To be honest, I am just trying to find two startable RB's right now so I am going to be that sucker holding all of them..


Chubb, Patterson, Barkley, CMC, JRob ummmm.... Henry if they keep giving him screens (big ask though)? RB is super thin this year man.


One guy in my 12 team league managed Chubb, Henry and JRob. Another has Barkley, Patterson and Dalvin. The rest of us are struggling.


Just last week I thought I was sitting pretty with Ekeler, Swift, and Barkley. It turns on you quick with RBs. It’s also why I hoard the fuck out of them lol


I have JRob, Henry and Dalvin and I'm struggling lol. 0-3, baby


I really liked what I saw out of Henry/Titans this week, though it may be hopium because I bought low after week 2. Yes it's the Raiders. But it seems like they clearly recognize that their offense goes nowhere without 22, and there was a concerted effort to get him the ball in different ways - those weren't just dump-offs, they were designed plays for him. It worked and I think they'll go back to it...or at least I hope.


Henry is a beast. Trust the titans. It will work. Just pray for no injuries.


Bit the bullet these past two weeks with Henry, he just needed to warm up his engine. As long as he is giving me 12+ points I think I am satisfied


And pick up Hilliard to cuff him.


If CMC is there JT has gotta be as well


RB is the new TE


I just sent a trade offer that’s Patterson for JJ. The guy accepted it! I’m sure the commish will veto it


in one of my leagues thats the same issue. I have connor who I want to sell. But I got Pollard and Hall that are looking great on the bench. Its just a struggle to figure out right now.


That's the biggest problem. Even if you have two guys who are decent enough starters, do you want to sell a third that is your flex/bench, when the other guys could fall from the sky at any moment? I currently can't bring myself to do that. This year has been a RB minefield to start. I am sure it will start to even out a bit, but darn right now those first round WR's are looking nice.


JJ/Chase/Deebo owners probably feel different lol


I’ve got JJ, Adams, Samuel and Godwin, kept them all in an auction dynasty league. Thought I was set at WR. Edit: in a start 4WR league


You should be playing Pollard imo. I find he has more upside than Zeke and its a plus if your league has kick return points.


oh pollard is now my official flex. I agree 100%


Tough to sell Conner now when his value is low - 1 TD this season and under 8 points the last two weeks with a minor ankle injury. Think you gotta hold him til the Cardinals offense gets him some TDs


RB is a game of attrition. Hold strong brave stranger.


just scroll this thread for 45 seconds and you will find every single RB listed smh


Sell! sell! sell! hahahaha. But its just interesting to see peoples take.


Getting kicked out of the season fire sale at RBs! Every RB must go!


That is good because I am desperate for someone to sell me any RB


C Patterson is an interesting situation


3rd overall in rushing. Just as we all expected!


Benched Patterson week 1 and he went off Started him week 2 he had 4 points Benched him week 3 he goes off again


You've got to get in sync with Patterson's flow


Wax on wax off. Concentrate!


Just make sure you post next time you sit him please.


I did the same shit


Same. Starting him this week, 5 points probably.


Are u me?


I actually was pushing on JJ about this. Patterson finished as an RB1 and WR1 last season. The argument against him is he’s older but he doesn’t have the traditional running back load so I don’t think he is subject to that running back age issue. Personally, I’d hold Patterson. He’s going to be a solid RB1 this season.


I want to get him. Dude rides the bench in my league and Connor pisses me off.


I’m trying to sell high on him since week 2 but now I’m questioning if he’s legit. Seems like he’s gonna be one of those match up based starts or not from first 3 weeks but ya I benched him week 1 and regretted it and started him week 2-3


Lol he will eat versus the Browns this week, Myles Garrett and Clowney could both be out and the Browns also just lost their MLB for the rest of the season.


At what point do we just accept that he is good. We thought it was a fluke every week last year. And he’s still producing.


