Amari cooper. Burns me every year


Amari Cooper’s YPG by temperature at kickoff: Over 52 degrees: 66.2 Under 52 degrees: 42.6 That was courtesy of Marcus Moesher on Twitter but Amari Cooper struggles in cold weather, he has said himself that he doesn’t like playing in the cold. The Cleveland experience should be interesting for him haha.


Part of his problem is also that he's always dealing with multiple strains and pulls by that time of year. I said this last year too, Cooper starts hot, leaves a game because he tweaks something, and then continues to push through it...not allowing himself to rest and recover. He doesn't miss games but if you watch closely, he'll be favoring something or lose his explosiveness. Eventually, he'll have a short stretch of pretty good health and his numbers show it, then he tweaks something again. Its an endless cycle that's just not worth it.


Well it’s a good thing he’s playing in…uh…. Yeah, that’s not gonna be great.


I'm going to remember this. Thanks


I took and got burned by Hopkins last year. Also Waller


Ugh, I thought Waller was a steal at #30 in round 3. I was very wrong.


For a single game he was lol.


I thought I was such a genius for drafting him after that game.


Same here. Plus I had Kyler and Ridley. Last season was very bad for me


I had Cmc, Ridley, Robinson and Murray in the first 6 rounds..


Who are you taking this year? I’m asking so that I can avoid those players.


I’m flying pretty much blind this year. I’m in between keeping CMC in the 1st or Najee in the 2nd as a keeper depending on where I land in the draft, so probably stay away from both.


Thanks. Good luck this year.


In one of my leagues I had Dobbins and Edwards, picked up Mitchell who proceeded to miss time, Kittle, Higgins who missed a few weeks here and there. Eventually made a trade in which I got Mike Davis, Chris Carson, and Calvin Ridley all of whom ended up being basically useless for one reason or another. I thought DeVante Parker would provide a bit of stability for a little while there, NOPE. Elijah Moore finally coming into his own, nope hurt. At least I have Patrick Mahomes to anchor my team, sucked the entire middle third of the season sans one 40 point game. Had mostert as well but that one was on me. That was all in one league lol. In a different one I traded for Derrick Henry and got half a game out of him, that was fun.


Spent like 40% of my faab on mitchell, had TJ Hockinson in the same league. Somehow I traded for AJ Brown right when he got healthy and the cowboys D scored enough points that I only missed playoffs by 1 game and lost the record tiebreaker for the last spot by like 25 pf Edit: not even joking I drafted Mostert and Jeudy also. Almost my entire team missed half or more of the season


Hill in the 1st and J.K Dobbins in the 4th both burned me. Dobbins obviously didn't play last year and Hill could get me 32 points in a game or 2


Everyone is entitled to their own opinion but i don’t consider season ending injuries busts. I would much rather have drafted dobbins than calvin ridley. Or allen robinson. Give me the guy who i know i can drop and replace over the guy who sits on my bench for 10+ weeks not knowing when you should start him


To add onto that, dobbins went down before week 1. You could have easily replaced him with cordarrelle patterson for example by end of week 1. Allen robinson probably wasn’t replaced by most people until at least week 8. Who are you replacing him with by then? Chubba hubbard?


Funnily enough that’s exactly what I did last season with dobbins and Patterson. Got me a deep playoff run out of it


I also spent a good chunk of my auction $$ on Hopkins. My mindset was receivers like davante Adam's and Diggs wouldn't be able to replicate their insane numbers from the previous year. I thought Hopkins was due for a big year. Same mindset... I wouldn't draft Cupp this year and expect a repeat of last year... gotta find this years Cupp


I think McDaniels will do a great job getting Waller redzone targets, I’m a Pats fan and I think proper use of TEs was one of McDaniels best qualities during his tenure here


Antonio Gibson. The most stressful and painful 15 points a game you’d ever watch. I’ll save myself the headache


Reminds me of Josh Jacobs too. It will take you ALL 60 minutes to get 12.3 points.


