The Jets be like: Don’t worry Steelers, you got ‘em right where you want them


Just woke up. Dude I played against left an empty QB slot, but started Hill and Diggs. Lost by 4 points. This one hurts


almost came back from down 71.5 with hurts/diggs and going against jefferson but the bills blowout & hurts tipped INT fucked me over pain.


Needed 6 points from Singletary, all I feel is pain


Thoughts on trading away Kirk and Monty for Saquon. I’m looking to upgrade at RB a bit. I have Chase, Davante (who I’m hoping both just put up their worst weeks lol) and Waddle for WR, so trading away Kirk while his value is up. He’s been sitting on my bench


You'd have more luck trading Davante for Saquon straight up and sliding Kirk into your flex and Waddle as your WR2. That's a fair trade for both sides.


Superflex or 2QB? If not, idk who in their right mind would accept that.


Christian Kirk


Ahh I'm an idiot. For some reason I thought Kirk Cousins. Yeah Christian Kirk's value is up, but still good luck with that trade. I wouldn't accept it if I was a Saquon owner.


That's the issue with most of these guys, is that RB is so shorthanded that you would have to decimate your team just to get one


I can’t fight the burning desire to trade CMC while he’s healthy. I could probably get Ekeler for him. Thoughts?


I was down 60 with Allen & Devonte Smith last night. Just woke up and won by 0.20 lol


Deebo, Barkley, and Akers for Cook, Javonte Williams, Aiyuk?


Nah I’d stay put


I was up something like 165 - 159. I Had Dalvin Cook. Opponent had Kirk Cousins. Vikings get the ball at their 11 with 3:43 left down 24-7. I just thought, “Look at all that green in front of them” Thank God they didn’t try a bullshit final play for a TD and they just let the clock run out at the very end. I hung on 166.9 - 161.5. Garbage time is the absolute worst when you’re hanging on.


Same. I was sweating it out. I had Diggs and AJB. He had Hurts and JJ. I was up 7 with the Vikings driving on that last possession. Once they got in the red zone, I thought the inevitable Cousins to JJ garbage time TD was coming. So glad for the sack and just letting the clock tick down to nothing.




Take it and flip AJB


Eh idk about the brown/goedert stack tho.... Value-wise however thats a great trade I think


TE has been such trash that the TE being on a same team as your WR is basically irrelevant.


Pick up tua or Wentz off waivers


Tua against the bills is a no


This. I wouldn’t play Tua this week unless it was my only option. Long term he could be good though.




Could not agree with you more, i was just about to say this.


lol I don't know if it's a glitch or something but every once in awhile there'll be some random nonsense in my post history on a thread I was browsing. Really have no idea how it happens.


A 1 , zip , ZZZ ZZZ. ,ZZZ aaron AZ,,11


We buying low on kamara? 👀


Needed to outscore my opponent by 50 to win. I had Hurts and Diggs. He had Henry and Goedart. I need a fucking advil.


Thought I was home free up 28ish with only the Bills D left for them. Won by .8


Could anyone see Flacco or Zach Wilson popping off this season given the immense receiving talent they have?


Between Diggs and and Hurts/Goedert stack I ALMOST came back down 50+ in both my leagues. Sucks I lost both games this week but these big performances are some momentum to ride into next week. Gabe Davis not really being confirmed to miss till like mid-sunday really hurt one of my lineups badly.


i won despite having Trey Lance and going up against Lamar Jackson (2-0) baby!!!


Full PPR Christian kirk for AJ Dillion?


I would rather have Kirk


All day


Brandin cooks for dk and Greg dortch?


They're both in the same situation, Geno does seem to like lockett though. Dortch is a filler player in this trade don't even worry about him. I'd stick with cooks due to his 22-13 target difference with D.K


Also try and answer quick


Dortch or renfrow? I’d only do the trade if you’d start him over


Zeke & Tyler higbee For Jeff Wilson and Logan Thomas


Brandin cooks for dk and Greg dortch?


Keep cooks, DK won’t do anything for the rest of the season


Why’s that


Cooper and Pitts for Henderson and Everett? I’m ready to declare Pitts a bust.


Regret not reaching for a top tier fantasy QB. I think conventional advice is too focused on getting value (compared to the mean). Not enough on spending for ceiling players that will win you weeks.


Starting Etienne or G Wilson for my flex? Losing faith for Etienne to get to touch the ball while looks like Wilson’s primed to pop for the season


When do stat corrections come in? Yahoo was showing me down by 10 at the end of the games and now it’s showing me up by 3 and I’m trying to figure out wtf & whether to cheer or cry Edit: Jesus fuck now it has me back down by 5 which is where I thought I was landing, has to be some weird refresh glitch in mobile


Traded DeAndre swift, JuJu and Mike Thomas , for Ekeler, Christian Kirk and Garret Wilson. Any opinions on the trade?


