Trades are super rare. People over value draft position, their own players, and disregard positional needs out of pride.


A team will have 3 good QBs on their roster and not pay attention to positional value. Gross


I tried to trade Davante straight up to someone who has Lamar Jackson and Jalen Hurts Got turned down for both QBs At what point, man….at what point


Yeah wtfff why would anyone in their right mind ever decline that. That is literally a free top tier receiver


but think about the bye week!


No weeks off!


I have a couple guys in my league like this. Asked my friend why he would roster a 2nd TE when he already has Kelce. "What about the bye week?" Like you're going to waste a roster spot for 12 weeks or whatever because of one single bye week?


It's out of spite not wanting to help improve a rival manager


Or injury? TE isn’t really the easiest position to fill off the waiver


If Kelce is going down its real bad for you either way and to get any sort of backup that is better than a waiver wire pickup you need to spend real capital to get it honestly. And in that case you spent very real capital on a TE that barring injury will never add anything to your team other than being peace of mind


Yeah but odds are that second TE isn’t much better than one off the waiver anyway


I think he realized he could get a top tier WR for one and probably just doesn't want Davante. He'll probably make some offers to their other league mates if he's smart, but who knows, he might not understand positional value




If ur not superflex what does a bench stud do if u have a weak starting wr


Yea but getting davante adams for a QB you play possibly once a year is worth imo


they’re both running QBs with a high chance of injury, you could end up playing one much more than a game. i don’t think it’s a terrible trade just i don’t think it’d be enough for me.


its a great trade. the only reason i would maybe not make that trade is if you feel like the rest of the roster is solid enough without adams or you really dont like adams this season


I feel like you're kind of making the point against yourself, especially since davante hasn't looked amazing the last two weeks. On the flipside too keeping them both, even if one is on your bench, means no one else can play them against him.


huh i'm not saying i personally fall under the two criteria. But I can unnderstand if you have some sort of magic ball and you reckon Adams is gonna be half the player he was in green bay. I dont personally believe that, but if someone believes it, then I'm not gonna twist their arm to trade away Lamar to get Adams.


The drop-off from jalen hurts to the best waiver QB isn't enough to equal Davonte. Like Jared Goff is on my waivers and I'm in a 14.


You do you man, but yeah, top wide receiver is plenty a good offer




I'm literally throwing Waddle and a FLEX capable RB for Hurtz or Jackson and these people just keep saying no Like bruh, you barely have enough RBs to fill your slots


If it's Superflex I understand, otherwise that's a stupid deal to turn down


Bro are you in my league? Dude turned down cmc and his best RB is tony fucking pollard


What's the point of getting another stud QB presumably as trade bait if they're not actually going to trade? Did they counter at least? Feel like this year you can ask a little more for one of the elite QBs


Yup tried trading Marquise Brown and Jrob for Keenan Allen and Tua to a guy with Hurts+Tua who has very little at RB. Rejected me and counter-offered Tua for CMC because Tua is "the 3rd best QB in the league" (or was after Week 2). I tried saying that those are dead points on his bench and his score will increase with Jrob in his lineup but he didn't care.


What an idiot, that was an amazing offer.


Dude didn't wanna be burned by either of those QBs all year. QB must've...Hurt...him in the past.


My favorite was a guy in our league drafted 3 QBs. Then Trey Lance went down and instead of make trade offers he dropped Rodgers and Carr.


LOL. Reminds me of a time I went with a Late QB strategy. whatever year it was I was cool with the projected dropoff between between QB 5 and 12 or so. We hit Round 6 and I noticed a guy grab a backup and decided it was time...and then I noticed that wasn't a backup, it was his 4th QB. Guy was just going off all position projected points totals. I wound up pretty much going no QB, certain that he would trade with me as soon as the season started and he realized how bad he fucked up. That motherfucker would not trade for anything. He carried, I shit you not, 7 QBs all year long. That was my last year in that league, I couldn't handle it.


