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PPR 10 Team League QB:) Jalen Hurts RB:) Johnathan Taylor RB:) Ronald Jones WR:) Stefon Diggs WR:) Antonio Brown*/ CeeDee Lamb FLEX:) Tee Higgins TE:) Kyle Pitts D/ST:) Bears K:) Nick Folk


Your team is quite similar to mine. I just can't decide between Pitts, Muth and Everett. Good luck to you!


I have to choose between Pitts and Hunter Henry. It's hard to play Pitts with confidence against the Bills, but I've played him all season.


I was lucky enough to grab Ertz off waivers when he was hurt. I swapped him in for Pitts and it saved my season during a crucial run.


Yeah Pitts is the right call I think. He still gets a consistent 6 to 7 targets so you have potential there. I'm just banking on big Ben going out with a bang and throwing 100 times and a couple of times could go to Muth. I've also played Pitts all season too but it's vs. bills and with the bills run defense a little weaker, I might just try to pound the ball even though I'm not sure how effective they'll be with it.


I would go Pitts. Worst case scenario the Falcons get down big early and they have to sling it 45 times. Volume is king.


Thank you for all the smiley faces. This is a wonderfully happy way to start 2022 Edit @59 upvote: since my other comment got lost: 10 Team PPR QB: Patty Mahomes RB: Joe Mixin’ RB: Josh Jacobs WR: SUN GOD WR: Stefon Diggs TE: Kelce FLEX: Sony Michel DST: Bills or Miami (plz help me pick) K: Greg The Leg


Listen to me carefully. You better play Buffalo and live with whatever happens.


Agreed. That weather alone makes that an easy call.


BILLS and don’t think twice about it. It’s the play. It’s like if you have a 12 in blackjack and the dealer shows a face card: you’re hitting


Double down




Bills at home in the cold vs a dome team lol


Miamis scored 25 points in 2 of last 4weeks though lol.


Sure but Miami is also traveling north and having to play in 40° rainy weather…you do you bro just commit to what you feel is right


Miami has had a cakewalk schedule the last 5 weeks too.




Have you been starting Pitts all year?


Yes I have, I traded Gronkowski away for Chase Edmonds and Tee Higgins. I started Logan Thomas that one game but he got injured and tore his ACL.


Wow you deserve a lot of credit for sticking with Pitts. He’s finally paying off for you.


Yeah, he just hasn’t gotten the touchdowns or else he will be higher. I reached for him in the 4th round though. He will have an amazing career!


Entire Team: Almost all backups


Same here. My team doesn’t deserve to be in the finals but here we are. Why not get lucky one more time


You deserve to be there, it's a weekly game, all you need to do is beat the team your are playing! Takes a lot of hard work to ride so the back ups especially this season.


This! Rolling with DOnta foreman, Boston Scott, and Kendrick Bourne. No, there aren’t any better players available on the wire. Yes, Im aware that I don’t belong in the finals. Currently projected to lose by 31 points but if we all concentrate our underdog-hive-mind together, maybe we have a chance. Any given Sunday, right guys???


I'm slated to lose by 20 but that's been the case the past two weeks. Here I am. Let's see if this dumb luck continues!


I've got Drew Lock going at QB in my contract league. Can't pick up any players mid-season, and my 3 other QBs are Lamar, Cousins and Daniel Jones.


Who are they


Dick Pic Six Full ppr no kickers 2 flex , 10 man league QB: Aaron Rodgers WR: Devante Adams WR: Tee Higgins RB: Austin Ekeler RB: Darrell Williams or Michael Carter TE: Georgie Kittle Flex: Diontae Johnson Flex: DJ Moore D: Bears D


I would start Darrell Williams


CEH officially ruled out now


id maybe bench DJ for Carter, he's going to get all the snaps w Tevin Coleman out - DJ will likely have to deal w/ Lattimore who held Davante parker to 0 catches last week


12 team full PPR QB: Jalen Hurts RB: Joe Mixon RB: David Montgomery WR: Davante Adams WR: Cooper Kupp TE: George Kittle or Dawson Knox Flex: Lockett/MG3/Ogunbuwale Def: Saints or Cowboys Kicker: Elliot


Don’t see how you could lose honestly this is ridiculous for a 12 team league


I’m playing against josh allen, kupp, JT, and Jefferson this week in a 16 team league fml


Jefferson probably gonna put up a stinker. Backup qb + 5 degree weather.


