The Form in question. [https://www.ispfsb.com/public/Documents/AffidavitGuardian.pdf](https://www.ispfsb.com/public/Documents/AffidavitGuardian.pdf) "(2) I hereby give my consent for this minor applicant to possess and acquire firearms and firearm ammunition **and understand I shall be liable for any damages resulting from the minor applicant’s use of firearms or firearm ammunition.**"


The relatives of the dead and injured are going to own that guy. As well they should. He may not have regrets today, but he will soon.


Oof. They will sue him into oblivion. Question ain't if, it's how much. He can kiss any possession of value he owns goodbye.


Unfortunately they appear to be close to broke. Their house is about to go into foreclosure.


Yeah, seems pretty judgment proof. They can slap him with a large award but he is never going to be able to pay it. And even unpaid judgments are only good for a set time period, not indefinitely.


More reason just to toss his ass in jail. After a proper trial that is.


That's okay. He can owe his paycheck for the rest of his life.


I don’t think he works. He used to own a restaurant or deli or something but lost his liquor license for underage selling. The man is a POS.


He will no doubt ask for donations, which should be then taken from them as part of any judgement against him. Also its good to set precedent in the court for such negligent people to get sued into oblivion, while it wont stop some idiots from giving guns to unstable people it will at least make it easier to prosecute these facilitators.


The maga crowd is probably already giving. How else can they afford R Kelly’s lawyer.


Well R Kelly is in jail now, so…


It was a 7-11 style deli/convenience store. Honestly, amazing sandwiches. Like, top tier. Too bad Bob's an absolute piece of shit.


Weird, broke ass idiots letting their mentally unstable kids buy guns that they clearly did such a great job of raising. Good thing there won't be millions more kids like him coming soon!


‘Murica 🤦‍♂️


They can still send him to jail, if that’s a possibility. Especially considering he’s utterly exposed himself by stating he has no regrets, therefore no remorse. Judges don’t typically look on that fondly.


Awww well I hope the new owners don’t paint over that lovely “God’s not dead” mural they have.


That's unfortunate. For the plaintiffs. Fuck that guy and his irresponsible family.


I hope so. If we can't count on laws, maybe the "invisible hand of the market" can deter assholes like this from giving guns to idiots.


'Call Ambulance, but not for me' moment


Probably doesn't work if he wasn't a minor anymore at the time he did the shootings. But I hope they bring suit to test that.


But since he was no longer a minor at the time of the crime would this still apply? Also this kid had already been reported to the police and had 16 knives removed from his possession. People like this need to be flagged.


Evidently, this same shitty dad told the police that the knives were his and only storing them in the kids closet. The knives evidently never left the house, they immediately returned them to the lying father.


I also store all my knives in my child’s closet


What kinda weirdo doesn’t store all their knives in their childrens’ closets?


Where do you find room? My kid's closet is filled with my collection of fireworks and Zippos?


I usually find space once I move the power tools and faulty electrical cables out of the way


Here's the kicker, he was already on some FBI watch list


While I don't know the ins and outs of the FBI, shouldn't anyone on a FBI watch list immediately get a red flag on purchasing or owning a gun? I realize that sounds silly (or logical...whose to say), but what is the point of the watch list if they aren't actually watching him?


[https://giffords.org/lawcenter/state-laws/minimum-age-to-purchase-possess-in-illinois/](https://giffords.org/lawcenter/state-laws/minimum-age-to-purchase-possess-in-illinois/) "To obtain a FOID card, an individual must generally be over 21 years of age or have the written consent of his or her parent or legal guardian to possess and acquire firearms and ammunition.5 (In the latter case, the person’s parent or legal guardian must also not be prohibited from obtaining a FOID card themselves)" So if he is 22, yeah.


For what it's worth: [he apparently bought the gun in question in 2020, when he was under 21, using the FOID his dad signed off on](https://nypost.com/2022/07/06/cops-mum-on-possible-charges-for-highland-park-parade-shooter-robert-crimos-family/).


