RIP Friendships and leagues about to end


guy in my league is down 50 with Allen and wont concede. allen wasn't getting 50 in 3 quarters. He keeps pushing the "you never know"


Yeah we got one who’s down 46 with Diggs VS Gabe Davis and won’t concede but he’s saying he’d be “amicable enough to accept a 60/40 split” in favor of the guy with a way higher chance to win. He’s acting like he’s being super generous lmao


Lol, much easier when the unreasonable player is the one down on points. Easy answer is just declare the other guy the winner and call it a day.


Even better, just let the app do it. They're going to score it as it stands in the 1st quarter and call it done.


Depends on the app. I know Yahoo is going by the official nfl scorebook, which would revert all players in that game to 0.


It's hilarious that so many people aren't acknowledging this in their leave it as it lay arguments. If the points count we have 1 winner and if they don't then we have another in my main league and we don't know what the platform will do.


Most platforms have already announced their plans. It really comes down to, if two teams are that close, they should split the pot. If they refuse to agree to that, then just follow whatever the platform's plans are.


Gave Davis should be good for 4-5 pts.


Damn, i needed 117 from him


Well he should be good for 4-5 points, OR 117. No in-between




Guy in my league is down 20 with Allen, Diggs, and Mixon. Looks like they're going to split it too but just like you, only several freak accidents could have stopped him from winning. Well, several freak accidents other than the freak accident that actually happened.


I needed 12.5 more points between Burrow and Chase. We will not be splitting, and I lose.


Considering your team will eventually be graded as the loser, you got a pretty sweet deal.


Guy is delusional.


Guy in my league is down 50 with Mike Evans left to play and says “still a chance” LOL WHAT AN IDIOT KICKEM OUT THE LEAGUE Let the record show Kamara once scored 7 TDS championship Sunday.


N you would have told that person they were crazy for hoping for 7 tds before that day too. Just because it can happen doesn't mean its likely. We all know damn well those chances are slim as shit not non zero tho. But if we are forced to make a decision based on probability, we sure as hell won't weigh the thing that's significantlyyyyyyy less likely to occur similarly


if my aunt had balls, she'd be my uncle


Same here..and the guy up 50 has singletary..LOL


Definitely not


Up 30.5 in standard with his Mixon and my Higgins left (ESPN had it 99% to 1% in my favor before MNF). Was hoping he'd graciously concede, but the commissioner decided to do it for him.


The league wont end but I'm not fucking playing anymore. I just lost by "tie breaker rules" even though I was up 46.9 point with his *Burrow and Higgins left to play in .5PPR.


Yeah that’s definitely worth leaving the league


I'm confused what "tie breaker rules" has to do with this? How did that make you lose?


Our standings tie breakers go head to head then over all record he had 1 more win than me this season so the championship goes to him.


So your league just called the championship game void and went to tie breaker rule? That seems silly


Yep you got it and it is silly.


Leave the league and take a dump on their doorstep


Yeah I'd 1000% leave that league. That's horseshit.


How tf does that work? I'd be pissed because that isn't remotely fair.


I was told my opponent had a chance to win still so he has to treat the match as a tie since they wont finish.


At first I thought you said YOUR Burrows and Higgins. Honestly 46 points isn't that hard to get with Burrows and Higgins. The first drive from Bengals was just commanding, and the second drive looked to go the same way. The whole thing was looking to become a high scoring game.


I fully agree that it was possible but I don't see how mearly possible makes me the loser. I was still projected to win by 10 points after the first drive.


Ah, I didn't see that you "lost". Yeah, that sucks. I'd hope for at least a chopped pot or something. Tie breaker rules should be in place when the scores are literally dead even, not when there's total ambiguity.


Should be a split at least


So you actually won, and you probably would have won even if we're making up imaginary points which is ridiculous in the first place, but you're getting a tie just because the game didn't end? And then because of the tie, there's a tiebreaker, and you lost the tiebreaker? Dude you won, take it all


Yep, I lost the tie breaker cause we were even head to head but he had 1 more regular season win than me. We were 1 and 2 going into playoffs. Edit: No way to fight it without looking like a total asshole at work.


Yahhhh, the work part makes it hard. You should 100% win that league. If it was a friends/random league I’d say go to war. Maybe just say why don’t we let the app chose the winner like every other league is doing?


Thats exactly what I said and was told my opnion doesnt count because im just mad because im going to lose. I'm not mad because I lost i'm mad because I feel cheated.