The flip side is he can also see 15 targets and break one. They still have to stack the box against Cook, leaving JJ at least with a chance. I also have both Cook and JJ, plus Dillon. I’m hoping for a barn burner to break out 😬


Bro have u ever watched a game in these conditions?


Every one nationally broadcast since’75. I’ve seen everything happen from Fouts get shut down in Cincinnati, to Buffalo destroy the Raiders to Mac Jones a few weeks ago play a good first time cold weather game. Anything is possible. It is going to be cold with winds settling down by kickoff. I’m starting JJ regardless. Cook as well. They’re going to have to put the ball in the air 30 times at least. If he can come down with a few of those, and maybe slip behind the coverage, it’s worth the risk. Cook is averaging 150yds a game his last two at Lambeau. You have to hope he can carry the offense and open up the pass. It’s not worth sitting either player at this point for me.


I don't think JJ will be anything to worry about this week.


Adams and Kupp alone in full PPR is insane


Well now you just gave that team the kiss of death


I imagine the old guy from Dazed and Confused... *"Thirteen starters coming back, 22 lettermen... loookin' tough!""*


That arm ready to throw for 3000+ yards this year?




wtf all of your players are top 10 except for Montgomery maybe? Would love to see your draft order or trades. Idk how you get this team in a 12 team league.


Congratulations you win


Fyi you can press space space enter to do line breaks that aren’t double spaced :)




I’ve been starting that TE all season.


Full PPR 12-team QB: Hurts RB: Swift RB: RoJo WR: AJB WR: Chase TE: Knox FLEX: Jacobs/Van Jefferson/Penny K: Elliott DEF: Cowboys Any opinions on who to start at flex?




Might have to go penny man. They’ve got Detroit and he’s been dominating. Van Jefferson would be my pivot if you needed it. Jacob’s will be going in a negative game script against a solid run d.


12 Team PPR QB: Stafford RB: Dalvin/Mixon WRs: Kupp, Keenan, Waddle, Chase TE: Mandrews K: Justin Tuck D/ST: Chicago but can pivot to Dallas


Good luck!


holy shit this team is stacked! what trades did you make to get this roster?


I actually lost Godwin to an ACL as well but no trades! Just good luck and my leaguemates being super low on guys like Chase, Mixon, Stafford


Ballsy move to draft both Chase and Mixon


Wow that's superb drafting well done man! Good luck in the chip your team is gonna be hard to beat


If you put two enters between lines it will separate it into actual rows because reddit is weird like that Like This


Whoops Ope


You got this! Stafford/Kupp stack against BAL non existent secondary, Andrews and Cook and Mixon. You’re going to crush!


Damn this is my team on steroids LMAO (No Kupp/Andrews) Only advantage I have is Josh Allen instead.


Full PPR 10 Man 2 QB QB1) Josh Allen QB2) Tyler Huntley RB1) Jonathan Taylor RB2) D’Andre Swift WR) Brandon Aiyuk WR) Cole Beasley WR) Zay Jones TE) Mark Andrews Flex) Sony Michel DST) 49ers K) Nick Folk Have Mike Evans also so will be plugging him in if he is active. My WR corps has been ravaged.


I was going to say that team is absolutely stacked, except for the WR corps, which made it seem like there were some injuries.


Yep, had Evans and Hopkins but had some bad luck there.


Fuckkkk me too! Lucked out with St Brown though. But struggling to decide between Lockett and Berrios


Feels bro, I've got godwin, Hopkins, woods and fornette all on IR, plus Gibson out this week .. fml


I have the same WR problem…but your backup WR are worse… would yo upstart Mike Evans coming off COVID and an injury over D Mooney or MVS?


It’s rough. But yes I’d start Evans for the TD upside.


I'd be worried with Aiyuk except your RB's will score so many points it doesn't matter.