He needs to serve the same jail sentence as his kid.


But he's no longer a minor. Does that mean this piss poor excuse for a father is no longer liable?


I think it's an IL thing to allow people under 21 to buy firearms. Federal law requires a person to be 18 for long guns and 21 for handguns, so minors can't buy firearms or ammo at all.


Responsible until the original card expires is what I understand


I didnt know it expired. I kinda figured if you got it at 18, it would be good until 21. It's just 3 years. Drivers licenses are good for 5.


10 years Edit to add link ftp://www.ilga.gov/jcar/admincode/020/020012300000300R.html


Criminally liable perhaps not, civilly liable? Yep. Dad had knowledge of the kid's threats and suicide attempt (with a machete) and after that decided it was okay to sign on for the kid to get a gun? Makes no difference if the gun used in the mass murder was not the gun that dad signed on for. Dad greenlighted it even after his kid had knives and other weapons taken away by law enforcement.


Well, if he signed a consent form, shouldn't that give him some degree of responsibility as well?


Yes. It's explicit in the consent form.


He didn’t say he doesn’t feel responsible, he said he just doesn’t regret it. You got to watch out for those weasel words.


I'm not sorry, his verbiage is horseshit. The family called the cops in April 2019 because he attempted suicide. They called again in September 2019 because he threatened to "kill everyone" which I assume to mean everyone present in the house. Then in December 2019, his dad sponsored him so he could get a gun. His father is complicit because he knew his son had issues and STILL got him a FOID and a gun. What he does or does not feel isn't the issue. He make it possible for this fucking lunatic to open fire into a throng of people celebrating our nation's independence.


But shouldn't it ultimately be the laws that needed to protect the community from him? As in.. shouldn't there be proper screening even if his dad gives permission? Cuz I don't think it would be wise to trust parents with a decision like this.


Well that's why we need to hold the parents responsible. This dude needs to go to prison.


So the dad is as big of a sociopath as his son and served him up like a platter so he could sit back and watch? Sounds about right, fuck this country....


You know what they say. The shell doesn’t fall far from the assault rifle.


The shit apple doesn’t fall far from the shit tree Randers.


I saw someone say "the shit doesn't fall far from the asshole" a couple weeks ago and I'm useing it now .


Can't climb back up a shit rope


[Shit hawks...big dirty shit hawks...they’re coming Bubbles. They’re flying in low..swooping down..shitting on people and dragging em off to the big shit nest](https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Qg_belm6apc)


Sociopath dad created this son. This is why need gun control. Can't have guns when crazy nut people go around buying guns for their crazy kids.


Just like the 2 scum (the Crumleys) who LOLd that their broken POS son shot up his school (Oxford High School) way, way back in ... February. Then these 2 cowardly liars tried to flee the country.


Oh jeez. I forgot about that. What a country..


Well, the dad doesn't have to worry about his son shooting the family now. \s


Waaaait wait wait. Who said he won’t be held responsible for this? Edit: [nvm found my answer](https://www.reddit.com/r/facepalm/comments/vtto48/absurd/if9zghx/?utm_source=share&utm_medium=ios_app&utm_name=iossmf&context=3)


He lied on the federal paperwork which actually is a felony. The feds don't often prosecute for lying on the documents though


they should especially on paperwork reguarding guns. after all try to lie on paperwork about money and the feds will be on you in a heart beat.


With the notoriety of this case, I suspect they'll make an exception.


Absolutely. He should do hard time. I’m a pro 2A gun owner FWIW.


Thanks for being on the side of what is right. If the father lied on the gun permit he should go to jail. That shouldn’t even be a question.


If you lie to congress you should go to jail, how has that been working out. . .


Doesn't always work. Look up the Nashville Waffle House shooter. The gun was taken away from him and given to his Dad to keep from him. Dad gave the gun right back.


Confiscated weapons should remain confiscated, not returned to family members


This. It should really be a no-brainer. This isn't your kid getting caught playing his nintendo switch during math class.