Why would you make yourself sit through Commanders games? Redzone baby


Oh 100% redzone. I’m talking about staring at the name on the app while the team is on the field and seeing nothing change for 3 quarters, only to give up depressed and come back with him randomly flopping into the endzone. Or even worse. The Commanders BEING on Redzone and watching JD get 3 back to back drives and dump off catches


TIL Josh jacobs = Antonio gibson


Honest question: Do you have to refer to previous Redskins players/games/history as Commanders now? It would sound incredibly weird to hear someone talk about "former Commanders QB" Joe Theismann. I'm glad they moved on from the Redskins name, but where do you draw the line on referring to the past?


Should be any player who played exclusively with the Redskins is called a Redskin


Well, last year I had Calvin Ridley, but I expect some regression this year, so I'm avoiding him.


I disagree. This year he is injury proof so might be a good stash


Big brain


Lol I’m taking him last in a lot of keeper leagues




Yeah I’m projecting 0 rec/0 yds/0 TDs with 24 trips to the casino


Yeah my Points Per Sportsbook Appearance league he’s my #1


Don’t bet on it


Gabriel Davis. Not because quality but because I think he's going to be that guy shooting up draft boards based off that one game.


I know if he's somewhat reasonable, I want him.


Honestly fair play. I just know he's going to be that one guy who people want and will slowly creep up draft boards where guys like Lazard, Woods, London, etc are all going way later and I just don't see the difference.


Michael Thomas. I'm half convinced he'll announce his retirement this season.


Keyshawn Johnson was saying this dude was a border line top 5 receiver yesterday lmao I could easily find 12 guys better than him


Lmao isn’t Keyshawn MT’s uncle?


Yup lol


MT is his nephew, also last time MT was playing he was easily top 5


If dude was healthy and played the last 2 years, he could be in the conversation for top 5 receiver. Dude was legit. Dude was increasing his total yards year over year since his rookie year, 1100, 1200, 1400, 1700, racking up receptions like they were going out of style. But dude opted not to have modern medicine fix his ankle, and here we are 2 years later and it remains to be seen if he is even the best receiver on his own team. What an epic collapse of what he could have been. But we all love a good redemption arc, hope he can show some of that top 5 upside, but I'm not touching him unless I can get him hugely discounted.


You said dude a lot in that paragraph


I guess I need vary my pronouns up. Dude don't cut it


For what it’s worth I enjoyed the comment anyway haha


Thanks my dude


Michael Thomas where's my car?


Yeah I think people forget how good he was after a rough year or two, and it wasn't just because Brees made him look good


When he's healthy he is. Not sure how that's a wild take. His first four seasons he was averaging 118 rec. 1378 yards and 8 TDs a season


This is one of my biggest gripes in sports talk. If you are going to throw out a number like top 5, top 10, 20, 50, top half or whatever it is, then you have better have actually made a list to back that up. Justin jefferson, cooper kupp and ja’marr chase are locks for top 5. Personally i dont see how you can leave davonte adams out of the top 5 either. So if michael thomas is a top 5 wr, even putting fantasy football aside, that would have to mean that thomas is better than all of these guys: cedee lamb, stefon diggs, tyreek hill, deebo samuel, aj brown, keenan allen, dk metcalf and mike evans. I get the feeing keyshawn johnson would probably say 8 or 9 of all the guys i listed are “top 5” wide receivers


As an LSU fan, I still can’t get over how quickly JJ and Chase acclimated to the league. I thought Chase would be special, but thought JJ would have a long “good” career. Hearing them in top 5’s all the time now makes me reflect on how stacked that Tigers team was.


Burned me two years ago followed up by getting burned by CMac last year.


CMC. Won’t be fooled a 3rd straight time.


It’s the first round you pick 6th while you think about your choice you look out the window and there he is cmc with your favourite flowers and a I’m sorry sign , you can’t resist him ang decide to give him a last chance topping it of by getting Saquon 2nd 💀


If any top 50 adp shows up to my draft with flowers and a note to me I'm taking them in the first round.


But outside the top 50 you're not biting?


Seems so , Lamar Jackson gotta step up his game if he wants a chance. winning only ONE MVP won’t help you if you’re Nr51


Can't even win the NVP - I'll pass on him for The Titty Man


If Hollywood or the Sun God show up they can pound sand.


A true romantic


[How could you say no to that face?](https://imgur.com/a/PgptdbP)


God, a CMC Saquon backfield sounds so incredible, and it's doable this year, but damn it's risky lol


You're either winning the league or picking first next year. Seems like a win-win no-brainer to me.