Full PPR (Only got here by dropping 185 last week); QB: Burrow RB: Damien Harris RB: Swift WR: Adams WR: AJB TE: Hunter Henry FLEX: With Gibson out, either Jaret or one of the Eagles backs. Maybe even Aiyuk D/ST: Patriots K: Bass


QB: Allen RB: Burkhead RB: Montgomery WR: Lockett WR: Davis FLEX: Patterson (WSH) K: Folk DEF: Dallas God fucking help me injuries are killing me


pretty impressive that you made the final with this team great job! Sexy Rexy will carry you to glory


Hi. Rex Grossman here... That's my fucking nickname, and mine alone. *throws a deep pick*


Believe me this wasn’t the team I started with lol I’ve had to make a ton of changes over the past few weeks to get here!


haha I feel that, in my main league the only player I drafted and still have on my roster is JRob and he's on IR lol. Injuries have killed us but being active on the waivers is a big part of fantasy you deserve to be in the finals now go bring it home!


You like Rex over Scoredarrelle?


Who are you starting Patterson over?


I have to imagine you’re an underdog here.


12-team PPR QB Rodgers RB Taylor RB Michel WR Deebo WR Arthur Juan Brown Flex Swift TE Kelce K Zuerlein DST Bills Lost twice in the finals the last 3 years. Fantasy gods please don’t forsake thee.


TIL AJ Brown's full name is Arthur Juan Brown.


your team is stacked dude you got this


If you don't win your championship with that lineup then you should consider seeing a psychic medium or something, because you might be cursed


14 team .5PPR QB: Jalen Hurts RB: Nick Chubb RB: Najee Harris WR: Diontae Johnson WR: Antonio Brown/Brandin Cooks TE: Zach Ertz Flex: Rashaad Penny DST: Eagles Kicker: Bass


Great team for a14 team league!


16 man league: standard scoring: QB: Russell Wilson RB: David Montgomery RB Conner or Rhamondre WR: Kupp WR: Deebo TE: Mandrews FLEX: Sleevan DST: Colts Kicker: Bucs Let’s see what happens!


Crazy 16 teams team


That wouldn't be bad in a 10-team league. Gotta think you're the favorite in a 16-teamer.


Definitely favorite but anything can happen!


Good luck!


Full PPR Dak Aaron Jones Chase Edmonds Devante Adams Deebo Goedert Jamarr Chase Folk Bills DST


Wow, I have Dak, davante, deebo, goedert, folk on my team too


12 team full PPR: QB: Kyler Murray RB: Alvin Kamara RB: Joe Mixon WR: Cooper Kupp WR: DK Metcalf TE: Dawson Knox Flex: Michael Carter D: Packers K: Ryan Succop


12 team PPR - Brady - Diontae - Kupp - Montgomery - RoJo - Aaron Jones - Kelce - Bass - Bears (AB looking from the sidelines fixing his ankle)


Good luck!


QB: Rodgers RB: Taylor RB: RoJo WR: Adams WR: Diontae Johnson TE: Andrews Flex: St Brown/Sony Michel/Singletary D/ST: Bears/Pats K: Matt Gay Any suggestions welcome.


I’m worried the Bears game is a trap because a bad defense vs a terrible offense doesn’t necessarily mean the defense is putting up a bunch of points. I’d def roll with Pats D


10 team .5 PPR with 3 WR - Allen, Kupp, Deebo, DK, Mixon, Harris, Andrews, Kamara, Tucker, Saints D


8 team standard: QB: Kyler RB: Chubb RB: Ekeler WR: Kupp WR: Deebo TE: Goedert Flex: Dionte Johnson/K. Allen DST: Niners/Colts K: Tucker


Full ppr Josh Allen, Najee, Chubb, JJefferson,CeeDee,Hunter Henry, AB, Dolphins, Greg the Leg


That's going to be tough to beat


14 team half PPR QB: Matt Ryan RB: Zeke RB: D. Harris WR: Deebo WR: Claypool unless Evans plays TE: Knox Flex: D. Williams Kicker: Matt Gay Defense: Bears


Good luck!


12 Team, .5 PPR, 1 QB QB - Trey Lance/Tua/Taysom/Huntley (still undecided, leaning Lance) WR - Cooper Kupp WR - Deebo Samuel RB - Austin Ekeler RB - Rashaad Penny TE - Zach Ertz FLX - Damien Harris/Boston Scott/JaVonte Williams/MVS (still undecided, leaning Harris but REALLY want to play Scott) K - Jake Elliott DEF - Chicago


Don’t play Scott. Eagles run game is too much of a question mark. People are also forgetting Week 13 where Boston Scott was expected to get the carry load, and it was all Gainwell.