I couldn’t agree with this more. My ex girlfriend’s brother somehow dropped his pistol in the parking lot of our apartment complex, my neighbors kid who was about 6 years old found it and luckily ran straight to his dad and he promptly called the police who then cam and confiscated it. This gun was fully loaded and dipshit didn’t realize he dropped it until two weeks later when the neighbor and I told dipshit what neighbors kid had found, and he went straight to the police station and got the pistol back with very little questions asked by the police. Like what the fuck a kid could have grabbed that gun and popped another kids head off and they just let this dipshit have his gun back in under 20 minutes? After dropping a fully loaded pistol and not knowing about it for two fucking weeks? We need some kind of change in the current gun laws


Even given that it was an accident to drop it, *how do you not notice that?* "Did I have a loaded gun on me earlier? Huh, can't remember... should I look for it? Report it stolen? Eh, whatever, probably fine." Like... I'm not gonna lie, I'm not a particularly great person, if I found a random gun on the ground it'd be a toss up between "Dude, free gun! Kickass!" versus "Ah shit, this might be evidence in a serious crime, I should call someone." I donno what I'd do in the moment. Guns are worth a lot of money. But if that gun was later used in a crime it would be registered to that idiot, with his fingerprints all over it, and not even reported stolen. There should at least be a fine involved there, Jesus.


I can’t comprehend how this guy was able to keep his gun and not face any repercussion’s or consequences, not even a fine or an order to go through another gun safety course?


I’m sorry these kinds of things just get my goat especially since I have 2 young boys one of which is dipshits nephew unfortunately


How can you not know for two weeks you lost a loaded gun…


Interesting. Thanks for the info


How about...we just don't have a law that enables a parent to give consent for a child to have a lethal weapon? Parental consent makes sense for things like, "Should little Timmy be allowed to watch The Exorcist in a cinema?" It doesn't make sense for firearms.   ^Edit: ^I'll ^keep ^this ^up ^because ^I ^think ^the ^general ^point ^I'm ^making ^is ^sound. ^But ^it ^should ^be ^noted ^that ^it's ^not ^relevant ^to ^the ^specific ^crime ^we're ^talking ^about, ^since ^the ^shooter ^was ^already ^well ^past ^the ^age ^where ^his ^dad ^would ^been ^involved ^in ^the ^gun ^purchase.


It's interesting they will put parental guidance ratings on dvds or video games but when it comes to locking up potentially lethal weapons then that's a massive no no.


Yes. Which is one of the main arguments for gun control. The GOP doesn't care


I genuinely wish this would have surprised me.


> I don't think it would be wise to trust parents with a decision like this. Nonsense, what's the worst that could hap... oh, oh. Right.


Is this your first day here? Yes, we should have better laws but that's not happening. If he signed consent he should be held responsible. All we can do is enforce the weak laws we have, and that doesn't happen.




From the parent affidavit: I hereby give my consent for this minor applicant to possess and acquire firearms and firearm ammunition and understand I shall be liable for any damages resulting from the minor applicant’s use of firearms or firearm ammunition. FURTHER AFFIANT SAYETH NOT.




lets hope they can still be "regretless" when their lives are ruined


The crime in question was committed with a legally purchased gun. The dad bought a different gun for the killer before he turned 18.


so, if I understand this correctly, the dad signed the form to purchase a different gun when he was a minor and then the shooter bought a different gun once of legal age that he used to commit his crimes thus negating any legal action against the father because the gun he signed for wasn't used for the crimes?


I heard it a little bit differently, the father purchased a gun then gave it to the son as a gift. That specific firearm was kept in the fathers name but the son had total control of it.Around the same time he signed and assumed responsibility for a fire arms ID which is required.since He had an ID the son went out and purchased more guns legally , if the father had not signed and sponsored firearms ID the child/alleged shooter would not have been legally able to purchase the firearms used in the shooting. When the father sponsored the ID for the purchase of the firearms it was three months after the son had been placed on a psych hold at the hospital and had threatened to kill his family and himself with a machete. The father lied on application saying that there was never any mental health issues. He was hospitalized three months earlier for suicidal threats. And don’t forget, his fathers last tweets was liking and sharing a comment made about a trump second amendment rally stating you need to protect your second amendment rights like your life depends on it! As of today those tweets are still up and available to read and comment on bob crimo


This is the key here. A lot of piggyback articles haven't been wording this well to be fair to some people for the misconception.