Swift side ran away with it, easily


If eckler turns up, he can easily compete with siwft numbers, and Kirk can hopefully match Thomas, hoping that Wilson can do better than juju who has been under preforming.


Ekeler isn't really a high ceiling type of guy. Swift with his HR speed is. Maybe you could argue Ekeler has a higher floor.


Trade brandin cooks for DK and hoarch from AZ?


Needed 2 points out of Greg Joseph. 2 GODDAMN POINTS!!


I dropped Nick Folk after 1pt week 1. And picked up Greg Joseph for this week. 🤦‍♂️


2-0 in 2 leagues. Feels good man. Was down 8 coming into tonight with Diggs vs. Singletary, Bass, and Godert. I can definitely Digg it.


I’m a huge Vikings fan, and Hurts/Goedert won my week for me. Very bittersweet kind of day


I love Goedert, I had Hurts last year and I wouldve stacked them if I didn’t grab Allen first


I got him as like the TE9 in the 9th in my 12 man PPR. The drop from Kelce/Andrews is so much, I don’t understand reaching for any of those dead zone TEs. He finished TE7 last year and easily has Top 5 upside this year if Hurts keeps slinging the ball around like he did this week.


Yeah after Kelce/Andrews, Goedert is the next reliable option: I’m so glad I didn’t full for the Pitts hype


My RB situation is fucked rn…who do I start next week? CEH, Akers, Hendo, Dobbins, Stevenson


U need 1 or 2? CEH and pray Henderson as 2


2 unfortunately


Yeah you’re fucked, CEH is putting up RB2 numbers tho. Akers against Arizona seems pretty good cause they let RBs who catch like 50 yards on top of rushing yards. Definitely a wait a see moment in case Dobbins suits up idk if they ease him in on limited touches


I’d do CEH and throw up in my mouth a tiny bit


That’s what I’ve been doing these past few weeks…CEH as my RB 1 and then first started Akers who got me 0, and this week started Hendo




[sleeper](https://imgur.com/a/XU4BNXu) Anyone else have an opponent with both Allen and Henry? This may be peak fantasy luck for me. Receiving these notifications in succession while up by just 8 was strangely precise and accurate. [My first week matchup](https://imgur.com/a/qvc5rCY)


Won my matchup by .05


Sooo is gainwell a drop?


The better question is who can you pick up, rage dropping players is always a bad look. Hurts is their best rusher imo and I drafted gainwell too


I find it amazing that I continue to let fantasy effect my daily happiness levels… lol


I hated having Singletary on my team last year and for some reason I still drafted him again. Idk what’s wrong with me.


We all do this, drafted E Mitchell after saying I’d stay away from that backfield and here we are


Who should I go for? Lost Lance. Tua, Wentz, and Goff are available, I need to set up priorities. Was thinking either Tua or Goff


Tua gets the bills this week... So don't expect much


Tua ez


Ok ty


Tua no question




Tua or or wentz




Waddle n G Wilson on the bench scoring 70 and I still won this week


Who did you start?


Yikes dummy


All I needed was Justin Jefferson to outscore the Bills D… now 0-2


Someone just offered me henry for fournette and montgomery. Thoughts ?


Henry and Montgomery are basically equal and fournette is above Henry in terms of their value rn


Lets not be crazy Fournette > henry already kills this trade but no shot is monty worth more than henry


Would you play both? Is this ppr? Henry is getting carries so idk about giving up the chance he breaks off for 60 yards and a TD for depth, they can’t be this bad for 15 more games


Half ppr and I don’t think I’ll ever flex monty. I have mike Thomas, ceedee, and mike Williams with dhop coming back


Lmao. Absolutely not.


How good is TB run defense? Havent they played against scrubs?


Run defense is good, next week they play GB and both their RBs can catch I feel like fading them but they’re starting out hot so I’ll just ride it out


Went into the night down 5. I had Bass and opponent had Elliott. Showdown of the kickers. Won by 1.8 pts, the blocked field goal won me the game. Didn’t think the eagles would be shut out in the 2nd half my lord. Him and I had the highest points of the week by far with sun god, Aaron Jones, Tyreek, Chubb, Bucs D all in the matchup. Man my adrenaline is pumping lol


Glad to see Irv Smith Jr do something now that I dropped him. I started him last week and Okwuegbunam this week, 2-0 with 0 points from a TE. Kittle please get healthy.