I’m playing Scott in one league but I’d love to bench him for Harris.


12 Team PPR QB: Kyler WR: Adams WR: Kupp RB: Conner RB: Javonte Williams TE: Hunter Henry Flex: Antonio Brown K: McPherson (Bengals) D: Saints Bench for championship: Waller, Sun God, Butker, Eagles D, Colts D, Packers D. IR: Hopkins


Standard 10 Team League QB:) Brady RB:) Montgomery RB:) Ronald Jones WR:) Diontae Johnson WR:) Renfroe FLEX:) Mitchell TE:) Knox D/ST:) Eagles K:) Nick Folk


12 team half ppr QB: Trey Lance (Lamar) RB: Taylor, Ekeler WR: Diggs, Amon Ra TE: Pitts Flex: Montgomery and Rojo


PPR 10 team QB Herbert WR Kupp WR Samuel WR K. Allen RB Zeke (Edmonds if Connor is out) RB Harris TE Andrews Flex AJ Brown K Gay DB K Moore DL Hendrickson LB Brooks


8 Team PPR League w/2 FLEX spots QB: Allen RB: Patterson RB: Kamara WR: Adams WR: Lockett TE: Knox FLEX: Montgomery FLEX: Mooney or Fant or DJ Moore K: Crosby DEF: Bills




Your poor, poor opponent


Been 1st in points all year. Tough, competitive 12 team league. Full ppr with elevated defense importance. Playing for $1250 tomorrow: ARod RoJo (had Lenny) Monty Kupp of coffee AB (had DHop, Mooney, and Elijah Moore to play with all year there) Kelce picked number 9 Penny in the flex this week NE D Annnnnd of course my good luck charm Justin “always on my team” Tucker


I always wanna put the good mojo out for people playing in higher dollar leagues like that. Get it my dude, good luck.


12 man ppr Qb:) Justin Herbert Hb 1:) nick chubb Hb2:) javonte williams Wr1:) cooper kupp Wr2:) van jefferson Te:) Travis kelce Flex:) Sony michel D/st:) bills K:) Harrison butker


10-team, 1 ppr QB: Dak WR: C. Lamb WR: J. Waddle RB: J. Mixon RB: N. Harris TE: G. Everett / H. Henry / N. Fant... Flex: E. Mitchell / H. Renfrow / D.K. / B. Scott K: Zuerlein D: Phins / Colts / Eagles Making most of my decisions Sunday morning, so I can regret them Sunday evening.


QB: Russel Wilson/Lance RB: Ronald Jones RB: David Montgomery WR: Stefon Diggs WR: Antonio Brown/Mike Evans TE: Mark Andrews Flex: Aaron Jones / Ra st. Brown Kicker: Nick Folk Def: Bears / Packers


12 team standard scoring keeper league QB-Lance/Hill undecided (Covid Cousins) RB-Cook RB- Stevenson/Mitchell undecided WR- Jefferson WR- Higgins TE- Schultz FLEX- Mr Big Chest if he's healthy K-Butker D- Cowboys Bench Derrick Henry Christian Kirk Cousins Ertz Mattison


12 team, full PPR QB: Mahomes WR: Deebo WR: Davante Adams RB: Najee Harris RB: Rashaad Penny TE: Everett Flex: Kupp K: Butker D: Seahawks (waiver claim in for Packers)


10 team full point ppr QB: Josh Allen WR: Deebo Samuel WR: Antonio Brown (hopefully) RB: Alvin Kamara RB: Josh Jacobs TE: Travis Kelce WR/TE: Tee Higgins WR/RB: Devin Singletary K: Justin Tucker DEF: Dallas or New Orleans ( leaning NO ) Bench: Gallup, Devante Parker, James Conner, Mike Evans, Jaret Patterson Any suggestions are welcome. Looking to win a championship!


10 Team Standard QB: Jalen Hurts WR: Antonio Brown, AJ Brown, Deebo Samuel RB: C-Patt and Melvin Gordon TE: Mark Andrews KICKER: Matt Gay DEF: Buffalo BENCH: Amari Cooper, Antonio Gibson, OBJ, Jeff Wilson Jr, Taysom Hill, Ryan Tannehill, and Derrick Henry.


