins owner (i'm a chase owner) and he said no


I drunkenly traded for Tee before week 3 and everything is working out lol




Tempting, especially if you need to win now


Lmao this is hilariously flawed thinking. Do we have any reason to believe that Higgins will outscore Chase in the short term?


Yeah. Higgins has outscored chase the last 3 weeks in a row.


And from weeks 12-18 last year. So 10 weeks in a row. Lmao


Not ten in a row. But tee has outscored chase in 9 of the last 11


This is just straight false lmao


Lol right? Or did I miss Higgins scoring more than chase's 50 against KC


I should have clarified what I meant. I was talking cumulatively from weeks 12-18 in 2021, not individual games in a row. Over that span: ||Chase|Higgins| |:-|:-|:-| |Targets|49|50| |Receptions|34|37| |Yards|588|645| |TDs|5|4| |Aggregate Fantasy Points (half PPR)|106.4|107| |Fantasy PPG|15.2|17.8| As another commenter pointed out, Tee has only outscored Chase in 9 of the last 11.


Wasn't Tee injured week 1? lol


You can't be serious... We should expect Mack Hollins to outscore Davante going forward then?


SeNd It


Higgins profiles as an elite alpha WR though. He’s younger too. It’s not the same


Obviously it's not the same. The point is that saying "Higgins has outscored Chase the last 3 weeks" is not an argument for why Higgins will continue to outscore him.


Tee Higgins has outscored Ja'marr Chase in Half PPR going back to Week 11 of last year.


What if we look at their whole season last year? What if we factor in a year 2 WR bump for Chase? The point I'm trying to make isn't that Higgins can't outscore Chase, just that there's no reason to believe that it's the likely outcome.


You said any reason not any convincing reason


Stupid retort. Higgins is clearly a 1B to Chase 1A. It’s very likely Higgins could outscore chase this year. Mack Hollins is a nobody.


>Higgins is clearly a 1B to Chase 1A. Agreed. >It’s very likely Higgins could outscore chase this year. By "very likely" are you saying that it's more likely than not? What evidence do you have that shows that Higgins is more likely than not to outscore Chase going forward?


Last year in PPR Chase averaged almost 18 PPG and Higgins almost 16 PPG. Through 4 weeks this year, they’re both at 16 PPG, with Higgins outscoring chase 3 of 4 weeks. The one game Higgins has been outscored was week 1 where he left early with a concussion. Another fun fact, if you take Higgins PPG last year and extrapolate them for the games he missed last year, he would have been a top 10 receiver in PPR. I personally drafted chase in the first round of a league, so I believe in him, but I firmly believe in Higgins too.


I'm not sure what your point is. I have a ton of Chase and Higgins, I like them both a lot too. I still don't think there's a reasonable argument you can make that Higgins is more likely to outscore Chase the rest of the way.


People have literally been making it Higgins has our scored Chase 9 out of the last 11 games, and the last 3 games this season. Chase is going to continue getting more attention than Higgins from the defense


Higgins has more targets, receptions and yards than Chase over the past 2 years. Higgins is the WR1.


Higgins is massive as well.


Higgins was injured in week 1 abs he’s still outscored him. There’s a reason why Chase was a do not draft at his price and Higgins was a screaming value in the 3rd round


Recency bias is a bitch but I really think at the end of the year, Higgins outscore Chase. I drafted Chase in the first round so this is how I know it will happen. I also drafted Woods before Kupp last year, and I drafted Thielen in Jefferson’s breakout year. I have a pretty good track record of fucking things up for WR1s.


He’s still Ja’marr Chase. One of the major selling points for Chase is his ability to break off huge plays. He’s getting the respect he deserves after last year with constant double coverage. It’s clear that we are sacrificing some consistency with him this year, but eventually he is going to have a massive game as the bengals get better over the course of the season. Don’t want to be on the other side of the equation when it happens.


