JJ / Barkley carried me to highest in my league


JJ. The rest doesn’t matter (Seriously. My other receivers were Lamb/Higgins/Williams. Still won.)


Hurts Swift Barkley Pittman M. Williams Hockenson AJ. Dillon Rams Def McPherson Bench Bateman A. Robinson D. Pierce Gainwell Some waiver fodder 10man standard non ppr


12 man standard QB: Josh Allen RB: Derrick Henry, Dillon, Pollard, Burkhead WR: Tyreek, Sutton, Hollywood, Elijah Moore, Mooney TE: Kelce


Man so many people jerking themselves off in here


That’s literally the point of the thread


I got the high score in my 10-man league this week (173.48). 2QB PPR Matt Ryan Tua Tagovailoa D’Andre Swift Christian McCaffrey Justin Jefferson AJ Brown Dallas Goedert Marquis Brown Rams Def Bench: Pacheco, James Robinson, Julio Jones, Olave, Robert Woods, Kmet Res: Deshaun Watson I’m surprised I did this well considering my QB situation. Thinking I should trade some of my bench for a reliable QB. Not sure how sustainable my season will be with Matt Ryan and Tua. Edit: For those who think I’m not serious https://imgur.com/a/9wi0htn


CMC JJ Swift yeah ok


We do an auction draft. I went really hard and paid top dollar for those guys. But it left me with no budget to spend on QBs. Those who play auction would probably argue that I made some poor decisions (as I overpaid on a lot of these elite players and it left me with no remaining budget to round out my team—particularly at QB) https://imgur.com/a/9wi0htn


I wish my leaguemates were this dumb


It's called auction draft, much better fantasy format than snake where you can actually bid up for players you like and have stacks of players that you can never have in snake. You should try it.


Thank you. Not sure why I was downvoted/doubted lol. Auction is superior to snake in every way I think. Should be the norm. Way more fun/interesting.


Cause these kids want to find any excuse to diminish someone else making a good draft other than themselves.


Your league mates suck.


I have Cupp, Jefferson, and Chase in a league. It's an 8-man keeper where you just keep any 4-5 players you want at no cost. My other 2 keepers were Kelce and Saquon.




If i were your teammates i would just forget about that league


10 team Russ Wilson JT Swift Hill Pittman jr Everett A.St brown Metcalf Penny Dotson Bateman D. Henderson Edmonds


You are playing with some bums. I would hate to be in a non competitive league like that


Lol.. who you got?


Just ignore the trolls that same type of comment is made 10,000 times in one season and it’s so annoying.


Well I’m 1-2 now… I’d say it’s still competitive


Still getting shellacked this week.


10 team Kupp, davante, gabe davis, fournette, kyler murray




High points in 10 team ppr with Akers getting me 0. Josh Allen Jeudy, Kirk Mixon, Conner, Akers Kelce McPherson Rams D Bench- Duvernay, MT, Michael Carter, DJ Chark, Godwin


After an off season of work, I got Evans, Pittman, E. Moore, London, Olave, Kirk and Collins.


In my 12 man league, I have Jettas and Taylor. Took Taylor with the 1st pick and then traded my 2nd (Saquon), 4th (Metcalf), and 5th (Herbert) round selections for Jefferson. I also have Higgins, Conner, and Sutton. Muth is my TE. QB is my blaring weakness. I was rolling with Dak, but now I’m gonna have to go with Jameis. Gonna try to pick up Fields as a backup.


Hurts, Burrow, Javonte, Saquon, Edmonds, Diggs, Sutton, Thomas, Waller. Dropped a ton of points this week.


12 player keeper league QB Matt Ryan RB JT RB Chubb WR Chase WR Metcalf TE Mark Andrews Flex Allen Robinson


I don't know about "stacked" but this lineup ended up with 145.2 points, just 3.22 from the league's top score. 12-team PPR Mahomes Kamara, Etienne DJ Moore, Michael Thomas, ARSB Kelce Jake Elliott 49ers defense Even with 3 disappointments I am pleased.


Might not be the definition of stacked, but feeling damn good about it. (formatting sucks in mobile) 10 man PPR: highest points for the week with duds Stafford Swift Jacobs JJ Waddle Pitts Pittman Dotson Carlson Raven D Bench: Hunt J.Rob Pierce Goodwin Hopkins once he comes back from suspension


Well my main team, not so good with the likes of Najee and CD Lamb. Another however, much better… Burrow, Cook, Gibson, Pittman, Chase, Pitt, Evans On the bench: Dillon, JRob, Bateman, Henderson, Claypool, Burks, Mattison


8 man ppr with 3 keepers (I drafted pretty well last year and won the league) QB: Mahomes WR: Kupp, Pittman, Deebo, MT, Mike Williams, Toney RB: Dalvin Cook, Saquon, AJ Dillon, Damien Harris, Eli Mitchell, Rashad Penny, Brian Robinson (IR) TE: Kelce


I have JJ, Kupp, Burrow, Chubb, and Waller as my core in .5PPR 1QB 1 FLEX dynasty. Rest of the team is solid but those guys are the major producers.


