Combine two first names of stocks up and two last names of stocks down Rhamondrequan McKamara is a RB1 ROS


Him and Jackmerius Tacktheritrix are a great stack


Jammerick Henderstert reporting for duty


Derrquan Chubarklenry?


Edmonds trended all the way off my team!


How is he „trending up“ with barely any touches?


Yeah his percentage went down so I’m not sure. You’d think they have to end up running a little more and deep coverage defenses would force more dumps to him, but I am out.


Dolphins should get some O-Line starters back this week or next and the schedule over the next 2 months is pretty easy. Good buy low candidate IMO.


I’ve been trying to sell high after 2 TD’s on 7 touches


Same. I like him but I’d rather sell high.


The offense is very good and they paid him to be involved. That’s worth something. Just feels like a Buffalo RB situation.


Etienne could be a really good buy. He looks good when he's on the field, just hasn't broken a big play just yet. His value is rock bottom right now, but I think he's a talented enough player to the point where you have to start finding ways to get him the ball. Could be more 2 RB sets, maybe he takes some looks at WR. I just don't see how you don't use him


All of the advanced metrics have Etienne ahead of Robinson. So right now it really is just due to his lower opportunity share. It’s kind of hard to see him beating out Robinson without an injury though, just because of how well the jags are playing with Robinson as the feature back.


Yeah the Jags offense benefits from having that ground and pound type guy, and Robinson is a baller too, I'm not trying to trash him by any means. This is basically Etienne's rookie season though, so you kinda have to view him as a rookie RB. Nick Chubb did nothing until midseason, Gibson had to wait a similar time period. Robinson at this point is younger and better than Hyde and Barber were when they both took over, but Etienne will find his role and have a lot of good games ahead


James Robinson is also a huge regression candidate. He is far outpacing his XFP right now. The hive mind ignores things like his 50 yard TD happened last week. It was 4th and 1 with the chargers in a nickel package, which literally makes no sense and why he was able to walk to the end zone untouched without even making a cut, he just ran through the designed lane. That play alone accounted for 11 of his 19 half ppr points.


Careful, doubting jrob gets quite the response in these parts


For real lol. I mean it’s possible to far exceed your expected fantasy points. Deebo did it in a historic fashion last year. I just think it’s safer not to expect it


Feels like the entire sub is on jrobs tip


We keep hearing that his fantasy relevance is only a result of his opportunity and big chunk play ability but that doesn’t seem to stop it happening and Pederson loved an inefficient back that got all the goal line opportunities in Philly. Hasn’t JRob been a regression candidate for something like forty weeks of football? And most importantly they’ve beaten a division rival and a good (but Herbert hurt, for sure) Charger team and defense. Ya’ll can pry him from my cold dead hands but even then I’m going to haunt you forever.


I didn’t say I thought he was bad or not worth holding. I was simply pointing to some stats. Obviously he is producing and he is the featured guy. I would definitely kick the tires on an underperforming team with an elite WR though.


https://www.espn.com/nfl/player/stats/_/id/4052042/james-robinson An RB in the hand is worth two WR’s in the bush? The man is nearly halfway to his season high TD total through three weeks and has never played with a QB, supporting cast, or coach like he has now. Never implied you mentioning he was bad but pointing out the point acquired on one play in one week is a weak argument considering he continues to make big plays. And he gets to play the Texans wobbly Titans. I don’t think there’s one guy on my roster I’m selling cheaper. Edit: not to mention he rarely puts the ball on the turf.


I’m not talking about any WR. I’m talking about an elite one, which are the most valuable assets in fantasy football right now. I also think he’s fine to hold. I don’t know why it’s crazy to look at the fantasy landscape and see if there’s an opportunity to get someone like Ja’marr chase or something like that.


