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Regardless of whether it’s professional or self diagnosed why would they want to put this info in an introduction about them self


What happened to "i am (name) and i like (games/show)?"


I used to have (my ign name) and preferred game genres on my discord intro till people started saying that's cringe but now after seeing these I don't feel cringe about it anymore.


Yeah compared to this shit that's not cringe at all


There’s a playful, healthy level of cringe. And then there’s this.


After I found out about carrd I made one for me that was basically "hi I'm apple I'm a girl from Brazil I like [insert games]". After seeing other people's carrds, I decided to remove mine from my desc so people don't think mine is like that (carrds linked can actually be a red flag)


Nah that’s too basic, only the silly NTs do that these days


why? i don't know but this wasn't always like this i remember when most people let it be basic introduction, this is just a part of the faker trend/hype


fr i'm not going to introduce myself like "hi i'm [name] and i have [disorder]"


When your fake disorder is your entire personality its all you can think to put ig


When it comes to PTSD, listing possible triggers is something I see a lot of people do, but I don't think stating you have those things and what they are helps with anything.


it also leaves you vulnerable to people who might trigger you intentionally if you post all your triggers online for the world to see. might as well wear a sign that says "please use these specific slurs to insult me" 🙄


Fair, but I don't think that's usually the case. I'd rather have the ability to maintain comfortable conversations with people and occasionally have to block someone than constantly be in a situation where I don't feel secure.


or you could just state and enforce boundaries around topics in individual encounters instead of listing every single thing that triggers you on a carrd and demanding people read the list and remember it or check it every time they want to say something to you. i have memory problems bc of my physical and mental illnesses. i'm not gonna manage your triggers or enforce your boundaries for you. i have my own shit to worry about. learn some coping skills or get offline. i suggest starting with Distress Tolerance skills 🙄


I never said anything about demanding. I don't think I can make my points without coming off as rude or uninformed, but a lot of what you're saying comes off that way. If you could rephrase, I'd appreciate it, I don't want to have the wrong idea.


i have a tendency to come across as aggressive even when i dont mean to, so i do apologize. i was probably worked up but not at you specifically, and you didnt deserve my tone or attitude. 🙇 i didnt mean *you* specifically demanding, thats just how i feel about trigger lists in general - like if i have 10 friends who claim to have significant trauma and they all have different trigger lists, how am i possibly going to be able to keep track of and remember all those triggers? esp when people these days think "it makes me uncomfortable" is the same as being triggered. like unless i go and check their individual list every time i want to start a convo with them, i cannot keep track of all that. and for a lot of young people who use those lists thats exactly what they expect and demand of their friends and acquaintances and theyll call you all kinds of names for not checking their personal trigger list if you accidentally trigger them. i've seen it happen, and its happened to me. none of my friends who actually have DID have trigger lists - if they get triggered IRL they say so and we switch topics. online theyll remove themselves from the convo no issue, or even leave a group chat or server until the situation passes. trigger lists feel fakey as fuck to me. people with real trauma know that they shouldnt and can't force other people to remember and adhere to their every trigger, they know they alone are responsible for recognizing their triggers and managing their own emotions and enforcing their own boundaries.


Thank you for elaborating and responding in a calm manner. I wasn't sure based on your phrasing in the earlier comment what you were trying to say, and it was a little concerning from the perspective of someone who has trauma that you might've been invalidating the experiences of others for trying to avoid triggers. I very much appreciate the clarification, I actually agree with what you're saying and earlier I assumed I wouldn't. I haven't had similar experiences with fakers and rude people, so to me, the only people using those lists are being genuine, and I avoid broadly upsetting topics like crime, SA and violence without censors. I would also like to thank you for understanding and not responding with overt aggression, as many others would most likely have done. Have a nice day!


literally lmao. The only case in which it would make any sense is if your disorder causes you to do anythng that may hurt the other person, or create potentially dangerous situations (What comes to mind is like tourette's, even then it's probably not the FIRST think you wanna say) But if it's over the freaking computer, don't even bother at all.


how could tourette’s harm someone online? genuinely curious


I suppose in a call setting it might be good to warn someone, which is what I think they mean. But generally tourettes wouldn't be noticeable online, especially through discord chats or similar. It's only fakers who claim to have typing ticks (?)