Chances are pretty high that they continue riding him til the wheels come off. They have figured out how to make him very effective, but I doubt they'll figure out how to keep his tank full and keep him healthy - he's 31 after all. If I owned him, my plan would be to get about 3 to 4 more weeks out of him, and then flip him \[hopefully high\] for a younger back who perhaps has a good playoff schedule, and has been underperforming, and get an additional piece included.


I feel his ceiling is even higher, the past 2 games he's only got 1 target.. last year they utilized him like a hybrid RB/WR so once they start throwing him the ball i think it'll only go up for him usage wise.


Just traded Antonio Gibson. Not sure what happens once Robinson comes back. Mckissic already taking receptions. Samuel as a gadget player as well. He was on pace to be a top 12 RB once again, but not convinced that holds up.


What did you get in return?


Diontae Johnson, Gibson, Josh Jacobs, Jahan Dotson, for Jamar Chase and AJ Dillon. My bench was pretty deep. Made a big consolidation move. I like it on paper. Hopefully I steer clear of injuries.


I like it a lot. Chase will be awesome by year end, and the best player in the trade. Gibson may or may not be a ticking time bomb, but should be treated as such. Diontae and all Steelers look like they are in for a slump year. And you get Dillon. Dotson is waiver fodder for the time being. I'm okay with tossing him in a trade. You did better than I did. I gave Gibson, jeudy and friermuth for Mike Williams and ertz. I was desperate for WR. Jeudy and Allen Robinson my starters. Got me 5 points over 2 weeks. I needed something. Plus, Brian Robinson is on waiver and I'm gonna make a play for him this week. How much you think I should spend?


Uhhh, this is terrible


How so? I hadn't started one of them yet. Chase will immediately go in the starting lineup.


Is this a dynasty or smaller league? If you have a non-standard setup, it might be helpful to clarify that.


12 Team PPR redraft.


How did your draft possibly go that you drafted Diontae and Jacobs and didn't start them week 1 or any other week?


Drafted James Robinson in round 13 and Jonathan Taylor with the 1st. Tried to go hero RB and went heavy WR with Tyreek, AJ Brown, Waddle, Diontae in rounds 2-5.


Solid draft, don't think I would've started JRob week 1 but worked out fine.


This is a great trade for you. These comments are crazy. Lol


I don’t really understand why you gave up so much depth. Jacobs > Dillion, lost Gibson. I guess you expect chase to extremely outperform dionte?


Chasing upside and high ceilings. Jacobs over Dillon is debatable. Dillon has outscored him so far. I see them as fairly equal, but Dillon is one Aaron Jones injury away from being a top 8 RB. Maybe top 5. Diontae is a PPR machine. Very solid. But just wasn't loving his connection with Mitch. Not holding my breath for splash plays down the field. Mitch only has 2 TD passes. Not sure if Pickett makes things better or not. So while Diontae should keep putting up consistent numbers, I'd rather have Chases potential to go over 20, 25, 30 on any given week.


If you can get anyone to buy Edmonds after his 2 TD performance you probably should. His usage is incredibly meh right now.


I think Edmonds is a good buy low candidate. I think his usage will increase as season progresses without even considering mostert sis highly injury prone.


I got offered D. London for my C. Edmonds. Go for it?




Are you kidding me yes


Sell him for what is the better question. Might be better off waiting for Mostert to get injured than to trade Edmonds for scraps


This is the problem. Folks might have different experiences with this sort of thing, but no one in my leagues are buying high on guys like Edmonds or CEH, for example. They’re going to be valued at a price that means I’m better off riding the wave and, as you suggest, seeing if their situation improves.


Currently trying to package Edmonds and another player to get Hopkins from the 0-3 team in my league


Just traded Edmonds and Ertz for Goedert and Dionte Johnson


U got away with robbery


You gotta just hold Edmonds. Mostert will blow his knee or ankle or something up at some point this season and Edmonds will get more touches.


Traded Edmonds, Lockett, Thielen for Olave and Breece Hall.