The ole Tyreek Hill


I drafted Chase knowing that this was going to be the reality. There will be blow up weeks where he scored 40 fantasy points, but 75% of the time it's going to be low WR2 numbers. There's no reason to panic. He still has Burrow, he's still an absolute monster of an athlete/player. Kansas City Tyreek owners went through this same shit every year, but you will inevitably be rewarded for it in the end. Just be patient


Right. Bengals are just getting started. Chase will have some week winning points. Higgins will do it, too.


JJ owners wish he was dropping WR2 numbers on non blow up weeks.


Right? I think Chase owners are acting like idiots honestly. He is having a fine season and monster games are ahead


Buy high, sell low as they say Don’t tilt on chase tho this is who he is. The giant games will come eventually


I gotta start reaching out to the Chase owners in my leagues to see if any of em are going on tilt


Definitely couldn’t hurt right now


I am definitely tilting.


So you make sure to never sell low on anyone? If you have a bust, they are yours all season?


Chase is one of the best players in the NFL. Production will come.


He got traded in one of my leagues this morning for Ekeler and Jeudy


Could be end up being a great trade either way


that's actually a really nice trade. high upside on either side. love trades like that


Damn people are really overreacting on Chase. He hasn’t been amazing but he’s still been pretty good. This also isn’t different as to what he did last year, he’ll have some meh games but he’ll have some monster ones too


It would be a sell low situation and he clearly has a capable ceiling. I think defenses will have to adjust and cover Higgins better. There’s too many weapons on that team.


his price-tag is the lowest it’ll be. Huge mistake. Also, as much as Burrow likes Higgins. Burrow/Chase is arguably the best connection in the NFL. He’s still his favorite target. Just if Higgins is 1on1, Burrow is going to abuse that, as he should.


I just don't know if this is true. Higgins could very much be Burrow's favorite target. We have a pretty good sample size now that shows this year, including Higgins week 1 concussion, that Higgins has a higher target share and target rate.


Chase gets doubled. Time will tell once Chase is facing single coverage again. After that Ravens game last year, Chase was getting doubled MAD


And Burrow has been underthrowing Chase's deep routes so far. There have been a couple times where, if Burrow had put the ball a little further out, Chase would've had huge gains


Chase 41 targets V’s Higgins 28 targets on the year. Chase is his clear cut #1 and favorite target


Higgins missed a whole game pretty much


he ain't getting 13 targets in a game lol


While I think either of them could get 13 targets in a game it wouldn't be the average. Chase 41/4 = 10.25 Higgins 28/3 = 9.33 Close but Chase still comes out ahead


This goes beyond the start of this year. Remember Higgins was out majority of week 1.


The Bengals wouldn't have drafted Chase over Sewell if not for Burrow. No one is sleeping on the Bengals this year, teams know how dangerous Chase is now. Higgins will still be great but Chase is assuredly going to have his days. Teams can't double both of them.


No connection comes anywhere close to Stafford-Kupp


I think you're overreacting. If your record is taking a hit then maybe consider sending him, but you won't be getting his full value back


no. holding chase. ceiling is too high


Lol wut


He had 81 yards in a “down” game.


That was a normal game not a down game. He can absolutely go off but what you saw last night is pretty much the norm for him


81 yards and 10+ points in half PPR is a pretty decent floor/normal game


Sure never said it wasn't


I’m more or less agreeing with you here. Not sure if people expected a Kupp year but guys like him are like tyreek hills. They’ll win you weeks on their own but they’re not gonna get you 20 points every game.


People who doubt this just look at his game logs for last half of last season. He’ll give you a few sub 10s and then give you an explosion. I wouldn’t count this as a down game. Higgins is super talented and demands targets. If Chase gets double teamed, Burrow doesn’t need to force it to him and you’ll get games like this.


Was one of the best corners in the league shadowing him?


No, he was just being triple teamed lol


No he was on tee Higgins not on chase


Don’t box score watch


The box score is what matters in fantasy. He’s still elite he’s just getting doubled all game.


Every player not named Lamar Jackson is tradable right now


And Mark Andrews


Chase for Mandrews? Who wins?




If someone was willing to overpay, why not?


Because infinity +1 is infinity


If someone offered you Hurts and an RB1 or WR1, you wouldn't take it? I guess it would also depend on your roster, but if they have a need, I could see something like that being worth while.


