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What the fuck does that even mean


what are autism eyes please tell me so i can stop doing them /hj


the only thing that came to mind is the sorta empty look in eyes, no facial expressions etc sometimes when a person with autims is extremely overstimulated


autims i shoudl sleep


This made me laugh lol


Jesse, what the fuck are you talking about?


shit i left my autism eyes at home!


I think? The autism eyes thing came from the stupid tbh creature if i remember right?


Don’t you dare disrespect tbh/j


What in the motherfuck


Maybe this wants to be about facial expressions? But it kinda seems like a reach, anyone can make their eyes look weird or whatever on command. I have "weird" eyes, like my stare, but usually when someone has weird stare they can't really just "show" it randomly and look normal at any other time.


The fact that they also brang SW into this is just fcked, im literally Native American and tbh I hope one day they attract one at this point. Our culture isn’t something to make a trend out of


I’m so sorry :( i never knew sw were to do with native Americans but now i’m at least a little more educated!


Its okay :) and yea its part of the Navajo tribe, you aren’t supposed to say their name cuz it can attract them, i dont even spell out the full name when typing either cuz i already thought I somehow managed to attract one a few months ago. Nah it was just meds making me go crazy so I’m good now


That’s good! I’ll make sure especially to respect the culture and not say their name out loud :) thanks again for educating me a little more on native american traditions etc!


Your welcome :)) I just wish that more people could educate themself because you can learn a lot about our culture and some of its pretty cool, this year I might go to my first powwow :)


I'm pretty sure that this is a joke, mainly because I always see autism eyes mentioned with this https://preview.redd.it/x9nvz6hwu1ga1.png?width=223&format=pjpg&auto=webp&v=enabled&s=4422748a9ab31873553ce51c6c209bd750f977a6 but the skinwalker part's messed up.


The only "special" eyes I have seen or heard about are when people either go full rage or black out (disassociate...for real not this bull shit staring crap) and their eyes go black. I have actually experienced seeing someone like this and it is terrifying.


Can confirm, the autism eyes are real. Mine are icy blue like limpid tears. (/s)


yay someone else with ice blue eyes


this is likely a joke