Don’t fuck with Fallout fans

Don’t fuck with Fallout fans


cool laser guns go pew pew


"Lunching" plasma blobs go brrrr


I looked at this guy's twitter and I don't even know if he's just parody or not, lol. The consistency of his weird spacing springs doubt in my mind that somebody would be legit talking like that.


He knows big THE FALLOUT tho


Oh my sweet summer child... you have FAR too much faith in humanity. It's so very likely it's unironic posting.


Yo can you do me a favor real quick and never say sweet summer child again?


You'd have to un-southern me, sweet summer child, which ain't happening anytime soon.


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Yeah brings to mind the Color-haired SJWs and fedora wearing neck beards. I was hoping the plague was going to take care of these problems.


At least SJWs want to improve life in some way. Neckbeards are comfortable in their complacency because they generally benefit from it.


I honestly could do with less of both of them.


Less SJWs for sure would make the wasteland a better place


The founder of the followers of the apocalipce is literally a hair colored feminists.


YeahI always kill them


Scrolling Reddit almost makes you wish for a nuclear winter


Hahahahahahahahahahaha SJWs are the reason the wasteland has doctors.


Is the weird spacing after a period. I know coders type like that.


Isn’t the point of the series is that war is bad, and even after the apocalypse people are still fighting for the same petty reasons


It’s not just that the message is that war is bad, it’s that “war, war never changes” due to the underlying cause of war always being the dehumanization of others. No matter what the source of the conflict, resource wars, zealous ideology, conquest of another nation, and even rebellion, all are intrinsically at their core started by not valuing your fellow human. That’s why war never changes, even when the means and reasons do, the underlying lack of humanization of the “other” never, NEVER goes away. And as long as that dehumanization exists, war will never stop being a part of the human experience, and it will never fundamentally change.


To add on here no better example of this than the continuing stories of the Brotherhood of Steel and the Followers of the Apocalypse. By thier own claims, the two should want the same things. Keep the light of the world that was alive to aid the survivors. But both factions have internal short comings that lead both to conflict and failure. The largely leaderless nature of the Followers was almost perfect setup for someone like Caesar to take advantage of. By the time anyone in the Followers knew what Ceasar and Joshua were up to with the tribals, it was too late for anyone to do anything. Meanwhile the isolationist, exceptionalist, and authoritarian nature of the Brotherhood has doomed them to being nothing but a living fossil of long dead world views. They will never have the power or influence like they did in FO 1&2 ever again. Yet they know this and act like not trying to fix their problems is some kind of noble last stand. If the Followers were willing to actually focus and build up a unified presence, they could make a difference that lasts. If the Brotherhood was willing to adapt and see beyond thier narrow perspective they could actually accomplish the goals they claim to work towards.


This people think that saying "slavery and genocide bad" isnt a political take.


I thought it was a critique of American patriotism and capitalism but in a satiric way that not everybody would understand


It's about using the franchise to support your own political beliefs whatever they might be, and make others look stupid.


I mean he’s not wrong. No ones “lunched” nukes.. I’m pretty sure you’d get radiation poisoning or lead poisoning. Where do you even start?




Not launched, dropped. Checkmate libruls


He is technically correct. The best kind of correct


And it was an atomic bomb, not a nuclear missile.


Damn. I just got owned with facts and logic


What does that have to do with the idea of a neo faccistic deep state government that used a war to sieze power in a coup. All in the hopes of experimenting on the american people so they, the "pure true americans" could rebuild their nation as they see fit? How that was enabled by decades of nationalistic isolationism and especially how freedoms were curtailed little by little in the guise of fighting communism. Cause thats what he has in his pfp, thats the enclave. Also nukes have been launched in missiles aswell from SRBMs to ICBMs. Detonated over deserts, oceans, and even in space.


I think you missed the joke.. it says "lunched" not "launched"


Ah, buts hey you learned something new I bet. ***The more you know***


Enclave dorks are always the ones saying this stuff.


Enclave dork: The Enclave is best positioned to bring back civilization! Me: *and why is that??*


Bro you don't get it man. We need to commit genocide in order to save the US trust us


Because they have cool pew ore plasma laser and power armour!! Wahoooo!!!!!-!-!2!2£-&1£3£2


bro you don't get it in every media property the militaristic authoritarian nationalists in the goofy nazi knock off costumes are actually based and the real good guys


While they weren’t missiles, there was Hiroshima and Nagasaki.


