Lol people in red states don’t leave their home town


This is why they think it is so great. They never leave their bubble, they have no basis for comparison.


This is exactly what I think every time I hear an American say its the greatest country in the world.


...and all but one requires blue states to continuously bail them out. But they still bitch about "welfare queens", even though they're welfare states.


which state doesn't require welfare?


They mean that red states receive more money from the federal government than their taxpayers contribute. And blue states receive less than their taxpayers contribute. This has a few exceptions.. But generally holds as true. Another piece of data that puts this in perspective: the counties that voted for biden represent 70% of the US economy


Texas and Florida.


And both will be hurting in 20 years or sooner. Florida will become a giant surface level septic field as ocean/water table levels rise. And as renewables continue to advance the lessened need for oil and its by products coupled with loss of agriculture land from worsening drought conditions, Texas won't last either. Only took about a decade for Detroit to go from nations "hot spot" to nearly ghost town, lived through much of it myself....I see a lot of parallels with Dallas and Houston now to Detroit then.


Lol. As someone who has lived in many red states and many blue states, it's exactly the opposite. Blue states are almost universally better places to live.


Well yeah, public funding is prioritized in blue states. Of course it's better than states where the institutions and infrastructure are left to rot by politicians who try to ensure as little money as is humanly possible finds it's way back to supporting the community.


Also, the fact that Red States have more everyday things just outright banned. Books, alcohol, sex toys, marijuana, learning about history, just being LGBT+ openly, the very mention of LGBT+, the very mention of America's racist history, etc. There are so fucking many things you can't have or do in Red States. But hey...guns, I guess. That's all they need to consider being free.


And didn't they just ban abortion too?


So, this red state, sure sounds like the communist Russia that everyone warned us about.


Russia are the good guys now. Also the Empire if you like Star Wars.


Have everyone been paying attention to what’s been going on in Ukraine? If they support Russia, then there’s another sign they’re on the wrong side of history.


Oh god, you just made me anticipate “Putin did nothing wrong” quotes just like Hitler


bUt FrEeDoM.


To the southern ilk who think Trump and even Ted Cruz are good honest hardworking Christians they truly project and use opposite rhetoric, in the same sense we have "peacekeeping missiles," and other oxymorons, and in the south, they really put the moron in oxymoron. They truly believe if they ban abortions, women the right to vote, marriage of gay men, books, blacks and Mexicans that, to them, is freedom... for them, the white male christian. Shit you not, this is, truly, how they think.


I second this. I absolutely never want to live in a red state ever again.


I’ve lived in New York, Washington State, California, Florida, Georgia, and Alabama. While there are pros and cons to both, I live where women are free to choose, pot is legal, mass shoutings are rare, gay people can be openly gay, and as melting pots go, it’s well melted, and there’s some semblance of workers rights, as opposed to the “right to work” south which means you have no rights. I like the South but to be honest much of it is like a third-world country with a lot of foreign aid going in but corrupt AF where women are treated like shit and minorities worse. Both suck but one is pretty much run by the Republican Taliban.


I live in Washington state & I love every minute of it


It is well and truly the best state


Yea, if you are living in western WA. Eastern WA is more like western Idaho.


I agree. Washington, New Mexico, California, Texas, Alabama, Colorado, Florida, Virginia.... As much as the cost of living hurts, I've been far happier in the blue states. Even more so since I've been out


Remember the cost of living is because of supply and demand. People want to live in blue states, so the demand is higher, so the cost is higher. As much as republicans like to pretend otherwise, there’s extremely limited demand to move to red states. It’s all outward brain drain.


Oh I'm aware. Doesn't always soothe the pain of paying 2k dollars a month for an apartment without AC haha


Moved from Los Angeles to Georgia and this is 1000% correct.


Not to mention the grip the Bible Belt has too. Absolutely refuse to acknowledge & recognize separation of church & state. Ppl vote based on what church someone goes to. Politicians don’t even discuss policies. God, Guns, & Glory


I’m from Cali and visited some family in Iowa a few years ago and they legit thought in Cali I couldn’t go to the store without having to fight off roving gangs of minorities.


Yeah, that is one I've heard a few times. Texas and South Dakota too. The red had riled up SD about Mexicans so much they think anywhere near the boarder is overrun, but everyone in Texas (last I met any) had a more neighborly understanding of Mexicans though I think most that I know were still republican.