I feel this. I am in a league with a mix of player skill levels. 10 team. Every year the draft is amazing with one or two or even three big drops or misses that I scoop up. It is impossible to not take all the value they leave. But this year they all drafted like 3 qbs. I drafted Lance in the 10th to even have a qb. Ran mariota last week and lost by 1 pt. Attempted 7 trades for back up or even 3rd string . I just got Lawrence for ramondre Stevenson clearing tomorrow. Fucking insane. 0-3 with the most stacked 10 man roster in the leagues history.


You mean this guy that I harp on here weekly that still has three tight ends and refuses to trade off of them at 1-2? The three being Pitts, Hock and Higbee and he is still starting 2. Extra gross.


Yup. 1 league mate a couple years ago drafted Mahomes, Wilson, and Kyler Murray... I ended up fleecing him for Wilson who absolutely demolished that year.


Plus they assume there has to be a clear winner in every trade. If they aren’t fleecing you, they assume they’re getting fleeced.


That’s a key fallacy that the Harvard Negotiation Project tried to unteach - you shouldn’t be trying to win a negotiation (or trade). It has to be mutually agreeable


My most successful trades are me “losing” value overall but gaining starting line up value. I


For real. The only loser should be the rest of the league because 2 lineups just got buffed with the trade


That's my buddy to a tee and it makes me not even bother trading with him anymore Him: makes offer Me: nah, counter offer Him: nah, counter offer Me: okay, that sounds fair. Let's do it Him: let me think on it Him, eight hours later: yeah I've changed my mind


Doesn't he know you're supposed to change your mind after the trade is complete


Learning to move off of some of your original positions is an essential skill if you want to get consistently great results. I've played in my best league for 12 years now. I've led the league in trades and roster moves in 11 consecutive years. I've made the semifinals 10 times. A major part of that is knowing when to let go and how to let go.


Yeah, it’s behavioral science 101 that people overvalue what they have and undervalue what others have in these situations. I’ve made far more trades since I’ve understood that and can catch myself clinging to mediocre players based on all sorts of rationalizations. Just has to catch myself last week. Lost Swift and my RB was looking thin. Considered proposing Metcalf for Jeff Wilson. Nearly didn’t because of 8,000 reasons Metcalf could be good. But took a deep breath and considered that even if he improves, he’s unlikely to reach his peak with Wilson or be materially better than AJ Brown, London, Cooper, and Mike Williams who I have. Meanwhile, for all the reasons I could knock Wilson, without him, I’d be starting Melvin Gordon or Kenneth Walker for a couple of weeks and that could cost me the playoffs. So proposed the deal and he accepted. Think it’s a bit of a meh trade, but helps both our teams.


100% this


Yeah, part of it is sunk cost fallacy. If you drafted Henry at 2 you have this implicit bias that he should be viewed as a top 2 guy in the league and that's the value you'd seek in return. I think realizing these bias exist and factoring those into the offerings you give (maybe avoid some one's 1-3 round picks at first) can help prolong conversations.


I traded HOPKINS for Patterson this week. Also traded Christian Kirk for Micheal Pittman as well. 1-2 desperate, need points and starts. Moore headed to bench in favor of Patterson


Is hopkins expected to come bacj at 100%? That seems like a great trade. And hasnt kirk been really good at putting up points?


He's not injured. He's suspended.


He has. Pittma vs Ten Kirk vs eagles. I like Pittman ROS and this week. Hop is probably better than Patterson but I can’t start jeudy or Moore anymore lol


I mean sometimes it is about trying to position your season via needing to make season saving moves or playoffs in mind moves. I traded CPatt for Lamb after week one, and then traded Lamb and Sutton for Cooks and Mixon. I'm still stacked at WR and Lamb was on my bench, so essentially got Mixon for Sutton and CPatt. Absolutely fine with it.


Looking at you, guy in my league who said “I am holding on to JRob until someone offers me their WR1”. Good luck man. Edit: just traded Justin Jefferson for JRob straight up. Thanks for the help guys I should’ve known JRob would finish RB3 on the entire season based on his first three games. Regression doesn’t exist.