What would a gay communist know of such things?


Hey, In the fallout lore there is a bunch of Chinese operatives in the DC area, so intelligence gathering could be kinda massive. (Also my name is ironic)


*RIGHT* "ironic", thats exactly what a gay communist ***would*** say!


Isn't it established in Fo3 that aliens launched the first nukes?


No. Its a theory, **a game theory**.


It's very heavily implied in mothership zeta that the aliens launched the first nukes.


But audio tape 17 was widely by the computer files found later on in sawcon. The logs say the alien attack failed.


Guy found a bottle of salad dressing and said yeah that’s my new name


People will scream about how games are art, but also you can't examine them in any deeper way than "gun man go boom".


Step one to any perceived contradiction in a group's beliefs: are the holders of the former notion the same as the latter? I don't know of any "shiny light number increase" gamers who also say "games are art."


laughs in Hiroshima and Nagasaki


This is why I want Fallout 5: Hawaii


Yo that has never even occurred to me but that is brilliant. Hawaii is a prime example of unapologetic US imperialism and has quite a bit of history to draw on. Also love the idea of a Wasteland in paradise.


[Someone already started working on it actually](https://youtu.be/zymc1emk76A)


*Castle Bravo has entered the chat*


Those bombs were dropped, not launched. "Launched" implies that the weapon has a form of propulsion, most likely a rocket engine. The nuclear ICBM is a prime example of a launched nuke.


bu the real question is, were they *lunched*?


Ha. It took me a moment, but I see it now. I completely missed that typo before.


I’ve done some research and I found out that gamers actually love politics and that politics are great all the time. And those who say they don’t like politics just wish they were seeing different politics. -some guy who made a video on this game


Wild wasteland perk


Some Japanese people would disagree... oh wait, they can't.


I once knew a fat man and a little boy who tragically sacrificed themselves in WW2. True heros


Sounds pretty ^^^Enola Gay.


each fallout at the time they were released intended to take real-life politics, clearly from an american perspective, and turn it into the most absurd and cartoonish version of itself. unfortunately it’s only now that real-life politics are on track to devolve into that of the fallout universe. so for a moment he was technically right (not about the nuke stuff) but not for long.


At this point it is either going to be FEV, or something akin to effective Enclave broadcasts that incite chaos while everyone who could buy a ticket wait it out in secret bunkers. That way there’s still something to ravage when they emerge later.


Secret bunkers already exist They're just for rich people, not for you or me


Yes, that’s exactly what I said. Just few words.


America is literally at the point of talking like the cartoonish Enclave, China is doubling down on an ideology they observably do not follow and the EU has started splitting into bickering nation states again as the oil runs out We did it boys


Yeah but they aren't bickering over oil though.


Give it a few years Still currently arguing over the New Plague, resource war is next year


Its always been real life politics... just because americans now feel that cheeto man was a step to far dosen't mean america has not always been ridiculous.


Mc Carthy's Red scare comes to mind.


In more recent times, trumps and the Republicans pointing at immigrants at the border and black lives matter protest as chaos. While not addressing the underlying problems of a rigged economy that has left americans looking for someone to blame and racial injustices so extreme people turn violent. But yes you're right. Also the patriot act is another good example of taking freedom away in the guise of fighting terrorist.


Political cartoons/satire still political dude. Also, fallout was always talking about real life politics, you think that the US started invading other places for oil only after 9/11? Fallout always made fun of american imperialism.


we aren’t disagreeing


This argument is always flawed from the start. Politics is just an attempt to answer the question of how people should live together. Everything is inherently political.


A political agenda literally just means "ideas that when applied affect the community", which means that if you make a game about eating healthy, that is political, because you want to have an effect of people.


“No one launched nukes in the real world” The United States would like a word


“NO GODS NO MASTERS” is totally apolitical. Yeah that ending in New Vegas where the achievement is literally an anarchist slogan and an anarchist symbol isn’t meant to be real world politics. Caesar’s Legion? They’re not fascists. They’re just cool Roman boi


nukes don’t exist guys duh


Don't fuck with Fallout fans, we have AIDS


I got my AIDS from Fisto :/


people who say politics and video games dont mix are wrong,evrey game ha politics in them and the only time you say that politics and video games dont mix is when you disagree with the politices in the game.