Yea fr. The only kind of typing tic I have and know of is if you have a tic that involves a sudden hand movement and then you like accidentally type something


yeah a typing tic would just be some sort hand tic. like sometimes i seize my hands up when i’m typing something and it stops mid word, but i never send the message like that. there’s no such thing as a tic where you’re consciously typing a word as the “tic.” even if you did have a hand tic, you would almost always be able to go back and fix what you’re saying. it’s really insulting when these people fake stuff like this ugh


yeah during a call i see how it could harm someone, but just texting there should be no issue


I think they meant more in-person, I have a tic disorder and one of my tics unfortunately is hitting myself or nearby objects, and if I’m unfortunately standing next to someone I can end up leaving bruises on them. I also have a tic which just throws things and another old one (no longer have it) where I used to spit, and if I was eating or drinking something hard or hot it would definitely hurt whoever it landed on (myself included)


Some young people think that their psychological health and disorders related to psychology make them unique or quirky. So, some of these young people just make shit up. And it's in their profile as a "look at how quirky I am!" signal.


not the self diagnosed SEIZURES and PERSONALITY DISORDER!!! if they aren't lying about being diagnosed with any of those other conditions, i promise they were evaluated for a personality disorder and the doc probably diagnosed general anxiety ONLY 🙄


Like if you suspect seizures, go to a neurologist!!


absence seizures means they’re just zoning out a lot and blaming it on seizures


"i zone out a lot during my 7th grade math class, i must be having absence seizures" -them, probably


"Specific Fears" lmao "Addiction" LMAO "short sleep syndrome" LMAOOOOOOOOOO




this person is clearly capable of saying they might have something so why the hell aren't they saying they might have a PD, ARFID ("ARFRID"?) and absence seizures??


ARFID (which they spelled hilariously wrong) is an eating disorder, so it’s actually something you can self diagnose pretty accurately. that said, somehow i don’t believe they have it if they can’t even research enough to spell a simple acronym, lmao


I'd disagree, most with ARFID experience things like low growth, failure to thrive and pretty significant health issues from having such a severely limited diet. What's happened is people who are maybe extremes of picky and perhaps have things like hyperfixation foods read a bit about it and think ARFID explains how they eat. But actual ARFID is extreme beyond extreme in how limited the foods are. I'll give an example relating to the person I know with it diagnosed. From weaning they would only tolerate extremely specific foods and needed peg feeding a while. The foods they eat now haven't changed since about 2, all that has happened is in times of high stress they have lost foods. Typically they eat the same, day in and day out. Dry, branded cocopops for breakfast. One brand of toaster waffles for lunch with one brand of Mini biscuits and one brand of boxed raisins. Dinner is always one brand of specific nuggets, cooked precisely and inspected because if too brown they aren't safe. They have Yorkshire puddings and carrots only cut into batons with them. They ONLY place they can eat out is McDs and then it HAS to be only nuggets. All nuggets have to be stripped of coating which is eaten first, stacked in piles of 3 and then eaten. Has to be specific plates and cutlery. They have a whole team of medical professionals they see regularly who monitor things like weight and growth and frequently suffer deficiencies. ARFID is ded not something people should be self diagnosing at all. If anyone reads this and does suspect they have it, I strongly recommend seeking medical advice because the impacts on your body of eating such a severely limited diet aren't to be sniffed at. Life expectancy is also lowered etc as an add on. Please. Seriously. I know a LOT about this despite not having it myself and it is very serious you be under regular medical observation with an eating disorder.


