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All hail the thumb


It’s mesmerizing




I can't tell if that's a real picture or not


Oh, it's real.. and it's spectacular


We really need to get someone who is good at making GIFs to superimpose his head on Kevin's thumb in that classic Wonder Years thumbs up gif


What about the Thumb people in Spy Kids?


Thuuumb thumbthumbthumbthuuuuumb


I love this man’s groin!


The thumb has spoken




Between this and the way Acuna has been seen landing weirdly on his leg on a few ground outs where he tried to hustle this just feels like a disaster waiting to happen. Maybe the Braves and Acuna rushed him back too soon, I mean just because he can steal bases and smoke the baseball doesn’t mean he’s 100% healthy and this is your mvp franchise player we’re talking about.


The alternative is have him steal bases and smoke baseballs in the minors though. At worse, DH him and tell him not to steal as much. But if he’s feeling ok, he should play.


The alternative is having him not play baseball at all while reverting back to rehab since he's injured. Playing at less than 100% leads to compensation injuries... such as groin strains. The next injury could be worse.


Sure as a fantasy manager you’re not going to say keep him out him on the IL and give him more time to rest but long term for the braves this doesn’t seem like the best move. If he was 100% healthy than I’d say yes but the way he has been bracing his landing on his knee and now this… I think he’s at 90% and it’s just so risky to chance losing your best franchise piece


He returned in the typical time frame for an ACL injury for someone his age. I can see an argument for DH but no way he shouldn’t be batting at this point due to the ACL


Yeah seems like he hasn't really adapted to the injury yet and he's trying to go 100%. Probably needs more rehab ball with the explicit instruction to back off the throttle.


So do like the Yankees coddling Stanton all last year not letting him get consistent at bats?


Not comparable in the slightest. I’m saying Acuna should’ve been held out an extra month or so to recover from his major knee surgery whereas Stanton had no specific injury and the Yankees were just resting an injury prone player


If it was up to reddit no star would ever play because of injury risk.


Disagree, he’s 24 and one of the best players in the league. You gotta make sure he’s ready to play and not re-injure himself in anyway. He may be able to play well right now but could still have some muscular imbalances that lead to other injuries down the line (for example, his groin getting injured because perhaps his glutes or hammies haven’t strengthened fully)


I totally agree! Through rehab he has created new compensations to make up for his ACL injury. Now his groin is doing all the work that his VMO or Hamstrings are supposed to be doing. As a Braves fan , Im ok with him sitting out a little longer or sticking to DH.




So are we starting him next week in weekly lock leagues? I’ve started him the past 2 weeks and he’s been killing me but I don’t know if I doubt Schwarber or Ozuna will do anything anyways


I'm strongly considering benching him next week, but my alternative is Tyler oniell 🤢