Pretty much. While I agree that some video games can rub the politics in abit too much or make it too distracting, saying that it ruins every game is just laughable


theres a difference between putting politics in a game where every side is portrayed as having good and bad things about them and giving you the choice, vs portraying one side as the "right" side and another as inferior or evil through rhetoric and bias. I agree with him to an extent that politics in video games can be very bad if it is not balanced.


Agree. However, there are "political views" that are not biased. They are simply called "being a decent human being". Which is why I don't give a shit about gamers complaining about modern games' politics.


I'm pretty sure doom guy dosent think about the political outcome of comiting genocide on an alien race of demons who are only trying to do they're thing.


Doomguy is actually an anti-imperialist guerrilla fighter who used to serve in the military until he found out their true pourpose.


Isnt doom guy a mercenary contracted by a private company to kill the demons the company in question unleashed by accident?




As hbomberguy said "All gamers like politics in videogames and the ones who say they don't actually like them even more, they just wish they were seeing different politics"


FNV fans be like "yeah I think capitalism is the best system ever"


FNV fans be like: "yeah, slavery is what we need"


I mean... Yeah. /s


Eat shit, cunt.




Yeah, I love New Vegas, but your choices are: capitalism 1, capitalism 2, capitalism 3, or slavery. But tbh, I’d rather have that than whatever horribly portrayed version of “socialism” would be implemented. I’d rather not have my eyes roll into the back of my head from yet another “absolute power corrupts absolutely bro” or “yeah, capitalism bad, but socialism also bad” message. Even in a company as dedicated to good writing as Obsidian, I don’t trust them to portray a realistic socialist outcome in Fallout—or any other franchise, for that matter


I mean, capitalism is still only an economic system, it's not like the factions are very alike in their beliefs otherwise


Oh yeah, sure. Capitalism itself has many schools of thought—neoliberalism, Keynesianism, minarchism, etc. There are a bunch of different ways to do it. I didn’t mean to imply that they were all basically the same choice. An NCR ending would have very different outcomes for the Mojave than a House ending, for example


You should take a look at Josh Sawyer's Twitter account


Is he socialist?


Calling him a demsoc wouldn't be inaccurate


Lol I saw your wall of text and just thought "uh oh". But yeah that's true I suppose.


Hahahaha, tbf, walls of text are generally just mountains of rage. But nah, I agree with you 100% here


There's not tons of means of production in the wasteland. Idk if you can characterize it as capitalism.


Is Yes-Man really capitalism? Seems closer to traditional forms of anarchy to me.


Anarchism is kind of a complex branch of different principles. You have anarcho-communism, anarcho-syndicalism, anarcho-capitalism, etc. I’d argue that Yes Man’s ending is more the latter, though I also think that it’s impossible for capitalism to exist without a state. Maybe minarchism? Basically, the largest settlement in the Mojave, New Vegas, is still run by casino bosses—i.e., capitalists. Things do become a bit more chaotic, but their rule ultimately prevails


It is a shame, I suppose, that the player can't totally destroy the casinos. The other groups in the Mojave seem quite capable of living in peace with each other.


Agreed, or at least turn them into something more useful. Imagine if those huge sums of money went into building housing, infrastructure, and in general improving the lives of the people of the Mojave? It’d make a huge difference


is it really capitalism tho? like has society in fallout advanced far enough to create capitalism? theres hardly any production.


Pretty sure the NCR produce their own goods. Can't imagine their army would be as well equipped as it is from scavenging alone.


Like u/mattthereprobate said, presumably, the NCR produce their own goods. But more importantly, England had a primitive, agrarian form of capitalism in place following the English Civil War. The domination of Brahmin barons and other capitalists over the NCR’s political system is strongly indicative of capitalism. For the Mojave, it’s more like little city-states that are starting to come together. The easiest example of this is New Vegas itself, which is politically dominated by the casinos. In both the House and Yes Man endings, the people who rule over the political system are capitalists


That's why the Machine Commune from Wasteland 3 will forever be the superior form of government in video games. Communist robots that want nothing more than to keep to themselves, help others in need (even Reagan fanatics) and democratically decide on matters that affect the commune.


Could you not argue Followers of the Apocalypse are a socialist group?


