49ers, Colts, or Dolphins?


Dolphins have the hot hand and I feel like they not only have a higher ceiling but they have a higher floor because of their ability to generate sacks. I guess overall, they're able to do everything from generating sacks, limiting scores and generating turnovers. I just took a deep dive on Tannehill/Titans' Oline statistics: Tannehill has 15 touchdowns on the year, 14 interceptions, has been sacked 45 times on the year (2nd most this season out of any QB), and has lost 4 fumbles out of the 9 that have been forced. Titans' pass blocking is ranked 24th in the league. As long as their main defensive players stay off the Covid list, I'm starting them.


Love it. Thanks!


are they still missing key players on their Oline? I started niners defense against them because of titans injuries on oline. SF only gave me four points at the end of the game but that was due to 4 sacks, which I'll gladly take over 0


They should be back since the Covid rules are more lax now after the CDC's guidance was recently updated. The 24th pass-blocking ranking is based on their starting oline and is a pretty low ranking, which makes me confident starting Dolphins D.


Same stuck between Niners and Dolphins, matchup says Niners but Dolphins have just been so good


I think Houston puts up a fight. Although Titans coach claws his way to wins every week albeit with low scores. I think momentum is real so leaning Dolphins


I agree with this. They are getting Brandin Cooks back. They just trampled the Chargers and the offense just runs more smoothly through Mills compared to Taylor. They also almost beat the Patriots back in Week 5. According to NFL.com, 49ers are average against the run and weak against QB/WR players. It's just statistics and anything can happen, but I'm going with the Dolphins defense who just put up 30 pts for me last week.


Dolphins have also beat up on teams with losing records. Ravens are only team with a winning record that the Dolphins have beat. Titans will easily be the best team they have faced in the last few months.


Bills or 49ers here. Not sure who to go with.


I think Bills. Only problem is garbage time but should be good enough. Upside Bills and floor 49ers


I'm going with Bills here. The Texans matchup for defenses isn't what it seems to be. Had Chargers D last week against them and got like -3 points. That was without Brandin Cooks




Any reason why?


They’ve scored double digits the past 4 weeks and they have the Texans coming into town. 49rs is the right move here.


They’ve scored 9, 9, 9, and 5 the past 4 weeks in standard scoring


They haven’t scored double digits once the past 4 weeks


Same. Holding both Niners and Dolphins. Anybody know the impact to the Dolphins with the recent positive Covid tests?


have 49ers and MIA but leaning niners personally based on the fact that HOU played LAC without Joey Bosa so i'm trying to not consider last week's game vs HOU


Matchups, matchups matchups


I am going niners. They are at home which to me is a big deal. They are also angry about last week I'm sure. Houston was able to run the ball against the chargers which is not a surprise because their run defense has been awful all year. Against the niners they will have to pass as San Francisco's run defense is above average.. On the road in passing situations I like my chance with san francisco being able to defend that.


I need to consider this. Thanks!


Leaning Bears but also have Eagles that might be good... I don't like the lack of Bears D forcing turnovers this year. Eagles seem to have a much higher TO upside but Bears have a much more consistent sack rate. Might just come down to whether or not Akiem Hicks plays for my decision.


This is my issue. Every list has bears higher than Eagles but the general consensus is Eagles > Bears for week 17. :|


I think Washington bounces back this week. Go bears


Plus the weather at the Bears games is looking like a snow day.


Pats projected to blow out the jags but they are third. The disrespect.


i know /s but it's simply because the Jaguars allow league average pressure (based on %) compared to Panthers/Falcons allowing some of the most pressures in the NFL Jags are bottom 10 in total pressures allowed though (which is bad not good)


Ya I noticed that they don't take to many sacks. They turn the ball over plenty though.


Jags not taking sacks is more a tribute so Lawrences mobility in the pocket and being able to avoid pressure


Saints D is still on the wire. Should I go Saints, 49ers, or Eagles?


I've got those three as well. Let me know what you decide. Currently leaning Niners.


I dropped Niners for NO this morning. Sam Darnold is back! all we really need to know. 50/50 chance at a defensive touchdown!