How tf, this is robbery


I can’t get over how bad RBs are so far this season. I wanna sell my RBs because I don’t like them but I can’t find a trade partner because I don’t like anyone else’s RBs and no one likes any of mine lmfao.


Rbs are bad, but i think overall it *feels* like the overall fantasy scoring is not off to a great start. There have been some monster performances like always, but it just seems like way more of the good to great players are not putting up even decent numbers. I'm guessing many teams are still trying to find their groove. While some teams are playing great, a lot of talented teams aren't playing good football right now. That should change, and scoring will come. A few Qbs and several wrs are doing the best right now. This of course is just how it feels to me. I'd be curious on some comparisons to previous years 3 weeks in and whether or not there is a slow start happening.


NFL scoring in general is lower this year and a definite decline through 3 weeks over the last 3 years. https://imgur.com/a/ShDnCCX


I’d be curious to see the first 3 weeks of this year compared to the first 3 weeks of the prior years


Ya thats the important part, it makes sense that teams start slow. Especially with less training camp/pre season work for veterans than years past. I think teams gotta find a way to be more ready for week 1, and not week 4 of the season. I understand the concern for injuries, so this just may be the way it's going to be.


>This of course is just how it feels to me. I'd be curious on some comparisons to previous years 3 weeks in and whether or not there is a slow start happening. I 100% agree. I was gonna say something in one of the game threads after looking at the scoring in league this week. I scored low 80s and was the 4th highest scoring team for week 3. Muiltilpe instances of teams scoring under 70 each week, and I think we set a record for 3 of the top 10 lowest scoring weeks in our 10 year league in the first 3 weeks.


Its basically a few guys having insane years so far and then everyone else is meh. The matchups in our league are like 120-80, 120-120, or 80-80. Barely anything in between.


I have Jonathon Taylor, DeAndre Swift, and Ezekiel Elliott. Guess which one was the top RB on my team this week? Fantasy is hard, man.


Man that looks like such a good RB room going into the season too


It still does. Taylor will be fine and once swift gets his normal usage back after the bye week he will eat.


Ya idk about that they’ve been pounding the rock way more this ssn with Williams. Youre on a little too much hopium, swift might not get right all year he’s battling something and already a small dude. And even if he does get right Williams will continue to hawk scores close with how efficient he’s proven in that goal line role


oooo i know the answer! It was Khalil Herbert sitting on your bench!


Sigh. It was actually Jamaal Williams sitting on my bench. Why does fantasy need to hurt me?


Are you me?


Oh Taylor was definitely THE RB1 this week. That guy was the first overall pick for a reason. He always delivers.


Ngl im looking to sell on Najee but I kinda wanna hold to see what happens vS the Jets


I feel similarly but I think I'm going to try to flip him and try and trade for another RB. Outside of JRob my RBs are frustrating as hell, I have Najee, Dillon, Hunt and Etienne


Who are you looking to target with Najee? I’m tryna see if I can get the 0-3 Mixon owner to bite


I ended up flipping him for Deebo in .5 PPR.


I just sold Najee for Pierce and London. Not sure if I got shafted or not


Going off preseason ranking sure. But Pierce and London are trending upwards while Najee is stagnant right now. It could backfire but it’s a potential home run.


Excellent trade for you IMO, you get a RB that’s trending upward that’s getting a bunch of touches and another solid starter in London.


Traded Najee, Hollywood, Henderson, and Lazard for Adams, Ceedee, and Ertz.


CEH once again putting up numbers that don't match his usage.


He gets such a large portion of design plays and end zone looks. If the run game isn’t working, he’s getting receptions. Until they decide to stop throwing him the ball, I’m probably keeping him in my flex


I sold Robinson for Mixon since I already have Harris and Fournette.


I just proposed this trade as well. I hope it is accepted as I'm worried about Robinson regression coming up. I have Fournette as my other RB and AJ Dillon as backup


Yup that was my logic as well, I like Mixon’s upside much more.