At this point jrob has proven he’s the 1% of performance athletes that does not regress from an Achilles injury, and on a team with *checks notes* FAVORABLE game scripts (in Jacksonville, sorry just cant believe I’m writing this!). He’s probably going to cost a WR1 bc he looks like a top 8 lock right now. Or maybe I’m just stoned idk


ETN could eat into his snaps. They didn't draft him to be the backup.


"They" didn't draft either of them. New regime.


Still trying to hold onto that narrative arent ya buddy, what round did you draft ETN


To be fair, it was a partial tear. Also to be fair, he would probably still finish as a low-end RB1 if it was a full tear, given the lame opponents he's going to face for most of the rest of the season.


This is my league right now to a T. I’m sitting on a trove of WRs and all I’m looking for is like Breece Hall or Dameon Pierce. Teams are 0-3 and not budging 😂


You mean the owner wants a return for the overall RB3? Shocking… I don’t think I’d trade Jrob for anything but a top 5 WR, and that’s only because I have 3 starting RB’s in that league and really need a WR upgrade. This is an example of why trades don’t work. You are still valuing JRob likes he’s the backup in Jacksonville as opposed to overall RB3


He's going to have 22/23 touchdowns at the end of the season judging by the first 3 games. (What's touchdown regression?)


This is a fact in my league


There’s been 4 or 5 in my league so far


That’s wild, we’re lucky to get one a year!


I think it’s because although we have a $ pot - not everyone in the league is a fantasy demon. Some Questionable trades have happened but a lot of our league goes off their own research instead of Reddit or YouTube


I have made two trades so far 1. DK for DJ Moore 2. Aaron Jones and B Rob for Davante Adams and Rhamondre


As have I. Traded Gerald Everett for Tyler Lockett Flipped Lockett and Hendo jr for Kareem Hunt


Normally I’m the only one trying to/succeeding in trades and normally it’s only one or two a year.


it's usually the same bunch. there is an annual trade in my league between my buddy and I, and we're the only two for the past probably five years to have made a trade. a couple others have tried but they're usually dogshit offers the most even sided was two years ago mid season my antonio gibson for his keenan allen. basically a wash


I do the same. Have traded with the same league mate 5 seasons in a row.


Same, I have a couple of typical trade partners that I get a deal going with at least once a season I did get a new trade partner who never usually trades just today, so that was cool


I have made two trades so far. But that is also the total amount of trades in my league to date this season.


We are currently at 7 trades so far. Honestly it really just requires a group chat for your league that everyone uses Also having a weekly report from the commish makes sure everyone is active.


I’ve had the trade itch this week. Hoping to get something going to hopefully get other league mates to do the same!


I always have an itch. I think it’s a rash.




15 trades so far (12 team). My league loves to trade lol one guy in my league literally has entire new team after going 0-2. I think he has like 2 of his original players left.


Bro holy shit that’s a ton of trades! Love seeing that kind of league activity


My league has had 5 and they all involve one guy for the same reason lol


Lol I started 0-2 and retooled my whole dynasty team. Traded most of my older players and got younger. Made like 4 trades already.


I have made 7 so far and only have Chase and Hurts from my original team. 2-1 so far


Why so many trades of such a strong start? Selling high on some guys who had unusually good games in the opening weeks?


Not OP, but I’ll always trade regardless of record if I see value in the move. I’m 3-0 and have traded twice since Tuesday


Same. I was incredibly with my Henry + Aaron Jones RB core. Saw an opportunity yesterday to get Kelce so I got rid of Jones. Always look to improve.


Yes like CEH and Dillon(after week 1). Also used the preseason hype of Dameon Pierce and flipped him for Akers and Olave


If you have an opening next year, can I join?


I traded Henderson away after week 1 and got Sutton. 14 team PPR. Only trade so far in my 4 leagues.


Incredible move, nice


I traded Henderson and Diggs after last week for Evans and Fournette. As much as I love Diggs, that's two very good to elite players for one elite player and a bench option.


True, but I hate stacking same team skill players though. You now have a difficult bye and potentially both guys being vultured at the same moment. Try to diversify off one or the other.