Rewarding first overall pick for finishing last is bush league


NFL is a bush league confirmed


If he's holding a boom box over his head too then I'm toast.


Drafting CMC comes with the headache of not just his injuries but the sheer frustration that comes with dealing with Matt Rhule’s coach speak, the way the Panthers jerk you along for weeks before putting a player on IR, etc. i think as we move further away from last season, people forget just how annoying that aspect was


“mild hamstring strain” “he could have gone back in the game with the ankle” out for the season


Regarding the latter point, the Panthers were very much out of playoff contention and they have a long-term investment in CMC. It is in their best interest to prolong his health. It's honestly believable he could've returned from the sprained ankle if they were in playoff contention. Think Joe Mixon's foot injury in 2020. After Burrow went down, what incentive was there to get Mixon on the field?


For sure! I have had lots of great players on shitty teams get shelved for the fantasy playoffs over the years. It is an element that isn’t talked about enough. It is all the more reason to invest in great offenses on great teams. But sometimes players get shelved on great teams cuz playoffs are a lock.


That's why I'm hesitant, not the injury history itself. I think there's been enough statistical investigation into rbs and injuries to feel confident that he's not necessarily riskier than any other running back. But he does have the absolutely most elite coach at giving no information and stringing people along on a week to week basis.


I might not be taking him in the top 4 but dammit if he's there at 5 I'll probably do it.


I'm selecting him 2nd overall


Just done our draft order and I got the #2. Assuming JT goes first, I will join the CMC club this year. I haven’t had him since his rookie year, so I’m ready to be hurt or happy.


I've kept him the last two years after drafting him in 2019. Will always love him for 2019, but it is looking more and more like an aberration every year that passes, and I cannot keep a guy who barely plays a third of his teams games


That's the thing right there. Has any player at a skill position ever missed 2 full seasons in a row and then returned to elite form? It's a huge gamble with the one draft pick you cannot afford to gamble with. Your first round guy needs to be the most dependable thing on your team, not a guy who is a dice roll to be meh or miss the better part of another season. I wouldn't draft CMC unless he somehow fell to the 2nd round. Dead ass serious. I'm also skeptical that even if he comes back well that the Panthers will risk giving him the same absurd number of touches again, to better preserve him for the entire season. Anyone expecting 2018 to 2019 numbers again is chasing the past. It's over.


I think you’re missing some important information in your take here. He didn’t miss 2 full seasons in a row. He did miss a lot of games for sure, but whenever he was playing and healthy, he was still absolutely elite. Basically every time he’s on the field, he’s an RB1, if not the RB1. He hasn’t given us any reason to think he’s not still elite, and he just got a QB upgrade. He’s had some bad injury luck, and has an annoying coach not telling us the truth about the injuries, but if he’s healthy, he’s a league winner. You don’t get a reward for having a pretty good team in FF. 1 person wins and 11 lose. You have to shoot for upside, especially with the top couple picks in the whole draft. If he goes down again, better luck next year. If he stays healthy, you’re set up to win. 2nd place and 12th both still lost, shoot for upside


CMC is like herpes man. You want to not draft him but he keeps coming back to your team.


This was exactly me last year with Joe Mixon. Gotta love fantasy frickin football.


None of his injuries have been remotely connected. They’ve all been completely random things. That screams at us that it’s mostly just bad luck. There’s no scientific reasoning for him to be considered injury prone beyond repair. Sure, he’s a bit more beat up than a guy like Jonathan Taylor, but at 26, he’s still in his prime as a running back. Draftsharks only rates him as a medium injury risk, and while it does say there’s a near 100% chance he misses at least a bit of time, he’s a much lower injury risk than guys like Ekeler, Cook, and Swift. I’m 100% drafting him anywhere I can get him. We overestimate how accurate we are with our injury prone labels.


Is it bad luck? How many have been non-contact? I think the worry would be some sort of mechanical issue in the way he runs, something that is possibly borne out of previous injury that creates the potential for future problems. Hamstring injuries have a high recurrence rate, as do some forms of ankle strain. Even if bad luck caused the first one your risk of reinjury is higher. This would the 'scientific reasoning' for being concerned about future injury. I'd still take him because the risk is worth the reward to me if you get him in the mid to late first, but I can see why others would shy away.