Flip flopping between Miami and Indy


Doing the same. Miami has been hot lately but playing a better team in TEN that seems to have some mojo back with AJB being healthy. LV sucks but Indy seems to be having a Covid surge. Which way are you leaning?




I have the Dolphins and love to hear some good ol confirmation bias. However, NO beat-up shouldn’t add any weight to the decision; they were hobbled.


Agreed. Any defense against Ian book would look fantastic. Colts D has been more consistent all year but Miami has the ceiling. Thinking phins since I’m going up against a monster


Fair. I have the better team this week so if the Colts team gets the majority of their guys back from Covid I think I’m leaning that way




Yeah if you were to find the injury report for that game, might even be the same right now, but they had players from O Line, D Line, etc that didn’t play




Yeah like I said I have the Dolphins too and I may play them. Just wanted to make sure you had all the deets. Good luck this week!


Pay attention to Indys covid situation. I even picked up Hines on the off chance JT gets covid


„ʎpuI puɐ ıɯɐıW uǝǝʍʇǝq ƃuıddolɟ dılℲ„


News just broke that Indy is bringing back pretty much the whole O line and others from Covid. Makes this even tougher now


Everyone trying to decide which of the 3 elite defenses they should play. I’m here trying to decide between Rams or Titans


Yea I’m deciding between rams and chiefs, I don’t have anything avail on even top 10 lists lol


I’m at peace with rolling out the Rams. If anything Aaron Donald is who I am betting on




Cowboys got you here. Think you ride it out. That's what I'm doing.


Yes bro the cowboys are my ride or die this season but I also have the Titans


You dance with the one who brought you… HOW BOUT DEM COWBOYS!?!?


Same. I have Eagles stashed but at this point I'm riding dem boys, feels like a classic case of getting too cute if I swap them out now.


I've been holding the 9ers for weeks for this matchup but really considering sticking with dallas


I stuck with the Cowboys most of the season. It just feels like bad juju for me to stream now. Not to mention disrespectful...


This is my predicament. I have Kyler and Ertz so im going to use 9ers D and pray!


Cowboys are rolling so I’m gonna keep rolling right along with them.


cowboys for sure. Kyler doesnt have hopkins, may not have Conner and Rondale moore. RIP Kyler


I don't see how you can sit Dallas right now. And Arizona hasn't been a bad matchup for defenses lately.


I have kyler, Edmonds and Dallas D. Having an existential crisis right now.


Do I stick with the Cowboys or roll with the Saints


Same here... Also have Edmonds, Ertz, Cooper and Zuerlein in the cowboys game. Probably rolling out the saints and hoping for a safe floor.


Bench dallas at your own risk.


Same boat. I have Dallas in right now but it's going to be a long week.


This does not make my Bills or Saints choice any easier! Only concern with the Saints is their own offensive struggles may put additional strain on their defense.


If taysom is cleared from covid I'm rolling saint over fins.


Are you me?


Saints were using a rookie qb and down a lot of players. They still put up positive fantasy points. This week they face Carolina at home, Newton and darnold do not look good and panthers are down a ton of defensive players. If Taysom is playing and panthers situation doesn’t change then saints is definitely a great play. Ten has Aj Brown back and they are still in the fight. I have the dolphins as well and if they didn’t have Aj brown and weren’t in contention then I would fire them up no questions asked.


Very good points, my friend! Thank you, And good luck!


TB or NO ?


NO. Jets have been bad but havent been turning the ball over. Tampa pass D still sus. Sam Darnold is a Pick 6 machine.


TB pass defense is better than you think, however they may have SMB and Dean out for this game


Not to mention David is out too. They’re going to be short on players this week. Who knows who else may get added to the Covid list


Shaq is out too, and possibly Winfield Jr


Yeah a lot of guys out. I’d go NO just cuz they’re getting majority of their guys back and after a loss like last week they’re going to come out hungry


I think i've seen this coming up alot in various discussions and various rankings that have SF very high: why or why not do we trust the 49ers vs HOU? I'm on the don't trust side, Mills is serviceable and has been playing with less mistakes, Cooks is returning, the defense hasn't really been blowing the socks off anyone (in my leagues scoring at least) and it appears the secondary is a weakness. On the trust side, it's basically "HOU sucks" + "SF is good defensively" + "Vegas has SF -12.5". Well Vegas had LAC -13 last week...