Basically I trade to help keep the league active and fun. I made 19 trades last year and 32 total trades happened in the league. I always encourage trading as it spices things up. I have made 3 trades so far (sometimes good, sometimes shit), but overall it's not like I'm playing for life changing money so it's just fun at the end of the day.


I try to overpay to get players, still get declined. I get counters of my Dalvin Cook for their Baker Mayfield or my D’Andre Swift for their Jarvis Landry. There’s no winning lol


sounds like a wack league imo


Multiple leagues, sadly. And you’re right lol




I offered my friend in a PPR league Pittman for Javonte Williams and he said I need to at least include Travis Kelce. Nah dude, I'm good lol


Lol, people are wild.


Same. tried to trade for DJ Moore today but they wanted CMC+ for him.


WHAT. Omg. lol They should be happy anybody is willing to give up something for DJ at this point lol


I feel your pain. I never bother making trade offers unless they make both teams better. I always get counters that are practically asking me to donate to them.


Some dude denied my trade of Zeke for Tom Brady straight up in a 1QB where he has Allen. QB is my one weakness, and my running back room is absolutely loaded. I know on paper that deal looks like shit for me, but I can’t believe he’d deny it.


Lawrence available? just picked him up, avoiding this week but then he has a great schedule


Who are your RBs to trade away Zeke?


That depends. If he has 2 solid Rbs and a solid bench Zeke offers nothing. I would rather keep Brady. Other teams needs are also important to consider as you don't want to improve other ppls rosters


If he wouldn’t start him, why would he make that trade? Most people view Zeke as a downside rb3/flx. I get that Brady is worth near nothing but if you have 2 rbs you like zeke isn’t much help.


Becuase having RB depth is so more valuable than having a backup QB when you already have a top 3 option. Plus it's not like you're trading for a waiver pickup, you're trading for Zeke.


To be fair, Zeke is becoming a trash barely startable RB.


Brady is a barely startable QB lmao


This is a very weird thing to say after he had an rb2 day and his best day of the season


Between 8-12 trades happen in my league every year. I am responsible for half of them.


Some guy in my league wants to trade Mahomes and Kelce asked him what his price is and he said Tua and Henry. I have Burrow too. My RBs are Williams, CEH, Patterson and Pierce. I have Higbee as my TE as well. Is it worth it?


I’d take it


For sure I’d do it


Rather have the Henry side


4-7+ trades a season is what ive normally seen in my leagues. It blows my mind always reading how people ask for advice on pointless trades where it's a WR for a WR or RB for RB. The legit trades going on are where people are trying to address a weakness in their roster, or find themselves winless by week 4 and need to part with their elite player to balance out their team It's basically teams that need depth or teams that have depth and can upgrade a position that are pulling off trades.


We went to a keeper league to boost trade activity and it helped tremendously.


Really? How so? We just went to keeper this year and there has been one trade, a few more in the works but nothing solidified. Guys just seem very comfortable with their players


End of the year. People in contention will trade low cost keepers for elite players (that will win them championships potentially but would be too costly to keep).


This is not how I would want to boost trades. This just funnels all the best players to superteams for the playoffs. It's artificial. But I ain't made if other people having fun.


I mean, it’s more akin to how it happens in MLB, NBA, NHL in real life. A bottom feeder trades away expiring contracts for picks and/or prospects.


Wait for close to trade deadline. Some teams will want to go all in and some will accept their fate and sell their assets for picks and or keepers.


Keepers actually make trading harder in my experience Adjusting value for how good a keeper the player might be just adds another factor/obstacle to coming to an agreement


I’m trying to ship JRob since I don’t start him but it’s impossible to find what the right value is


Somehow Got Deebo from a RB needy team.


Nicely done, but fr is is how you get value. You don't look for a player that you want (eg: I have to get Pittman!!) Instead look for the teams with a WR in that same tier that have the biggest need at RB


I gave away Olave for JRob. I was WR heavy and they were RB heavy.




Very similar to the leagues I’m in. All have their own chats and we’re all constantly dm’ing each other trade ideas.