“It sucks”.. what a fucking pyscho piece of shit human.


Yeah, you just described the entire Gun Lobby


If I had a son that committed such a horrific crime, I wouldn't be taking interviews, I wouldn't get a lawyer, I wouldn't do shit but lie on the ground scream crying trying to figure out where the absolute fuck I went wrong.


Ok, but what if you loved guns MORE than people and had zero ability for empathy? What if you thought mass shootings were the "price we pay for freedom"? Do you see how that could lead you to give an interview where you "washed your hands of any responsibility", talked about how hard this was for YOU and knew in the husk where human hearts are supposed to be that you were 100% right to give your mentally unwell son the ability to buy a bunch of guns and murder so many people? You are thinking like a person, try to put yourself in his shoes, try looking from the perspective of a fucking monster.


Interesting. I was just going off a previous comment. But seems a an able legal team could bring down legal justice on both, one for sure ofc. Thanks for the insight.


I’m pretty sure the key is going to be that the fire arm was definitely purchased using the firearm ID that the father sponsored, from my understanding that is the Ar15 style that shoots 9 mm, i’m not sure of the age of the perpetrator right now but I’m pretty sure the key is is that it was purchased under false pretenses when the father lied on the application, and don’t forget the father also assumed all responsibility on the same application when the gun was purchased. If his son is currently over 21 I’m not sure if the assumed responsibility by the dad is going to hold in court but I’m pretty sure a decent civil case is going to be able to be made against the father


So father lied on application


Yes! In the state where this happened if you are considered a minor or under the age of 21 a parent or legal guardian can sign for and assume responsibility for a firearms ID. If you have that sort of ID you can then go out and purchase firearms and ammo yourself without a parent having to be with you every time. It was at that same time that they did a background check, but obviously because it was a minor and he was hospitalized instead of arrested that did not show up on the background check… But the father when sponsoring the application for the firearm ID stated unequivocally that there were no issues of mental health or violence, big old lie! Three months before this the son threatens the whole family,” he wants to kill everyone!” In the interview this morning, The father stated that that is something kids lash out and say when they get angry and it’s totally normal! WTF! I’m a parent, that’s not normal!… Mine have told me that I suck, I think that’s kind of normal but not threatening the whole family with a machete, that’s a red flag unless you’re an idiot


If the dad things that's totally normal, maybe the kid learned it from the dad


Dad is a nutcase that the cops apparently protected from domestic violence charges it sounds like


Correct, unfortunately


His history should not have allowed him to pass background check.


Father is trash, should be sued to high heaven.


He takes disfunction to a whole new level.


Probably no real justice, maybe (hopefully 🤞🤞) he could be dragged into a civil suit


Lock him up.


What kind of deathwish do you have if you let your son buy a gun after he says he wants to murder you and your family.


Right. That’s the weirdest thing. So he says he’s gonna kill you and the family, but him now having the means to do it isn’t concerning. He’s got be a special kind of stupid or just a bad liar


Just a bad liar i'm sure. Those kinds of folk often look after theirs, even when theirs decide to shoot up a public event


But why? Why own that? You gain nothing and open yourself up to liability and debauchery. It's just dumb.


The father's mayoral campaign in 2019 (as a Trumpy GOPer) was basically "regulations on guns and small business are bad". I assume he's adopted the "never admit you were wrong" mantra as well.


>He’s got be a special kind of stupid or just a bad liar I'm thinking maybe he's just the sort of person who's just pathologically resistant to acknowledging that they have made any kind of mistake.