Qb Josh Allen RB Johnathan Taylor Rb nick chubb Wr Hunter Renfrow WR Tee Higgins TE Dawson Knox or Hunter Henry Flex Amon-ra st-brown or Micheal Pittman K Daniel Carlson Def Saints


PPR 10 team league QB: Tyler Huntley (had Jackson) RB1: Nick Chubb RB2: Melvin Gordon WR1: Cooper Kupp WR2: Davante Adams TE: Dallas Goddert FLEX: Keenan Allen/Boston Scott (can't decide, we get a half pt for carries too) DEF: Miami Dolphins K: Mason Crosby


.5 ppr with my CMC injured. QB: Aaron Rodgers RB: Josh Jacobs RB: Cordarrelle Patterson WR: AJ Brown WR: Amon St. Brown WR: DJ Moore K: Nick Folk DEF: Cowboys Still not sure about Moore with M Brown being questionable and M Williams being M Williams.


Full PPR, 12 Team QB: Patrick Mahomes WR: Davante Adams WR: Jaylen Waddle RB: Ronald Jones RB: Javonte Williams TE: Gronk Flex: Michael Pittman or Antonio Gibson or Michael Carter K: Matt Gay D: Cowboys


As of right now PPR 10Man. Qb- Justin Herbert Rb-ronald jones Rb-aaron jones Wr-antonio brown Wr-tyler boyd Te-zach ertz Flex-braxton berrios(might change since TB activated Dean and MurphyBunting Flex-Boston Scott Kicker- Jale elliot over Justin Tucker who ive started every game this season. Might started J Patterson over Berrios


Prescott Chubb, Kamara Lamb, Lockett, Meyers Andrews Najee I think Zuerlein Seattle probably.


Don’t play Seattle D


10 team, superflex, 1 ppr QB: Rodgers RB: Ekeker RB: RoJo WR: Kupp WR: Diggs TE: Schultz OP: Burrow Flex: Keenan Allen D/ST: Eagles K: Tucker I lost Derrick Henry and James Robinson. Hopefully the rest of The Dream Team can finish the mission


Good luck!


12 Team .5PPR QB Stafford WR Kupp WR Antonio Brown RB Dalvin Cook RB Rojo TE Friermuth Flex Pittman K Badgley DEF NE If AB out then Pittman to WR2 and Michael Carter to Flex


PPR 12 team deep benches QB: Huntley if starting, else Wilson RB: Jacobs RB: RoJo WR: Adams WR: Deebo TE: Andrews Flex: Amon-ra St. Brown DST: Bears, maybe Packers if I change my mind K: Folk


PPR 10 Team League QB: Joe Burrrow RB: Ronald Jones, Chubb, Michel TE: kelce WR: Jefferson, sun god K: Bass DEF: bills


8 team league, Antifa Killed My Dog Josh Allen Stefon Diggs Ja'Marr Chase Najee Harris RoJo Zach Ertz Sony Michel Nick Folk Patriots D It's my year! (My first year that is. Worked my butt off researching and using the waiver.)


10 team PPR. 1 QB. QB - Patrick Mahomes RB - Aaron Jones RB - Ronald Jones WR - Amari Cooper WR - Brandin Cooks WR - Michael Pittman Jr TE - Travis Kelce FLEX - Sony Michel K - Matt Gay DEF - Dallas Cowboys Bench options : Gage, Damien Harris, Darrell Williams, Singletary ,


10 team 0.5 PPR 1 QB Keeper league QB: Herbert RB: Taylor RB: Mixon WR: Kupp WR: Allen TE: Kelce Flex 1: Swift Flex 2: Ronald Jones II D: 'sko birds K: Greg the Leg


10-person standard league with superflex: QB: Herbert them Apples WR: Tyreeeek WR: AJ Grown man Brown WR: Ceedee RB: SONY RB: Bald Jesus TE: DKnox FLEX: Rojo SUPERFLEX: Huntley DEF: Philly or NO (can't decide) K: McPherson I have Penny on the bench too. Considering subbing him for Rojo. Thoughts?


