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Yes, I have bipolar and I’m a mother to a child with ASD and learning difficulties but I’m still ablest, as I frequent a subreddit that takes the mick out of those that fake disorders. I just can’t help my ablest tendencies /s


Wow. You are me. Bipolar. A kid with asd. Three with learning difficulties. The only addition I have is a kid with severe depression and one with PTSD. I’m with you on hating the fakers. I wish we could make them stop


It’s awful isn’t it. You see your children struggle, you struggle for yourself, then you see these people glorify neurological disorders like they’re a bloody badge of honour. Even though I’ve taught my child and my self to not be ashamed, It’s not something we glorify. It’s something we learn to cope with.


Calling everyone ableist until it loses meaning. Damn, haven't seen that one before


Calling everyone _______ until it loses meaning. A TikTwitter speciality.


I haven’t suffered with disorders all my life just so some child on tiktok can go ahead and fake it for validation. It pisses me off People with actual disorders get shunned and kicked out of society since we’re “weird” and not normal, then you have kids on TikTok who can fake it and get tons of support.


This reminded me of something that helped me and maybe it'll help you too. Excerpt from [this post](https://this-is-not-dissociative.tumblr.com/post/136781878361/a-post-got-reblogged-onto-my-dash-asking-why) "...this trend of people who are claiming to have a certain mental disorder calling those who are actually diagnosed and struggling with the mental disorder in question “ableist” for refusing to believe anyone and everyone who claims to share their disorder or any and every unsourced or subjective “fact” about the disorder is, ironically enough, extremely ableist! Disabled people aren’t obligated to let people who don’t fit the criteria for their disorder share their label just because someone whines loud enough. We don’t owe anyone our belief for any reason. Period. You are allowed to doubt or disbelieve systems that you don’t think fit the criteria for diagnosis. You are allowed to doubt or disbelieve systems that constantly change their story or seem to always adjust to new fads. You are allowed to doubt or disbelieve systems that are made up entirely of fictional introjects. You are allowed to doubt or disbelieve systems that don’t seem to actually suffer from or struggle with their disorder. You are allowed to doubt or disbelieve systems that you feel are treating your disorder like a game or like a badge of their uniqueness or suffering. It is not ever ableist to maintain healthy skepticism, to have limits on what you will or won’t believe, or to keep an eye out for signs of faking. It wouldn’t be alright to attack someone based on your suspicions, but you are always allowed to your own opinions and judgments. You are not ableist for defending the known limits of your own condition."


I respect people with disabilities and disorders, what I hate is to see people faking disorders for attention. It is way too obvious when people are making it up and it's upsetting since people who actually live with disorders face many hardships. The fact that teenagers think having a mental disorder is quirky and fun is awful.


I respect people with actual disorders but these TickTock fakers eat shit


Plenty of people here professionally diagnosed too. People will say what they want, you’re fine to browse. Do as you please, don’t like someone who is a mere person on the internet define what you can/cannot do.


I think therapy and whatnot should be more accessible. But self diagnosis is just running rampant among younger people and I have to let out steam sometimes because it’s frustrating to watch them proudly display their “illnesses” like a pokemon card collection. I hate being disabled. I may literally have to buy a bed from another country because I can hardly sleep on mattresses any more. Just love OCD haha so quirky!


It’s like saying that calling out black face is racist 🙄


I have been called worse things by better people. What they do delegitimizes DID and makes treatment and understanding it so difficult for those who actually struggle with it. So fuck them.


i guess we are the peek of ableism


I hate to quote r&m here but “Your boos mean nothing, I’ve seen what you people cheer”


that’s why I’m banned from r/plural after posting one tame, honest response that didn’t encourage someone to self diagnose


Ableist - the new n word for those who know they’re full of shit and losing an arguement about faking mental health disorders.


Who cares what they think?


Everything is ableist now


If making fun of people who are faking and most of the time glorifying mental illness is ableism then fuck it guess I’m ableist


Just let them whine and sook about it for all I care. I know I'm not faking my issues, plus everyone else here is sick of the fakes too.


i’ll give those mfs sumn to really whine abt than us just being “ableist” if they wanna keep playing their cards the way that they do


also funny how it’s the ones in this community - excluding me for im simply an ally of those with any disorder - who have actually been professionally diagnosed, and are actually educated on the disorder that they have, being called ableist by the self diagnosed assholes spreading the misinformation….. oh how the tables continue to turn


We should crucify the did fakers. Change my mind


I'm not diagnosed with anything, but seeing people fake disorders for internet clout is really disgusting. It makes it worse when the people doing are older and should know it's wrong. I can sort of understand why teenagers would do something like this, not having enough attention and I suppose younger ones wouldn't know better. But that doesn't make it right. At the end of the day, it's really horrible that people are taking disorders just so they can feel quirky and unique.


I literally do not care what the fakers think.


Well I’m diagnosed with autism so yes I’m super ableist


Yeah the funny thing is, a lot of people here are professionally diagnosed with the disorders these people are faking


It's either that they believe all the people this sub calls out are really mentally unstable and actually need help or they're fakers who are afraid of being exposed and can't see other fakers be exposed as far as I can think. Overall I think the people this sub shows as fakers are indeed fakers and I don't think anyone should bothered by someone using this sub especially when most of us don't disrespect people with real mental health issues.


Okay, well let the haters be haters. From what I've seen, most of us actually have professionally diagnosed disorders and are here because we want to laugh on the fakers who think our disorders are are quirky. Sometimes people on here can be ableist for posting people who have actually been professionally diagnosed with a disorder, but that's just very few.


I do not care what a 14 year old girl thinks