I think no matter how many good games Patterson has, we’re always gonna question the next one


Best answer. We’ll always wonder if the next one is the injury, decreasing usage, etc. but I feel like these are valid things to question


It's like how we completely ignore Taysom Hill every season


Well that one makes sense. His usage is impossible to project, he’ll have far more dud games than splash games. As a one-week TE flier (because the position is so thin), go for it, but I wouldn’t trust him as an every week starter.


It's because it makes no goddamn sense that someone is literally useless on offense until they are 30 years old. Kudos to people that took a shot and drafted him. If he makes it to week 4 doing what he's done, you got your draft value's worth and then some. And if he dominates all season, the rest of us look dumb.


I drafted him. But like everyone else who drafted him, it was because it was late and he was just there and the alcohol was hitting just right.


lol i wouldn’t day like everyone else. i joked multiple times that id reach for patterson in the 6th. he fell to the 8th and i scooped him no thought. hes a ppr god. plain and simple


You laugh but I reached for him in the 6th


yeah i mean its a great pick. i just knew i could get him later bc my league shit on him hard last year when i had him


CPat has had a very weird career. If you were around when he first came up, he was highly touted as a B.A. player. Next big thing type of deal. I think if he'd landed in the right system, he could've been Deebo-ish from the get-go. But coaches didn't know how to use him, so they were just like 'here, if you return a kick, you will already be in space.' So he became a GOAT returner.


I was. Drafted him his rookie year in a few leagues because he was/is a physical freak. He just wasn't good at learning playbooks and running routes. He's always been a guy that if you can get the ball in his hands, he has a shot at scoring from anywhere on the field.


Week 1 I believe he had a 50 yard TD run on a WR end around, and I was like *this is going to happen every week!* It did not.


Such a draftnik darling. Love seeing late bloomers in the league.


I remember "next randy moss" thrown out a ton when he was in Minnesota


People should remember that Patterson is arguably a Hall of Fame player and by accomplishments a better kick returner than Hester was. He's not some scrub.


He 100% belongs in the Hall of Fame. GOAT kick returner for sure, and his Falcons offensive Renaissance is just the cherry on top.


Chris Longs pod brought up something interesting about returners being HOF players being dead after they changed kickoff rules. He’s in the discussion for sure.


The main problem is the disrespect for the position. Hester and CPat both deserve their places in the Hall of Fame...but I doubt either gets in. If anything, the rule changes should make it easier to put CPat in the Hall since his totals came under an unfriendlier rule scheme.


GOAT for sure??? Come on man, don’t disrespect Hester like that.


Patterson definitely has a better resume as a kick returner, obviously nobody touches Hester on punt returns, but Patterson is tied with Josh Cribbs for most kick return tds all-time with 8. He's also 3rd all-time in kick ret avg. The only guy in discussion with him in my opinion is Sayers


He's absolutely better—more touchdowns and yards on fewer attempts, and all under a rule scheme that makes kick returns harder. You can argue Hester is better overall when including punt returns with kick returns, and Hester also 100% deserves to be Hall of Fame. But CPat is the greatest kick returner of all time.


I picked him up off the waivers last year and he was the steal of the year with his dual RB/WR designation. Reached for him slightly this year in the later rounds hoping the Falcons kept using him as a utility despite him losing the WR tag - definitely did not expect Williams to go down in Week 1 though


I would say useless he was just never fully used the way he is being used he made these same plays his whole career just only 1 play a game


> It's because it makes no goddamn sense that someone is literally useless on offense until they are 30 years old. If you ignore that the rise of pass catching RBs means someone who wasn't an outstanding WR can switch to RB and be hard for defenses to deal with... Also that 8 years in the NFL as a WR that doesn't do much is less wear and tear than 3 years of a RB... If you're ignoring all that then I guess it wouldn't make any sense.


>If you're ignoring all that then I guess it wouldn't make any sense. I mean I know it’s most important to make smug comments, but let’s be real, not even Cordarrelle’s mother expected this.


Yeah, fantasy players had already been so burned by him, and detested his inevitable training camp hype articles that would circulate most years. Several coaches, on several teams had claimed they would "unlock him" or "get him the ball in creative ways". He sort of popped up in fantasy draft season multiple years. It wouldn't be a shocker if Patterson had burned multiple leaguemates over the years so a lot of people were pretty sour on him.