> mad because I ~~feel~~ was cheated. Fixed it


Lmao WHAT dude I know you don't want to lose your job haha but what the other guy said -- just let the app decide like every other league is doing instead of making up rules on the fly


I'm up 68 with his Higgins and McPherson if it makes you feel better


Well if your Commisioner doesnt go off the rails and against literally what every league says how it will be handled you win right?


That’s not fair cuz you were probably favored… should be a split pot


My league is taking the totals from the outstanding players in week 18 and adding it on. Not the best solution but everyone agreed it’s fair.


Yeah that’s what I agreed to for My championship. It’s my burrows and diggs vs his Allen and chase. I’m up 16. Would’ve been a great finale without the crazy injury.


Yea the people winning in my leagues said absolutely not to that idea. Can’t say I blame them but it sucks


Anyone who had a 99% chance to win and their opponent is trying to screw them over is a disgrace. My cousin is down 5 points with Burrow/Chase left to his opponents nothing. It was a winner take all league. The guy is saying he should split it. 1600$ first place payout.


What about 90%? Asking for a friend...


I've won a 10% matchup going into Monday night.


I just watched Justin Jefferson put up 2 points. Nothing is guaranteed. Considering most apps default will be your cousin losses a split seems reasonable.


If it was a pay site your cousin would lose


It’s a situation out of your control. In a big money game I absolutely would not concede that. The Fantasy Footballers said the same thing regarding big money games. You gotta go by the official stats. Anything else is made up.


Chase can score 2 points like jj, burrow can get injured like fields. This is fantasy, anything can happen even though it is unlikely. At the end of the day, the team with the most point wins, period. He has every right to claim all 1600. The fact that he is willing to split it is already nice of him.


Damn I feel bad for everyone with near lock wins that lose because of this. Hard pill to swallow even by fantasy football standards.


the part that sucks is that I was 92% chance to win, but I made an off-hand comment earlier that if the game gets canceled we'll just split, not actually realizing what I was committing to. Well, the game gets canceled and now if I go back I'm going to look really bad. Oh well.


Splitting is the only way forward whether you think you were going to win or not. It’s. A. Game. Edit: There’s obvious extreme cases of this where someone is up 50 going against a kicker. Yeah, that person wins but that’s up to the individuals and the commish.


I mean it’s a game, but 1000 dollars is a lot of money Edit: though I agree, but if if it was something ridiculous like I was down1 point and had Allen I’d be pretty mad. Or if I was up like 40 and it was split because they still had Mixon


If your league commissioner is not an ass hat, they will make the right calls when and where it makes sense.


People don’t always agree on what the “right call” is


^ This. It's also why my policy (as commish of my league) is just to go with whatever Yahoo! decides. Takes all of the politicking out of it. "If you've got a problem, take it up with Yahoo! I'll change the result if they do..."


But what about that feeling of power and control you'd get by inserting yourself into the situation?


First time I’ve chuckled in a few days on this subreddit lol


I need a new league lol


I expect lots of people to be leaving leagues over some of these decisions.


In my money league, I'm not even in the championship game and I'm probably leaving because of how stupid those managers are being. It kind of pushed me over the edge of being done with their petty bullshit.


I'm leaving mine. I joined my friend's "wives league" this year and it's been nothing but drama. I've been playing as my husband in some if his leagues for years. I won but second place insisted on splitting it, but I said no. She then said everyone should get their money back and then later said it was immoral for anyone to be profiting because of Hamlin's injury. The league voted to let the app decide, but it still hasn't been decided.


“immoral for anyone to be profiting because of Hamlin’s injury” That’s a weird moral stance to be trying to argue. So they don’t want anyone to profit ever from fantasy football, right, seeing as how severe injuries happen all the time in football? Wouldn’t want them to be inconsistent or a hypocrite, now.


She was willing to take half literally minutes before the moral stance lol. Embarrassing ETA: She doesn't think dinosaurs were real. I'm not splitting shit with her.


The problem is I am the commissioner and 3x reigning champion so any sort of discussion about the fact that I was heavily projected to win, but now won’t will just look like I’m being a baby. Which to be fair I am, because I’m pissed. I don’t mind losing if I actually lose, but this way sucks.


Can’t make up points. If you didnt get as many points you lose However, it’s kind of BS if the stats get wiped instead of frozen. I get that that’s the official way but oof that’s brutal if you lose because real stats get erased


I was down 50 and they still had Gabe Davis. It's bullshit because GD could have fumbled 25 times.