CEH. Guy doesn’t pass the eye test or analytics, all in a top 5 offense with the best QB in the league. No thanks


He had the same PPG as Javonte last season and left a game or two early due to injury. Javonte is going 16th overall and CEH is going 60th overall. Take that for what you will.


This is more an indictment on people severely over drafting Javonte on talent vs workload. I’ll take Melvin at his ADP though. Denver offense should be above average and both back should put up top 25 RB numbers.


> This is more an indictment on people severely over drafting Javonte I 100% agree, but I do think that CEH is a slight value at the moment. KC has a ton of vacated targets, and a decent number of those could trickle down to CEH.


Absolutely he SHOULD have a much more productive year. But this thread was “Who are you never drafting again” and CEH is the guy for me. Too many Should Haves, not enough production, and too much flash from career backups out playing him in the same scheme.


Smells like value


I was very pleased with him last year. He had very good games while healthy. If you view him as a stud or a centerpiece of your team I think that’s a mistake


I’m avoiding Gibson and Elliot


I trusted Gibson last year and he failed me. I feel the same. But as Zeke has been falling in ADP, I'd grab him in round 4 or 5 without hesitation. I'm in a superflex league so the QBs fly early.


Wasn’t Gibson RB10 last year?


It was a very ugly RB10, a lot of single digit point games.


Riverboat Ron straight benched him during points in games.


TBF he was playing with a stress fracture for a good chunk of the season


Seriously like the dude had a messed up bone he was playing thru so duh Ron was not playing him if he didn't have to


I drafted Gibson last year at the 1/2 turn and I'll draft him at the turn for 3/4 if he's still there this year. I didn't feel burned at all, just didn't get the upside I had hoped for. I got burned by much worse over the last few years.


Yeah but it really didn't feel like it. Starting him 3 weeks in a row and he'd get 7ish points while Mckissic gets 2 TDs, so I bench him for Melvin Gordon or something. Then Gibson puts up 20 on the bench. Rinse and repeat. I'm avoiding him for sure


Zeke I trust at ADP. He’s still gonna get a ton of volume imo. Pollard is a good role player, but he’s not a workhorse. Zeke is still gonna get a lot of 3rd down work and the goal line touches, and that’s the stuff that counts. He was a disappointment at his mid first round ADP last year, but in the 3rd and sometimes even 4th round, he could be a huge value. 100% agree on Gibson tho. They’ve given us every indication they’re not committed to him.


I needed Gibson to get me 2 more points in my playoff game last year to win. I don’t think he had a touch in the second half of the game. Would have won the championship when I checked who my matchups would’ve been. Definitely on do not draft list


Probably somebody I'm gonna draft


Julio Jones. Not today satan


Guy in my main league picked him right before me and I gladly took Cooper Kupp next. We played each other in the playoffs and I won by 1 point with Julio scoring zero. 🙂


I usually couldnt care less when people post their own fantasy football experiences, but this is a good one!


Oooof! Man he fucked me. Had em with Atlanta and he produced. He fell hard


Is he even getting drafted by anybody


Is he even going to be on an NFL roster?


I’m sure he will be by week 1 but I don’t think that necessarily makes him draftable outside of deep leagues


Nice handle


I drafted him as a rookie in 2011 in my dynasty league and have had him every year since then. I obviously will not be keeping him this year. Im also a big Bama fan so its doubly sad. Thinking about having a retirement party for him.


I'd be hesitant to take Mahomes at his current ADP without Tyreek.


I think going QB in the first 4 rounds just isn’t a good idea overall. We’re very good at projecting who will be top ~10, the guys in the set and forget range. Last year, 14 QBs were drafted in the first 10 rounds, and 10 of those finished top 10. Lamar was also QB7 in PPG but got injured, and Wilson was great for fantasy before injury as well. Lance just straight up didn’t play, and Tannehill was the only guy who straight up didn’t perform. We tend to be able to figure out those guys pretty well. On the other hand, in like the past 10 years, only 3 QBs in the top 3 in ADP actually finished top 3. Sends a pretty clear message - you wanna be going QB in the mid rounds, somewhere like round 6-9 is ideal, and imo, u wanna try to avoid the guys like Tannehill who bank their production on unreasonable levels of efficiency, but that’s a separate conversation.