Mahomes, CMC, Patterson, Hill, Kelce, Pittman, Ryan, CEH. It feels good to have land. I have Lamb and Zeke riding the bench for now.


i don‘t have a stacked team but i have great cornerstones that can win weeks. hurts, najee, jefferson and kelce.


Hurts, cmc, Barkley, Pittman, waddle, Kelce, Edmonds, with Godwin, e Moore, d Henderson, penny, a rob on the bench. 10 man hppr.


12 Team. Half PPR. Lead my league this past week with 175.38 pts. QB: Josh Allen RB: Zeke, AJ Dillon WR: Kupp, Hollywood TE: Kelce Flex: CPatt D: Buffalo K: McPherson


One league I have Mahomes/kelce stack, CMC, bills D and Yunghoe. Standard Other league I have Herbert / JT / Javonte / saquon / Steelers D / Yunghoe. Wr’s kinda mid W Hollywood both leagues All 12 man leagues


Adams, Barkley, Swift, Waddle, St. Brown, Gibson, and then Michael Thomas on bench. Carr as QB for now but I’ll obviously take it considering the others.


Hurts D. Swift A.Gibson D. Adams M. Evans M. Thomas J. Robinson Need to upgrade my TE though.


12 team PPR Carr/Winston Swift/hunt/sanders/pierce/Stevenson Hill/CD/MT/Hopkins/Palmer Njoku (yikes but bidding for Thomas) Ravens D League plays 3 WRs and 2 non super flex. Liking my depth


My team did so poorly I shouldn’t be allowed in this chat. Even the newbie in my league that picked a qb and defense for his first two round got more pts than me. Unreal


Carr Chubbs Dameon Pierce Justin Jefferson Michael Thomas Travis Kelce Marquise Brown Miami D Justin Tucker Bench: Elijah Moore, Bateman, Edmonds, Allgeier,golladay,pickens,doubs,brain robinson IR Score 170 points this week . 12 man PPR


JJ Adams and Swift


Got a 12 team SF PPR league that’s start 9 with the following: QB: Herbert RB: Ekeler, D Cook WR: J Jefferson, Kupp TE: Kelce Flex: Adams, Gibson SFlex: Tua That team dropped 215 this week, for a start 9 league 4pt passing TD that’s pretty nuts considering Ekeler and Dalvin underperformed.


Did you have 7 top 24 picks?


I know it's superflex but there's not that many QBs I'd draft ahead of Ekeler, Cook, JJ and Kupp. How did you get them all, AND Kelce? Is your league competitive at all?


>'s not that many QBs I'd draft ahead of Ekeler, Cook, JJ and Kupp. How did you get them all, AND Kelce? Is your league competi you forgot adams too. lmao. This man a troll


There’s a very simple explanation for this…I thought I was in the dynasty sub haha.. This is a dynasty team not redraft, my bad fellas.


10 team Jalen Hurts Tyreek Hill AJ Brown Diontae Johnson Derrick Henry Deandre Swift Dawson Knox AJ Dillon Notable Bench: Gabriel Davis


Granted it's an 8-man, but I have Trey Lance, Barkley, Swift, Higgins, Jefferson, Cooks, Waller, Najee, Terry, Eli Mitchell, Michael Thomas, Aiyuk, and Bateman. Feel pretty good about this


However on the contrary my 10 man league team has kittle, jk Dobbins, dak, ceedee, and Eli Mitchell 😩


:10 team PPR: Kyler Saquon 4net Jettas CD (lol) Waller Waddle Slant-man Chargers D/ST


12 team. Mahomes, kirk Chubb, Zeke, Michael Carter. JJ, Waddle, Michael Thomas, Brandin Cooks,


12 man 2 qb 2 flex QB: Hurts / Matty Ice RB: CmC Aaron Jones WR: AJB BCooks Gabe Davis Lazard (when he comes back) TE: Kittle and Evrette not complaining rn


dropped 190+ in my 12 & 10 man this week.. 12 man: Josh Allen, Hunt, Gibson, Kupp, Pittman, Kelce, ARSB, Browns, Blankenship. 10: Herbert, Swift, Saquon, JJeff, Gabe Davis, Pitts, Gibson, Broncos, Butker.