Sorry man this is reddit, Im just trolling. Of course every player is tradable


How dare you! But jokes aside, I think some people do think that way.


im in pain


Trading anyone is justifiable for the right price.


I would be buying him like crazy.


I traded chase for mixon and olave yesterday


As much as we don’t like the gap between Higgins and Chase closing, the real life component will mean teams cannot afford to double team Chase (like Dolphins did last night) so I think eventually that helps Chase and he will get his


This is what I’m holding out hope for


it’s a better time to trade Higgins for a big haul than it is Chase


Us Chase owners have no choice but to: 1) hold; 2) hope our teams can tread water and stay in the playoff hunt; 3) hope he turns it up eventually. We’ve got too much draft capital invested in the guy to do anything else.


draft capital doesn't mean shit lol


Ah the old sunk cost fallacy. Classic


In this case, it’s the move.


Imagine selling low on JT in week 4 last year to avoid the sUnK cOsT fAlLaCy Classic r/ff.


It's not so much sunk cost as it's just not wanting to sell a great player for less than he's worth. This is who Jamarr Chase is


I’m ok with not selling low/for what he’s worth. The comment literally says “draft capital” which has zero relevancy now… that’s the literal definition of sunk cost. Without that statement his comment has much more merit, but that wasn’t his reasoning


That's fair, draft capital no longer matters at this point.


Anyone is tradeable but maybe your expectations were a bit too high (as well as the fantasy community)? Chase production was based on long bombs and defenses treating Higgins as the alpha initially in the season. Chase got away with a lot of broken plays and passes that defenses would intend to heavily guard against this season. I would treat Chase like JJ right now, high profile receivers that could go off but dependent on their teams to get them open. I personally wouldn't trade Chase. Chase will get his but just not every game and defenses keying in on him now will require him to up his game. If you want to trade him though, you can first check the Higgins owner and see if he wants to swap. A trade for JJ who is in the same boat should be doable as well though, I do believe the JJ buy low window closes this week. Good luck.


After he has faced Lattimore?


I do believe I said: >I do believe the JJ buy low window closes this week. that implies he scores and maybe on Lattimore.


Would yall offer aaron jones and godwin for chase rn?


That offer has a shot.


Chase owner offered that to me and im so tempted. My rbs are mixon jones swift pollard and jamal. Wr evans godwin mt london dhop


It's always justifiable if you can get good value, but his trade value right now is going to be super low compared to what you should actually be looking for. As a Chase owner, I'm definitely concerned with the amount of double teams he's seeing, plus how often Burrow seems to look to Higgins compared to Chase, so I'd be happy to sell if the price was right. But Chase is still the WR1 on the team, and unless he's treated as such in trades I'm not budging on him.


I would never trade a potentially great player when they are underperforming. Wait for a big game then decide to trade or hold, but if it was your desire to trade, pull the trigger (Don't look back).


Funny to see so many people just discovering the Ja’marr Chase experience- he was just as inconsistent last year. That doesn’t mean he didn’t deserve his adp, but you should have been prepared for that when drafting him. He’s basically a boom bust player with an average floor and insane ceiling.


Would anyone do AJ Brown for Chase straight up?


No one will want to hear this, but I never understood Chase’s high price tag to begin with. Sure, he had a 30 pt game and a 50 pt game, but those were his only 2 in which he had above 25 pts in half ppr. Wanna know how many games he had below 12 pts? Nine. You play Chase every week and hope for 1 of the 2-3 boom games he’ll get this year. If someone will give you wr1 value with a safer floor (Hill, Adams, Kupp) take that deal and run


Had him last year i couldnt comprehend the 1st round tag


i think a lot had to with future projections and getting even better. if it was the Ja'Marr of last year of course the price tag was crazy, however, I totally understand the logic of taking him expecting him to be even better.


Exactly, playing boom or bust players isn’t ideal in season long fantasy. Boom or bust is fine for WR2/RB2s, if it’s your WR1 then it hurts your team more than it helps imo.