Texan here, in case anyone out of state/country is wondering about Texas let me quickly fill you in: I hate it here. don't come visit, don't come live here, and don't waste precious time arguing against red Texans, because nothing gets through to them. it's like arguing with a pebble. as soon as I can, I'm leaving this shitshow :)


Yeah, I have family in red states, lived in a few as a kid, and there's a lot to love about those places, but you can google "best states for \_\_\_\_\_\_" or "worst states for \_\_\_\_\_\_" with just about any quality-of-life metric you want, and blue states win every time. Infant mortality? Education level? Literacy? Wages? Taxes (unless you're rich)? Schools? Violent crime? Crime? Jobs? Good careers in stable industries? Infrastructure? Blue blue blue blue blue. It's not an opinion, it just is.


It's even worse when you account for all the Federal funding red states get that is mostly paid for by the wealthy blue states.


As someone who lived in a blue area and moved to a pretty red area yeah, can agree. Never really was scared at my old place but so many people here I get wary of because of how rude/deranged some are. Like just for an example I used to get yelled at when I worked because I wore a mask. Like these people got so mad at me wearing a mask. I’m a weak dude too lmao


It seems these people forget that most red states rank in the top of the nation for the worst education. Then again, if all you're taught is 200 year old ideologies, then it's not surprising that you won't be able to adapt to a changing world.


I currently live in a red state. We are working on moving to a blue state (one with women's rights written intro the state constitution") within the next year. Unless we die of starvation because we live in a red state.


Came here to say this.


Yeah, when I was a kid, my dad was stationed in all manner of states, I’d take Minnesota over Mississippi every day and twice on Sunday.


Agreed. 21 of my 46 years were red states, and I am never going back.


Red states love to keep people poorly educated..


Same here. My most recent set is interesting though. Moved from my blue state, selling my tiny house that’s worth 3/4 million that had gang signs on the fences across the street and encroaching crime and drug addicts everywhere. Now I’m a red state in a house half the price in a neighborhood straight out of Pleasantville, USA. The “love thy neighbor” crowd has a tendency to call the cops on each other in certain parts when a car is parked touching grass or there is any loud noise they can hear at 7pm (like carpet cleaners).


Red states are happily enjoying the subsidy money from the Blue states. So happily.


Yup, any politician that campaigns on stopping Red State Welfare will have my vote. Time to shut off the money to these freeloading fascists


It sucks to have to take the L because a bunch of the people near you are total dickbags. I'm on disability because my mental disorder prevented me from working for a long time and I live in a red state. But I've been cleared to work again and apparently the only ethos you're allowed to have here is "screw you, got mine" so :shrug:


Yep, the truth is the red states don’t care if their poor are on the streets. The blue state subsidies go towards things the people living in McMansions wouldn’t pay for anyway




I've been having a lot of long, hard thoughts about what I personally will do about all of this. It's hard to talk online about even strategies like using my house as a de-facto safe house for LGBT people. I know from shithead facebook acquaintances that they watch spaces like this to find out who among them isn't towing their line. I've got mixed feelings about leaving. I love the food and the sheer weediness and hardy thriving of the flora around here. I like floating down the river with an inflatable beer holder. I've lived in this town all 40 years of my life. This is fucking home, ya know, and it's a shame my home is infested with plague rats.


Why doesn’t the fiddler just come down from the roof if it’s so unstable? Because it’s his home.


I need that in Texas. I wonder what it would take to convince the local city to use something like approval or ranked for local elections


If there was some kind of incentivized program to help move to a blue state I’d take it in a heart beat, but it’s almost impossible to afford moving to a blue state when, your from a state that makes 7.25 an hour minimum, after years of giving time to Walmart I finally made 12 dollars and then after a few months the fired me.


Same here. No Blue State money should go to Red States. That money is literally funding terrorism. I fully support backing candidates that stop Red State funding.


Blue states are more than able to produce and source food from other countries. Lawlz, blue states don't need red States and are better off without them. The south is a cancer.


California already produces 1/3 of our fruit!


The funny thing is for all the federal funding the state is getting it sure is hard to get assistance


Because the GOP legislatures make sure they money is stolen at the top before it ever gets to the people it’s intended for. Yet another reason why we need to cut them off.


The trickle isn't money, it's piss.


It’s so funny how when it comes to laws, it’s all about states rights and when it comes to sharing federal revenue, we’re one big happy Union. I know there’s a ton of nuance in there, but it still seems hypocritical.


