the upside from defensive/special teams TDs is too good to leave on the bench. Turnover machines too.


Cardinals are struggling. They’re still a solid start.


I have Murray too but if I can stream a QB I’ll do that instead Dallas defense is number 1 in the league overall and in the last 4 weeks by a lot


I’m starting the Dallas defense, the cardinals are definitely struggling a bit hence the loss to Detroit. I think they’ll force a few turnovers and get you points even if cards score 2-3 TD’s. Not sure if I trust another defense more rn


With Murray as my starter heading into the Championship I actually thinking of start Bug Dick Nick vs Giants instead. Cowboys def will turn Murray over multiple times next week.


> I actually thinking of start Bug Dick Nick vs Giants instead That guy's got such a bug dick, been that way for years.


sounds like he needs to see a doctor to get some ointment or something


His mom would tell you Since birth


But bug dicks would be very small. Do bugs even have dicks?


They're going to make him wish he picked baseball.


Giants are really bad but most of their struggles are on offense...their defense has actually held some very decent QBs to pretty low point totals. I'd stick with Kyler just because he'll probably have to throw a ton to keep up with the Cowboys' offense


I am considering them over NE next week.


Patriots home against the Jags man? Bill against a bad rookie QB? Their team lost yet another offensive weapon. I think that’s getting too cute lol


I stashed NE just for this moment. Thanks for the reality check.


I hope my opponent in the championship has a similar error in judgment and decides to not play NE. I’m genuinely concerned that NE destroying the Jags is going to give him the edge over me.


Same here bro going against them, Josh Allen, JT, and Kupp. Preparing to get owned


I think I have the better team. I have Brady, Kupp, Diontae Johnson, RoJo, Javonte, Knox and Sony. I feel like I have awesome matchups for most of my players and I’m set up to kick ass in the ship, but I keep looking at Jags @ NE and keep thinking the pats are going to put up 20+ points and rob me.


What defense you looking at?? That’s a champ squad matchup though. Good luck


Thanks! My defenses are SF (vs HOU) and BUF (vs ATL). I feel like it’s basically a coin toss since either is going to be solid… just not as good as NE.


I think Bills could match Pats potentially. I think Texans are no joke man Mills is solid. High football IQ out of Stanford and if Rex runs like that, with Cooks back, Niners may have a tougher time. Vegas doesn’t think so though lol.


I have both as well, starting NE D/ST for the 'ship


They’re in that Colts tier. You can pivot all you want but a great defense is a must start regardless of opponent. Unless you have a streamer against the Giants or Jags roll with Dallas.


I stashed Bears for week 17 and i now have a decision to make who to play in my finals. Cowboys that have been carrying me to the finals or Bears at home vs Jake Fromm led Giants.


As a giants fan, go with the bears D.


Trying to make this exact decision. Are you leaning one way or the other?


Same. Bears or Eagles for me next week. Bears are so bad...


Yeah I’m probably rolling Cowboys. Kyler scares me but Cowboys are fully healthy and should get at least one turnover and some sacks. With a chance at a TD


Cowboys, Cowboys, Cowboys...this defense is ferocious.


Same boat, not sure what to do




Colts were without a few key players due to covid this week, it’s hard to read much in to it


I have Dallas and Colts. Will probably roll with Colts against Vegas if they get their players back


This is my plan also. I figure that upside is potentially the same but if AZ gets their shit together the floor is unattractive for a championship game. Not about doubting Dallas so much as being realistic about the upside AZ offense can produce.


And look back at the previous matchups. Cowboys have played weak competition recently. Which I took advantage of. They have more playmakers than the colts and 49ers but I think the colts are a more sound defensive team when healthy.


You son of a bitch, I'm in. You made this decision much easier for me lol. Plus my league is unfortunately an 18 weeker, with two week matchups, so I'll still be plugging in Dallas next week.


Yeah I think they play philly week 18. So if Colts don’t get what you need (granted they play Jaguars) then you can pivot. Good luck!


Dallas, colts, and niners (vs HOU). Not sure where to go here.


You got options. I think matchup wise it goes San Fran, Colts, Dal. But we saw this week that Houston can fight. Dallas has the highest potential and I’d probably roll with them if you need lots if points. I think Colts are more likely to consistently give you a good number like 7-8 points and not screw you over (especially if Waller is not back and colts get a bunch of players off covid list). So it’s a gut feeling. Mine would probably be colts but it will depend on the news throughout the week.