Brady and burrow or hurts seem good this year. Kirk cousins getting mad disrespected at his ADP as well. He's not flashy but I'm tempted to go 0 qb and grab him late with a t law bench option.


I know it's a reach but I always take Brady round 5-7 , there's usually a run of QBs in round 6


Mid round qb chicken. Sounds familiar. Thinking grabbing the goat is a good use of a pick even with gronky "retired" and Godwin out


Not worried about Mahomes. The game in KC will look different, for sure, but I think JuJu will get quite a bit of underneath work and open it up for MVS up top. It won’t be like before, but with plenty of underneath routes by JuJu and Kelce, and his accuracy, the points and yards will still be there.


MVS catch % over the past 4 years with one of the most accurate qbs in history who won 2 MVP awards during that time... 49.8%. I know they are typically deep balls with a lower completion percentage but theres a reason the packers let him go.


Dudes got stone hands sometimes. I’ve never rostered him for the three years I’ve had AR for a stack becuase of the streakiness


Surprisingly enough - MVS had no drops last year. He must have really worked on it.


Alvin Kamara at least until word is passed about suspension. Where he is at right now ADP wise is way too high for someone who might miss 4-6 (or more) games.


Right now, sure. But I expect that by the time draft season comes around, he’ll have fallen a lot. I’d still value him as an early 3rd. When he’s playing, he’s a locked in RB1. I’m perfectly happy to go 4-6 weeks without a guy like that if I can get him at a major discount. I expect him to be closer to a 4th round pick, maybe even a 5th, by the time the season comes around. Huge value, particularly if ur playing in casual leagues where you expect making the playoffs to be fairly easy.


This. If I can get him at a discount, I'll jump on it. I don't think he even gets suspended this season, but I'm not chancing an early round or high dollar value pick on that. But at a 3rd round, 40ish dollar value, worth it even if he does miss some time.


We don't hate players, we hate ADP's. I personally think Saquon is a value in some drafts. I try to stay away from the emotional "Not drafting this guy again" mentality. Also try to remember I am typically not that much smarter than ADP. Made me miss out on guys that hit in the past like Fournette after he switched teams. I really don't like CEH and Gibson at cost. CEH because of talent and workload, Gibson because they don't want to give him receiving work and just brought in an additional back to spell him.


Probably Mike Williams at his ADP. I've seen him close to top 10 in the WR ranks, but he's more boom or bust. He had a streak of 5 points per game and has had a tendency to get injured. I'd rather get Pittman, DJ Moore, or Waddle around that area, but with my luck he will outscore Allen this year haha.


I've seen him drafted all over the place. I like him in the mid-4th round and on, but anything before that and it's a bit too rich for my blood.


deshaun watson


Barkley actually seems like a crazy value this year IMO everybody said the same thing about Mixon last year and I got him in the third somehow & paired with Kupp last year it was a great season for me.


I drafted Kamara, Mixon, Saquon, Kyler, Mclaurin in the first 5 rounds last year. There was a few weeks where I literally didn’t have my first 4-5 picks playing. I traded for A-Rob (trying to buy low on him in the beginning of the season) I THEN traded for Calvin Ridley later, the next week he quit football. I THEN TRADED for James robinson right before deadline to make a playoff run for and the next game he tore his Achilles. It was a rough season fantasy wise for me. I was cursed


That is the definition of snake bit!


I won with Ridley and Barkley last year. Nothing can keep me down. Lol


Chase claypool


Michael Thomas, I can't be convinced he wants to play football for the Saints.


Pitts. No way he returns value with Mariota and no other WR’s to cover.




People are sleeping on London like they sleep on top 15 drafted rookie WRs every year


Corey Davis was a top 5 pick in 2017. And who was his QB rookie year? Marcus Mariota. HARD pass on London


It’s not a knock on London it’s a knock on a rebuild offense led by Marcus Mariota


Mariota has to throw somewhere, it’ll either be Pitts or London


Great city.