QB- Rodgers RB-JT RB-Kamara WR-Kupp WR-Tyreek TE-Kittle Flex-Jefferson Flex-Chubb SuperFlex-Kyler K-Nick Folk D-Bucs


QB- Jalen Hurts RB1- Najee Harris RB2- Ronald Jones WR1- Deebo WR2- Jaylen Waddle TE- Mike Gesicki K- Tyler Bass Defense- New Orleans EDIT: forgot my flex lol David Montgomery


Still undecided in several positions…. 12-team half-PPR QB: Huntley or Taysom WR: Higgins WR: Metcalf RB: Taylor RB: Chubb Flex: D. Harris or Penny TE: Mandrews K: Elliott DEF: CHI or IND or PHI


12 team half ppr. Kyler, Mixon, ekeler, davante adams, Diontae Johnson, waddle, Pitts. Eagles D.


10 team, Half PPR, 2 QB: Burrow, Hurts Ceedee, Chase, Gabe Davis CPatt, (I don’t wanna talk about my RB2 options…) Knox Muth (flex) Bass, Bears D




Higgins has been hot, it’s hard to get him out of the lineup. Good luck!


12 team full PPR: QB: Stafford RB: Dalvin Cook RB: RoJo WR: Ceedee WR: Antonio Brown if active, then either D. Parker or Gabe Davis. TE: Goedert Flex: Jeff Wilson or Boston Scott - depending on Mitchell and Howard status respectively. DST: 49ers K: Honey Badger


Full PPR 6PPPTD QB: Tyler Huntley RB: AJ Dillon RB: Tony Pollard (unless Jordan Howard sits) WR: Justin Jefferson WR: AJ Brown WR: Tyler Lockett TE: Mark Andrews Flex: Amon-Ra St. Brown K: Justin Tucker DST: Patriots


10 man, standard scoring, 2 QB QB1: Burrow QB2: Huntley RB1: Chubb RB2: Rojo WR1: Kupp WR2: Hollywood or Pittman TE: Knox FLEX: Barkley DEF: New England K: Gay


Full ppr. We do a 2 game weeks per play off game. Hurts, A Jones, N Harris, DJ Moore, Lamb, Ertz, V Jefferson, Folk and Patriots. I am 30 pts down and its not looking hopeful.


PPR * Dak * Justin Jefferson * Terry * Antonio Brown * Jonathan Taylor * Darrel Williams * Dawson Knox * Devonta Smith Matt Gay NE DST (On bench) Pitts Saquon


.5 ppr QB: Josh Allen WRs: Deebo, AB (Amon-Ra if AB is out) RBs: RoJo, Chubb TE: Goedert Flex: Mitchell (Penny, Zeke or Waddle if he's out, probably Penny) Def: Buffalo K: Gay


10 team half PPR QB: Kyler WR: Higgins, Amon Ra RB: Najee, Mixon TE: Andrews FLEX: Edmonds or Javonte DST: TB K: Folk


10 Team Full PPR Allen Kamara RoJo Kupp KJ Osborn Knox Swift Saints D Greg the Leg Fingers are crossed, my first time in the ‘ship in 8 years!!


Full PPR QB: Dak Rb 1: kamara Rb 2: Chubb Wr 1: deebo Wr 2: Aj Brown Te: Knox Flex: Montgomery K: Matt gay DST: cowboys I also have Michel and colts dst that I feel like will go off on my bench too…


QB: Dak WR: Davante Adams WR: Deebo Samuel RB: Najee Harris RB: Sony Michel TE: Everett (drafted Hock) Flex: St. Brown K: Greg the leg Def: Chicago 12 man full PPR


12 Team PPR Double Flex QB: Stafford RB: Ekeler RB: Sony WR: Aj Brown WR: Chase TE: Kelce Flex: Ronald Jones Flex: Eli Mitchell or Amari Cooper (trying to figure this out) K: Succop Def: Bears. Let’s get this ship


12-team 0.5 PPR (11-3, 1st seed) QB: Joe Burrow RB: Jonathan Taylor RB: De’Andre Swift WR: Tyreek Hill WR: Deebo Samuel TE: George Kittle W/R FLEX: Tee Higgins K: Chris Boswell DST: IDP league, so six individual players.


12 Team Full PPR QB: Mahomes RB1: Kamara RB2: Darrel Williams WR1: Deebo Samuel WR 2. Diontae Johnson TE: Gronk FLEX: Mike Evans D/ST: Eagles K: Zuerlein


8 team .5ppr QB: Jalen Hurts (Brady on the bench) RB: Joe Mixon RB: Sony WR: Davante Adams WR: Waddle TE: Mandrews Flex: Swift Def: Pats Kicker: Gay *as of now I’m sitting Jefferson, but may switch him out for Swift. I’m torn.