Yeah I agree. Wait til the end of the week to decide. I have a solid team but going up against another one. So it’s kinda a luck of the draw toss up. Win money either way


Just make the best informed decisions and hope for the best. I had some duds from some of my studs but can’t plan that.


I would start PHI @ WAS ahead of DAL v ARI, but I'd stick with DAL ahead of the teams facing HOU (SF) and NYJ (TB visiting MetLife.) CHI is hosting NYG, but CHI hasn't shut down anyone. I'd stick with Dallas.




Eh. 17 PA. 4 sacks, 1 turnover (but under 200y allowed) is a nice day, but not an extraordinary one for scoring purposes. These are the finals.


I have new England d/st as well it's time to pivot from Dallas isn't it


As much as I want to I’ll probably go with the Bucs against the Jets.




If I win this week, I have Dallas D but also Murray and Kirk. Tough call for both sides.


Limits your upside is all


Same. Arizona’s offense has cooled off though.


I'll be between Dallas or saints (vs Carolina)


Jumping in my boat here.. been planning saints week 17 but I’m torn after these last few weeks. Carolina is cat poo wrapped in dog poo right now so.. tough call


I have the same issue. Think I am going Saints though


I have both too and will be flip flopping all week. Will see what they can do against Miami tonight.


Same. Saints we’re the obvious choice for me but Dallas has been ridiculous for weeks (against bad defenses though). I have no idea which way to go. I stashed Saints for championship weekend but now I’m just not sure.


Same but I think I’m gonna go Saints because their floor against Carolina feels higher. Rest of my team is as strong as I’ve ever had, but if they weren’t I’d consider going with the Cowboys for the upside


Last year I had Steelers Defense. Rode them all year. Decided to go with the better matchup in the championship and dropped Steelers. I lost by the difference. Not doing that again.


A defensive change cost me a title ten years ago and I’m still not over it lol


I’ve rode Dallas D to the finals, but may sub in Buffalo against Atlanta. Tough call, thoughts?


Wondering the same? I had a plan to play the bills week 17 until the cowboys kept going off. I'm leaning the bills. Atlanta is struggling on offense


I have bills but I’d go with Dallas if I had them. They’re on a hot streak


It's hard not to chase the hot hand. I went with cowboys over bills this week and it worked out.


No no no no no...Atlanta has a HOF qb & a future generational superstar at TE. As a long term Falcons fan & observer, they're not turning the ball over that much right now. Very conservative play calling bc offense is so limited. Dallas D is ferocious & terrifying. Gonna make Murray wish he chose baseball. Hell naw. Stick w the boys.


I don't know. The floor play is the bills. Even if the falcons don't turn it over they aren't scoring. I truly don't know who I'm going to start this week. I may need to go with the ceiling play because my opponent has a good team. I will go back and forth a million times.


I have Dallas, Saints, and Bills. I will check subvertadown, nfl implied over/under, boones rankings, numberfire, pat fitzmaurice, jeff ratcliffe, and jake ciely.


Let me know your outcome. I'm trying to scoop saints off the waiver to block my opponent.


Dallas D has a great floor with everyone back. Picks, sacks, touchdowns. Go with Dal.


I think CPatt torches the Bills this week. They’re very susceptible to being beat by the run and if he lines up against their LBs he can beat them easily in the passing game Probably get a pick or two from Ryan and a sack or three as well, but I’ve got a feeling Atlanta puts up 15+ and maybe an upset win (Disclaimer: Pats fan and CPatt owner, but the bills really haven’t looked anything special in the second half of the season after the Colts game)


They are limiting cpats usage though, since they are jot playing for anything


Same boat here, I'm tossing between Dallas or New England's Defense for this week


I’ll say it again: safest defensive floor in football right now with the highest ceiling I’m playing them with zero hesitation after riding them for the last 4-5 weeks


Seriously. Gregory + parsons + lawrence is going to get you sacks/fumbles/touchdowns. Anyone who rode the Dallas d this far then sits them deserves to lose


Even if I have pats defense?


That’s like the only one I’d might roll over it.


I got downvoted like crazy for suggesting starting Dallas over NE next week. Glad those D’s are my roster and will stay there no matter which I choose to roll with next week.


Having one guy with more or the same number of picks as 15 teams doesn't hurt either


I will still be playing pats over bills.


Had some pretty cake matchups the last few weeks


I'm glad I started them over BUF this week, but i'm going with the Bills next week vs ATL.