No, you got it exactly right. This is the modern GOP we're talking about here - there is NO nuance involved.


Biden voting counties make up 70% of US GDP while Trump voting counties make up only 30% of GDP. https://www.brookings.edu/blog/the-avenue/2020/11/09/biden-voting-counties-equal-70-of-americas-economy-what-does-this-mean-for-the-nations-political-economic-divide/


Which red states are being subsidized by blue states? Not being argumentative, genuinely curious Edit: appreciate the info guys. I’ve lived in red states my entire life, and currently live in a red state now. Admittedly, I haven’t voted red in years but nevertheless, I’m here. Never knew this tidbit of info though


With two of the three biggest states in the country “blue”, federal income taxes alone outweigh a state like North Dakota by quite a bit. When you adjust per capita, small “red” state benefit recipients are fleecing larger “blue” states.


The counties that voted for Biden in the last election represent about 67% of the country's GDP, while the counties that voted Trump represent only about 33%. So there is a giant sucking sound, which is red counties absorbing the taxes of blue counties, because those with higher incomes pay the taxes, and those get shifted to other places. In addition, red states have higher military populations in general, and those salaries are paid largely by those in blue states.


Also, putting it into red states versus blue states, while useful for looking at federal revenues, doesn't completely show the gap between Republican areas and Democratic areas. For individual states, rural areas sap state resources away from cities and suburbs. The suburbs tend to lean Republican, but they're getting closer to toss ups, particularly with Trump/fascism and abortion being hot topics. Cities obviously are the Democrats strongholds and rural areas go for Republicans.


If you look at demographics for say, food stamps, wic, etc, you will see a striking parallel with party affiliation. Federal subsidies go to red states much more


B-b-b-ut . . . that sounds like COMMUNISM!


All of them. Even states with industry like Texas. Granted the oil from Texas supports the rest of us too. Long story short, red states don't help their citizens even if they can afford it, so those citizens rely on federal support. Which is nearly entirely funded by "blue" states. Although even blue states are mostly red in the rural areas. But those red areas are full of people dependant on the federal government.


In the blue states you will find that most of the rural areas are using way more state aid than they contribute in state tax revenue. The blue states have urban areas that are successful and can cover the rural areas welfare without relying on federal aid much. Certainly not more fed aid than the state contributes in fed tax revenue. Agreeing with you for the most part.




Here you go. https://howmuch.net/articles/federal-budget-receipts-and-expenditures-across-the-united-states


The only two Red states in the US that pay more to the federal government than they get back are Ohio and Nebraska. The rest of them get more money from the federal government than they pay in.


Ohio used to be a swing state I still am not used to the red state label. Horrifying.


I think Ohio permanently relinquished any claim to being a swing state when it decided that a 10-year-old pregnant rape victim should be forced to carry the rape pregnancy to term and give birth to the child.


All of them. If red states suddenly stopped getting subsidies from blue states they would very quickly slide into something resembling a third world country.


They already are like third world countries with their religious fascism and xenophobia.


Came here to say this. Most red states are under the median and take free government money, yes like socialism, from the blue states. I'm looking at you Kentucky.


Totally agree! Red states are literally existing off of blue states. If the union split, the red states wouldn't have the tax dollars to pay for their welfare and food stamps.


It would be worse than that. If the federal government stopped deficit spending in red states, they would sink into serfdom pretty quickly.


But they’re still short on teeth.


So very true, and so many people don’t realize this.


Imagine blue state governors uniting and freezing out red states in protest.


Come visit a blue state. We have doctors, architecture, and restaurants that aren’t in the Applebees corporate family.


I live in Washington on the border with Idaho and you couldn’t pay me enough to live there. I don’t even like to visit that ass backwards state.


Wasn't there a thing during the height of the pandemic where people from Idaho were flooding hospitals in Spokane and such and the mayor had to put out a statement for them to go away Edit: found it https://www.nytimes.com/2021/09/13/us/coronavirus-hospitals-washington-idaho.html


Yup! And then there's the nutcases in Washington that went to Idaho to avoid mask mandates, got Covid, and brought it back to the state.


Uhg.... How are two people in the same country so different. I will never understand why people think it's so hard to not be a piece of shit to other people


Washington State is divided by the Cascades. On the west side it's very blue and on the east side it's pretty red. Luckily the state is hugely controlled by the western side and we all get to benefit from the blue policies.