People are forgetting the stat lines he put up in the playoffs because the fantasy season was over. Chase will eventually get his stats over the course of the year, and you’d be an idiot to sell that for bottom dollar when you’ve already lived through some of the “down” weeks. Yes, I would take a deal for a consistent receiver like Kupp, but nobody is going to give that up.


What did he do in the playoffs?


Agreed. I also didn’t think 8 50+ yard touchdowns was repeatable at all so I steered clear of him in every first round.


He is Mike Williams but with bigger booms.


not at all lol. He has bigger booms and a higher, more consistent floor, as well. He's basically Tyreek 2.0, if anything


I traded **for** Chase and JWJ for Aaron Jones. Tee is a baller, but Chase will get his. Tee's production last night was a result of being man-to-man while Chase and Boyd were double teamed. I'm hoping there's a positive correlation with an increase in Line chemistry and Chase's production.


Its moreso that Chase is being doubled and Higgins is so good that it becomes the obvious read. I think Chase will be fine but I wouldn’t expect last year’s results tbh. So if you’re selling at last year’s price, I would do it


If you can still get WR1 value out of him then maybe. If you can’t get close to draft value on him you might as well hold, he has more upside than what you’ll trade him for


Ive seen Chase get traded in two leagues. I think it’s okay to trade him if you want


Every single player in the league is tradable


Not Lamar


I traded Lamar for josh Allen and Mark Andrew’s


That’s a hell of a return for Lamar. Nice


I was offered Conner and Olave for Chase. I’m 0-3 and am probably going to decline


That is awful. Decline without a second thought


that trade sucks man lol


Higgins is the man in that wr core. Wish I would've seen it sooner


he's the "fantasy" man for sure, but in real football Ja'Marr is by far the man on that team lol


I agree probably why Higgins is going nuts right now. Defenses are keeping chase in check


Chase owner sent me an offer for my diggs and doubs for his chase and Pierce happily declined


Higgins is an exceptionally good player and out performed Chase many times last year as well. He deserves his targets. I will be sending many offers for Chase next week. What those offers look like is TBD. Maybe something like Diontae Johnson + Antonio Gibson or Chris Godwin + Kareem Hunt, pending how the weekend goes. I dunno just spit balling. OP if you have Chase what would your thoughts be on these offers?


Those are pretty bad trades for Chase lol


As a Chase owner… there would be no amount of WR2’s and RB2’s that would pry him loose. I’ve got plenty of WR2’s and RB2’s. The problem I have, as a Chase owner, is my team’s “bellcow” fantasy player is only showing up once a month and it’s killing my team. In order to fix my team I’d need a new “bellcow.” You would need to send me a RB1 or WR1. Perhaps a guy at the bottom of that tier with a lower ceiling than chase. (Like Deebo or something)… Or perhaps another bellcow guy who is, also, disappointing (Ekeler, A. Jones, etc.)


And that’s perfectly fair. I’m just trying to gauge the valuation that people have Chase currently are placing on Chase. Seems to still be high despite the negative tone in OPs post. In fairness I don’t like selling my players off at discounts either especially after only 4 weeks. FWIW - I think another poor week from Jefferson will potentially drop his value below Chase. His name could easily be in this same category of disappointment come Monday morning.


For sure. Was trying to let you know where this rational Chase owner was at with his valuation. I’d definitely be open to moving him. (He’s too boom/bust and I’m not liking that…) But at the same time he’s healthy, capable of big games, the O-line is improving, and Higgins’s health has been shaky… so I still see plenty of upside with him. I don’t “hate” having him and see no hope for him… It’s not one of those situations… But I would happily trade him away for a guy with a higher floor/lower ceiling at this point.


Perfectly sensible. I didn’t have much opportunity to take Chase in my drafts, only two of them where I drafted before Chase went I took Ekeler in one and Jefferson in another. But had I been picking at say 7-9 ish and he was there, I probably would have faded him. His performances last year were incredibly volatile and Higgins in his own right is exceptional.


I try to get him for Ekeler. Hope he has a good game this weekend, this could be the door opener then.