Yea JRob has been a sell-high/regression candidate for 3 years now. Until he stops proving that he’s a fantasy RB1, he’s a fantasy RB1


As an ETN owner who didn’t watch the game, this is refreshing. Again not knocking Robinson but it’s nice to see ETN still has value


He’s really just a hold and flex in the right matchup or if you’re in a pinch for now. But I can see him working his way up to low end RB2 territory even with a healthy Robinson.


Yah and he's playing on the team that's giving him those big play opportunities. To say he's better than he should be is always a funny point to make.


It’s just statistics. It doesn’t factor in the human element.


I'm a big JRob doubter and get downvoted heavily for shit like this. People don't want to admit that any RB would do well in his scenario , and Etienne is going to eat into his share


Why would the Jags change up their RB share when they are winning football games?


"If you take away his TD and huge run..."


Is your alt account PrOKcedure by chance?




Ah my bad - had an interesting convo about this and thought the accounts seemed similar enough to ask but agree with your comments. It’ll be interesting to see how this plays out if neither get injured.


I agree to an extent but it’s encouraging to see etienne’s usage increasing every week. I think it’s not unreasonable to think there can be a 50/50 split down the road Also jags have been ahead in a big chunk of their games so I’d love to see the usage between the two if the jags are trailing most of the game


This is the final year of Robinson’s contract. It’s not crazy that they will see what they have in Etienne at some point to decide if they should resign Robinson, who will likely demand quite a bit


Agreed. As an etienne owner, I hope he gets the opportunity to show what he can do with a full workload


Fully agree. The situation is like if Green Bay gave AJ Dillon 70% of the snaps. (Dillon is JRob, Jones is ETN)


Only trade on my league this year. It's me trading A Rob last week for Etienne. Accepted that pretty quickly


Great trade for you. I don’t have faith in arob anymore


I'm hurting for depth and someone offered me Etienne and Stevenson for Mixon.. when I watch Etienne I see someone that's ridiculously electric.. Im a James Robinson believer too though but Etienne just seems like a second half of the season juggernaut waiting to happen


Man that's a tough call. Conventional wisdom says to reject, but I've been there with RB depth. Stevenson and Etienne are both buy lows getting a lot of opportunity. The big weeks will come.


I just traded Kamara for Etienne and Curtis Samuel... 0-3, needed to do something. 0 ppr.


I don't hate it. And I'm a Saints fan..


I kind of want to trade for him ceh + chase for diggs + Etienne. The way I see it ceh is in bad shape and just fell into the end zone, maybe Etienne gets more touches soon we'll see


I like that trade a lot. Pretty fair for both sides


I'd argue his value is increasing ever so little. He had 13 rushes last game and 3 receptions. I traded Sanders for him after Week 1 and am not looking back. I never liked his value where he was going in the draft but if you can trade for him with depth pieces you should be very happy.


I bought him in one league after week 1. Obviously JRob’s week 1-3 stats are concerning but people who drafted ETN should’ve always done so knowing it’d be a time share. I’m still very hopeful we’ll see the big play ability on full display this season and hopefully the splits continue to progress closer to 50/50.


Honestly I was hoping j Rob would be out until mid season and then come back looking like shit. So much for all the people never recover from that injury bull shit.


As far as I know he's the first RB to come back and look just like his old self. That's why he went so late in fantasy drafts, this was super unexpected.


Yeah that's about my luck.


There was data on that injury recovery timeline decreasing, that it wasn't the same career ending injury, and everyone faded it bc people love fading medical advice these days I guess. There was an NBA player who showed this already. This wasn't unexpected to me.


I traded for him and Breece Hall last night for this reason. The underlying numbers look really good and I think he will have a second half breakout of sorts. In Philly when he won a championship, Pederson had the rough downhill rusher in Blount, but also had a couple of backs catching passes out of the backfield. Have to believe they only use him more as time goes on, though I do expect Robinson to keep most of the red zone carries.