Lived in a blue state. Moved to a red state because free house. After 3 years, I'd had enough. We sold the house and moved back to the blue state.


I’ve visited blue states and I’ve visited red states. The blue states have functioning infrastructure and the red states… well they have camper vans parked on the side of highways with “Anti-Sodomite Mobile” spray painted across the side…


The facts right here


I like to take vacation in the Wilmington NC area. I am from Canada. It’s a given, the minute we pass the huge cigarette in Virginia, the roadside ads on the 95 are all the same. Lawyers, Jesus, fireworks and hospitals. That’s how I know I’m in the south. Oh, and in NC you get the Pedro ones too.


Okay...an abandoned camper with "Anti-Sodomite Mobile" spraypainted on it is really terrible...and....also...^(really....funny....sorry.........)


lands cheaper in Texas than California. Take that libs!!!! Me: That’s not a good thing


I have lived in the bluest of states for the past decade and a half and there's not a day that goes by where I don't feel grateful to be here. Before that I lived in a red state for five years and was happy to put it behind me when I left.


Very happy and grateful to basically never have even seen an assault weapon or handgun in public on a civilian in my blue state.


You don't miss the truck nuts and rebel flags?


~~rebel~~ Traitor flag


Insurrection flag, if you will.


Explaining what truck nuts were to my Swedish co-workers visiting Nashville was pretty funny. The looks on their faces were everything from perplexed to horrified.


Growing up in Canada I actually thought truck nuts were an Albertan thing (conservative province, the Texas of Canada), but then listened to the Dollup on them and learned their true American history 🇺🇸


Saw the best truck nuts this weekend. They were literal industrial sized hex nuts, like 3". Thought it was hilarious


Fellow european here: had to google it. Even wikipedia seems uncomfortable explaining it to me


I told my husband that my daughters wants to our eyelashes to our minivan. He said that if I do that, he will put testicules on the rear.


I’m glad to hear this, I live and grew up in Texas. I want tf out of here, it’s long overdue.


[Worst States to Live In in 2022](https://worldpopulationreview.com/state-rankings/worst-states-to-live-in) >The Best State Rankings utilize public data and extensive surveying to determine the quality of life and effectiveness of governance across the 50 states. The study includes an analysis of 71 metrics across eight categories to determine their ranking. **Quality of Life Categories Include:** 1. Healthcare 2. Education 3. Economy 4. Infrastructure 5. Opportunity 6. Fiscal Stability 7. Crime and Corrections 8. Natural Environment **Best 10 States to Live In, 2022** 1. Washington - Blue 2. New Hampshire - Blue 3. Minnesota - Blue 4. Utah - Red 5. Vermont - Blue 6. Maryland - Blue 7. Virginia - Blue 8. Massachusetts - Blue 9. Nebraska - Red 10. Wisconsin - Blue **Worst 10 States to Live In, 2022** 41. Either Kentucky (Red) or Pennsylvania (Blue): the info near the top of the page does not match the list at the bottom of the page 42. South Carolina - Red 43. Oklahoma - Red 44. Alaska - Red 45. Arkansas - Red 46. New Mexico - Blue 47. West Virginia - Red 48. Mississippi - Red 49. Alabama - Red 50. Louisiana - Red Most of this country's best-performing states are blue, and most of its worst-performing states are red. Red states are prosperous, happy, and free? According to actual data, red states are poorer, less educated, and less healthy. [Here's life expectancy by state.](https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_U.S._states_and_territories_by_life_expectancy) Once again, it's mostly blue states where life expectancy is the highest, and it's mostly red states where it's at its lowest. If you're of the opinion that the sweet nothingness of death is the ultimate freedom, then I guess red states are the most free in that regard.


When people from blue states visit red states, they typically go to blue cities. Ain’t nobody goin’ to Texas to visit Nacogdoches. They’re going to Austin.


When I go to Texas I'm visiting family. My sister is in Dallas, my parents are in unincorporated middle of nowhere.


Some people legit believe ‘blue states’ have been burned and are constantly overrun by riot and civil commotion. Here I am, in a blue state, surrounded by not-rubble


This is how small their wordlview is. They can't imagine what it's like in Europe because they'll never even drive to Denver. They're told everything outside of their tiny bubble is horrible and they have it better than everyone. The propaganda is working like a charm.