I’ve just recently been diagnosed with ARFID through my dietician when they took a blood test and realised my eating patterns and what I told them I would eat were the only things I ate and was I extremely malnourished. I ended up needing many vitamin shots and an emergency? Idk I had to go to the hospital to have like 2 and a bit vials of iron. I apparently lost 4 inches of growth and have starting finally going through my puberty growth spurt in my bloody 20s and it fucking sucks. When I was younger I couldn’t eat most foods only processed and bland (consistency in texture and flavour) so ended up in multiple eating tubes throughout my childhood. ARFID isn’t just having food preferences, favourite/safe foods and being a picky eater. I cry at the amount of food I waste because it’s the wrong texture and I physically can’t swallow it, I end up gagging or choking (even once breathing it in). Also what the hell does the other R stand for in their acronym?


dude, i am literally diagnosed with ARFID. yes, it’s serious, that’s how eating disorders are, but you can accurately self diagnose it in the same way you can tell if you have anorexia or bulimia. those disorders aren’t any less serious just because you can figure out on your own that you have them. please. seriously. i know a lot about this disorder after having *lived with it my entire life*.


Good trauma dump bro


lmao fuck you, you’re really saying that after everything you commented? mentioning i have the disorder you’re talking about when you know nothing about what it’s like to live with it personally isn’t traumadumping. i easily could tell you how fucked my life is with it, but i didn’t and won’t. stop pretending to care for people with disorders if every single time you see someone mention they have it you attack them, it’s pitiful.


So is saying you are Diagnosed with a disorder equate to trauma dumping??


Don't say people can self diagnose cuz the ones doing that are just picky eaters who heard the word arfid and decided "oh damn an excuse to not eat foods I don't like!"


ARFID can certainly be recognized pretty easily in yourself, and especially in teens and adults, doesn't always mean feeding tubes and extreme medical intervention. I get a decent amount of calories from what I eat but the issue is I don't eat a large variety of things. It's a spectrum, like many eating disorders, and other conditions (ie, I have SPD, so it took me much longer to get diagnosed with ARFID) can affect it majorly. I'm sorry to hear about your friend but that's a very severe case of ARFID and there are plenty of people, like myself, who face more social struggles than eating issues. I mean yeah, I'd love to eat more things, but the hardest part for me is the anxiety that comes around eating with other people. Most of the time I'll avoid going out at all if I know food will be involved, and that's pretty common with ARFID. ARFID also has a heavy sensory aspect to it as well as anxiety around new things. It's not always about safety versus not safe. The reason a lot of folks with ARFID call certain foods safe is because they know they can safely eat them without texture issues or surprises, not necessarily because they know it's not dangerous. I know a peanut butter and jelly sandwich isn't going to kill me, but the texture is what makes it "unsafe" for me. And on top of that, many folks also have major anxiety around trying new foods that aren't in their safe category. It took me a long time to be able to eat just part of a PB&J because every time I would try, even with my OT, I would get extremely anxious about what it would feel like, taste like, etc. And even now that my diet isn't as limited I still have ARFID. It's amazing to me that I can now eat at least 1 food from every food group, but the fear of trying new things and my texture issues are still there and those aren't going away. You're describing ARFID in the most extreme sense when there are plenty of teens and adults who are managing life with it. It's not a fun condition at all and I'm not saying that, but it's not a death sentence or horrific, "only eats the same 3 foods" in every single case. Maybe you didn't mean to imply this but from the way you wrote your comment it seems like you're saying anyone who isn't like your friend there doesn't have ARFID, or that people who eat a more variable diet can't have ARFID when that's just not true.


ah i knew something was wrong with the spelling. i've heard of arfid but what the fuck is arfrid?


Nope, so many picky eaters randomly decide to self diagnose with arfid the second they know it exists


If they really had all of these disorders, there's no way they could function well enough to be a member of society, even if that society is just a discord server.