Guy wants me to trade me Tua for Bateman. I have ARob to replace him and I need a QB since Lance got hurt. Goff is also on my waivers so I could grab him instead. Don't know if I'm giving too much tho


Bateman getting no targets. A couple bomb TD’s doesn’t seem sustainable. Don’t think that’s a bad trade by any means. Tua will definitely regress as well but I think it’s worth it given your situation




Id just get goff until you can work out something better


Second this. If Goff is available he’s a solid starter. That offense is legit good


Too much for tua


Was winning by more than 50 points and had a 97% chance to win. Opponent had Diggs and Thielen. Lost.


Had 6% down 66 with Allen Diggs and bufD love this after JuJu and Pitts let me down


lost by 0.09 pts, if kirk had thrown instead of ran for that last first down i would’ve had it. came in with almost no shot and was so so close to having it. pain.


Better luck next week. I lost by 1 point with Penny for my first week, and i was 2nd highest scoring team of the week. I get it


Was up over 50 pts going into tonight against a dude that had buffalo d and diggs left to play. I lost


I was down 57 to 120 and had allen diggs and BUF D I won 148 to 128


I have Kyler but Tua is on waivers, do I go for it?


I would pick up tua regardless yeah. Gonna be a tough but good problem to have deciding who to start


I’d pick up Tua as an insurance policy for someone on your bench but keep playing Kyler Murray


I wish I had a qb to drop for him I’m a fan of good insurance


Beware recency bias, tua will have down days and kyler has yet to get moore and hopkins back. It could be closer at the end of the year but kylers floor is higher


Lost 5/5 leagues this week so brutal. 2 of them lost by less than 20 pts, one by less than 3 (I played parris campbelll over devin duverney fuck me). I need keenan allen, kamara, pittman, kittle, and gabe davis back badly. I have kamara in 3 leagues and pittman in 2 leagues and allen in 2 leagues. Can't make any trades happen either. In one league I have waddle, amon ra, keenan allen, curtis samuel, and JJ but nobody will fucking trade me for an RB. My brother would probably trade me dmont so I'm not running ETN/edmonds waiting for kamara to come back. Thoughts on waddle for dmont? I don't think any of the other WR would be worth giving away. Even waddle I think is an overpay but it's that or have no RBs


Waddle JJ and Amon Ra is a good start. I know it’s crazy but maybe see what kind of package/RB you can get back for JJ?


That's what I'm working on RN. I don't mind packaging JJ up. The one I've been looking at is curtis Samuel, JJ, everett, for Kelce Damien Harris Pittman. I think I might need to offer a little more. I've also looked at JJ for cmc and drake London. He's hurting at wr but also has little depth at rb so idk if he's an option. Last one is JJ for barkley Higgins plus offer something else I'm just not sure what. I'm still getting used to trading I was only in one league last year and want to trade more now than I'm in 5


Dont do waddle for that. Be patient


Going in, up a bunch. My WR1 and RB1 left to play, all he's got is a defense. As long as my two best players combined don't get outscored badly by a defense, I'm golden. A sure thing, no problem. My players: AJ Brown and Dalvin Cook. 9 points total. His defense: Buffalo. 23 points. ...I'm really starting to hate fantasy football. Screw it, next year I'm autodraftinf, all my study and prep don't seem to mean anything.


Drop Landry for garret wilson, Dotson, or not?




First win of the season Thank Jesus prime time Kirk is trash


Wish i wasn't a pussy and picked Josh allen on draft night like I was planning to all preseason, but then Mike evans was there and...well yea fuck I know marginal value is great and all that bullshit, but having a qb with that kind of fuck you upside is even better




Think it’s best to bite the bullet and just grab a top qb in the first 5 rounds, since all the ones with rushing upside and on good offenses can really swing you weeks


Would I be crazy to start Dotson and Curtis Samuel this week? Evans is suspended and they’ve been scoring.


They’re going up against phili…


o no


Do i start jerry jeudy or miles sanders next week?


My team had 49 points this morning to my opponent’s 106, and I had Diggs and Hurts left to play. Won the matchup 122-106.


Jalen Hurts is papi


I wish the Vikings had kept it competitive so the eagles kept passing. I would have loved a 400 passing yard game to hang over all my league mates who talk shit on him


I won by .48 points let’s go


Ummmm.. What happened to Dalvin Cook tonight?


He's not good anymore


Eagles defense. Not every team will have the lions o-line. Plus Vikings trailed early and had to throw.


I got Josh Allen'd. Hard. I had a 50 point lead and 75% odds to win. He had Allen and the Bills D. I had Dawson Knox. My hope was Knox would get enough love to keep me ahead. I lost by 8. Brutal bad beat. Last week I was #2 in points and beat #3. This week I was #3 and lost to #2.


All I needed was Kirk Cousins to score 10 points… 3 picks and a fumble later and here I am a loser! God he was preposterously terrible tonight…


I mean he put a good number of balls right into receivers hands for drops... he wasn't spectacular by any means... but he didn't get any help either.