God. I am commissioner of a matchup where one guy went ahead on Allen’s 2 points. Other guy had Chase. He’ll now lose if the stats are wiped. I want to split but he’s losing his mind saying he technically won. I’m countering saying he’ll now technically lose.


Honestly if he was angling for the "technical" win, he should take the "technical" loss lol


Right. If you wanna be an assbag and play hardball from the get-go, you've lost the right for others to be civil when the roles are reversed.


Split the pot in that case


Yeah, I think I’m going to. The guy with Allen couldn’t be less happy. I understand. He’d have probably won if the game is played but I don’t think he understands why/how the stats will be wiped. Just keeps saying “but I won.”


Guy sounds fucking awful lol


I totally get the logic of what you do know is the points scored. Having to deal with this in our league between Allen and Diggs owner. Brady and Evans showed just this week that WR can outscore QB and it’s fairly common more than some would like to admit. Heck Diggs outscored Allen 5 times this year. We will never know and throw stats out all day long, tough situation all around in these close matchups.


Honestly the official ruling will wipe the stats from the game completely I don't agree with it entirely but from an unbiased hardline position the guy with Allen loses


I’m in the exact same spot. I’m commish. In the finals. Up 2 before the game, my Chase vs opponents’ Allen. We are gonna split and be co-champs I think. I think if the game had been played Allen outscores Chase, but no way to go for sure If it’s NC, I win. If its a tie and Allen keeps his 2.3 points, I lose. Technically


Gotta split the pot. Every other team in the league is also watching. That's what I would do for my league if either player had anyone in that game.


He made his bed, let him sleep in it.


Exactly what I was gonna say. He was being a dick and this is karma


Whether you like the decision or not, we’re going to learn a lot about our friends/leaguemates in the coming days




you got that right


And coworkers, too. I’m commissioner of a work league and told the guys in the finals about the situation the other day and the possibility about the game being canceled so we needed a plan in case something happens. Haven’t heard back from either of them yet and that has me worried that neither side’s gonna budge. Hope I’m wrong.


So no contest wipes the stats from the game or keeps things as is? Cause if they’re wiped holy shit this is hilarious. Instill lose my championships, but my work league the winner won by a point.


Depends on the platform, but I think most if not all will wipe the stats for a no-contest.


ESPN stated they will use the current stats if the game isn't finished? Although I think their wording was that they will use NFL stats, so if NFL stats get wiped out then the points would be wiped out I guess


That’s correct on ESPN’s wording. I think the issue is that the NFL doesn’t have to actively “wipe” the stats. They aren’t official to begin with until the final game book with stats is issued, so if they never issue one, they just may not ever become “official”


Wipes it.


That’s why I got ahead of it and talked to my opponent in the chip. We decided to split it off win shares which works out to 310/290 me but it being that close and me only down by 2pts (My Diggs/McPherson vs his Allen, currently I’ve won by 1pt) I made the decision as commish to split the pot 300/300 bc this is a childhood friend and I’d hate that one of us would feel cheated.


>talked to my opponent in the chip. We decided to split it This is the reasonable take. So many others were saying to wait on the NFL, etc. I got ahead of it as well, and I gave a 50/50 split in a close game. It takes all the politics out, cause who knows what would've really happened. I didn't want to be a grinch asking for 100% with a small lead


Wipes stats.


I’m up 101 points, dude only has Mixon left, and they’re talking about a “co championship”


Lol, you won


That’s the last time I would be in that league. I’m up 53 and opponent only had Higgins left. I was no way gonna split.


Yeah fuck that. If they want this I’m out. Been in This league for 14 years. If that happens to you you should leave too


This can’t be real. Unless your league has some wild scoring rules where 101 points isn’t absolutely impossible.


Oh my god cmon


Yeah that's bs. I'm down 90+ with Higgins, I conceded and congratulated my opponent.


Alright lets hear the horror stories from ya'll leagues.


In our championship, one guy was down 5.56 with just Joe Burrow left to play for him in that matchup. Joe Burrow scores 6.28 before the game gets called. Guy who was on the other end of the matchup is arguing if that the game ends up getting cancelled Joe Burrow’s points should be 0 and he should win


Same exact situation in my league. Commish is refusing to do anything and is saying if the game is cancelled and Burrows stats go to 0 then the other person will win. I'm sure the league will survive, but i doubt the guy with Burrow will be back and i'm honestly considering leaving as well. Whole thing just leaves a bad taste in my mouth.