As somehow who actually has a little ‘salad’ of disabilities, disorders and chronic illnesses - you’re 100% right. I can’t work, can’t study, can never live or function daily on my own and my days are filled with appt after appt to help manage everything. And the amount of medication is insane, I barely have time to scroll through reddit let alone be active on any other social media




I agree


Seriously. Like. If these people are worried they’re having seizures, and decide to self diagnose and say oh it’s just non epileptic seizures. There is literally no way to tell other than medical testing. This is for any of you fakers lurking. If you suspect that you’re experiencing absent seizures or seizure like activity, get it checked out because it can cause you permanent damage if left untreated.


Or straight up kill you. Seizures CAN and DO kill.


People think when you day dream it’s an absent seizure…. If you are not sure go to a neurologist.


There’s no way it’s possible to be diagnosed with all of those. There’s way too much overlap. Also, “gender dismophia” lol. Gender dysmorphia is not a diagnosis as far as I know, but gender *dysphoria* is. Dysmorphia and dysphoria are two different things.


they also said “ARFRID”,,, who’s gonna tell them it’s Avoidant Restrictive Food Intake Disorder, not… Avoidant Restrictive Food… Rfood? Intake Disorder


There's no DSM criteria for attachment disorder therefore you can't be diagnosed with it


Swear people just use it in convo or with therapists to say they latch on to people because of x disorder or trauma. I've never heard someone before this actually say it's a disorder itself ffs lol


Yeah it's more of a school of thought than it is a diagnosis. In graduate school, aspiring therapists will often do a thesis project on the theories of psychology they want to draw from for their practice. Bowlby's Attachment Theory IMO is a good one to learn for developmental psychology, but like so many things it's been watered down by pop culture to almost meaninglessness.


https://preview.redd.it/44yu6hrp06ka1.jpeg?width=828&format=pjpg&auto=webp&v=enabled&s=0c9e99bb371903ef5d366c9b4543889aa28bb5ce They added more disorders I think LMAO


they fixed the spelling lol. theyre also self diagnosing "personality disorder" (which one, who knows!) but have bpd in suspected. i think theyre trying to say that bpd stands for bipolar looking at it closer lmao


They probably think they're a sociopath or psychopath. I knew someone who liked to call themselves a psychopath in highschool, because that's cool and totally not a huge problem. Unsurprisingly, they never did get diagnosed as one lol.


this is just a fucking competition to these people atp, trying to see who can collect the most labels for themselves 😬


Thats really funny because in the post they said they were diagnosed with ‘short sleep syndrome’ and here they say they suspect they have it lmao


did they try to spell arfid-?


Yep I think so


Ik they b forcing themselves to feel that shi




man guys my gender dismophia is rlly bad today idk what to do 😭 i’m so dismophic i can barely even move 😰


Best comment


thank you 🥸


Can't even name them right. It's ARFID, not ARFRID. (Avoidant, Restrictive Food Intake Disorder - an eating disorder different to most because ot doesn't stem from weight or body issues but a pathological fear of unfamiliar or "unsafe" foods)... and if they had it, it would be diagnosed because its actually hugely life limiting and has significant impact on health. (Not trauma dumping, I don't have it myself, just know someone who does have it actually diagnosed)


We should honestly just avoid these people


I also saw them mention that they “had someone inside of them” and they thought it was an alter and self diagnosed with DID not even an hour later


They can feel someone coming inside of them 💀💀




My guy has Schizophrenia, either that or he’s getting railed.


Irlen syndrome… damn, my girl got this, does it make her special? 😂


Something's are not right for example dysmporphia is not an dsm diagnosed (but gps often confuse it for dysphoria) also bpd is a personality disorder. And often if you have autism diagnosis like GAD are removed.from the list because it's generally more a symptom of the autism


They didn’t even try to make it seem real lol


Bpd literally has “personality disorder” in it 💀


Doctors won’t break down your anxiety diagnosis into individual pieces like that? It looks like they’ve taken the piece of paper from the doctor that lists the symptoms of each diagnosis, and then they’ve gone ahead and decided each symptom is its own diagnosis? Also, “self diagnosed personality disorder”? Anxiety and depression both count as a personality disorder?…. Even PTSD can be counted as one sometimes? All I’m feeling is confusion and disbelief. I would block and walk away if I encountered this in the wild lol.