Imo this is the correct take


I’d say it’s more of a reflexive thing: his being over-the-top “think’s he’s trump” kind of horseshit—he just avoided the idea that his son was a threat all the way to the end. Narcissists behave like this—maladjusted children. It’s avoidance all the way: “If I don’t look I won’t see a problem because I don’t want there to be a problem”


Toxic gun culture at it’s finest. I grew up in Arizona and I’ve seen countless families and friends groups immersed so deep, they’d rather people die than admit not everyone should own a gun.


I’m getting vibes like maybe he was a gun nut/2nd amendment guy and bought into the bullshit of guns having some positive impact on young men. Make ‘em less sissy and what ever. Or more responsible or maybe get outdoors and such. I don’t know just heard that talk among those types before.


Because a piece of shit doesn’t fall far from the asshole.




I like this. Fitting. Very fitting.


Alright, we are done here. This is the best comment we are getting out of this thread. All downhill from here.




He asked his son if he had holiday plans to which his son replied, “no.” Well, that’s enough due diligence, I guess. Who wants a beer?


Jesus, every statement by the dad is so disturbing in so many ways.


> Crimo said the whole system needs to be overhauled, to prevent tragedies like this from happening again. “We need to come together as a community here in the country to come up with something, whether it's new laws, guidelines … this country is our problem right here.” This one’s good though.


Principle Skinner meme: Am I part of the problem for vouching his FOID? No, “our country” is the problem.


For real. I mean, he’s right about the overall problem but he’s totally trying to downplay his role in this tragedy.


“Making threats to the family … I think [that was] taken out of context,” Crimo said about authorities’ description of the 2019 incident. “It's like just a child's outburst, whatever he was upset about, and I think his sister called the police -- I wasn’t living there.” What…The…Fuck?! This guy comes across as a sociopath.


„I wasn’t living there“ is probably the important bit.


> “This isn't Bobby,” Crimo said of his son’s actions. “I guess that's why it's so hard to wrap yourself around it. It doesn’t add up.” Denial at its finest.


> Prior to the shooting, Crimo’s son left a trail of disturbing images online -- including depictions of shootings. He was also an amateur rapper with a little over 16,000 monthly listeners on Spotify; his last music release featured an album cover of a cartoon character aiming a gun. > “The online content I’m not aware of till recently,” said Crimo, adding that he saw his son as an “artist,” but did not always understand his work. “Maybe I’ve seen a couple of them in the past, and I’d look at them and go ‘that’s not you,' because I know it’s like an act." Guy had his head buried ~~in the sand~~ far up his ass


He said that his son's threats were one of those "child" tantrums.... So this chuckle fuck thinks that someone who has child tantrums is cool to have guns?!


Exactly. And a normal child tantrum would be “I hate you” etc. not “I’m going to murder my entire family”. That shouldn’t be seen as some little tantrum, that shit is definitely cause for concern to say the least


And said tantrum was in 2019. He is 21. If your son is having violent tantrums at 18 threatening YOUR OWN family, and your response is "haha kids, ey?", it kind of speaks to the fact that this kid has never been held accountable in his life.


Also seems likely the dad didn't think it was weird because HE likely threatens people regularly


Even if you believed that have some decency to shut the fuck up for the family of the victims.


"he has good morals" must be really nice to read for all the families who are picking out coffins.


A two year old doesn't have parents now. While his father was bleeding to death (his mother presumably already dead), the child was asking the strangers caring for him when his parents would be back. If anything in my life led to the death of a toddlers parents, I'd regret every second of it. My son is the same age and that story has just torn me apart.


Yeah but **my** son wanted the biggest boomstick, and of course that's what he'll get. Whether he's threatened to kill me, himself or whoever else.


"It's up to everyone to defend themselves from my son"


The only solution to armed children (22 is absolutely a child)… is to arm more children!! Guns for all the kids! And then the parents! And then the babysitters! And then smaller guns, for the guns, so that they can defend themselves against the children with guns!