The point is he's 30, but comparing him to 30 year olds that have been RBs since Pee Wee football is fucking stupid.... When you consider he changed positions, it shouldn't be surprising. But the vast majority of fantasy experts can't seem to understand that, and this sub has a lot of people who just repeat experts


He's 31. He started doing his thing at 30 last year.


To be fair, it's not like changing positions as a 30 year old professional football player is exactly common.


No you don’t understand, Jaded_Prompt_15 totally knew this would happen.


You can't seriously act like Cordarrelle Patterson being a top 12 fantasy RB at this point in his career is totally normal and expected lol. Before last season Patterson hadn't eclipsed 600 scrimmage yards since his rookie year, and the highest he'd finished in PPR was RB26 in the same season. And that was 9 years ago


> You can't seriously act like Cordarrelle Patterson being a top 12 fantasy RB at this point in his career is totally normal and expected 2019 and 2020 he was a Pro Bowler... He has the most kick off return TDs, and the longest in the NFL. People act like he was constantly in danger of being cut from his team when he's been an elite athlete at the professional level for a decade And like I keept saying, his age isn't slowing him down like it would if he was a traditional RB. He's had ~300 NFL carries **total**, and half of those was last year. Jonathan Taylor had more carries in 2021 than C Patt has had in 9 years. Being 30 doesn't mean shit in this case


Idk how you can possibly justify that this was remotely predictable. Literally hindsight bias 100.


Idk how so many people have this shit reading comprehension


It kinda does. He got pigeonholed early as a Punt Returner. He basically had a good rookie season in Minnesota and then got outplayed but had the reputation as a good return specialist going back to his high school days and biased his usage to focus on that area where he was consistently elite. He consistently led the league in average return yards and return touchdowns. It effectively kept him in the league but no one was willing to give him a real chance in an expanded role until he was in RB and back with the Falcons. He had some flashes with the Patriots as a tailback. His time in Oakland featured some decent averages but no volume.


He is a late career RB, but unique since he was a wr for so many years and wasn't taking nearly the amount of hits a 32 yo rb that's been in the position for a decade would take. It's hard to accurately calculate his wear and tear. Additionally, his pass catching ability is unquestionable due to his wr background. Nonetheless, he's still an over 30 rb, so he's already defying the odds


I watched him try to catch a lot of passes... Definitely questionable, lol. I know your point is relative to rbs, but it had to be said.


Cordelle Patterson is solidified rb2. He went in 7th round of my draft. Absolute steal


Had him and started him last year but didn’t have the balls to draft him this year


He's one of those players, you truly wouldn't want to depend on in your weekly starting roster, but can be so much fun to ride the wave with until it ends. I was so glad he fell comically far in my league, I didn't even really want him, but everyone else shaded him, and now I'm just happy to have the upside for however long it lasts.


Arthur Smith loves him and their offensive line looked very good against the Saints. Add in the fact Mariota loves to throw it short and I think got yourself a player. Wouldn't shock me if he's Top 12 RB in PPR. He's a heck of a weapon.


Would love that to happen. I have him, Henry, fournette, and Connor in one league, and would love to have that start/sit problem on my hands


I think he's probably high end RB2 with RB1 upside dependent on matchup


Damien Williams going to IR makes it more like CPat SZN for at least 5 weeks.


Oh wow I hadn’t seen this. I thought they thought Williams’ injury was pretty minor.


Wondering if allegier is now a decent pickup


If you want the *possible* Damien Williams handcuff, sure, pick up Allgeier. But remember: Allgeier was a healthy scratch. Clearly, the coaching staff didn't see enough from Allgeier during preseason to force him onto the roster. I suspect it might be issues with pass protection, which is an issue for many rookie RBs, but there's clearly *something* giving the coaching staff pause with Allgeier.


I definitely could see that being the case. Falcons said last week they were fine rolling with Patterson Williams and a special teams guy to accommodate for added depth in other areas for that week only. Never really heard of that being done so not sure how true that could be. Still if you have an opening for a dart throw he might be worth it given Patterson's age.


Williams is on IR for 4 weeks minimum.


I should have specified, i meant allgeier


Williams is on IR Dude.


I know. When I said "possible" handcuff, I was insinuating that Allgeier might not get *all* the work Damien Williams would normally get; in other words, there's a chance the Falcons take a more committee approach to substituting Williams' usage.