The only time I would ever introduce myself and include any of the mental illnesses that I have is like on a date so I can warn the person and may be a job interview if it’s like, going to affect how I work not to, the general public


are they addicted to self diagnosing or monster energy drink?




I’m afflicted to coffee, trust me it’s a real addiction. Caffeine is as bad as fentanyl, you gotta believe me. My homies on r/decaf can tell you all about how horrible it is.


Is possible for someone to even have this many issues?


I'm pretty sure a lot of these need others of the list to be removed before you can be diagnosed with it. Like bpd is one possibility they have to be able to discount to diagnose you with something else I don't remember.


personality disorder… which one.. which cluster… what


bro can’t even spell the disorder they was tryna fake


Once upon a time talking about your trauma/mental health issues was taboo, especially if you've been diagnosed with a serious disorder... People were very cruel towards others about these kinds of things. Now it's like collect them all to flaunt them around and shove down your so called trauma in everyone's throats.


They still are, just to the people who actually have them lol


Yeah true.


Bro at that point I'm just calling them by their disorders since that's what they want to be known as. Like bffr


Pffft “hi absent seizures”




addition? yeah addicted to the internet


“Specific fears” I, too, am diagnosed with fear.


I just dont understand why the people who put their diagnosis' (proffesionally, self, suspected or otherwise) in their bios think anybody gives a shit. like if im meeting somebody for the first time and they say "hi im Bob. I have bipolar and adhd and autis-" im gonna stop them and say "ok?? why are you telling me this??"




... Self diagnosing seizures is ridiculous. Wtf.


Addiction to what, I wonder


Bruh SPD is part of autism, if this person was actually diagnosed they wouldn't feel the need to put both there. Unless spd can stand for somethin other than sensory processing disorder. HOW CAN I MAKE MY MENTAL ILLNESS SECTION LONGER HOW MANY CAN I ADD I NEED TO STAND OUT


I think some of those even exclude each other


I’ve been to prison. Prison of drugs, alcohol and sick thoughts! I used to have SICK thoughts!


I’m sorry but what does that have to do with the post


Username checks out




bro can’t even spell the disorder they was tryna fake “dismophia”


how would you even function as a human with THAT many disorders even if it wasn't fake


May I ask what is this app? I see a lot of people posting from it but what is it


It’s discord


Oh thankyou so much!


Np :)


When ‘self-diagnosed’ and ‘suspected’ are two different categories it’s pretty obvious the person thinks their own opinion is much more valuable than it is, that they are not skeptics to things they reasonably don’t know for fact. So much as it if they passed for a disorder by an online self-assessment they would likely put that in the ‘diagnosed’ category, trusting the assessment so much by their opinion that they would forgo ever consulting a licensed physician.


Addiction 💀 bro some of these aint even disorders 💀💀💀


Why do I get the feeling that some of those arent actually diagnosed like they say and get another feeling aot of their personality is based on disorders


I adore the horrible spelling skills of this asshat. In all seriousness who even keeps track of every single thing you’ve been diagnosed w/? Also why is it necessary to mention every single thing you suffer w/? Lol 😭


whats irlen syndrome??? ireland syndrome?? a syndrome for being irish ?????


Half the things they listed are already part of the symptoms of the other disorders such as autism and ADHD. So there was no need to list them as individual disorders,when they're all symptoms of the first two. It's definitely attention seeking on that end. Especially the "specific fears" part, why is that necessary?


Now they just say they got a diagnosis instead of just admitting self diagnosis, perfect


" oh yeah I have over 50 disorders " .... No you don't Sarah (just a name I chose don't take it serious) , just cause tik tok told you some symptoms that are every day normal things doesn't mean you have 100 disorders And alters


I, too, am diagnosed with „specific fears”. Also I doubt any psychiatrist on earth would bother with that many diagnosises with that much overlap, like idk but shouldn’t GAD be enough for most of these anxiety disorders? And isn’t insomnia more of a sympton in this case?