Just bought him as my 4th RB to hope he breaks out later


Robinson and Etienne both on the upwards trend list


Jax whole offense on the upwards trend list


javonte has been so dry


Mike Boone getting 20% of snaps is simply outrageous


Ok but why are AJ Dillon and Aaron jones numbers exactly the same


They share the field sometime?


Why wouldnt they be? They split touches and share the field


They also share a locker and often the same woman.


And they share secrets and stories and popcorn


Is Michael Carter droppable?


No, wait until Wilson is back.


Good point. Thanks


Kamara on the downtrend list with a 70% increase in snaps?? /s


He was at 0 last week right? Maybe the discrepancy


Also 90% of the RB targets and majority of Red Zone lol


Also Sanders on the downtrend list despite going up across the board lol


I traded for both Etienne and Hall so this post makes me happy.


What did you give up for Etienne?


Michael Thomas. My starting WRs are Pittman, Sutton and Kirk plus I have Olave on the bench.


Was able to trade Dotson and a throw in Gerald Everett (I have mandrews and was gonna drop) I really like Dotson but ultimately he’s their 3rd option and will rely on TDs


Riverboat Ron already reducing Gibson’s snap count to prepare for BRob


Or perhaps they were losing the whole game by multiple scores, who knows.


Thanks for the suggestion, but I’ll go with my theory.


I mean is it not a red flag that a converted wr cant get the passing downs? If robinson takes early down carries, and mckissic is taking the majority of the passing down work, thats an ugly situation for gibson


Sure, but mckissic has been the 3rd down back for some time now. If Robinson comes back at 100% which I really doubt, I think it will become some Gordon/Williams split that won't help anyone, since mckissic will still get his imo.


I mean ya. You seemed to think last week was an outlier for gibsons usage. Im saying if he cant get passing down work now, brobs return will hurt gibsons value a ton


For sure, but his usage has been decent, and he has received 8 and 4 targets on week 1 and 2. Last week Commies were just nowhere near competitive and the last minute TD saved his day.


Gibson is dead. They'll slowly phase him out until he has a fumble then bench his ass. Expect it to look like Pierce and rex situation except jd takes passing downs.


Doubt it


The original plan was to have him lead the backfield starting week 1. It's time for a change at RB, Gibson isn't it. The Robinson injury was relatively minor. By some miracle, the gun shots missed all the important stuff. His recovery has been great, probably could've even started the season but they wanted to be cautious. He's looked good in practice. Gibson's been looking tired. All the pieces in place for a Robinson takeover by week 8 at the latest.


There's no way he could have started the season? Was the incident like 1 week before kickoff, and then discharged like 3 days after?? Even if the bullet missed any important thing, he probably has some flesh wounds, in his muscles, which is pretty bad for their performance, which you need them to be at 100% on the nfl. Only way he comes back 100% imo is if he wasn't actually hit but just barely touched by the bullet and the skin burnt.otherwise there's almost 0 chance he comes as strong. If I had to guess, he'll get some snaps and touches, maybe 35-65 the most with Gibson on early downs, mckissic still taking most 3rd downs. if Gibson falls they will bring someone else to fill that role. There's no reason to rush him, as more than likely he will have a free pass next year.


mckissic is also a converted wide receiver


I think you knew which converted wr i was referring to


right but you’re asking why a converted WR can’t get passing down work; it’s because a converted WR is already getting those snaps


>it’s because a converted WR is already getting those snaps No, its because mckissic is a way better pass blocker and all around player for passing downs. Not because hes a converted wr. Gibson is not good enough to take passing downs, and likely will lose early downs to robinson. Thats the whole point of this thread. Gibson is losing work in the passing game because he isnt good enough, despite being a college wr, and he will likely lose early down work to a mid round rookie rb.


got it, so you’re saying him being a very accomplished receiver has nothing to do with him being the lead receiving back for washington?