Yeah that’s some BS. If he already scored more points even before the game got postponed/canceled he should be declared the winner in my mind.


not sure why commissioners are being given total authority in these cases. there should be a vote on a couple different scenarios or something. I'm in the final with our commissioner and he's being very fair about it all and as a league we're making sure whatever gets decided is a group decision.


Such a stupid fucking take. The game was over before it started. Guy with Burrow needs to be awarded championship or let Week 18 stats be applied.


I would also count the stats that accrued in the partial game. Even if the NFL officially doesn’t. That seems to be “in the spirit of fantasy football.” All the other crap really isn’t- it’s just people who lost trying desperately to make it so they win.


Game was basically tied going into it. 120 to 120.8 Team A has Diggs Team B has Allen When game ended Team A was ahead. If stats are wiped then he loses. Commish says split the pot and be co-champs or by default let Yahoo automatically assume the winner and we can just bitch about Yahoo 3rd party instead of being mad at each other. Team B Allen owner is raising hell about it saying it’s common sense a QB like Allen is going to outscore Diggs who had 3-4 bad weeks in a row. Team A says Diggs has outscored Allen 5 times this year so it’s not uncommon at all and if it was going to happen in any game it would be this one since Bengals can match Bills offense. Also made the argument that the Bengals D have been shutting down the run since their DT came back and Allen was on a taped up ankle and probably not getting much anyway. Commish said if it was his decision he’d go based on points scored vs assumption of what could’ve happened and rule Team A the winner as it’s no different than an injury. Team B rejected, Team A offered to split and be co-champs, play week 18 full roster. Team B rejected. Team B wants the title handed to him or play Diggs vs Allen only this week against the Pats. Which will be a crappier weather game and not as high scoring which Team A rejected. What a mess, wish team B would just accept the split and be co-champs.


Sounds like a perfect time to call it a tie and have co-champions. Split the cash for 1st and 2nd


Team A is 100% correct, Team B needs to stfu


Down 43 with Burrow, Higgins, and Josh A to play. I was projected 82% chance of winning when the game ended. We have decided to split the pot. Then redraft teams based on the teams left in the playoffs. Then whoever finishes with the most points by the end of the super bowl wins!


Make sure to tip your commissioner that’s a shit ton of work on their end lol


Dude wtf so if your guys all get eliminated in the first round you're fucked?


Choose wisely


I picked a dope year to be supercommish and treasurer of 3 work leagues. Will wait for confirmation on this and then maybe pitch my leagues using that "fairness payout" site someone posted the other day.


I think a split is the only fair way if a game could have reasonably gone either way. Anyone think Mike Evans was gonna drop 50, or JJ get only 2.5? Never know.


I made a lot of money off of this I’m ngl


If the stats get wiped I lost by 0.8 points with Burrow & Knox getting scrubbed. I'm currently up 6 points with the points already scored.




My friend is up a point vs Mixon and Singletary lol, he's the type that won't concede half the pot and wants to be crowned sole winner. Looks like he will get his wish.


I'm down a few points with Burrow and Chase. Am accepting defeat with no argument. I'm playing my girlfriend so this decision is easy.


Smart man.


Im in a similar spot. We were projected dead-even, i finished on sunday and she had only Burrow. Im also the commish. Im thinking of just saying lets use Burrows stats from next game against the Ravens... idk if thats stupid or not.


Our guy was down by 15 with Allen, Diggs, and Mixon to play. He’s now going to lose based on this decision. What’s the consensus on how to handle?


Split the pot


A lot of my leagues don’t care as much about the money but more so being crowned the winner. Splitting the pot still has people upset


Unfortunately, not everyone can be happy. I would say “officially” the winner is what the app reflects. But given the circumstances, split pot / co-champs is fair. I know they don’t “win”, but they at least get some money back to compensate.


I’d say count points for Allen Diggs and Mixon from week 18 and add in or split pot


RIP my 2 QB league where I have Allen, Burrow, and Higgins in the finals


That's brutal


For anyone pissed about their fantasy playoffs. I was in the DraftKings Million dollar bestball finals with Josh Allen, Singletary, Jamar Chase, and Gabe Davis left to play. Realistically I gave myself about a 50% chance at placing and winning $50,000.. 10% chance of winning the million. Instead I’m walking away with $500 and insanity.


That sucks, sorry bro


I'm up 11 against his Bass. Who wins?