Bruh, they didn't even specified which kind of personality disorder they self diagnosed. Avpd? BPD? Ocd? Narcissistic behavior disorder? Histrionic disorder? Smh. They don't even know what they're faking


specific fears? lmao they’re really reaching


Hey I like games and music.👋🏻 Well… I have dyslexia. Okay.😀


Even if it were all true. Your👏disabilities👏don’t👏define you!


Really? You don’t know how to feel about it? lmao


Someone who is actually Diagnosed would literally not tell people about it.


i only disclose that i have really bad anger issues and that if i get out of control dont hesitate or feel bad for kicking or muting me as necessary. i do this bc i have been known to ruin my relationships with people and pick fights over discourse and escalate into name calling and cussing people out, and that was all humiliating as fuck :') im a lot better now ofc! i had to stay offline for like 8 months to get my shit under wraps but i am a LOT better. i still warn ppl tho bc even i have bad days 😅 tbh im surprised i'm surviving this sub the last few days. i'm proud of myself. last time i was perusing here regularly i got. uh. ✨️emotional✨️ and ended up embarassing myself so i didnt come back for a long ass time, hoping to be forgotten and forgiven for my cringe moment LMAO


“Not diagnosed seizures” They zone out on occasion


And thats the point when you never speak to them in person or not again


What annoys me is when people put anxiety THEN panic disorder ect, anxiety sums that all up, you don’t need to add the unnecessary things that a linked to anxiety


Still calling absence seizures "absent seizures" though.


My disorders: 3060 Ti, 32gb ram, 1tb SSD,




is short sleep syndrome a thing? what


Alright, **coming on here** because this about me. **THIS IS MY POST**, (the person on the discord feed), + This was the time period where I was figuring myself out, didn’t know what the hell was wrong with me, but all of the things that I listed **goes hand in hand with BPD** what I am being tested for in a few months for, (don’t know how long it’ll take?) but this was the point where I didn’t know where to start with “figuring” myself out- I spoke to many people since this told them all about this and they also think most of this is BPD, “absent seizures” got that checked out they’re fine, it was my health anxiety that got the better of me there. (I will admit that was wrong of me to say and I’ll accept full responsibility and take accountability for it, and accept any further consequences that will come). Diagnosis wise: ADHD- I was diagnosed when I was 5 1/2 as well as dyspraxia (DCD) and sensory issues as well as speech delay (what has now passed in a way but still struggle with how I speak sometimes). Autism- November 10th 2022 OCD- I was in therapy for OCD back in July of 2022. Dyslexia + irlen syndrome- got disngosed around September 2018 when I was 12 years old. All the anxiety disorders (what I now call “intense anxiety”, could be because of the BPD, + social anxiety + GAD I got diagnosed with in 2019 along side depression (around April/May I did CBT for both). The attachments + separation could be BPD as well. (As all of these go hand in hand). The gender + body dysphoria (I spelt it wrong due to being dyslexic, I can’t spell for the life of me), but that could also be apart of BPD with the unclear self image etc. Avoidant retraction intake disorder, yes I spelt it wrong due to being dyslexic and mixing up the letters - im not fully 100% on this yet still looking into it but I’ll class it as my sensory needs currently. Short sleep syndrome- that’s because of my ADHD (SSS, isn’t disgnosed in be as that’s along side ADHD + autism my ADHD nurse told me), also the insomnia is part of ADHD + Autism too. Depersonalisation again, could be BPD. I’ve looked into BPD a bunch in the past 3 months, looked into the DSM-5 criteria, talked to many people about it + seen a GP (general practitioner), but they all said that all of this could be BPD. (Currently waiting) I have listed all my symptoms + examples on a word document on it all. But again, **i am sorry if it came across as I was faking when I was trying to figure out myself, and it was complicated I will just say, and I will accept any further consequences + punishment that I deserve when it comes to all of this as I know it was wrong to say all of this without proper resesrch but now I’ve found the answer.** I am sorry.