So the fact that gibson cant get passing down reps is the fact that mckissic is just too good? He clearly isnt. Hes on a 2 year deal for 7 mil. Any team could have paid him that. It makes sense he was going for a discounted rate due to his age. But if a 3rd rounder, whos big selling point was his versatility, cant beat out mckissic by now, thats a red flag. Accomplished receiver? You mean 1 season over 397 receiving yards?


he had the sun belt record for most receptions in a single season when he went pro, and is still 4th or 5th. and another team *did* pay him that; he originally signed with the bills for the same contract he got from washington, and ultimately decided to stay with them.


This has always been a little misleading though. Gibson was a "WR" in college the same way Cordarelle Patterson was a "WR" for most of his NFL career. He wasn't running a full route tree or mossing guys downfield- he was a gadget player who Memphis schemed touches to because he's a great athlete. JD McKissic was an actual slot WR in college though. McKissic had 289 receptions in 4 years of college. Gibson had 44 receptions in two years in college.


TIL. Thank you.


Oh, we were? Well, shit, I thought I had successfully erased Sunday from my mind.


Great RB data. I eat this shit up. I roll with a backfield of Saq, Zeke, CEH & Rhamandre. Love their usages going up up up !!


Where can I buy a bro?


Dameon “James ‘James Robonson’ Robinson” Pierce


Was able to grab pierce after he was dropped week 1


Eziekiel Elliott and Romeo Doubs for Najee Harris and Allen Robinson? I need a better RB2 and my WR situation is decent (D. Adams, Mike Williams, Lockett, Olave).




He changed his mind. 🥲 I don't have a real RB2, it sucks!


Probably realized Najee was worth more than that. Rip to that opportunity


Indeed. He's stacked at RB: D. Henry, Najee, James Robinson, Damien Harris, Rashaad Penny. His WR rotation is solid but prolly needs some help in the next few games. Marquise Brown, MT(questionable, foot injury), Sun-God (questionable, injury prone but amazing), DeAndre Hopkins (suspended for another three games), Allen Robinson. I tried to pressure him because he's 0-3. Tell him that he can afford to downgrade his RB2 Najee for an RB3 Zeke (move James Robinson to RB2 from the bench) and then bet on Doubs being ARodger's new favorite receiver and #1 (sorry Lazard) to help him in case of injuries.


Dang that's a crazy good team. Shocked that lineup is 0-3. Could probably ask about Jrob instead. Some people always seem more tied to draft capital than a late round pick that's producing.


Yeah, I tried to substitute JRob in the trade and he still didn't bite. He wanted Kamara for Najee. I told him I had faith that my RB1 would recover and play well (after being slowed down by bad ribs). I wish Jameis would carry out more checkdowns with him.


Any day of the week I’d take Najee over Kamara


I totally disagree bc I hate Pitt offense and believe in doubt being a potential diamond


What do we think about Singletary? Seems like a sell high candidate to me


As teams start figuring out how to contain Allen a bit, he’ll need to rely more on his backs I think. All of Singletary’s production last game though came from receiving, not rushing, so something to consider as well.


He’s super talented… just doesn’t get enough rushing touches to have a safe floor


Javonte on the verge on becoming benchable for me. If Melvin is the goaline back and Boone is 3rd down back then there's not much upside besides hoping he breaks a long td


Seriously considering starting Rhamondre over Javonte this week. Talk me off the ledge


That’s a decent idea. Mac jones out, hoyer in pats gonna run the shit outta the ball. Meanwhile broncos offense look like ass and javonte is most relevant this year between the 20s cause of Melvin.


Counterpoint: it’s the Raiders


True. Rhamondre just is seeming like he’s gonna have a lot of chances. Javonte, and I hate it as a broncos fan, seems like he’s getting the worst opportunities and any time he gains any sort of momentum gets swapped out. I’m surprised


I'm trying to stop myself from starting Singletary over him. It's weird how everyone still has him ranked borderline a rb1. I view him more low end rb2 at this point. I wouldn't hate Rhamondre over him, a lower floor but higher ceiling.


