Draft Strategy picks 9-12

Draft Strategy picks 9-12


I'm drafting 11th this year. I think I'll be going with the 2 best RBs available. The only way I go with a WR is if Adams is on the board, or if Kelce is available at 2.02, otherwise two RBs. Grab your WRs and possibly another high upside RB in rounds 3-6. At the end of the day, you can have a plan going in, but take the best player available, and be flexible if you can get a player at good value.


Most mocks I’ve been seeing Kelce go around 7th pick. At 11 I’d love to get him there and get Ekeler on the way back


Just drafted at the 11/12. Landed Zeke and Taylor. Not thrilled, but value is nice. Then I drafted sanders, but on the 3/4 turn I just couldn’t see anyone I liked. It felt like a huge drop off and just decided to zig and go with mahomes. It played to my favor because there was a huge run on QBs and WRs and was able to snag Hunt. Honestly tho, my WRs suck bad. I think I’ll be able to find some breakouts and live off the depth at RB. I would suggest grabbing a solid WR at the 3rd, if there’s value, but not feeling bad with essentially 0WR


I’d be thrilled w Zeke and JT.


Unless the colts trade for a QB, opponents are going to be stacking the box against them. Hell they were probably gonna stack the box with Wentz back there still .


I would mess with some mocks. If you get kelce I wouldn't even look at a QB for a while. It's very hard to do well with a TE/QB combo early. Either RB/WR will suffer and you'll end up reaching


Hoping to go one of Ekeler/Jones and then an elite WR on the turn. I’m at the 10 and keeping Gibson for a 6th.


Similar boat, keeping Gibson for a 7th rounder, might go elite WR first round and grab whoever’s best at RB on the turn


Often I can get one of Davante/Diggs/Tyreek which is incredible, or then Jones/Ekeler.


Kelce if he makes it that deep. I'd like Aaron Jones there too, just not as much.


Jones is my #4 and Kelce is my #7. I'd LOVE either that deep.


Yeah, I'm not holding my breath either.


Tyreek Hill. He wins you 3-4 weeks single handedly on his boom games and the rest of his game aren’t a slouch either. If he’s gone, Adams/Diggs are almost as good. I give Tyreek a little edge just because he’s so explosive and can take a 75 yard TD on any given play.


Elite wr, then a solid rb on the way back is prolly the way I would go there


I agree. Usually really like my team when I go Adams then Najee coming back


Rookie RB as your RB1? Yikes


2018 Saquon does not approve of this comment


Saquon was amazing but the steelers offensive line is bad. Najee’s gonna get carries but I don’t know how effective he’ll truly be under that line.


That Giants oline was really awful in Saquon's rookie year.


But saquon is a special talent that could dance around the line and create amazing plays. Harris is a great back but he’s not the Barry Sanders type that can do that


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The upside was there but the lack of TDs hurt last year.


Welp we know who isn't winning fantasy this year... This guy ^^^^


RemindMe! 6 months


That was what I just drafted last week. Took Adams at 6 and Najee at 15.


If you're going 11th or 12th you gotta go for Elite WR and Kelce if he makes it to you.


The 11 to 12 spots are brutal this year. There you gotta look at WR/Kelce and a RB 9 and 10 might be enough for a low end RB1 plus WR Personally, I have no experience in not picking a RB in one of the first two rounds.


Adams/Hill + Jones/Chubb or if you really like DK (which i do), Jones/Chubb + DK


Love love love the idea of an adams hill stack this year. That could be such a huge tandem, you’ve gotta hit on your mid round rbs though which is always risky


Ah my bad, I meant Adams or Hill + Jones or Chubb. But definitely agree Adams + Hill would be monstrous. Every time I've gone WR WR in a mock though the end result seems to suffer. Usually end up missing on the high-end RB2s and end up with some combo of Hunt, Mostert, Robinson, Conner, DJ, and/or Gordon, which can work but is just way too dicey for my liking.


Is this 10 team? Because While I agree with you, none of my mocks have I been able to get Jones or Chubb AND Adams and Hill. I'd be dreaming of that happening


12-team. I’ve been able to get Adams + Chubb in a couple mocks, but it’s definitely not happening every time. That’s why I personally like grabbing your RB1 late 1st and then taking DK early 2nd since he’s almost always still there.


Well hopefully this happens in my league, would love to get those two


In ppr mocks I’ve been going with Kelce + Ekeler/Jones. The not-so-recent news of Rodgers staying could push Jones earlier tho. For sure getting a rb1 is priority tho.


in these spots, i find myself going WR-WR or WR-TE is Kelce is available in the 2nd. I dont love the idea of Ekeler as my RB1 and at that point it seems more valuable to get two elite pass catchers. Then sometimes at the 3-4 turn I'm not thrilled with the RB options and I'll add another WR and then get a QB or TE. Then I just load up on like 6 or 7 running backs. if Aaron Jones or Nick Chubb are available I'll usually take them in the 1st and then follow a similar strategy from above


Mocking at 9 the past two days, I’ve seen situations where I’m either getting Ekeler because someone takes Adams/Kelce Or I’m getting Hill/Adams in the 1st round and then following up with another WR in the 2nd. Waiting until rounds 3/4 to hit on my RBs hasn’t been fun, but I can’t jump to the likes of CEH or Gibson in the 2nd when Hopkins/Diggs is there


If you’re picking 9-11, I would not pass up on that last 1-2 good RBs left. Jones, Chubb, Ekeler, maybe Saquon or Taylor if you like them. I would not take the chance that they will be there in round 2. I would rather grab Diggs, Hopkins or Ridley with that early second round pick, then be stuck taking a chance on Mixon or Gibson or Najee Harris as an early second.