He missed the open receiver every time they blitzed him and could’ve been picked off at least three other times with bad reads or just flinging it up in the air. Think about how much better Minnesota would be if they had a good QB.


Or a better O line 🤷‍♂️


Tough one but the last few passes to Thielen got me ahead by 2 pts


That INT from Hurts saved my rear.


Lost by 0.8 after coming back from 50 down on Hurts and Goedert. Life is pain


That's rough. I would've been in the same situation if I didn't have Goedert. Glad he saw enough volume from Hurts to keep me in it.


Please address all thanks to Kenneth Gainwell. He’s usually pretty good and if he’s gotta mess up, a blow out is the time to do it


Lost by 3. Cousins had 3 picks for -6 points. Played him with Dak out. It’s what I deserve I guess. Now 0-2, after losing last week by .8 🙂


Upvote if Jalen Hurts saved your ass this week.


Jalen and Diggs


So close! I lost by 1.07 pts (78.36 to 77.3). If only Elliott went 2/2 FG's.


I could have won if I didn't leave Irv Smith on the bench. Smh while Thielen was rarely targeted and he was my 2nd WR. Sigh. Singletary on the Bills wasn't used much either.


All I needed was for Cousins+Jefferson+Cook+Joseph to outscore Thielen+Bills D. Yahoo gave me 99% odds. 🙃🔫


I am in the same boat. Was up 132.60-132.33 going into tonight, had Cousins + Joseph, opponent had Bills DEF. Yahoo gave me 97% odds. Kirk Cousins snatched defeat from the jaws of victory. And just lost Trey Lance for the year yesterday, so I'm now having to burn my #3 waiver on Goff this week for the insurance, even though the Vikings do not have another MNF game this season.


Had Jefferson and Hurts down by 43. fuck that interception and Darius Slay


Came into tonight with a 7% chance of winning my superflex league match. He had Sanders and Singletary and 70 points. My guys? Josh Allen, Jalen Hurts and Dallas Goedert I won by 1.3 :)


My Cook / Pickens for AJ Brown / Kareem Hunt?


Not here but yes


I traded Swift and Godwin for Dalvin and Waddle. Not feeling great currently


I think you won that trade. Dalvin will bounce back and Waddle went all out this week.


Miles Sanders saved me from Kirk and JJ. My king


So why was diggs ranked #4 WR in the draft? This guy has josh allen throwing to him


4 is pretty damn good..


Bc Jefferson, Kupp and Chase exist.


I was up by 42 in .5 PPR with my Jefferson vs their hurts and diggs. I was hoping Jefferson and diggs would be a wash and hurts wouldn’t score 42. I got thrashed.


I came into tonight's game with a less than 10% chance of winning the match up. I had only one player left to get me points. I was so far behind it was nearly impossible for me to get the W. Who was that player? My man. Jalen Hurts. I won😎 Fly Eagles Fly 🦅💚


Yessssss dude! Hurts saved my ass too! Thought my goose was Cooked for sure but he resurrected me to the W! Fly eagles fly!


I lost because of his interception 😭.46 points


That's rough. As an Eagles fan and Hurts owner I am sorry he let you down.


You mean you almost won because he played so well


Yeah but it feels the opposite


I know, always does


I give Derrick Henry, and receive Ja'Marr Chase, thoughts?


I don't think someone will accept it


I got chase for Henry at the beginning of the week no regrets


If that’s even on the table you accept that now. If you’re offering that then I highly doubt you’re successful


Run ( DONT WALK) to the accept button and HULK SMASH that trade


What about davante adams?


How much FAAB should I spend for a new QB? I currently have Trey Lance and Geno smith.. I know 14 man league.. Best available are Justin fields and Jared Goff. I could stack St Brown and Goff




How much FAAB?


I’d say it depends on how the rest of your team looks. Personally I’d spend anywhere from 10%-25%, but the league I’m in with FAAB is usually very aggressive with their waiver wire spending, so take that with a grain of salt and use your knowledge of the people you’re playing against.


Cooks, Patterson, and Dillon for 21 pts... combined. Ain't gonna cut it


I lost by .12 ☹️ I’m just sad. Can I please get a stat correction??


I feel the pain brotha I lost by .16 due to that last Hurts pick... Feels bad man.




Welp, was up by 8 then Buffalo D decided to get a Scoop N Score and 2 Fumble Recoveries in garbage time. Jefferson laid an egg and lost by .22


Lost by 0.3. I had a 90% chance of victory coming into the night, then Diggs had to go nuclear.


Lmao I’m dead. Bills D and kicker plus Henry led me in a come from behind deficit of appx 25 even when he had cousins to play lol. Classic 30 point kicker/D MNF performance. I only won by like 4. If they would have run that last play and scored I would’ve lost.