10 team 0.5 PPR, finished 2nd overall in standings and points, lost Henry mid season QB - Burrow RB - Najee Harris RB - Aaron Jones WR - CD Lamb WR - Tee Higgins TE - George Kittle FLEX - Amari Cooper FLEX - Michael Carter OR Aiyuk No kickers allowed! SF defense


12 Team PPR QB - Patrick Mahomes RB - Dalvin Cook RB - Chase Edmonds (If Connor Doesn't Play) Boston Scott or Ogunbowale if he does WR - Cooper Kupp WR - Tee Higgins TE - Mark Andrews FLX - Sony Michel FLX - Hunter Renfrow DEF - Tampa Bay K - Prater


QB: Dak RB: Damien Harris WR: Kupp WR: Tyreek Flex: AB Flex: Renfrow TE: Everett D: Cowboys K: Carlson Full PPR 12 team league


10 Team PPR 6 pt passing TD QB: Josh Allen RB: Alvin Kamara RB: Damien Harris WR: Cooper Kupp WR: Christian Kirk TE: Cole Kmet (assuming Waller is out) FLEX: Najee Harris D/ST: Eagles K: Matt Gay


10 team PPR QB: Hurts RB: Taylor, Zeke WR: Kupp, Higgins TE: Knox Flex: AJ Brown, Mitchell DST: Bears


10 Team PPR QB: Dak RB: Zeke RB: Ekeler WR: Kupp WR: CeeDee TE: Goedert FLEX: Darell / Penny DST: NE/DAL Kicker: Folk


.5 PPR QB Kyler Murray RB Dalvin Cook RB Joe Mixon WR Cooper Kupp WR Brandin Cooks TE Dallas Goedert Flex Rashaad Penny K Jake Elliott DST Colts Should I switch out Penny for Boyd or Valdes Scantling?


10 team full PPR Rodgers Aaron Jones Elijah Mitchell Tyreek Hill Mike Evans Mark Andrews Cordarelle Patterson Diontae Johnson NE Extra flex instead of kicker


12 Team PPR QB: Kyler Murray RB: Jonathan Taylor RB: Ronald Jones WR: Davante Adams WR: Cooper Kupp FLX: Ceedee Lamb TE: Moreau K: Nick Folk DST: Cowboys Feeling good about the squad this year.


Deebo, Jefferson, Andrews. The rest don’t matter. Carried me all season.


Half-ppr QB: Hurts/Stafford RB: Mixon RB: Ronald Jones WR: Waddle WR: Cooper/Cooks TE: Goedert Flex: Michel flex: Darrel Williams Dst: bucs/saints Kicker: Gay


Full Point PPR: 12 team Burrow Chase Diggs Cooper Mixon Boston Goedert OBJ McPherson Miami


12 Team Full PPR QB: Prescott RB1: Ekeler RB2: Swift WR1: Kupp WR2: Pittman Flex: Sony Michel TE: Muth K: Gay D: Bills


10 team full ppr 1st Seed Qb-Herbert Rb1-Jt Rb2-Rojo Wr1-Hill Wr2-Diontae Te-Kelce Flex-Amon-Ra At Brown


League 1 (PPR) QB: Rodgers RB1: Zeke RB2: Aaron Jones WR1: Jefferson WR2: Keenan Allen TE: Andrews Flex: Deebo Def: Phi K: Prater


.5 PPR QB: Stafford RB: Ekeler RB: Edmonds WR: Ceedee WR: Kupp TE: Mandrews Flex 1: Mooney Flex 2: Dillon K: Carlson D: Patriots


12 team, 0.5 ppr QB: Dak Prescott RB1: Ekeler RB2: Chubb WR1: AJ Brown WR2: Ceedee Lamb or Keenan Allen (haven't decided) TE: Gronk Flex: Ronald Jones or Sony Michel (probably Rojo) K: Butker Def: Patriots


10 Team .5 PPR QB: Dak RB: JT RB: Ekeler WR: Kupp WR: Diontae Johnson TE: Kittle/Knox FLEX: AB FLEX: Waddle D/ST: Miami


14 Team Half PPR: QB- Mahommes RB- Jones WR1- Adams WR2- AJ Brown TE- Kittle FLX- Montgomery OP- Scott/Osborn/Manion D/ST- Buffalo K- Folk Bench- Lamar, CMC Can still grab Hienecke for the OP spot, as I have no faith in Manion or Osborne (bc of Manion). I like Scott if Howard is out…. Thoughts?