That seems pretty good. I’m in 4 leagues all with active group chats as well and there have only been 3 trades. One of the trades was a trade that a guy made because someone (not in the league) stole his phone and sent a trade.


Oh shit, what a troll move 😂


We have 3-5 trades a week. 2 QB 14 team with a short bench, trading is great


My league has only had about 7-8 trades so far but probably somewhere in the 50s for trades proposed (that’s probably an understatement). I have only have made one trade but been in discussions with about 20 other propositions. We have $1200 in the pot and punishment for last place so it’s a battle.


Trading is really fun no matter the outcome , it’s a rush …. Unfortunate for those who can never get one done


Usually we have 5-6 a year and half are usually instigated by me. But so far this year no trades which feels unusual. I’m sure some stuff will shake out in the coming weeks. It’s been a weird year so far so it’s hard to get a handle on player assessment.


What can I get for Ekeler? Is he really that bad ? Maybe they’re managing his reps?


Step one: find the guy in your league who had Eckler last year.


Same guy has him in mine. He’s 0-3. His first 5 picks were Ekeler, ceedee, dj moore, cam Akers and tee Higgins. Keeper league so some weird shit happened in the first few rounds due to a players in that ADP range being gone, but still he literally hasn’t gotten a break yet except with his tee keeper looking solid


I drafted Ekeler first and Lamb second and am 3-0. But I was lucky with my next 3 picks…Chubb, AJ Brown and Jalen Hurts.


If you're trading him you should be getting another elite back or receiver in return. Ekeler is far from bad. He's not getting the usage that he should probably getting, and borderline criminal use in the RedZone. Ekeler was amazing last year.. still one of the best receiving backs in the NFL. He didn't start all that strong last year either and ended as the RB#2 and was scoring touchdowns like candy. He has time to turn around if you're willing to wait a few more weeks. Chargers as a whole look like doggy doo-doo and it's more dependent on if they can get that offense rolling imo. If you're in standard then.. well I guess I'm praying for ya lol. He's mostly a half-ppr/full-ppr scoring stud, and his rushing opportunities have become fairly limited since they brought Sony in.


I have a trade on the table where I’d be trading away Ekeler and Brandin Cooks for Swift and Diantae Johnson. I would do it, but I’m worried about Swift being out until week 7 possibly


small something to note: Look at swift as being out for 2 weeks not 3, the the third week is a bye that every player has baked in. But still consider if you want to eat 2 weeks of injury


Swift > ekeler and diontae > cooks so


My dude, thanks for the write-up. Can i ask your opinion on a trade? its a 12team, 0.5ppr where im receiving Ekeler and Pitts and give Higgings and Mandrews. How does that sound to you? Im real short on RB, but good depth on WR. Thanks in advance


Ekeler is a pretty interesting one to me. As “bad” as his stat lines have been, he’s still the RB13 in PPR. Yeah, that’s not where you want a top 5 pick to be but it’s not like he’s totally shitting the bed for you. That’s still low end RB1/top RB2 numbers and this is basically his absolute floor (no TDs, inefficient ypc thus far). At this point i think its an issue of him not having any opportunities to score touchdowns. The coaches seem hell bent on forcing Michel. If you gave Ekeler a reasonable 2 touchdowns through the first 3 weeks, he’d be the RB4 which is about what you’d expect from him. That said, him not getting those touchdowns IS the whole issue. You basically have to decide whether you think the coaches will eventually change their minds and put Ekeler back in for those golden touches in the red zone. Either way, this is a player with a low end RB1 floor and a top 5 player overall ceiling and as such if I had him I’d still be looking for first round/early second round capital back for him, maybe in the form of WRs with a few bad outings like JJ, chase, adams, MAYBE tyreek or even another RB like mixon (MAYBE fournette?) . I don’t really see the point in trading him for anything much lower than that since you’d basically just be trading him at his floor value and giving away your possible upside for no reason.


I traded him and Curtis Samuel for nick chubb earlier today. I’ve got solid wr depth and between the line injuries, usage, rushing inefficiency, committee back field, and Herbert hobbling around out there I am happy to have chubb take his place.