I sent out a Robinson and Juju for Ja’Marr Chase and my league manager literally told me if it got accepted, he’d veto it. The dude with chase has his top 2 rbs out for injury and I already have Najee and Saquon. I told him he’s a joke as a commish and we’d riot if he vetoed anything for a reason other than collusion.


I want to get rid of james conner so bad but im praying they turn it around. If khalil plays this week i might actually start him over conner lol


Once Hopkins comes back I think that offense will become insanely better, including Conner


God I hope so. Holding Kyler feels like no mans land, can't really sell, nothing better on the wire, so just have to pray it gets better when everyone is healthy.


The AZ offense is so predictable and one-dimensional now without DHop and Moore. Gonna be a huge improvement when at least DHop comes back.


Man I’ve been watching the games because I’m a Hollywood owner and I don’t think DHop is the answer to that offense. It’s just Kyler hero ball, either because the line can’t hold up or because he gets happy feet. They haven’t been able to take the tops off of defenses like I was hoping when I drafted Hollywood. (Don’t get me wrong still happy with the pick). Maybe DHop spreads defenses out more and everyone eats, but man until Kyler shows me something else I’m not high on the cards


Dhop will for sure help. AJG is a JAG.


THIS. Is my issue. No one wants to trade as of now. Makes me wish I traded him before the season starts. Do you think going for Patterson is a dumb idea? Or ride it out with connor.


I wouldnt mind that, TBH. Mariota is doing decent with ATL. They get browns, TB, then 49ers. Then after damiem will be back. I guess it depends how you are doing right now record wise.


I think Connor will still have a good season once all the weapons are back. Things will open up for him but I needed to win now. Just packaged Connor and Jefferson for Aaron Jones and Metcalf in my league. Very trade stingy league and I really needed a top rb. Just to give you some trade value idea


As someone who has watched every cards game I would hold onto Conner for 1 more week. He put up 16 week 1 despite losing by over 20 and having a terrible game script. Then week 2 he gets hurt early on in the game so it’s hard to count that against him. Week 3 didn’t look great, but he was a game time decision and also a terrible game script where the cardinals were losing the whole game and got 0 tds in like 5 red zone tries. While I agree he doesn’t look great at least wait till after this week when he plays the panthers. It should be a much closer game then the raiders and chiefs games where we were losing by 20. This will be his easiest matchup of the year to this point by far. You will be able to get more out of him after playing the panthers than you would trading him now


Was just offered a trade to give away James Conner for Michael Thomas and chase Edmonds. Kind of want to go through I have no solid WR’s right now.


Would you do Conner for CEH?


CEH’s fantasy success is literally all TDs and big plays which aren’t sustainable. Then again, that was what we said about Conner last year so…


Im trying to move Conner and Gabe Davis for ekeler.


Gibson with that video of BRob making cuts at practice.


Who’s buying though


I traded Theilen for Gibson but I’ve also got B-Rob so have my bases covered. Gibson is ranked 12th I believe at the RB position so he still has value. I had Montgomery go down so had to make a move


I packaged Gibson with DK to bolster my trade for Josh Jacobs. Gibson’s been crap his last two games besides two TDs. I at least know what Jacobs role will be moving forward. Gibson is likely to be in a RBBC in a horrible offense


I've had BRob stashed in an IR spot, thinking of trying to package him to the Gibson owner.


Should James Conner be on this list? I know the offense sucks but I has to get better with Moore and Nuk coming back right... RIGHT?


He's a serious Buy right now He will be back at RB1 status once Hop comes back and the offense is humming Yet you can buy for a RB2 price


I have Patterson, Dillon, Dobbins, Sanders, Pierce, Henderson, Gordon. Nobody in my league respects them and I have to over package trades to get a stud RB. Should I hold or sell high?


Gordon and especially henderson don’t wow me but aside from that your RB deapth is great


I'm only looking to package Henderson and Gordon to the Akers and Williams owner respectively


CEH He had zero rushing yards week 3 lol


How do you value him though? He’s RB6 right now. What value would be suitable for that level of production in a position that is tough but still be something an opponent would pay?