This was my plan all along. Now the cowboys are making me second guess my self. I think I'm still going bills. Atlanta looks bad




Naturally. :)


Exactly my plan as well… but I’m really torn on which to start in week 17.


The Cowboys have been on a tear recently, and the Bills have not, but the matchup with the Falcons is hard to pass up.


Right?! But at the same time, the Falcons still have a chance to make the post season, and they have been playing so much better than earlier in the season.


Awe, c'mon dude... don't make me start overthinking this all week! 😂


I’m already stressing and overthinking it! Join me!


Start your studs


I see Kyler throwing 2 picks and getting sacked 4 times.


I stashed Pats when someone dropped them a few weeks ago. I’ll probably roll them out even though Cowboys have been crushing it. Rookie QB playing in New England and Pats coming off a loss.


And it’s the jags lol. How can you not start NE


I have Pats and Cowboys. Rolling with the Pats this week for sure. Jags don't even have JRob anymore.


Im in the same boat, and I'm making the same decision.


and no james robinson makes it too easy


Same 5 sacks, 2 Ints, and a fumble is probably the floor haha


I am considering starting Dallas again over San Francisco vs Houston.


I want to start SF but after seeing my semi final opponent get wrecked starting the Chargers I’m very cautious


Chargers felt like an any given Sunday situation, where things just sort of spiraled (the offense turned the ball over in their own territory a couple times too). Niners have an elite D-line and a sketchy secondary, so you'll at least get a few sacks to keep things honest. Can't imagine Davis Mills operates well with Nick Bosa in his face for four quarters.


The Cardinals are frauds


I personally think they bounce back big time after a disappointing performance with tons of mistakes. Hard to play any defense confidently against Murray.


Rolling out my cowboys one more time. Play your studs. Dallas D is on a roll, and cardinals are sputtering.


Would you go Dallas or Buffalo for week 17?




I have Kyler so I don’t know. Limits my upside but it’s hard to sit the Dallas D. It was my plan if I made it to this point to go with the Bills but they haven’t been the greatest as of late


I wouldn’t listen to the consensus here. Cowboys D did great against … against bad teams. Against good teams, they put up sub 10 points. Against the Vikings - they put up 4 points. Against the Broncos - they laid a goose egg. Against the Chiefs - they put up 6 points. Against the Raiders - they laid a goose egg. I wouldn’t trust them against an elite offense in the championship. Pats D, or even Colts D are much better options in week 17.


Would you consider Arizona an elite offense at this point?


Valid question, but after watching the cards game, I think kyler is sorted out and mostly back to his early season form. The cards aren’t the same team as they were in week 5, but I think that kyler is gonna be doing kyler things this week. That said, the cowboys d are absolute ball hawks and a solid gamble. I still think I’m gonna try to pivot from them to the colts since they’re not owned. I wouldn’t hate starting the cowboys though.


I’m not pivoting from the #1 scoring defense. They’re fully healthy and terrorizing pockets. Bad teams or not.


Hey, that’s 100% fair! I’m in a spot where I have the luxury of snapping up the colts for free and choosing between them and the cowboys. I don’t think that spot is uncommon considering folks who had the cowboys likely survived and that the colts are on a lotta waivers after a bad matchup, so I figure it’s worth thinking about. Would you not consider the colts if you had the option between them and the cowboys?


No I wouldn’t. Cowboys have a higher ceiling and pretty high floor with a ton of playmakers.


Yeah he’s not taking into account for most of those games Dallas didn’t have DLaw, Gregory and Parsons on the field at the same time. I would have a hard time benching Dallas D right now.


Not sure we watched the same cards game. That o line is in shambles


Yeah what game did that dude watch? Kyler also missed so many throws.


People like to write long post and sound like they know what they are talking about. This team is on a downward trend about to play a hot team.


They also didn't have everyone healthy at the time


Agreed, its not wise to start them ignoring context on all their matchups. That being said, most people probably don't have the luxury of having another elite DEF like Pats / TB etc, and I'd likely still trust Dallas over a DEF likely on waivers; Saints / Chargers / Eagles / Seahawks who all have promising matchups too.


Bears vs. Giants is an interesting matchup.


This is the only other one I’m considering. I think I’m still leaning DAL slightly but it’s close


If I go with Dallas then I have to start someone other than Kyler


That's not how this works.


The cardinals looked awful two weeks ago at Detroit….. . You’re playing w fire benching Dallas…. The cardinals aren’t the packers / an elite offense


Seriously. The floor with this fully healthy Dal D is like what, 5 points? They ceiling is…27?! It’s championship weekend. You don’t get cute and start your studs.