Unfortunately, at this point with Saquon hurt and how JT is falling, 9 seems to be where all the top rb tier go.


So for PPR you’ve got CMC, Cook, Kamara, Henry, Zeke, Jones, Adams, Hill, Kelce, Ekeler. Swap in Chubb for Ekeler in Standard. That’s 10 players there not counting someone jumping on Taylor, Saquon, Chubb/Ekeler, or one of those other top WRs I mentioned. So ya I’d say at picks 9-11 you could end up with one of the top RB options to go with there or Adams/Hill Kelce. And then end up with one of Diggs/Hopkins/Ridley in the second. That would be my ideal strategy.


That's exactly mine. I'm almost always ending up with some form of Kelce + wr or two wrs. Because all the good rbs go. The issue comes in with round 3/4. You are almost forced into zero rb if you pick that way simply because there are no rbs left that are even close to the value that the wrs there present. I'm playing around with the idea of taking Gibson at 14 if he's there. I know he's lower but he's got a high ceiling and makes it so I don't have to go 4 wrs in the 1st 4 rounds


I would still rather go with those top two WRs, knowing I’m getting great talent, then end up drafting a guy like Gibson, who could be a top 10 RB, but just as easily float around RB20. I’d rather have no brainer starts at WR every week, and load up on 4-5 RBs that I feel confident getting at least 10-15 touches a game and I can play matchups with them. My strategy is always to load up on those guys like Rojo, David Johnson, Michael Carter, I’m fine with my RB1 being maybe Carson, Montgomery, Dobbins, is Gaskin and i feel like there’s a chance you could get two of them in the 3rd/4th.


Oh I whole heartedly agree. I'm higher on gibson than most but Theres no way I'd turn down Adams and diggs to start the draft. I would love if Carson, Monty or Dobbins fall to me but its not very likely. I'm absolutely loading up on rbs later in the draft after getting a TE and some crazy wrs.


I'm drafting 10/12 for 3wr 1 flex .5ppr. It's Almost guarantee ld that I'm going zero rb or hero rb with how the drafts fall and what players I like. Almost every mock I have done Im either going wr/wr or wr/rb. It usually goes Top 4, Zeke, Jones, Chubb, Ekeler, and Kelce before me. If any of those guys fall, I'm taking them. Usually I have a pair of Adams and Diggs or Adams and Gibson. Can't bring myself to draft JT or Saquon even with my second pick. Rounds 3/4 I'll take dobbins, Monty, or Carson if they fall but generally I'm getting Mclaurin/Robinson/CeeDee and then on the way back its Evans/Julio/Amari. At this point my team is either 4 wr or 3wr and 1rb. From here if any of that TEs fall to me, I take them at 5. If they don't but Kyler/Lamar fall to me I take them 5. Rounds 6 is where I start hammering rbs with maybe 1 more receiver. Ambiguous backfield rbs. The teams I like the most usually end up like something along the lines of - Kyler Harris Javonte/David Johnson Adams Diggs CeeDee Hock Evans With a number of rbs at the back half. Yes my rbs are pretty trash but everywhere else I'm solid as a rock and if I even hit on 1 rb, I'm gold. I want to get an rv early but I'm not going to pull the trigger on a lower tier rb when there are higher tier wrs still on the board


Picking 9th out of 12 in full PPR with keeping Kennan Allen in the 6th round. Thinking about going Zero RB this year. Hoping to take either Adams/Hill with my 1st pick and Kelce with my 2nd if he makes it there, or Kittle. I have done the TE rodeo for a decade now and I am sick of it, I want a premium TE


Picking at 9 in a 10 team .5 ppr. Might go davante/tyreek I don’t really like the rbs left at that point. I’ll just have to hope and pray I can hit on the rbs in the 3/4 round range


Haven't drafted yet, but use Fantasy Pro's rankings and just try to get the best players. Maybe if you feel like you know what you're doing, make your own cheat sheet. Using my cheat sheet, assuming a draft picks in the order of ESPN's ADP, I'd get Aaron Jones and Calvin Ridley at #9, or Jones and Ekeler at #12.


Drafting 9th out of 10 teams, probably trying to grab Tyreek or Davante in the first round, hope there’s a decent RB at the turn, take another great WR or Kelce if not. Only being so cavalier at RB because I have Gibson and Gaskin as keepers.


im picking 10 in a 14 man league. In mocks im either getting A. Jones/Adams/Kelce (not taking him)/Hill. sometimes Elliot/Barkley will fall to me as well. on the turn ive gotten Gibson/Metcalf/Harris/Ridley/Mixon/CEH/Jefferson


Not Kelce.