To be fair, as someone who lives in Denver burbs and works downtown, I fucking hate Denver. Jesus Christ, the number of homeless is absurd and they think if they can just pass another camping ban it’ll go away. I love Colorado to death but Denver… meh.


I live close to Denver. I’ve also lived in the Deep South, Denver is way nicer.


What's even more amusing is that these same people will insist places like Portland were burnt to the ground when there are live webcams showing the city just doing its thing. There's being ignorant and then there is being willfully stupid.


Ha a comment just below yours says “been to downtown Portland lately?”


And that's another facepalm. :P


We have them in Illinois too! But I feel like they are a special sort of stupid in Illinois. The Republican Gubernatorial candidate co-sponsored a bill to remove Chicagoland from Illinois - that would decimate the entirety of Illinois, were that to happen. His moron supporters (MAGA) actually demand that this happen. That is just how fucking dumb they are. They actually believe that the piddly tax dollars they generate goes to propping up one of the largest cities in the US. Oh and fun filled fact, that same candidate released a "campaign" video shortly after a crazy shooting in one of the suburbs near me - 6 people died and at least 25 injured. The message of the video was basically "Sucks to suck, I told you Chicago (this occurred in a suburb not even in the same county as Chicago) was a hellhole! Lets get back to celebrating July 4th!" Fuck Republicans, they deserve to rot.


Shhhh… the fascists will move here if you tell them we’re not burning 😂


I live in a blue city with a democrat governor, the red state to our south is way worse in every way, strange.


"I would suggest visiting a Red state... Unless you're black, Mexican, gay, trans, female, etc, etc"


I’ll invite the Red states to stop living off of the Blue states tax dollars and crying about Socialism.


I'm not American so correct me if I'm wrong but aren't most red states poor as shit?


Poorly educated, most definitely.


" I love the poorly educated." D.J.T rump


Generally yes people in red States are poorer than people in blue States. They're also generally less educated and more likely to vote Republican. That is against their own best interest.


Yes! Some states, like Texas seem to be an exception. But they aren't really. They would be blue states if they weren't incredibly gerrymandered.


The people in red states are also less educated and less healthy.


I grew up in a blue state. I moved to a red state for work. I hate it here. The weather sucks and the people are a lot dumber.


They really are and most infuratingly, they think they are the real geniuses


Dunning-Kreuger effect


“When you’re dead you don’t know you’re dead. All the pain is felt by the people around you. The same thing happens when you’re stupid.” (not mine)


does OP know he has that backwards? my blue states cover the tabs for your red states and are the reason you have what meager social programs you do. keep separating yourselves from the rest of the nation. keep taking rights away from people. you'll be fucking Somalia in 5 years.


I prefer to live in my blue state where I’m free to live my life rather than go to a red state where I’m only free to live their life.


Well said


So free in red states, unless you're a ten year old girl.


THAT story pissed me off. I demanded whoever raped that 10 year old to be dragged away in iron and chain. And to the government who denied her an abortion should be ashamed for not looking at the circumstances. Instead theyre looking at a bible and saying shes gotta keep it. Terrible situation. She needs an abortion now, stat.


It was her father, shes in state custody now.


the abuse he inflicted upon his own daughter - may he spend his remaining days in prison.


They literally refuse to allow abortion for an incest rape child, you cant make that shit up


Wtf 😞


Well, since we’re rolling everything back to medieval times… Maybe it’s time to bring back the brazen bull and guillotine…


The red states are poorer and less free lol


The only thing I gained from moving to a red state was getting a higher ranked education system. The schools here are #49 in the nation, that means like one of the best right? /s


Red states are the ones stripping away rights


Generally speaking, the more time people spend outside of their own environment, the more accepting of other people they become.


The minority in those red states are the ones that are actually taking away rights. Hypocrisy


Just a cursory glance at the quality of services in red states and how they rate against other states or countries is alarming. If they weren’t so goddamn dumb the people in Mitch McConnells home state would see he’s been doing them dirty for decades!


Who writes this uninformed garbage? Freedum to do what? procreate with cousins and buy 1 get 3 guns free, and wild traffic and bar shootouts? drinking liquid butter for breakfast?


Great idea, heading to a red state now where women have no rights.


\*Literally planning a permanent move back to my blue home state with privacy rights right now.