Yep! It’s fantasy. There is inherent risk in starting any stud during tough matchups. Dallas is an elite defense with an incredibly high turnover rate. If you have them, you should take the gamble on them. They easily can win you your week.


I’m not even convinced the cardinals are that tough of a matchup either. They’re just not the total cakewalk that the cowboys have had recently. But I feel pretty good about starting them after seeing the Cardinals Saturday night.


I saved the 49ers D for this week against Houston. Feel like I have to start the 9ers even with DAL playing so well.


i have both Dallas and SF. I'm not sure what I'm going to do yet.


Yeah it's definitely hard to say no to DAL at this point


Pats and Colts are the 2nd and 3rd ranked defenses on the year, with Cowboys being 1st in points. You are making the goalposts whether or not the Cowboys are the best possible team to start next week by comparing them to those teams, not whether the Cowboys are worth a start at all, which is what people are considering


Lol please, Cardinals are not elite offence


They were also missing players who are healthy now.


I dont think theyre a top play but this is also missing context. Assuming no covid, the entirety of the defense is healthy. They didnt have DLaw back until New Orleans. He's a huge factor on the team.


Let’s not forget that this defense will never fully healthy till a few weeks ago


I'm having a really hard time deciding, I have Dallas and played them this week but have been saving NE for their JAX matchup for over a month. NE seems the safer play but the Cowboys have been on FIRE




That's a tough one to answer cause it all depends on who else you have available to you. The general answer is to start the best options available to you no matter what, even if your QB & D/ST are against each other, but it just depends on what's on your bench and waivers.




Nice. I would probably pivot to them so I'm not limiting my QB upside if it was me




Lol true


I also have Kyler and Dallas D and didn't really plan ahead to Week 17 since I was so worried about COIVD wiping out my RB/WR depth. The waiver wire depth for D is better than QB. Going to put in a claim for the SF D and see if that goes through. Would have rather grabbed them early but I couldn't burn a roster spot on Thursday. (I hate Thursday games so much...)


Had New England stashed on my bench for precisely this moment. Tough not to go with Dallas but Pats are playing the Jags. It’s the right call


Have NO stashed for wk17...home against Car looks delicious. Dallas really making me rethink that whole plan though. Dallas has really feasted on bad offenses though, offenses that give it up. Ari been struggling, but they havent given up a ton to opp DST even struggling. I know start your studs and all, but Kyler is not nyg was atl, etc... Lets see how NO looks tonight


Cowboys Defense saved me. I had accepted my loss after the afternoon games. But they just had to come out kicking ass! I’m down 29.90 with Kamara + Waddle tonight. Do I have a shot?


Absolutely. Waddle is a PPR monster and can get 20-25. Kamara should clock over 10.


Thanks man. I’m nervous n scared. I hope they both go off. Good luck to you tonight!


I'm up 52, with opponent having those two players. There is more than a chance opponent wins (full PPR). ​ Best of luck to you!


I hope I get my 30 pts n you get your victory!


Im debating Patriots D but im not too sure.


Pats D no question. They play the Jags and are the #2 defense.


Cowboys DEF are averaging more points for me than anyone not named Herbert, Kamara and Ekeler… I ain’t pivoting now…


deciding between dallas and bills against falcons


Same here! My plan all along has been to start the Bills vs. Atlanta, but how can you not believe in the Cowboys even against the Cardinals at this point? If you only consider the matchups, the Bills seem like the obvious play… but the Cowboys generate so many turn overs and TDs.


If you’re thinking about not using them, just make sure you don’t drop them so your opponent can.


I have the ultimate bad beat. Heading into SNF, I'm down 10 points, he has Antonio Gibson, I have Cowboys D. After the punt blocked TD, I'm up 1 point and Antonio Gibson is benched. The fumble TD at the end of the game lost me 3 points and I lost by less than one point.


i feel that, im struggling between MIA D/ST @ Ten next week or Cowboys D


I’ve been stashing Tampa D for about 3 weeks just for their W17 Jets matchup, but with the way Dallas is rolling I don’t see how you can’t keep using them. Cards are struggling, no Hopkins, Kyler is off…


I should go Tampa Bay over Dallas since they play the Jets right? It is hard to bench Dallas right now but I've been planning this.


Bucs over them?


Chiefs DST vs Bengals or Bears vs Giants?