With who?


Well, Avery Williams took some snaps in the last game. Sure, he was supposed to be relegated to special teams, but he *was* used, and I fully expect Avery to be active again this week. There's also the possibility that the Falcons go out and sign a fourth RB, either from the practice squad or free agency. (They may have already done so; I haven't watched all their moves.) A fourth RB would really just be for pass protection, I imagine, but those are more snaps Allgeier where wouldn't be on the field.


Sometimes maybe good, sometimes maybe shit


Every Sunday Malakia


Gattuso ROS?


Sprint don't walk


Sometimes “maybe shut tha fuck up”. -wahlberg, the departed


Rb1 Because I own him


Good enough for me.


My RBs are Akers, Hall, CPat, Carter, Robinson and Harris. CPat might legitimately be my RB1


To me this situation is real simple... Patterson was used a lot last year and was excellent. The Falcons have not dramatically overhauled their roster or their offensive system. They still need Patterson. Patterson can run and catch the ball, and he'll do both. He's rarely going to get 22 carries, but I could see him frequently getting 10-12 carries and 3-5 catches. The situation is lined up for him to be an RB2. That's it. I really don't understand the arguments claiming he's going to be phased out of the offense (Adam Aizer made this on the CBS podcast the other day). There's no logical reason to believe that.


I was nervous about him going into the season and passed on him. After week 1 I think it’s pretty clear as long as he’s healthy he’s going to contribute. He’s a real weapon for them


As a Falcons Fan, I agree with everything here. He’s got the juice and will be used. He loves Atlanta and his role on the team. And clearly from the last game, he was bulldozing and juking out dudes left and right.


Any thoughts on Allgeier?


> There's no logical reason to believe that. It's because it happened last year. Though I think that was a wear and tear issue.


IMO he’s the ultimate flex. Offense is dumb to leverage one player this much. But also dumb not to use him as much as possible.


I drafted him in 2 leagues. I don’t consider him a *must sell* but I ended up trading him in both for what I consider his top value: traded him straight up for Kyle Pitts, and in the other for Diontae+Singletary+BRobinson (Robinson goes into my IR). For where I got him in each draft this seems like huge value. I think the only way these are bad trades is if he’s *actually* the RB10 or Diontae/Pitts tank way below their draft price.


Getting Pitts for him is pretty crazy. I like C-Pat, but I wouldn't even make that offer. I know the Pitts owner in my league would reject immediately.


I would make both of these trades. Good work.


I tried to sell him for Pitts but the owner (and my stubborn ass uncle) refused to move off of his TE stash, where he has Pitts, Hock, and Higbee with 2 of them starting. Instead I traded for Lamb straight 1 to 1. I'll see if that pans out in a couple of weeks.


Lol *why* would someone want to have all those TEs?! I think the trade for Ceedee will be really good long term


Anyone giving up on Pitts after one week for a mediocre back like Patterson is insane


Someone got Breece Hall for Patterson. Team getting Hall is loaded as fuck and wouldn’t be starting either


That trade in itself doesn’t seem crazy to me, there’s a wide variety of opinions on both guys. Personally I’d rather have Breece, but it’s very possible the Jets split the work too much / Breece disappoints (I have him in one league and very much hope he’s a breakout star, but I recognize he could also be a big disappointment).


Unless it’s dynasty I’m not huge on that for the guy getting Hall


Someone on Atlanta figured out how to utilize his skills, last year. He's the real deal in that offense.


i saw somewhere it was the guy running derrick henry into the ground


I had Cpat last year as waiver wire goat. I chose not to scoop him this year bc I thought last year was somewhat flukey, he doesn’t have the RB/WT designation this year and Atlanta is in a bit of a rebuild. but honestly he looked great last week. I think he is going to wind up being a great value at his ADP and prove a lot of people wrong. He is a playmaker and seems to always be in good shape, avoids injury more often than not I think he’ll be a solid flex each week with RB2-1 upside. I would argue he may be the best player to have on that offense. Still haven’t seen Pitts meet the hype yet and London is a rook


James Connor was the waiver wire GOAT last year


I think you’re a few years off


Maybe he’ll kill it the rest of the season or maybe his legs fall off soon because of his age. High risk high reward


It's not that high of a risk because his ADP was pretty late. It's actually low risk/high reward.