I like that


Thanks, I walked away feeling good and so did the other guy. He needed to downgrade rb to shore up his wr2.


Every trade I’ve been offered for my Ekeler has been an absolute fleece job. I was offered Najee and Jarvis Landry for Ekeler and Cooks and the dude thought he was doing me a favor at the RB spot


I traded for him yesterday! Got ekeler and jk dobbins and gave up tyreek, Hollywood and Melvin Gordon. Might have been too much


Just accepted a trade in my 12 team PPR: getting Keenan Allen and JD McKissic for my Hollywood Brown and Antonio Gibson.


So basically you traded Hollywood and Gibson for Keenan?


McKissic is far from chopped liver in PPR.


My entire league refuses to trade. I’m the only one who ever tries to make it happen.


Everyone wants my CPatt, declined Najee for him, should I have accepted ?


As someone with both, yes.


I would not take Najee for him. It’s week 4, draft capital is no the end all by now. CP scores more points, and there’s nothing to make you think he’ll stop besides an injury. Najee does not score that many points, the Steelers offense is atrocious, and their offensive line especially.


My league usually has 2-3 per year. It’s a very casual league though


Only trades I’ve ever gotten done are with individuals I personally know in a league. So hard to trade over the app itself.


12 team standard thinking leveraging kelce to get a startable WR. Kelce and Curtis Samuel for pitts and AJ brown. WR are waddle, Hopkins Samuel and Allen Robinson. Hard to value kelce in a trade but pitts is usable for sure.


You could get more for that package


I think that’s a good trade


We’ve had 7 trades so far this year with a ton of top 50 draft picks and exciting rookie WRs being moved in them.


My league has been at zero and then the floodgates opened. There’s been 5 since Sunday!


Most of my leagues not many. Dynasty leagues are wildly active though


It was cold for the first couple weeks, but this week my league had like 4 trades go through.


We have had two smallish trades this year so far, which is two more trades than all of last year.


We've had a few trades happen, I'm currently trading Patterson for M.Brown to sort a depth issue with a friend. Problem is most ppl want to win the trades rather than both leave happy. Ppl keep sending lowballs and borderline insulting trades and quickly ppl are put off trading since it feels like everyone is trying to fleece you. Sucks but I find with talking rather than sending offers you can usually come to an agreement on valuation.


I get a lot more trades happening in my dynasty league, I think that is likely because you can throw in draft picks to make sure a deal gets done and the nature of rebuilding teams vs win now teams. In my other redraft leagues I would be shocked if its ever passed 10 in a single year


There’s been 13 trades in my league so far. Last year there were about 30


Very few trades happen. I have like 6 tries out there and got one guy to bite. Getting Kittle for M.Brown and Etienne. Am I overpaying? I have London and C.Samuel to replace him. Plus my regular starters are JJ and Waddle.


Receiving : Michael Pittman Jr. IND\*, James Robinson Jax\*, B. Cooks. Hou, Trevor Lawrence Jax. Giving: J Waddle Mia, D. London. ATL, A Thielen Min. would you do it?


help a brother out, it's my first year doing a fantasy football league and struggling seeing value. would you take this trade offer? CMC for Damien Harris and Deeboo


Is Chris Olave for Josh jacobs fair?


Sure, if it gives both teams what they need.


I trade Josh jacobs for breece hall today.


Would you trade swift and pitts for andrews?




i have been trading a shit ton, 5 trades so far. i had to grind and taking advantage when i can


Just traded Pittman for Dobbins. I'm loaded at WR so I don't mind taking a risk.