I’d package him with another to see if I could potentially pickup a stud that’s been underperforming atm.


who do they turn to though? doesn't seem like they're ready to unleash Pacheco and McKinnon isn't really that guy anymore


Only problem is every single fantasy article has listed him as a sell high candidate since week 1, so at this point even the tacos know about it. Not saying don't sell if you can, but it's gonna be hard to get back "RB6" value because no one actually believes it's legit.


even if you can get RB12 value, it might be worth it to sell now. ha.


Traded CEH and DJ Moore for Ceedee Lamb and AJ Dillon. Feel like a bandit right now




Also trying to shop him.


He gets red zone looks (on a good offense) and receptions, both arguably more valuable than 10x more carries between the 20s.


I have pollard and zeke in 2 leagues and idk what to do with them. Other rb in one is CEH and the other is jonathan taylor. Do I start both polalrd and zeke? Just ride with zeke and hope for tuddies?


Sell Zeke. Zeke is like the fake target. For pollard to shine.


OP what could you get for Zeke? Could you get a Hall or ETN? Go for Josh Jacobs?


Last week I traded away Evans and zeke for ekeler and aiyuk. Gonna need ekeler to turn it around, and I fully believe he will. I was just commenting that to me it feels like we are seeing a very slow start to fantasy scoring. Lots of good to great players not putting up even decent numbers. Gotta figure teams will start to find their groove.


I mean. Hall and Josh Jacobs are both solid trades. I think its fair. Shoot the shot see if they would take.


I have Chubb and Ekeler locked in so I really don’t think of it. I just hope Ekeler will start to score some TDs in the near future… I don’t ask for much


Just traded CEH for Kittle. How do you all feel?


Good sell to me.


As crazy as it sounds, Trent Williams injury is very bad for Kittle. Kittle is a great blocker and he'll probably be helping a lot more without an All Pro left tackle.


Not a fan. Don’t love a JimmyG offense and Kittle is injury prone think you could have gotten a lot more for CEH


If he needed tight end and CEH was a depth piece then I don’t hate it. I doubt he gets a Kelce/Andrews tier. Hell even Goedert and Pitts owners wouldn’t bite.


No chance he gets Kelce/Andrews. I offered Pitts+CEH to a somewhat RB needy team for Andrews and was turned down


Andrews owner checking in - yes I would immediately turn down CEH unless there was a consistent good player alongside him


kittle owner, not a fan of the SF offense esp with trent williams being out


Good move




Singletary, but no one wants him. I hope his 11 targets/ 9 receptions becomes a trend. He also played 76% of snaps. If he keeps up those stats, he’d be like last years Ekeler.


I'd agree but I wouldn’t mind getting him for cheap right now.


I’m a Swift owner. I tried to package Singletary and DJ Moore for Jamaal Williams, but the owner won’t bite.


Don't give up on swift! I know it sucks cause he's hurt but he's the man in Detroit.


I’m keeping Swift. I said I was trading to get Jamaal.


I mean.. thats more than a generous offer lol. Im looking to move sanders and djm for sutton!


Josh Allen threw 63 times on Sunday, that's not going to be the norm, and James Cook is getting more involved each week.


I for one am getting offers for Khalil, so far I’ve been offered Taylor for Waddle, Herbert and Eli Moore for Herbert. Looks like a good time to sell someone who was chilling on waivers


Taylor for Waddle is such an interesting trade. id almost say go for it. Matt Ryan should click sooner or later.


I would be smashing the accept button.


I think the same tbh. Especially since Taylor started off slow the first few weeks. Even though they had Wentz, but I’d imagine they’ll start kicking it into gear soon enough


Yea I was gonna take it but I guess I went too fast, deal is now Mixon, Waddle 🤮


I'm thinking of trading KH to the Monty owner for DHop. I'd rather move Penny if I could lol


Maybe Aaron Jones if you can find a boom/bust taker.