Idk man, George kittles best season came with Nick Mullens at qb and no other wrs to cover


I reached for Pitts last year. If he’s available in mid rounds this year I’ll happily take him again. Even with the major QB downgrade, a year of increasing strength and experience dealing with double coverage in the NFL should help. The team is going to be throwing a LOT this year (in the 3rd and 4th) and if mariota’s gonna force it to anyone it’s gotta be Pitts. No longer has the Matt Ryan redzone effect either so I’ll happily roll the dice


I’m kinda more bullish on him, especially if Ridder takes over at some point when Mariota inevitably misses time. Rookie QB’s looove throwing to their tight ends. Also maybe a hot take: I think Mariota has a Tannehill like resurgence season


Mariota also loves throwing to TEs


I think the rookies loving TEs thing is just a narrative that doesn't show up in the numbers but I still agree on being bullish -- a TE who exclusively runs routes, is the best receiver on a team, on a team that will always be providing garbage time fantasy production, seems like a good pick at ADP


The rookie qb throwing to tight ends thing has pretty much been disproven https://www.4for4.com/2015/preseason/do-rookie-quarterbacks-really-favor-tight-ends but rookie quarterbacks do have trouble going through their progressions and tend to predetermine where they will throw the football. This leads them locking in and hyper-targeting the best receiving option on the team and that’s Kyle Pitts.


Pitts at his current ADP of the mid to late 3rd is actually not too bad imo. I’m not a big fan of Mariota or Ridder either but keep this in mind, the HC for the Falcons was the TE coach for most of Mariota’s time in Tennessee. Delanie Walker had some pretty good years with the titans during this period of time and he was also 29 when he joined the team. Pitts is a much better TE than Walker imo and given his freakish physically attributes, I think he’ll be the main target on this team so the fact that he’ll see a ton of targets and opportunities would make him a fantastic TE1 and good 3rd round pick.


Mariota supported Delanie Walker for 3 top TE seasons including 2015 where Mariota fed Walker with 133 targets resulting in a 94/1,088/6 season for him. The Titans starting WRs were Harry Douglas and Dorial Green-Beckham, not guys teams are game planning around. Derrick Henry wasn’t even drafted yet, the Titans had zero weapons except for Walker. I dont see why Mariota cant repeat that with Pitts who is lightyears above Delanie Walker and on a (very) slightly better offense than the Titans pre-Henry. The Falcons and Mariota are not going to be good, doesn’t mean Pitts still cant get his.


Don’t know what his ADP is but I’d happily take him at a reasonable spot. They did draft London but the flip side of no receivers is he’s going to get a ton of targets on a crap team (I say this as a Falcons fan) playing from behind that will always be passing.


mariota to delaine walker was money for years tho, if anything it shows mariota has an affinity for the te if they're a good player


Mariota loves his tight ends


Russell Wilson! 2020 he shit the bed during playoff time and 2021 was an absolute disaster. He will probably be fantastic this year but will be for some else’s team


I would have said Russell before the playoffs last year, but he basically single handedly won me my championship in week 17, so he redeemed himself with me


Same thing in 2019. He’ll put up MVP numbers for the first 10ish weeks then disappear


10ish weeks is over half the fantasy season lol. Just take him and grab a high upside guy like Fields, Z Wilson, or Lance. If you told me my QB would play MVP caliber for 10 games, you take that every time.


Had a buddy play him against me in the fantasy playoffs when it was Seattle vs GB. He threw 5 picks that game and I only won by 2-3 points. I don’t blame her for never taking him again haha


Chris Godwin. Love the talent, but don’t trust the rumors he’ll be ready for week 1 and with that injury that late in the season I’m not holding him on my roster for weeks/months


Tyler Lockett.


Booms the week you bench him Busts when you start him No brakes on the Lockett thrill ride


CMC, Akers, Michael Thomas.


Deshaun Watson


Wouldn’t say I have a “do not draft” guy because I will draft someone if they end up falling in the draft but right now, I’d say Gibson. Drafted him last year and the year before and he’s left a very underwhelming impression on me. At his current ADP, I’m staying far away but if he falls a round or two, I’d be okay with taking him.


His current adp is RB19/OVR37 and he finished as the rb10 last year. It might not have felt great but avoiding him at that adp feels dumb considering his adp already reflects it not being a strong rb10.