That’s just bad no matter how you look at it lol


I know its only been 1 week but this has aged worse than milk itself 🤣




What can I get for Josh Allen. Need another Flex, and qb


shit, you can probably get a ton for Allen if you find somebody who needs a Qb. But, why trade him for a QB? I would try to get a RB + WR


There’s been 3 trades in my league 1. Sept 15. My friend who didn’t know how waivers worked and drafted Jimmy G as a QB wanted to trade for another QB week 2. He successfully traded Tyler Bass for Joe Flacco. He also dropped Jimmy and picked up Trey Lance, 2 days before shit hit the fan. 2. Sept 20. My two tight ends are doing nothing with one being the injured Kittle and the other being Hockensen who was averaging X points. I know my friend wanted JT, so I said “fuck it”, negotiated a trade with JT and Hockensen for Kelce, and picked up James RB1SZN off waivers. It’s working out great for me right now. 3. Sept 27. The friend who traded away Joe Flacco wasn’t happy with his QB and decided to trade him for another QB and receiver. His QB was Josh Allen and naturally, everyone jumped on it like wolves. One friend (Friend 1) who had Russel Wilson and Dak Attack proposed a 3 way trade, where he got Allen, the one who had Allen gets Hurts from a 3rd party and Higgins from Friend 1, and the 3rd party gets Hill and Conner. This didn’t go through. The winner for Josh Allen was the same dude who I gave JT and Hockensen, who traded away Joe Burrow and Terry McLaurin, against the advice of literally everyone else. He then clowned on me for giving away JT and everyone started calling him an idiot. I’ll update as more stupid trades go through.


It’s weird that Robinson was available on waivers after week 1.


If you want more trades you need to scrap one RB spot and change it to a flex. Our league has had 7-8 trades already, a lot of them big name players because everyone isn’t dying for 2RB *and* 2WR. 1RB 2WR 2FLEX is the way to go (plus the TE of course)


My intuition would make me think the opposite. More and stricter positional requirements creates teams that strengths and weaknesses. In category sports people might need a boost of a certain stat and have excess of another. That creates a trade environment. Football doesn’t have that. So the only way to create strengths and weaknesses is by position.


Yes this is right. More flex means every trade becomes closer to a 1-1. Though I'm kind of in favor of just running out a QB and D with seven flex players. (All leagues should at least be 3 WR and a flex now, tons of players score and more players playing is more fun.)


2RB, 3WR, 2flex is great too IMO


We usually get at least one trade a week. As many as 3/4.


Almost never. Guy who’s 0-3 in my league has hurts, jt, and saquon, and a dumpster fire at every other position with 0 depth. Yet adamant that he won’t trade any of those 3 guys, regardless of what is offered. Makes the league much less fun to have ppl like that.


We’ve had 32 trades since the draft and more for draft picks/faab before the draft. AMA


Normally a few per year per league and it tends to be the same handful of owners. But that's good because you can establish a rapport year after year and know they'll at least consider an offer. I just traded Curtis Samuel and Zay Jones in a 12 team standard bonus league for Trevor Lawrence. I've got Herbert and she has Josh Allen. She doesn't have much WR depth. I thought it made sense for us and she accepted. The best trades are the ones where you say to yourself, if I was on the other side of this trade, would I consider it? Would it at least get me mildly excited? This is the mindset I try to have and it's been pretty successful over the years.


Alright. James robinson Michael Pittman Miles Sanders Or Alvin Kamara Tyler Lockett 2024+2025 1sts and 2nds Who wins?


Not sure it’s pompous in the slightest bit to talk about trade volume. There are plenty of legaues where trades are very common two or three times per week (or more). And the analysts have access to data about which platforms are seeing which players get traded the most in any given week. There are millions of leagues. Just because trades aren’t common in your leagues doesn’t mean they aren’t in others. For me, I think it’s incredibly valuable to get as much exposure to trade talk as possible. Understanding market rates for players or at least square perception of market value is paramount in getting good deals on trade targets. You should embrace the trade talk.


Just offered up hockenson,gibson and Hollywood for kelce? Gimme an opinion


0 Chance unless you are in like a 20 team league.


0-3 and I’m sending Jamarr Chase and Saquon for JK Dobbins, J. Robinson, and Kyle Pitts. 12 team. 2 flex, 2 WR, 2 RB Half PPR




I know but I’m not winning games. I have too many bad players that I need to start


He wouldn’t except btw. And that’s sort of what I’m dealing with in the league.