Eh... kind of? To me, they’re more like a charity group than anything else. They’re commonly characterized as anarchists, but I don’t see them trying to overturn existing power structures, unjust hierarchies, etc. I just see them helping people. And that’s fine, of course; I just don’t see them as an organized group with any long-term political goals


They seem keen to freely distribute what they deem to be the wastelands greatest resource - education. That always threw off socialist vibes, and given that they existed within the framework of a more conventionally capitalist society (NCR) - I always had them pegged as the writers archetype of socialism. Maybe they didn’t think of it so politically at all though. I just always liked picturing socialists, being the followers in my political head cannon. Especially as Legion are the only ones who are quick to massacre them, despite their ‘greater good’ bs.


I would actually say that, if they posed a significant ideological threat to say, the NCR, they would’ve been wiped out a long time ago. See: Fred Hampton, Thomas Sankara, the socialists killed under the Pinochet regime, Gramsci being jailed, purging of communists under Hitler, etc. These are all real-life examples, but history has shown that when socialists politically organize to overthrow a capitalist state, that state responds with force. Same with any state, really. I think the view that the Followers are some kind of left-anarchists isn’t wholly wrong, but they also don’t seem super political, at least in New Vegas


Give ‘em time. You give a bunch of intelligent people nothing but time to study, and treat sick and dying people, shit is gonna get volatile pretty quick haha Arcade has some strong political views. Namely that he hates the Legion, and i think it goes deeper than being disgusted by the brutality.


Hey, one can hope. And Arcade does actively support an independent New Vegas, true. Hopefully, we’ll see the Followers begin to take a more political role in the future. I’d be really interested to see how they’d run things


Do you have to agree with the creators on everything to like a piece of media?


If I thought that why would I be here lol


How is fnv anti capitalist? I'm genuinely curious, not trying to troll.


He doesn't recognize anything political because he probably didn't think about the games story that much. He also, probably doesn't think about politics that much. Went right over his head how overtly political it is.


Comment section is based and antifascist pilled. I'm proud.


The most interesting thing I always see is how gamers just dislike having politics in their games, yet love the games that feature in it. I can understand how real politics vs imaginary politics can be the answer, but is it more about the percentage disagreeing with a specific set of politics. In my view, it is the fear of seeing politics get into their games. We seen happen in real life. Back 10 years, we could have forget our difference and enjoy some sports, movie, or anything that didn’t evolve the real world. Now, everything has become political. How knows, but I think people just don’t want their games to get politicize. Not saying that videogames just stop using politics or get real with real world ones. I am saying that it can’t be all the games and that some politics are okay when other is not.


usually, when people mean that their media has "politics" they mean things they disagree about. therefore, many of those people who make that claim don't really bother to consider what that media even has to say. not to mention there's seldom any media out there which takes a hard stance on anything, they're mostly just exploring different things like even New Vegas makes a society based on slavery worth considering, even if you really disagree with it if you want a story to have any meaning that is deeper than a pond, politics will inevitably get involved, more or less


True, eventually, you will play a game where the politics in it you disagree. Nevertheless, what I am most afraid of is finding the same thing over and over again. I am fine with media I don’t like or disagree with, but it cannot be the only thing.


They just don't like it when confronted with something they disagree with. If they truly hated politics in games then you'd assume they'd exclusively play sports and Nintendo games like the Mario series. Princess Peach has a kingdom but it doesn't really matter because the politics of said Kingdom are never addressed. Why Bowser and his followers are constantly kidnapping her are never more complex than "marriage" or "just because". Mario stomping on goombas and koopas are never addressed as murder/genocide, why they're on bowsers side is never elaborated on (Are they outcasts of the kingdom? There aren't any goombas and koopas in Peach's Kingdom. Aside from the handful of humans, it's all Toads, essentially making it an ethnostate). They're little more than set dressing in the way between him and being rescued and the story never gets more complicated than that.


What I have a problem with is when someone forces politics into something, or takes anything related to politics out, even if it ends up harming the final product


Like what?




>I can understand how real politics vs imaginary politics can be the answer, Yes that’s exactly the answer. Noone cares about in-universe politics as they’re fine and help create a believable world, it’s when they start inserting real life politics into things that people start to have a problem. Whenever people say “keep politics out of games” or in this case “don’t mix politics with gaming” they are always talking about real life politics.