I mean, you can trade anyone for the right price. Doesn't really make sense to ask if trading him is "justifiable". He's still a top 5 WR ROS. Don't overreact.


Buy high sell low that's my motto


I have an open offer of his Chase and Mixon for my CD, Amari Cooper, Dameon Pierce, and Lazard. Rankings tell me I should definitely do it but CD and Amari are unquestionable alpha dogs in their offense whereas Chase has to share with Higgins. Anyone have thoughts? I think I’ll keep my guys


I would trade all that for the Chase/Mixon stack no problem.


Appreciate the feedback


A guy in my league just traded Mixon and MT for Chase and Elliot a few days ago. I thought that would favor the chase side, looking at tonight’s game not so much


I have DAdams in my dynasty league, what do you think would need to be added to make it acceptable? 1st? Zeke? More?


Dolphins were double coverage on chase and boyd … left Howard man to man on Higgins Going into szn most sites said jj for the consistency lol but chase for boom. We got what we paid for


6 Targets was concerning but if he can get me double digits, i can survive for now


Was offered Chase for my Swift today. Unsure about it but would shore up my wr corp nicely.


Chase is a bum. I'd trade him for a half eaten ham sandwich.


I traded Chase and Mattison for Henry and Jeff Wilson on Wednesday


I was thinking of offering Javonte Williams and Brandon Cooks for him. I don't think it'll get accepted, but the yahoo trade evaluator says it's fair. That's about as high as I'd go.


I’m a Chase owner and wouldn’t do that trade personally. Everyone is different though so dude in your league might take it


I took Evans and Jacobs for him. Don't second guess it at all


I am looking to move him for a RB. Hoping for a low end 1


I just traded him and dharris for Higgins and kamara 5mins before the game. Higgins will finish higher than him this year. I have no doubt.


League trade on Tuesday, let me know your thoughts… team A: CMC & MT for team B: Gibson & Chase


Recently Chase was traded for Barkley in one of my leagues. 12 man PPR


Tee Higgins is getting the shine because a safety is always shadowing Chase. I think this will alternate when teams realize that Tee is a big threat


Traded him for ekeler.


Chase owner wanted my cmc or saquon + Bateman for chase and Jeff Wilson jr (huge overpay for me) I countered with CMC straight up for chase and jacobs, he passed but I feel like after this week he’s gonna rethink it.


I've been thinking about trading him straight up for CMC in my ppr league, but im hesitant due to CMC's current injury and injury history.


I want to believe, not trading him. Last year he also had a rocky start.


Going into this year it should of been known that chase was gonna draw a lot more of the attention from defenses, that’s what made Higgins so valuable this year. He has #1 receiver talent but isn’t getting getting double teamed or followed by that teams best corner all the time. That’s why so many people were saying he would have a better year in fantasy. Chase is still too talented tho and things could change as it’s only been 4 weeks.


Would you take ekeler for him in full PPR


I would but I’m also deep at WR and shallow at RB


if you need rb more than a receiver, sure thing. In a vacuum, potentially not


I offered Sutton and Mike Williams and it's still sitting out there


Overreaction for sure… I think the coverage will even out now and chase will get some good looks


Don't take a reduced value on Chase. And don't sell low on a player. Chase is still a top-5 fantasy WR. He'll get his, I wouldn't worry about that. I'd actually be looking to acquire Chase, tbh, as you might be able to get him for a reduced value. Depending how this weekend goes, I might offer up some players like Aaron Jones, Mike Evans, or Javonte Williams for Chase, see if I can get someone to bite. Maybe even Higgins straight-up


Buy high, sell low.


I traded chase and Dameon Pierce for Fournette and Christin Kirk


i was offered Ceedee Lamb and Hollywood Brown for him. Now i kinda wish i took it. But I am 2-1 rn, likely to be 2-2 after this week and unless Doubs is gonna pop off, I don't have a WR2 and my flex weekly is going to be between Gibson, DJ Moore, and ARob lmao.


Offered up Cook for him last week to stack with my burrow… really glad that guy never got back to me.


He just had a 12 point game…WR1s average what like 15 fantasy points per game? What are freaking out about exactly?