Is that with or without the field goal that bass hit in MNF? Either way, 11 or 8 points is well within reach for him.


That's entering the game, not counting his FG




I was down 27 with Higgins and Burrow. It’s so close that we decided to split. Common sense prevailed.


Down 18 with Higgins, burrow, and chase left to play, vs 0 on the other side. Anything less than a split pot I'll be very salty


Thank god I was losing the ship by 80 points or I'd be sour as hell about it. This is the right move but it is pretty wild the consequences the game cancellation has on championships.


I’m so happy my league championship was finished by Sunday night. Thankfully neither team had anyone playing in the Monday game


Crazy nobody in that game made it to your finals. Some heavy hitters there.


We were both 7-7 teams that snuck into the playoffs and got hot when it mattered


One championship. Down 8 with Burrows. Second championship Down 43 with Burrows, Chase, Higgins. Both on Sleeper. Both against commissioners. Both calling it as is. Bad beats.


>both against commissioners I think for my league next year I’m going to suggest appointing a couple of “deputy commissioners” Might sound like overkill but it’d be really nice to have a designated person that is in charge of tough decisions when the commissioner is part of the decision (like this one)


MY league's championship was within a point with the winning team being done and the losing team having Tee Higgins, both parties have agreed that we will take Higgins' 2.3 off the board and add in his week 18 stats to the final score to determine a champion This was actually suggested by the team manager currently winning. Nice to play in a league with adults


Rip to tee higgin owner, Bengals have no reason to win week 18, will be resting starters


And in a crappy weather game potentially too. MNF had the perfect weather and matchup for a lot of players to have freakish stats


No they won’t lol


If bengals starters do not take a snap we have agreed on an even split, but even one snap from Higgins puts his week 18 stats into effect


A win gets them the ravens a loss gets them the chargers. They don’t want to play a rested chargers team plus they have an outside shot at 2 seed if Bills lose. They won’t rest


A team in league is up 4 points against Josh Allen. What’s the call?


If you wanna go by the book he’s lost as he hasn’t scored any points. If you want to be a reasonable person and stay friends just split the pot I reckon and be co champs


What if it’s a super competitive league amongst kind-of friends where winner gets 10k loser gets 4k? Change anything? Are you just gonna give up 3 thousand dollars? Especially when your fantasy app clearly states you won the matchup. I dunno it gets trickier the more money that is involved.


In my opinion, money is just money. If you are playing with friends, the pot should just get split because of the situation. I'm more focused on who gets crowned though, and I think that the result should be based on the official records, i.e., zeros for all Bills/Bengals players since the game has been declared no-contest. FF is a game of luck and this is just another example luck determining the outcome, whether we like it or not.


Such an awful situation. JJ got me 2.5 points and Burrow only needed 12.2 points to beat me in the championship. He got 8.28 when the game stopped. My thoughts are with Hamlin and his fam, but this has got to be the oddest situation I can recall in about 12 years of FF, which I'm 0-4 in championship games.


Asterisk SZN


Need 20 had Allen and diggs not happy taking the loss not much I can do in a yahoo league


Remember, fantasy football was not, is not and will never be "fair." There's no good way to handle this situation. You will not please everyone. You might not please anyone. That's just the way it is. At this point, your main goal should be preserving the league. If the two players involved can agree on a resolution, go with that. If they can't, try to involve as many other people as possible. Make it feel like the entire league is coming to a consensus. If that doesn't work, use the official NFL stats. Can't argue with the record books.


In a pool where I'm not anywhere near the finals but the final.pairing was commish vs 1st 1st is projected to win by over forty five points. Commish had Allen, buffalo kicker left. Commish refuses to concede and is acting like a jerk wants to be crowned winner. I'm fully expecting the pool to implode due to this jackass Update Commish and previous commish left our group chat after we all congratulated first for his win Afaik first hasn't been paid his winnings yet Final updatr Commish paid out the winner in full Pool seems to be still intact


If it stays, I lost by .20 points with Singletary in the lineup. Commissioner thinking about splitting pot. Sucks


Reading all of these comments, y’all have some assholes in your leagues 😂


Am I an asshole for suggesting to follow Yahoo's official rules? I feel like that is the least biased, most fair, and official way to do it?


Takes the heat off the commish and other league mates. All can bitch together.


I think it's the conclusion that is both the most frustrating but most correct. Go by the scoreboard as it is.