The in-game politics are most often commentary on real life politics. Fallout for example


Respectfully disagree. I understand that escapism is something that's important to players, and likely devs have tapped into that desire, but I'd argue that even in-game politics have to be referential to the real world at some level, because no political situation can possibly exist in a digital void when it's written by people who *live* in the real world. "Imaginary politics" are just a fun medium for arguing actual political stances. This is especially true in an over-the-top satire of politics like that in the fallout franchise. I'd be careful about people who sell you a story "without [real-world] politics". They know why they're not being upfront about [what they stand for.](https://youtu.be/FtCV421T52s)


I'm going to have to disagree a bit, from my perspective it's THE WAY the politics are inserted into the game that makes the biggest difference. In Fallout the politics fit the world pretty well, hell there was a game that was quite clearly a parody of real world politics called Divinity: Dragon Commander and people loved it for the most part. So long as it's done with immersion and/or fun in mind inserting some sort of reflection of real life politics can be very successful. People are afraid of having a game "preach" its message to them in an arrogant way, something I haven't personally seen so I can't give an example of. Or inserting some lazy attempt of "representation" that ends up misrepresenting this or that group for the sole purpose of a developer feeling "stunning and brave" the way the tacked on expansion to the EE of BG did.


Yeah, because fallout never had their politics based on the real world, there is NO PARALELISMS BETWEEN FALLOUT AND THE COLD WAR, NOT AT ALL /s


Japan would like a word lol


Reminds me of Skyrim players, don’t fuck with us or we’ll totally suck your suck


Skyrim is for the nords.


It depends on the way it is said, in my opinion, the great thing about fallout is that it shows you different points of views and ways to think without alienating you or talking down to you, it gives you the option and the freedom to choose, what would you do in the situation, compared to The Frontier where the mod and it’s creators talk down to you and treat you like a dumbass for believing certain things, while pushing their own agendas. Fallout shows you all the sides, sometimes there are choices that lead to a bad ending, but it makes you think, was the sacrifices worth it in the grand scheme of things? We get that with every side. Politics can belong in games, just don’t alienate or treat the audience like they are a child.


What he should have said was "Don't politicize Video games". Politics in video games is good and has room for amazing stories.. while politicizing video games is just blindly blaming video games for political issues.. like saying "video games are sexist".


When people say “I don’t want politics in my games reee” they really mean “I don’t was women and minorities in my game”


He was so close to sounding logical until that last sentence.


I disagree, Fallout politics are clearly a replication of real world politics, and it’s a good thing. without politics, New Vegas would just be walking around the desert simulator


Tbh I never really looked at it like that and now that I have it makes sense that I only ever do NCR playthroughs because I agree with them politically


It's because they're the best of the limited options, corruption and all... But they're deliberately reminiscent of the early US government. They've learned some things from the past, but they're literally Manifest Destinying their way east.


They still struggle with incompetence in the higher management, misallocation of resources, etc etc, just like Murica does. They’re so desperate they’re having this random mail delivery gal transporting their new security measures.


Yeah but so does everyone else lol. It's kind of sad that there are only like three competent people in the Mojave.


Ulysses and the Courier. Obvious. Benny. He’s actually kind of a badass, and his plan basically only had 2 major flaws. 1) Whatever the fuck his plan to get into the Fort was and 2) not anticipating some random fuck to survive 2 shots to the head and wanting more. Rookie mistake, honestly. The rest are either wickedly powerful in one area and horrifically incompetent in others (Caesar and Lanius’ military leadership vs their actual leadership), or severely hindered by their ego (House, Oliver, McNamara, Hardin, Fantastic, the list goes on. And on.), so yeah... there really are only 3 competent people in the Mojave.


I wouldn't say mcnamara has an ego so much as a bit of a coward. And I would say house's ego is well deserved considering all that he accomplished


I think Fallout mimics real world politics, and uses real world politics to make the player think, but it does not directly reference any modern politics and attempt to persuade the player in a certain direction, or have the player make a choice. It just uses real life politics to make the world more realistic. Which I think is different than mixing politics with gaming. Or maybe I'm wrong.


Not even. He was stupid the whole way through.


Probably meant that no one has gone for an all out nuclear war yet


Yeah, that's what I was thinking too.


Was it not about the man with the massive fucking bonkers chunk of iron on his hindquarters??


Too political im leaving


A lot of y’all don’t know the difference between nuclear and atomic, or the difference between something being dropped and being launched.




What is the difference between nuclear and atomic? The atom bomb was classified as a nuclear bomb.