I would add that I doubt SF is overlooking Houston like LAC may have after just witnessing what Houston did.


Between Bills, Saints, or Cowboys for me. Was not expecting my toughest start decision was gonna be D this week.


Picking between 49’ers, Saints, and Dolphins. Leaning Saints due to home game and HOU performance last week.


I have all three rostered. I am torn between Saints and 49ers. Titans looked better last week with AJ back so I think the Dolphins are out. \\ I think my decision will hinge on the status of Taysom.


Everyone’s rankings are pretty low on Dallas this week, I don’t get it. They’ve been the most dominant defense in the league since Demarcus Lawrence came back. Kyler has looked lost without Hopkins. This matchup is better than it looks on paper


there is no bias added to the Stream-O-Matic it's just data from previous games played - i use weighted DVOA to lean more on recent games vs earlier in the season you would be wise to add your own knowledge of football to the rankings to determine if the score/ranking is too high/low


Yup. I’m Starting them over the colts


Been wrestling with this decision. Kept the colts D for week 17, but man has Dallas D been dominant in my lineup. I’ll admit, they’ve played some bad offenses, but they’re rolling. Cardinals are a big step up in offensive talent, but they do seem to be struggling. I’m leaning Dallas, but there’s a little nagging voice keeping the colts d on my mind as an option.


Rolling with colts this week, can’t risk it with Arizona


Plus they have been killer at home.


Cowboys or Pats? Also Bills or Saints for another league?


I'm going pats Also like saints over the bills because they're more likely to grind out clock in a boring slow paced game and keep their defense off the field.


How about Saints or Pats?


Tough but I gotta go pats.


Had that choice in waiver claims for my championship matchup (somehow going for a three peat!) - went New Orleans, no regrets betting against Rhule and his QB Committee approach.


Trip flopping between Miami, Saints, or Pats. Waiting for future Covid outbreaks to choose


Perfect, Miami and Dallas have the exact same score...


I have Miami and I'd rather have Dallas. The ball is bouncing their way this year.


Dallas has carried me here but I have Pats and that matchup looks delicious. I’m torn. Absolutely torn.


How do we feel about the Bucs? Ik it's against the Jets but their missing barret, dean, bunting and David out for the year. To name a few


Can’t decide on Patriots or Cowboys Defense. Really tough call but if anyone has any thoughts lemme know


Patriots have the Jags, safe 10 pt floor


Saints or Pats?


Rams or Dolphins? Dolphins have been so good lately but Rams have a good matchup. I'm crossed.


I feel like nobody is mentioning the Rams, if Baltimore is depleted again this week I’m thinking they are a great play, thoughts?


Miami or Chicago?


I'm deciding between my Dallas D or Indy or the Bears.


Don't forget to decide between your Kupp, Adams, or Jefferson while you're at it 🙄


Dallas D vs Arizona isn't like playing Kupp, Adams or Jefferson. Kyler is still a top QB. Bears and Indy have great matchups.


You're the one who didn't get what I was going at & you're calling ME stupid? 😂😂😂😂


No one called you stupid.


Dallas D vs Arizona is not a boom play this week dude. Sitting them this week for a better matchup isn't crazy. Sitting Kupp, Adams and Jefferson is crazy though.


The Bears vs the Giants were the most added team on Yahoo today as waivers cleared, followed by: - Saints vs CAR - 49ers vs HOU - Pats vs JAX - Colts vs LV - Bills vs ATL


I assume that is because they have the lowest ownership, right?