For real though, I'm waiting for this debate to come full circle is for the conservative talking point to be "we have up arm students so they can defend themselves against other students with guns"


I can already see it 😰 Because, as everyone knows, if your house is on fire… the best solution is to pour gasoline onto it.


I mean.. it’s a liquid, it’s wet. Of course its what you do (/s)


Look at that kid that shot those people. He's a garbage person and it takes a garbage person to raise a garbage person. None of this is surprising to me. Still sucks though.


As an ER mental health nurse I can tell you this isn't always true. Some garbage people have the loveliest parents and some lovely people have the garbagiest(?) parents. However, in this case you appear to be correct.


I read that as "he hates the same groups I do"


I would be absolutely devastated if I had a child capable of this. I wouldn't try to blame anyone else, I'd just be trying to understand when, where, and how I fucked my kid up so bad.


a lot of people will go to great lengths to avoid feelings of guilt and shame.


He's blaming the police and the state. Hes basically saying "all I did was give the state permission to do a background check and follow their process." In other words, he's saying that the state should have caught warning signs and denied the application, even though the reason why his consent was needed is that someone who actually knows him is most likely to catch red flags.


So I'm ment to believe that this gun fetishizing dirt bag is suddenly in favour for government to denie people guns? And that if the background check resulted in his kid not getting a weapon who would have supported that decission and not gone on a raging 2nd Amendment tirade?


He probably would have just bought the gun for him.


"The state should have caught the warning signs I didn't tell them about."


This is why we have the problems that we do.


[The mother has an arrest for domestic violence.](https://jwcdaily.com/2015/02/11/highland-park-resident-charged-with-domestic-battery/)The son disguised himself as a woman to blend into the crowd. All his music videos have violence. He threatened his family’s lives and had his knife collection taken away by police. [Someone alerted police after learning Crimo attempted to kill himself.](https://www.npr.org/2022/07/05/1109793161/highland-park-chicago-july-4-shooting-latest) The whole family is fked up.


What constantly comes up in these cases is that people know and are afraid of the perpetrators, but that there is no dependable process to get officials to intervene.


America…Ah yes, so proud of my mass murdering son. When it’s okay that owning liberals costs your own child’s life/freedom and the life of other innocent civilians.




Check this comment: https://www.reddit.com/r/facepalm/comments/vtto48/absurd/if9gqyz/?utm_source=share&utm_medium=ios_app&utm_name=iossmf&context=3


"Checkmate Libz" the father allegedly, Until he sees that.


Right wingers will make him richer than you'll ever be.


He is banking on it. Allegedly.


Agreed. They are cartoonishly evil


Better charge someone in the Illinois state police too, how the fuck are they aware of his threats to kill his family, confiscated knives and swords from him, and gave him a gun card 6 months later? Our government and institutions are hopelessly inept and fucking money leeches.


Haaaave you met our government?


Not only that, read a story earlier today stating that when cops were called on the “kid” for making those threats & threats of suicide, they confiscated a bunch of knives & swords until dad said they were his. That apparently resulted in the cops deciding *not* to file the paperwork that would’ve triggered “red flag” laws to prevent the gun ownership/possession. Does it sound like dad facilitated his son in becoming a mass shooter at multiple different critical points in time??


Yup, there have been too many of these mass shooters with “problems in the family”. I think the problem is the family. Parents have to spend zero time with their kids today for the “I never saw this coming” to be true. This parent got so far away from what it means to be a parent that he signed off it. Idk, it’s like those parents that come home from work and immediately just start beating and terrorizing their kids; total losers. There’s just no point in believing redeemable qualities in them exist, they’re just losers.


Charge him too


This reminds me of my father in law, who left a loaded gun out that my sister in law to steal and use to kill herself. This was a year after she made an attempt and ended up in the hospital, and he still had her over at his house and didn't lock up his guns. The day she died he seemed fairly calm, and said numerous times that it wasn't his fault, and that she would have done it anyway. He still owns guns and considers himself a responsible gun owner. He seemed to care more about making it clear that guns aren't the problem than he did that if he had just locked up his guns his daughter might still be here. What makes it worse is one of the things my SIL and I bonded over was how both our dads were obsessed with guns, and cared far more about them than the safety of their family.


