ADD YOUR LEAGUE SETTINGS TO YOUR FLAIR! (the extra text beside usernames) Player values vary depending on the specific league type so it helps people give better advice/opinions when your league settings are known. IE number of teams in your league, points or categories, H2H or roto, etc How to do this… Desktop: Go to the main page of the sub > community options > edit user flair Mobile: Go to the main page of the sub > “…” icon at top right > change user flair


12 team 9 cat. Is Eubanks a hold for next year? Or should I drop to stash a guy like Cam Thomas and hope he skyrockets? EoS roster: https://imgur.com/a/FTMxBdz Have 2 1st round picks in rookie draft (1.07, 1.08) that I need to make room for as well.