Cringe meme format bro


Ill play devils advocate. I think he means that most attempts at mixing politics and games don’t work. A lot of these games feel like they don’t go about it in an interesting way and just bash you over the head with whatever the developer believes. You can play fallout games without agreeing or understanding any of the deeper messages. The games that fail to mix politics and games just feel like some shitty propaganda you spent $60 on.


some people in comments really acting like new vegas can analogies the factions to IRL parties as if that doesn't fall apart the moment you try to apply it


That’s not what politics is there’s more than just party’s mr house is almost certainly meant to be right libertarianism. The ncr is a democracy with leader that hold terms for 60 years and is extremely corrupt. The boomers are a faction of xenophobic people who want to keep everyone off there land and blow up “savages”. Sure the game is cartoonish and extreme with its metaphors but it really doesn’t take much analysis to see the obvious political commentary in just fallout new vagas


I mean, the NCR was only truly flourishing under Tandy, as Caesar points out. Having a strong leader roots out the incompetence that democracy can bring, and the NCR outsourcing to the player and their desperation make it clear that they are failing without that figurehead. Obviously the NCR is the most reasonable faction, but just like with the Legion, having that figurehead was very successful. Legion territories are the most peaceful for a reason (because their strong command structure requires them to murder and torture and dissidents =/) It’s got some nuance, which is nifty :)


Yeah, that's what I always liked about Falloyt New Vegas. All factions are actually somewhat reasonable, but also terrible at the same time. Just like in real life, every nation and ideology has its upsides and downsides.


It just clicked for me with the BOOMERS lmao


I don’t think house being a self described autocrat who attacks groups that never did anything to him would be lib right. Like yea he had a funny line about paying taxes but thats the closest thing to say hes libright


Oh ok it’s been a bit since my last house play through


Speak for yourself, I know more about Fallout lore than my own country's history


Gamers rise up!


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Shows what he knows. I lunch all my nukes. Yummy.


They guy said launched not dropped


Yet he said, thats gonna hint something in future


The thing is this is missing the point that many people do understand the political undertones of the fallout games, but there is still a very big divide between real life politics and the politics of fallout.


What a coincidence. Just replied to someone who makes a good example of this.


Didn't america launch nukes on japan twice?


I think he is talking about some company making a emblem with (generic political name) for president.


As far as you know the sky is made of marshmallows


Fallout 1 & 2 & new Vegas are political af 3 and 4 on the other hand it’s arguable


Wait we were supposed to be paying attention to the plot?


Ignore the giant ancap death robot, the fact that the faction representing the united states government is, and I quote, a "fascist paramilitary organization", and the numerous in-game companies almost all being corrupt shitheads, NO political undertones whatsoever Obligatory /s


The replies come off as a bit pretentious and the post is gatekeepy . Yeah, you can compare the factions to real world equivalents but you can also play the game at face value. Not everyone looks at it through the lens people do here. Not everyone discusses on this sub, and not everyone uses reddit. It's hard to believe but for some people this game is "Post apocalyptic yeehaw simulator" . The best part is it doesn't take anything away from their lens and it doesn't take anything away from yours.


Sure, the US dropped two atomic bombs on Japan and multiple on its own soil and destroyed an entire island, displacing a group of people, but they weren’t ICBMs so it doesn’t count


Isn’t this technically a fallout 2 meme apart from the desert ranger?


“As far as I know no1 lunched nukes in real world, yet” a fat man and a little boy walk into a sushi bar..


I’ve come across a lot of discussion of ‘politics’ being forced into media. And I think I know what the difference is in meaning. Obviously fallout is filled with politics and political stories about different forms of government and what have you, but typically when someone is referring to something ‘forcing politics’, or what have you, what they mean is the creator is trying to push a real life narrative outside of the fiction to a point where it’s distracting. I mean I could be giving them the benefit of the doubt, but I definitely know a few films or games that got that sort of criticism


These people don’t have a problem with the fact that the narrative is focusing on ideas that pertain to the real world. They just wish that the narrative was congruent with their worldview.


I just don’t want current day politics in my games fictional politics on the other hand are fine.


I tried to play some d&d online and the shit was all like "such and such is problematic" and "this was problematic" and I was like "hey, my work is calling me in, got to go" I guess I'm afraid of transpeople because I don't want to date them. Basically I'm Lex Luthor minus the massive amount of money, impeccable physique unrivaled ambition and impressive intellect. I'm pretty much washing my hands of a lot of my hobbies because...people are just fucking terrible and those fucking people tend to ruin everything wanting to change it until it's not what it is. They fucked up Star Trek! Twice! I tell you what, they're saying me a lot of money. I don't watch tv anymore and looks like I'm not going to be buying any games anytime soon.




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