8-6 guy here, 10 team ppr.per.. squeaked into the playoffs and gotta go up against: Dak Prescott Chubb Ronald Jones Devante Parker Devante Adam's Cooper Kupp Kittle Bucs DST And here I am with too many decisions...: Hurts Swift Sony DK Metcalf Cooks (pick 1 flex) Edmunds, Michael Carter, burkhead, OG Schultz Mia DST




14 Team .5 PPR QB: Brady WR: Kupp WR: st. brown RB: Dare RB: Jaret Patterson TE: Pitts FLX: AJ but plan to scoop Gabe Davis off waivers Super FLX: Trey Lance Def: DAL


10 team full PPR QB: Dak Prescott RB: Cordarrelle Patterson RB: Alvin Kamara WR: CeeDee Lamb WR: Sun God WR: Jaylen Waddle TE: Pat Freiermuth Flex: Nick Chubb Def: Packers


12-team 2-Flex PPR Second week of a 2 week final down 20 because I lost Robinson last week QB: Trey Lance WR: Branden Cooks WR: Jalen Waddle RB: Austin Ekler RB: Sony Michel TE: Zach Ertz Flex1: Alvin Kamara Flex2: Tyler Lockett K: Nick Folk D: Chicago Bears Bench: Lamar Jackson, Tyler Huntley, Cowboys D, AJ Dillon, Christian Kirk, Boston Scott


12 team full PPR QB: Jalen Hurts RB: D'Andre Swift RB: Jaret Patterson (Wilson or Boston, twas Henderson until IR) WR: Tyreek Hill WR: Cooper Kupp TE: Rob Gronkowski Flex: Stephon Diggs Def: Buccaneers Kicker: Folk


QB: Trey Lance RB: Chubb WR 1: Cooks WR2: Jamarr Chase WR3: Deebo Samuel TE: Schultz Flex: Chase Edmonds Flex 2: R. Penny D/ST: Patriots


12 Team .5 PPR QB: Tom Brady RB: Joe Mixon RB: Ronald Jones WR: Cooper Kupp WR: Deebo Samuel WR: Diontae Johnson TE: Mike Gesicki or Tyler Higbee FLEX: Aaron Jones, Chase Edmonds, or Cordarrelle Patterson K: Matt Gay DST: Tampa Bay


Full PPR: QB: Josh Allen RB: Ekeler/C Patterson WR: Kupp/Jefferson TE: Kmet Flex: Waddle or Chase (undecided) K: McPherson DST: Bears My opponent is probably playing Burrow at QB. Appreciate any thoughts/opinions on my lineup.


12 team, 1 QB, 0.5ppr QB: Hurts RB: Ekeler RB: Dillon/Ogunbowale/Vaughn WR: Diontae Johnson WR: Diggs Flex: Higgins TE: Ertz DST: Dolphins or Packers K: Folk


12-team 1-QB PPR QB: Kyler Murray WR: Kupp WR: Justin Jefferson RB: Austin Ekeler RB: Darrell Williams TE: Goedert Flex: Rashad Penny or Van Jefferson K: Gay D: Colts


12 team 1 QB .5PPR QB: Huntley or Burrow RB: Ekeler RB: Rojo WR: Antonio Brown WR: Jamar Chase or Gabe Davis TE: Everett Flex: David Montgomery or Zeke/Patterson DST: Eagles or Dallas K: Folk


Qb- Josh Allen Rb- Jonathan Taylor Rb- Darrel Williams Wr- Justin Jefferson Wr- Diontae Johnson Te- Mark Andrews Flex- Amon Ra St Brown DST- Patriots K- Tyler Bass 12 team, 0.5 ppr, 2 keepers (JT & JJ)


Half PPR 10 team league QB: Brady RB : Ekeler RB: Kamara WR: Kupp WR: AJ Brown WR: Waddle TE: Schultz DST: New England K: Prater Started 0-6 snuck into the playoffs at 7-7, most points for and against