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Russ or Wentz? 6 point pass TD. Goff also an option. Sad that I even have to consider this.


M. Mariota (v. SEA) or T. Lawrence (v. LAC)? I'm obviously drawn to Mariota's mobility but Lawrence seems like a legit QB.


10-Player Standard (non-PPR) Playing against my dad's team this week so I really need to win. Tua (vs. BUF) Wentz (vs. PHI) Goff (@ Min) I had Lance and waiver'd for all three in that order. How would you rank them this upcoming week? ​ ​ 2nd League, 10-Player Standard Tua (vs. BUF) Rodgers (@TB)


Is it too early to jump ship on Justin Fields in a 10-man superflex PPR? 15 of 28 passing 191 yards is horrendous, but he was 1 yard shy of having 3 rushing touchdowns on the season. Am I trying to find value where this is very little or should I just cut my losses and drop him or shop around for a qb? Edit: repost because I think I put the last one in the wrong thread


Tua vs Buf Or Wentz vs Philly


Carson Wentz or Russ Wilson Russ has dragged my team down these past two weeks while Carson was cooking on my bench, I want to start Carson but I feel like the one week I do it’s gonna reverse on me


Think Brady is benchable now. Should I start Mariota, Goff, Ryan, Lawrence instead?


In same place here and have a claim for Goff in


Should I drop a ton of FAAB for Tua to backup Stafford?


Should I start Tua over Brady, even with Tua going against the bills next week?


Wentz or Brady


No Mike Evans for Brady and doubt Godwin will play, without his two best WR's and already putting up two duds Wentz is the play. I have Brady as well, think I might go after Goff in waivers. Don't get too down on Brady yet though, they have a great ROS and with everyone healthy Tom should be back.




12 team 0.5 PPR superflex Carson Wentz or Trevor Lawrence


10 team PPR: Tua v BUF or Russ v SF? I have Hill, so that would be a pretty stack, but it is against Buffalo. Meanwhile, Russ has NOT been cooking, but still, it's Russ. I'm leaning Tua but I'm torn.


I have russ and put a claim in on Tua. I'm 0-2 and planning to give Tua a shot the next couple weeks to see what happens. Russ is riding the bench for the next few weeks.


Okay, because we're in the exact same situation. Good to know that other Russ owners are benching him.


I just figure I'm already 0-2, might as give Tua a shot based on what I saw from him week 2 and what I have yet to see out of Russ. If I was 2-0 I'd probably keep riding russ but I need to make a change to try and right the ship.


Carr vs TEN Goff vs MIN Tua vs BUF Wentz vs PHI Who’s the optimal 2nd QB to my Brady ROS


Tennessee got worked last night so that looks like a good matchup. I’ve got a waiver in for wentz but Philly d looked pretty good against cousins.


Burrows has me pullin my hair out man. thinkin Goff maybe. Flacco is another option


Wentz, Mariota, or Goff with Amon Ra stack?


I like Goff lol can’t believe I’m saying that


6PT Passing TD Tua (vs Bills) Wentz (vs Eagles) Or Pivot to the WW and drop one for Geno, Tanne, Mariota, Jones, Winston etc.


Trust in Carr for another week or should I start cousins or pick up Goff for the sun god stack?