Your father-in-law is an unmitigated piece of shit.


Then he can not regret going to prison.


Cool. Charge his happy ass and let’s see if a jury of his peers agree.


Enabler. What a fucking dumb man.


What a horrible human.


I grew up five minutes from the shooting location and if it can happen here it can happen anywhere. Given enough time this will happen to your area too. If it hasn’t yet, it will. This isn’t a threat, or me being glib. It’s just inevitable. Guns + time = gun crimes. We don’t need to ban all guns to prevent crimes like this, but we do need to make it harder for people to obtain guns. Especially people who shouldn’t. Make no mistake, the reason guns are easy to get isn’t about freedom. The NRA and conservative leadership don’t care about that. It’s just a very lucrative business. Selling $2,000 rifles is good money.


He's got the same smug look on his face. I guess that runs in the family. Punchable.


This is straight out of the GOP playbook ever admit fault, never apologize for anything, regret nothing.


Well he did run for mayor of Highland Park in 2019 as a GoP member.


Yep. These people literally have no shame.


Great. Looks like the killer had an accomplice. Toss him in jail for life as well.


POV: You value gun rights over people's lives


This is why the USA needs federal gun laws. Stupid people making stupid decisions that directly lead to the slaughter of innocents. This guy needs to spend time in jail for accessory at a minimum.




Soooo… he’s getting his ass thrown in jail, right?


Should be locked up. He was complicit.


So he signed the consent form AFTER his son threatened to kill his entire family, his son then goes on to kill 6 people in a parade, and he doesn’t regret it… Sounds like a real MAGA family all around.


What a stupid thing to say. Online, you have people that vaguely knew the shooter and was creeped out by him feel bad they didn't report him more, and this asshole can't take his head out of his politically charged asshole.


Is anyone surprised? That's a big part of the problem, he'd rather cosign death and destruction than admit that he was/is wrong. It's a very typical conservative mindset. They know that the country needs gun control, won't admit it. They know the environment is f*cked up, won't admit it. Health care, income inequality, police brutality, the war on drugs etc, unwilling to admit that they are wrong. As a result everyone suffers...


Same people that love having lots of kids too because they don't see it as a responsibility. I dunno what the fuck could be done about it




These parents need to be held responsible. I’m sorry there too many people on the planet. If someone has displayed mental instability and you get them help and medical care. If you get them a gun and they kill a bunch of people you should be held responsible.


Shame the kid took his anger out on strangers rather than his family.


He is big time involved in the massacre. Negligence and putting other people's lives in danger by allowing this.


Time for a "No Ragrets" tattoo on his forehead.


So help me understand this: Cops are called two times, so there must be a file on the fellow. Aren't police records checked when applying for gun ownership? Obviously not. Why? Maybe because US gun laws are a joke?


How could he? Then he wouldn’t be a good Trumpublican, and saying he regretted it would end his wannabe political career.


He's not going to get any charges to stick. The son renewed his own license after he was 18 with no involvement from the father. It is absolutely horrid and I hope the kid gets everything coming to him, but unfortunately the father isn't liable in this case.


A trump move, do what you want but never accept the blame.


MAGA is a cult.


RIP his wallet and assets after the civil suit that will inevitably be filed against him. Hopefully they criminally charge him too.


Then he should be tried to for involuntary manslaughter like the Crumbleys in Michigan. Sorry that right there shows he didn't care about his own son's mental health. Give them guns, that'll fix it.


He should be in jail with his son


Remove guns lol


It's not mental health. I wouldn't even call it bad parenting. This is the result when you simply don't value other people's lives or rights and you don't fully understand the incredibly destructive power of an automatic rifle.




Poor horse


Is there a go fund me for this yet? I’d like to make a pledge…