It’s priced in for sure, OP just seemed like he wanted more explanation


Last year I kept doubting he could keep it up and he did so If I had him I’d start him unless he literally died


I think the biggest worry is he falls off like last season. Burned some people in playoffs for sure. At 31 idk if he has enough in the tank to have high usage for an entire season


If last year is any indication he is going to ball out until the playoffs and kill you there because he is exhausted by then lol


He was badly hurt on that ankle, that’s why he fizzled out.


Tyler Allegier SZN


I picked him up! I can see upside If Cpat goes down!


He’s terrible but I have him too . His college highlights are basically low lights


Starting him over Gordon at flex, so I guess that’s where I am ROS


Great first half of season with a steep drop off in the 2nd half. He’s too old to be expecting 100 yard games every week


Who cares? He was cheap AF, and most likely you have guys that can take over if/when he falls off.


He’s a solid weapon, let’s hope he has another productive season. I always draft him, just because I think he balls out every game he can.


he's somebody you avoid and hope bust for no other reason then he's not suppose to be doing this but his situation is exactly the same as last year lol


Oh you mean CP84?


RB2 As a falcons fan


He’s an RB2 to me. Limited miles, not much competition and a guy who is built to handle touches. Only reason he fell off last year was because he played on a bum ankle without letting it heal.


I would play him with confidence until he gets owie




Personally I wouldn’t… I don’t trust CEH and ultimately think you might be able to get something better than CEH if you’re going to trade.


I wouldnt trust him he was absolutely terrible after week 12 last year. At his age I don't see him producing the entire season


Dudes been rolling since last year. He hasn’t shown anything different yet.


I think he’s an amazing RB2 with RB1 upside. Can get good value out of him In a trade. I have both mixon and eckler in one league so decided to trade him and waddle for tyreek.


Backend RB2. Probably like RB25 ROS.


I wasn't able to grab him, but was eyeing him in later rounds. I just don't get why so many places were writing him off after the year he had. Seems like they wrote his demise a little too early.


Last year he was good for the first 4, then was hit or miss. I'd try to trade him for some prospects, there's a lot of good dudes out there that don't look good right now


Traded him for Keenan Allen after week 1. Took a risk on Allen's hammy being ok. Think it could bite me but am not confident in Patterson performing at a RB2 level all season


I traded C Patt for DJ Moore today. Thoughts? It hurt me, but I think I got good value.


Seems like a solid trade if you have other good receiving options


I’m the one who got Moore. I have JT and CMC as my starting RBs with Henderson and Akers in the fold. WRs Diggs, Moore, Bateman, and a bunch of fliers. Feeling good about those positions now, but I’m weak at QB and TE thanks to the Dak injury


Oh gotcha. Still seems like a solid trade for you considering your RBs. Would have to think Moore and Mayfield will continue to build a stronger report as they play more games together too. That sucks about Dak. I drafted him too but also took Burrow in Rd 12 which I’m pretty happy about.


Dang how’d you get JT and CMC? (Keeper league or huge trade?)


Keeper league


He’s good. Mike Davis had a role last year. When patt is out there the offense acts like it. He doesn’t need 300 touches. He’s just good.


Don’t think, just start. Your overthinking this.


As a Falcons fan I can tell you that our o-line looked much improved granted it’s just a one fame sample size. People like to point to bis decline towards the end of the season but in that time we faced a couple of really good defenses that could focus on shutting down the run since Pitts was the only receiver they had to worry about. Plus people forget that he had an ankle injury down the stretch of last season. The addition of London and even Edwards really improves our receiving core so I think CPatt will not have to face as many stacked boxes on a week to week basis.


What are your thoughts on Allgeier? Picked him up as a flyer.


He had a good preseason. So much so that a lot of us thought he might be the starting rb. It’s hard to say how many touches he’ll have but if you have the space for him he could a decent stash.


Thanks, I appreciate it!


Williams got the first drive before he got hurt i think. I also know that CPat flames out terribly down the stretch last year. IMHO, sell high


Birds fan i would fade in on algier


He’ll be a RB2 barring injury. He won’t get 20+ carries much but he should get a good amount of receiving work and be good enough to start.


ATL tried to give Damien Williams half the carries before he got hurt. CPatt is good but if ATL can find anyway to split the backfield they will imo. I don't think they think he can hold up for multiple seasons as a bellcow.