Sold him high last week for Mixon. Kind of a wash so far.


I'm aggressively trying to trade Zeke and Patterson in a 2 for 1.


Zeke. Put up a modest number, can possibly sell for something decent. Hell I’ll be happy with a return of the likes of Olave, Garrett Wilson, or even Drake London (if your lucky)


I just sold Zeke for Jamaal Williams and Robert Woods. I have Swift, who's looking like he's going to miss some time, so it'll be nice to have Williams slot right in. Woods is a lotto ticket right now.


I’m thinking of selling Khalil Herbert to the Monty owner. Would you guys rather ask for Etienne or Zeke?


Keep herb


Rather have herbert over those 2.


Wow, really? Is it because you’re pretty sure Monty will miss significant time or that Herbert has some standalone value? I got him for free week 2 because I literally didn’t have a second RB. Was thinking about shopping him but people seem pretty high on him, Herbert over Zeke blows me away but I’m also not fantasy savvy.




Singletary, CEH, and I might get some heat for this, but Dameon Pierce. The man lost two fumbles and didn't see a single 3rd down. I think he's still overhyped and you could flip him.


Pierce didn’t actually lose either fumble, and continues to look like the best player on that offense…


Great take. I think Pierce is a sell for sure this eearly on. Get the value now. Unless you a texans fan. You keep Pierce.


I traded Pitts for Pierce and Goedert. Fucking CEH and Herbert were my only two RBs with Mitchell out so I had to take it. Hope we both win but part of me thinks that Pitts is going to have a Kelce-esque breakout year just because I let him go.


I've got Barkley and Fournette, and I'm surprisingly ok with their production. At 2-1, I will tough it out with them.


I have Chubb, Mixon, Akers, and Robinson. If I weren’t so worried about Mixon I would be looking to move one of them.


I sold herbert for Darren waller today. We will see.


Someone wants my Kamara for their Aaron Jones and Amari Cooper. I’m so thin at WR I’m contemplating it.


Would anyone trade Cooper for Kamara right now? Got an offer from the Kamara owner this morning


Amari Cooper? As in the mid/late round CLE WR?


Do it


I would smash that instantly


Monty Not that Monty isn't good or anything but its more than evident Herbert is coming for that job. Might be hard now while he's day to day but wouldn't be a bad move to move him before he leaves CHI or worse gets usurped


I feel like we saw this same movie last year when Herbert filled in with Monty injured. The minute Monty came back, Herbert went back to the bench.


People are so low on Monty in this sub for some reason


Not this year but next year there's no reason to commit to Monty. He'll be fine this year but it's not unreasonable to think moving him know is fine before he starts to lose value once the season is over


Sell Dalvin Cook, Chase Edmonds and Javonte Williams.


Traded CEH for Henry


Who did that? wtf ha. What a steal.


In my league the RB situation is so fragile for everyone I don’t even want to attempt to try and trade. I have Najee, Dillon, and Hall with Mitchell on IR so I’m not sure what I would even do.


Someone sent me a trade request for Ekler and Higgins for Justin Jefferson ? Should I do it?


I would do this in a heartbeat assuming you own Justin Jefferson.


I would


sell swift. trust me


Sent JRob for Hurts. JRob is my boy, But Hurts is gonna be the league winner. My starting Lineup now: Hurts, Chase, Cedee, AJones, Pierce, Goedert and Flex: Sutton Bench: Singletary, Olave and B.Rob on IR


I sold CPat, Stevenson and Mike Evans for Swift, Sutton and Curtis Samuel this week and feel real good about it. I just hope JRob can hold it down till Swift is back and my WR depth got stronger. I am not sure how long Cpat will keep this up so him and CEH are some RBs i would sell. I am bias but I still believe JRob will have a role dude has been playing real well and so has ETN


Should I give up Ekeler and Patterson for Justin Jefferson? An opponent just sent me that offer


Not at all… there are a ton of WR1s out there