I agree. It can be frustrating case by case but it’s ultimately a cleaner/simpler solution to enact. God forbid something like this happen again, but things happen and when they do at least you’ll have a clear precedent to go off of vs having to litigate each instance based off of projections, players left, etc.


I’d rather handle it case by case than just blanket apply a rule in all scenarios. Like that guy who was winning with burrow’s points but will now lose because it’s voided? I was eliminated months ago and have no dog in this fight, for context.


That’s what we are doing in my league. I was projected to win at 77%. Going to offer a pot share of 75/25, if he concedes the championship. The other guy is convinced he would have won and wants to flip a coin or draw names out of a hat…I’m not budging


Maybe give him a sliver more of the money if it isn’t a massive pot, I know personally I care far more about the championship so to me you are getting the bonus of both the 75% cut of the money and the whole championship. Giving him 40% or 35% might make it a little easier to swallow. That being said, if you’re currently winning, it’s really up to you.


Found the neutral party with no stake. Yes, following the official rules is always the correct answer unless you have some league-specific rule already in place for why you're not following the official rules.


Maybe. If it’s a close game your opponent easily could have won, then I’d prioritize relationships and split the pot / title. But if no one can agree, Yahoo rules are a neutral, 3rd party way to decide.


Nope. Follow the nfl Gamebook. The actual stats. It's fantasy football based on real stats not literal fantasy football.


thankful my championship match didn't have any players from this game. what a mess


Fuck that. Going to lose a best ball tourney by .03.


How are you guys handling your last place games in punishments leagues?


2 PUNISHMENTS! its the only answer, they both suck


This is for my Main friend group league for a trophy. 1st 1300 2nd 400. My senecio is I am down 8.1 points. I had Diggs and Mixon. He had McPherson. I was favored 80% chance to win. Do I straight out lose in this situation? Should it be a split pot? Who gets the trophy?


You'd think after 40 years or so years of fantasy football and especially going through covid seasons. We'd have seen all the canceled games scenarios and have precedent, but here we are.


I'm in a tough spot. If they zero out the fantasy points, I lose. But if they keep the points, I win by 0.20 points based on what Burrow and Singletery did already and the other guy not having any Bills or Bengals. I'm hoping my commissioner is sane. Their day job as the CEO I work for complicates my ability to bitch.


Was down 6 with Joey B and Stefon. Guy im play has no players left and joey+stefon got up by 6 points when the game was suspended. Now the league is talking about if the game is cancelled i possibly lose my points and the championship wtf


Fucking joke dude. I would quit the league. Your commissioner should make the right call.


That ain’t right. You need to try and reason with the commissioner.


This is probably going to make some people disheartened over FF all together, imagine if you lost because your top picks didn’t even get a chance, it would feel like this was all a waste of time.


I was down 25 with Burrow and Higgins, he had no one…was projected to win by 10….pain


Yesterday I was planning to tell my friends I dont feel like playing next year. I have accepted it more, but it's still fucking draining.


Won by Sunday afternoon even though I had Burrow to play. Real glad I don’t have to deal with any of these situations going on


Not a horror story, but my team that finished #1 in the regular season and dominated for several weeks is going to lose in the final because I couldn't get points from Burrow, Diggs. That sucks.


this is such a unique and unfortunate situation. i had Allen and Chase down 14 and my oppenent had nobody left. i legitimately felt i had the win locked up. we discussed and my opponent has no problem with taking the win.. like bro you really want to win like that? i wouldn't feel great winning that way. but whatever. our league is going by official stats and scores, which imo sucks but that's fantasy football. points scored for the week based on stats from that week's matchup. if stats aren't accrued, the points aren't either. again i hate it and it sucks but that's just the way it is. still salty af.


Welp I’m down 8 points with Chase & Higgins still in play. Opponent was done. Have no issue splitting the pot but I wanted the first place bragging rights


Fortunately, the payout split is good. Unfortunately, who’s name goes on the belt is bad. Anyone else dealing with similar?


No matter what happens, if you win by a split or a technicality, no one is feeling good. This shit is so dumb.




I'm Commissioner of a PPR league down 7 with my Knox v his McPherson. I'm inclined to let the other league members vote on how to handle the situation.


Congrats on finding out who they like better. 😂


I was down 31 going into the game with Diggs playing. Comish wants to call the game and award the W to my opponent with normal money splits. I am a little bummed but I don’t want to make a stink. What do you guys think? If you are a comish, what would you do if you had this situation?


Your commish got it right.