I drafted him late. I’m just gonna enjoy him.


Trying to decide between him and Singletary in .5 ppr. As a Falcons fan, it's tough to put me faith in anyone on that team.


Sell high


I was wrong, he’s gonna do last season again hopefully sans injury. A solid RB2


Traded him for Josh Jacobs yesterday. I will feel dumb this week, but hopefully not Week 6


By fantasy football playoff season Allgeier will be the featured back imo


Maybe I’m overthinking it but I believe Najee Harris will not be anywhere close to what he was last year. With the Steelers O-line and his lingering injury I feel that it’s a must to trade him before his poor performance against the Patriots Sunday. In the next 7 weeks he’s going up against the Browns, Bills, Buccaneers, Dolphins, Eagles, and Saints. That’s not an easy schedule. Offers that I can pull off are strait up for K. Allen or C. Patterson. I’m solid at RB but have Kirk, Mike Williams, and Godwin at WR. Or should I hold Najee?


Personally I’d hold Najee. I get the fear but I’d want more than either CPat or KAllen. If you can’t get more for a Najee trade, I’d hold him.


I think you should…. Ask this question in the index.


I traded Najee for Patterson and Pittman Jr for what it’s worth. Najee’s value has fallen but you can get more than Patterson or Allen for him.


Went zero rb and grabbed him and m carter back to back 8 and 9 round


SELL HIGH I think Patterson is great but he's going to wear down just like last year. I'm not saying to sell him now, but around midseason at the latest I would be shopping hard for a younger piece at the same elite level.


Yeah just flipped him and Monty for Kamara - barring any major injury from Kamara I think I got a steal and sold high. CPatt could be good all year tho he is a great talent and big part of the offense


He certainly could be but I'd rather bet on a non 31 year old RB down the stretch of a long season. Never easy to trade someone away when they're doing well.


Damien Williams led the team at rb snaps before he was injured, but if I owned cpat this year I wouldn’t be too worried about Damien Williams


My RB room is Mixon, A Jones, and Nick Chubb would I ever start C Pat over any of them?


Enjoy him while he lasts


I sent Henry + Julio for Diggs + CPat in PPR


Big win there


He'll be a top 10 rb for about 8 weeks until he gets a nagging injury - a Falcons fan


Tried trading for him plus St. Brown for Lamb


That’s insane


For who lol


Lamb is not worth Patterson and St. Brown


Yea, we both are still iffy about. Got Waddle, Robinson, Pittman Jr and E. Moore


Who would you start this weekend - Najee or CPat? I also have Conner (and played CEH on Thursday).


Had him last year. He’s a blessing until the last few weeks when the coach purposely reduced his snaps to preserve his body. And when I say reduced I mean some significant reduction. So he’s good for regular szn, during the playoffs will be a tossup


Start. This. Man's.


Stud. He was great all last season. He’s clearly RB1 again. Mariota should help them have a solid running game. We know he will catch passes out of the backfield. I think he will finish top 15.


When it comes to odd players I’d look at their body of work. The last season and week one indicates that he’s gonna score points. I don’t understand how his fantasy points can be unsustainable if he’s done it for over a full season. Every talking head last year told me to sell high because he was a fluke. Turns out he’s just a good fantasy back


Honestly, I think CP just got nickelbacked. He gets hate simply because everyone else hated him. You didn't want to be the one person to say you liked him cause if everyone and their mom hates him then they must be right, right? It's not like hate can be irrational. It must be a fact that he can't amount to anything because no one believes in him. The masses are never wrong. In all seriousness, logically it makes sense that he'll be good, but fantasy football isn't about logic. It's about a strong bias against any players you haven't drafted and a belief that you've been robbed if your players didn't pan out.


Hope he has a good game this week. May trade him for Javinte Williams


Would you feel confident starting CPat over Josh Jacobs this week?


Have C Pat, Waddle, Scary Terry, Zeke, Hunt and James Rob. I need at least 1 Wr and 1 Rb. Thoughts?


I don’t understand how they can take him off the field. He’s the best all around athlete they have.


He is an older guy (for a RB) on a bad offensive team that is rebuilding. I AM NOT TOCUHING HIM WITH A 10FT POLE


RB2 with more of a history showing how he can fall short than how he can succeed. I was big on him early in his career.