Only issue I see this week is matchups but I would not be surprised at all if Rhamondre out scores Javonte from my bench if that’s where I leave him. I lost last week just making bad lineup decisions so I am trying not to overthink it


I don't think Melvin is the strict goal line back tho, but yeah, neither of them can be started with confidence, and if you do you are begging for a TD to break 10 points imo. Source: had Melvin last year and drafted him again as a bye week player.


Probably not strict but I'd definitely say preferred. It's going to be a lot of 7-10 point games for Javonte maxing out at 14-16 with a td. I'm trying to sell but can't figure out for who. Maybe try for Kamara im thinking.


I got an offer of Keenan Allen for my Javonte in PPR. Should I take it?


No I would not at all. Keenan is old and coming off a hamstring injury which can linger and aggravate it, his QB is hurt too, plus M Williams is probably the better wr at this point and the redzone target. Javonte is still one Gordon injury away from a top 5 rb. But I would consider benching him depending on your other options or trading but for better value than just Keenan. Id say his value is closer to Pittman or Evans range as far as wr go.


I’m benching him for Pierce at the moment. Until I change my mind at the last second on Sunday


Just got offered JRob for my Kamara... worth it? 0.5 PPR


If you are 0-3 then I probably would.


Yeah I think you gotta take that. He thinks he's buying low, but I think you'd be cashing in on a name


Any evidence that I should continue to trust and start Zeke fits my narrative (aka only choice) so I support it


Pierce or Javonte?


I’m rolling with Pierce at the moment - Chargers run D has been bad and now they are down Bosa. Lack of passing game involvement hurts a bit though - but he’s been running well and at least gets the lions share of the carries, which is more than we can say for Javonte


Pierce looking good. Don't wanna jinx it but this might be the hype train that makes it out the station


Jones and Dillon both are gonna eat this year once GB figures their shit out. Rodgers is too good for this offense to suck all year


Fuck Melvin gordon #FreeJavonte


Gordon is whatever. Fuck Boone and this terrible offense led by Russ and Hackett’s awful play calling


Javonte owners have bigger issues than Gordon lol


As a Bronco fan I’m with you, as Melvin Gordon owner, I’m look forward to the full 50/50 split


Free him into his anemic offense!


Kind of wild that James Cook only played 11/92 snaps and got 6 carries/targets, almost all of which came late in the 4th quarter during crunch time. Hard to say it’s meaningful rather than just a function of the weather conditions forcing other guys to take snaps off late. Worth monitoring tho.


Finally some good news for Penny


Etienne and jrob both trending up? Doesn’t make sense, they literally compete for touches.


JRob is getting the work but Etienne looks way better when he gets touches.


I’m investing in singletary, he’s looked like the clear rb1


I think he is for sure. But as an Allen owner I’m happy to say it’s insane how little they give the ball to rbs- especially in goal to go work. Not saying he doesn’t have value but I’d think flex value is the limit


Just bought kamara so hopefully this list looks different next week


Chub club since day 1, he’s been carrying my team


I have Kamara and Ekeler 😭


I'm probably gonna rage drop Ekeler after this week if he has another week like this.


My RB1 and RB2 are trending down… what to do


Saquon, Henry, Pierce Gang rise up!


Who the hell is Patrick Ricard


I assume Pierce over Akers is an easy call this week?


Guys, play the long game here with Denver RB’s, if you can. Not surprised at all that the older vet Gordon is very involved early in the season. Fresh legs right now. By weeks 11, 12, 13…I’d be shocked if Javonte wasn’t getting 70% of the touches or higher. Fantasy is a week to week game. Backfield committees are often in flux as the season progresses, especially with an older back in the mix. I’m trying to buy low on Javonte in all my leagues.


Should I trade Breece hall n kittle for Cpat ? 🤔


All right 14 man PPR here and was offered kareem hunt and McLaurin for Derrick Henry thoughts? I have Singletary and Chase Edmonds as well with Hines and Z. Moss on the bench.