Sadly I think I’ll have to pivot to eagle or saints for week 17. Still gonna get a diggs jersey if I win the ship though, that defense has been insane!


Teams score on Dallas and the fantasy D still scores points. They are a much better fantasy defence than traditional. I picked up Rams last week for Baltimore, but I can't drop these Cowboys


I stashed the Bucs for just this moment, but I can’t bear to bench Dallas.


Really hoping they struggle next week. As a Dak owner I want him to have to throw. I will be facing them in the finals. This week my defense got me - 1 pt and I scored 144 total. My finals opponent scored 26 from his defense and scored 142 overall. If my defense goes positive and his regresses I have a good shot.


No possible way I'm benching them


Think I'm going to have to pivot to Philly v Washington or Saints v Panthers


Rode the Bills earlier in the season which did me well, then pivoted later to Cowboys. Still held the Bills eyeing that Falcons matchup should I be lucky enough to make it to the promised land. Now conflicted. Probably riding Dallas because even though the Bills may yield less points to their opponent, Dallas generates takeaways and sacks. In my league points conceded to the opponent’s offense aren’t penalized too much while turnovers are much more valuable. Edited to add: what made the Bills so valuable earlier in the season is that they pitched two shutouts, which is a big points bonus in my league scoring. They’re very unlikely to do that a third time.


Depending how the Dolphins do against the Saints I might play them against the Titans (though AJ Brown going off is a concern now). If they get anything less than 10 points Dallas is an automatic start for me me.


shit are you still feeling the same way? choosing between dal and Mia rn


Dallas gonna come to play for sure. Both teams goin to the playoffs and Dallas is gonna want to secure home field


I have Kyler Murray so I’m considering benching them if I can find a better replacement


They are mostly healthy now and got some keep pieces back the last few weeks. Voch Lombardi does a really good job of reviewing their defensive tape on Youtube if you want to feel better about your decision to start them next week.


If I had to I would but if Kamara gets 1pt I won the ship. They are killing it this year, no reason to bench them


Don’t overthink it. Start the Cowboys D.


Cowboys D won me the Chip. Best D to have this season. Picked them up week 8. Diggs 🔥🔥🔥


It's Dallas or Philly D for me. Struggling to decide


I’m picking whichever defense is going against the Giants done that the past three weeks have not been disappointed


I'm in this boat. I've been stashing the Saints to play for championship week, but now I'm starting to feel like I should just roll with Dallas


Gotta assume they will get scored on but could still generate some turnovers & special teams wild card. If your league settings heavily penalize for points against I'd consider someone else otherwise hard to skip on this defense.


I also have the Chiefs D going up against the Bengals , I'm leaning towards staying the course with Dallas.


I have Dallas D and Pats D. I think Pats are going to come out and absolutely stomp the Jags in Week 17. Dallas has been amazing, but I don't see how you take the matchup with the Cards over the Pats-Jags without JRob.


It's either Dallas or Pats vs Jags


I have Eagles and Cowboys D and I’m begging for any reason to start Cowboys over them. It’s just hArd cause it’s Washington vs the eagles. But that’s me comparing two elite options. I’d 100% start Cowboys over many defenses, Eagles just happen to be another smash play too.


This post + comments thus far have given me some clarity on my situation.. been debating between Colts or Cowboys for defense. I think my safer (higher floor) option is to go with Colts D even though Dallas has been red hot of late.


I have 9ers playing Texans instead but damn even that might not be the better play now


Probably pivoting to Philly


Solid start, could be worse. Luckily I stashed Pats d this whole time to play against the jags


Dallas vs Arizona or Saints vs Carolina?


I picked up SF to have a cush matchup with Dallas playing Arizona, but with the way Houston embarrassed LA, I’m scared to make that move. Roll Cowboys


Who would you rather start? 49ers @ Texans, Saints @ Panthers or the cowboys?


Who should I start Cowboys or Colts?


I've got to choose between Seahawks, eagles or Chargers d for the ship vs. my opponents Dallas. As a Kyler owner, I hope this is the week he goes odd Dak style. Need them TDs and no INTs hopefully.


I have niners and cowboys and don’t know who to start


They just shit all over Colts D which were #3 on the season. In my eyes you are better off steaming a defense that’s playing a shit team e.g. Jags, Jets, Giants. It’s much, much better to play a good or decent defense against a poor opponent than play a superb D against a great or capable opponent see Colts, Pats D this week.


I'm ride or die with the cowboys. (Because the wire is awful)