This saying I should fire up my Seahawks over Miami?


its pretty much the same matchup but the Seahawks are home and are projected for slightly more points putting them on top Seahawks get the Lions Dolphins go up against the Titans on the road that being said the Seahawks defense is terrible against the pass but a top 10 run defense according to weighted DVOA Seattle has racked up 10 sacks in the last three games (4 in each of the last two games vs Rams/Bears)


Hawks fan here. Seattle is good at preventing scores but we don't get sacks or generate many turnovers.


Saints over 49ers? Texans have been low key not that bad and the panthers have been unraveling by the week.


If the saints get a qb that can keep the offense on the field longer than 3 plays, I might go saints there. That defense can cause turnovers and a divisional game means they want to embarrass their opponent


See...It's almost impossible to bench the Cowboys D...but their schedule has been kinda soft vs the teams they've absolutely destroyed. It worries me a little bit, and if the Colts get healthier from Covid I would be really tempted to go with them or another popular streamer this week.


Dallas at home has been a different beast.


do you play Dallas D if you also have Kyler and Ertz in your lineup though?!


Wondering this too


Dallas, San Fran, or Tampa? Also New Orleans or Tampa?


Titans are above PHI and MIA? I feel like the Titans D has been a trap all season. Worth the pickup and play over MIA or PHI?


I have Titans and eagles leaning eagles as of now


I’m wondering the same. I want to start the Titans and I don’t have many other options


saints or colts?


Eagles or Bills


Have Colts and bears and will see how the COVID winds blow. If Colts get back their covid players and Wentz can play go Colts otherwise likely go 🐻


Choosing between Dallas or Chicago is going to haunt me all week…


I'm deciding between the Bears and the Dolphins, but i'd rather have Dallas.


Dallas or Rams?


Colts of Chiefs?


Cowboys or Colts


Eagles or bears? Slightly worried WFT actually shows up to this game


Same boat. Eagles haven't been very consistent in forcing turnovers and they're a better real life defense than fantasy. Not sure how much to put in last weeks performance as Giants offense is the worst in the league or Eagle DST fiinally showing up in the home stretch.


saints or philly?


my best options are titans/seahawks/giants. slim pickins fo sho i went titans


Championship game. Should I play Tampa or Bills Defense?


Dallas or Miami 😤


Dallas. I have Miami but would rather have Dallas.


Eagles or Bears??


Dolphins or bears?


Cowboys or Eagles??


Eagles, bills, saints????? Eagles carried me last week, but bills were solid first 10 games, now they’re trailing behind. I know nothing about the saints but they’re recommended. Any thoughts?


Trying to decide between Eagles and Cowboys. I also have Kyler, Kirk and Edmonds so I'm leaning Eagles lol




Saints at home vs Panthers (if Taysom returns) or Bucs on the road against a Jets team that looks fired up?


Eagles or Dolphins?


49ers or Bears? I have the 49ers, but the Glennon/Fromm Giants and the Bear's form kinda makes me want to switch...


Bucs or Bears?


What leagues have all these defenses avail? I’m pickin between chiefs and rams, y’all have like your top choices avail lol.


Colts or cowboys? Leaning colts because they obviously have the better matchup, but am I crazy for still kinda wanting to start the cowboys even though they play the cardinals? They’ve just put up so many points, albeit they’ve played some really bad offenses. Cardinals seem to be struggling on offense lately. Would love to read other’s opinions. Thanks!


Start NO vs Sam Darnold / Cam! Sam will be seeing ghosts again! If you pick up and win you owe me a beer! Only right


I have Dolphins, Saints, and Bills defense right now. I'm not sure who to start... I don't think the Saints defense is really any good though they have the best matchup. I've been burned before for playing against Matt Ryan though Bills do show up against lesser opponents. And I think the Dolphins have been playing the hottest defense but the Titans are the most competent opponent of the three...


Saints defense is their strength, they were w/o some of their best players on Monday, with an atrocious offense backing them up, and still scored 9 in yahoo. They shut out the Buccs. The panthers are going through a covid issue, and their offense has been terrible regardless of that. To me the Saints are one of the safest defenses this week and I am starting them with 100% confidence.


Your 100% confidence has given me 85% confidence, thank you.