I had him too and he was extremely disappointing. His good games were so sporadic and random. I have no numbers in front of me, but I swear he’d have like a 28+ point game, then put out 5-8 point games the next 3 weeks. Just frustrating results like that. I was just lucky to pick up Michael Carter, Elijah Mitchell, and Mattison when Cook went down, and rode them as my RB2’s with Ekeler as my RB1. Gibson had a permanent spot on my bench.


Cooper Kupp at his current ADP. His ceiling was last year IMO.


Yea his ceiling was 2021 but even if you get 75% of that he can still be WR1 and worth the pick.


Everyone thought he’d drop off last season at some point to and he never did. Sure, it’ll be difficult to mirror such an unbelievable season like last year, but that shouldn’t be a knock. Guy is a stud and u shud draft him if given the chance




His ceiling was the best fantasy season for a WR all time, was it not? Maybe not best irl season, but still. He’s got a lot of room to regress and still provide value at ADP.


Especially in PPR. His average last season was basically 8 catches, 115 yards, and 1 TD per game. That's an average of 25.5 points per game. Even if you get 75% of that next season, that's still 18-19 points per game. That's still a really good pick.


He doesn’t even have to hit that ceiling to justify his ADP right now though. He’s not going first overall.


He’s going in the top 5


I’m aware of that. But his ceiling is 1st overall. So getting him at 5 is perfectly justified.


That's perfectly fine in PPR or half PPR. Nothing about that offense changed.




Allen Robinson. No, fucking, way


Christian Mccaffery. He was amazing in 2019. 3 years ago. He’s played in 4 games since. Drafting him in the first round is delusional at this point


CMC. I got burnt 2 years in a row by him, I cant do a third year.


Derrick Henry. Dude has 1401 NFL carries. His yards per attempt was down to 4.3 last year. The Titans have the 25th ranked o-line (per PFF). They just lost AJ Brown. If Henry was going mid 2nd I'd take him but top 5 is too much.


I'd easily take him with pick 4 and on. I imagine the titans will be leaning on him pretty heavily without AJ Brown.


The real difference with Henry for me is whether or not the league is PPR or half PPR. Henry only gets points rushing the ball and only if the Titans are in a close game or have a lead. If they fall behind he gets scripted out pretty quick and you're dependent on touchdowns. He's risky to take top 3. Especially coming off a major injury.


Saqoun in the late 2nd early 3rd in 1 QB leagues is fine. I won't be touching Antonio Gibson lmao


I think Gibson’s ADP will fall and he will return value. Rivera talked about using his RBs similar to D Williams and J Stewart in 2008 when he went 12-4. If Gibson is playing the D Williams role, he could have nice value. Not saying he is pushing for RB1 numbers, but he will be a solid RB2.


Come drafts I think Gibson falls to 5th/6th


AJ Brown




Waller going off this year. I get it, you got burned last year, but Waller is healthy now and I don’t think people understand how beneficial it will be to have Adams there to help pull coverage away from the middle of the field.


Kind of interesting to see Waller on a bunch of lists. I've been getting him in the 5th of Yahoo mocks and think that's a steal. He was injured a lot of last year and playing through injury... a bummer for last year but if he's healthy this year he's going to be a 900-1100 7TD+ TE option.


Did you watch any of those games? There were times when Waller was triple teamed for entire halves. This is why Hunter Renfrow was running around free. I have the opposite reaction: with Adams now on the team I think Waller will return back to dominance and Renfrow will be the odd man out.


Amari Cooper


In redraft I'm not drafting Hopkins, AJ brown (bc I can get smith a few rounds later) But...this is a hard question to answer...if you get good value on a guy....you gotta take it.


Agreed. I’m trying to prioritize value more overall this year than I have in any years past.


Joe Mixon. I refuse to let history repeat itself even if he’s in a better situation now. Those few years cut wounds that are too deep.




CMC man. I don’t need all my league mates low balling me with garbage offers as he sits injured on my bench for most the season. I might take him in the 3rd round maybe


CMC. I love him, he’s prob gonna ball out but two years in a row I’m fucking out


McCaffrey. Too injury prone, and getting older


CMC, Saquon. Will Fueller just because