Prosperous, happy, and free? Does this idiot know how to look up demographics? Red states are ranked the worst in just about every category. If you ever have the unpleasant chance of driving through the more rural areas of states like Alabama and Louisiana you'd think you were driving through some poor third-world country. Thanks, but I'll stay in my blue state.


Something tells me this person has never been to a blue state


Newsmax told them it's bad tho


To everyone living in a blue state I recommend moving to a red state and turn it blue too.


I did my time in a red state as a blue voter. I never, ever want to move back.


Completely understand. Democrats don’t have any identity problems they have geography problems. It gets too difficult to live amongst the orange messiah worshippers so people move and I don’t blame them. Unfortunately when progressives leave it just makes the area they leave more republican.


Where are these happy and prosperous red states ?


The right wing nut jobs in the red states are good at getting the rights and freedoms of the blue states taken away.


I live in a blue state and they have no idea what they are talking about. I AM happy and we are doing pretty well. We are living within our means and are content. I have absolutely no desire to go to a red state.


I have lived in a same blue state all my life with exception of my six years of military service. My wife and I have done well enough that we can choose any of the states we desire to spend our retirement. We were able to prioritize Quality of Life over the Cost of Living and this criteria eliminated most red states instantaneously. Wanting to socialize with people who have active lives and live in reality further narrowed all of the choices to blue states.


Happy - because ignorance is bliss. Prosperous - Because my blue state federal taxes are subsidizing it (and I’ll tell you now, I subsidize it a LOT) Free - To conform to the beliefs and superstitions of your ‘wholesome’ community OR to be stalked, harassed and ostracized by said community. I get righteously tired of hearing about freedom from jerks that want to shoot anyone they don’t like, for whatever reason. That isn’t freedom, it’s anarchy.


What rights are being taken away in blue states?? I really want to know?? Because it’s the red states that are actually working to take rights away from people.


Red states: where education is discouraged and birth is mandatory. Sure, I wanted to live in Afghanistan.


As someone who's lived in both, I felt far more free in the blue states than the red


If I go to a red state, I risk getting hate-crimed


Red states are free as long as you're a white male. It kind of sucks for everyone else, especially if they decide they don't want to be a white male's servant.


Tell me you've never been out of state without telling me you've never been out of state.


Lived in both a red state and blue state in my life. Blue states got cooler stuff to do. Red states have evangelical churches sharing parking lots with Sex toy shops. I'm talking to you rural west Virginia! That was funny to see! Oh and I lived 5 years on the German economy. OP, I missed having my utility payments being the same price every month. I also miss being able to travel on train and walking through small towns. I also miss everyone not having cellulite. Even the fat people. And Rock in Ring and Rock in Park. I miss the simplicity of Europe.


I’m missing something isn’t it the people in the red states trying to pass the laws to take things away? It feel stupid to ask but I really don’t understand.


You understand it just fine. That’s the facepalm


Thanks! Now I feel even less intelligent for missing it but understand better!


I think I will stay in my blue state, with my number 1 rank in healthcare, education and quality of life. I will stay in my blue state with hundreds of state parks, world renowned hiking, biking and camping. I will stay in my blue state with our excellent, hunting and fishing. I will stay in my blue state with our snowboarding, skiing and snowmobiling. I will stay in my blue state with 11,000 lakes. I will stay in my blue state with world renowned shopping, food, and entertainment. You stay in your subsidized, poorly educated, polluted, low wage red state.


What an incredibly stupid post.


I don’t know what the f they think is being taken away. I don’t think they know much of anything. Their imagination runs rampant with visions of curtailed freedoms and trampled liberty that they and only they get to enjoy in their red-state bliss. Newsflash: I’m doing just fine in a blue state. I’ve lived in Europe and done just fine there, too. And the only trampled liberties I know of in America are those occurring in an increasing number of red states.


Lol aren't the red states like bottom in school test results highest in teen pregnancy and at the bottom of basically every other measurable metric? They also get wayyy more from the Capitol in funding than they make, failed states


Seems like a dog whistle for white supremacy. As a gay guy red states are overwhelmingly hostile.


“Happy, prosperous and free” unless you’re gay, black, brown, Muslim and Jewish.


Or pregnant!


I've lived in Georgia and South Carolina, and I've visited Alabama and Mississippi. I've also spent quality time in California. I'm calling bullshit. Red states for the most part can't support themselves, repair their bridges, or educate their children. Blue states generally support red states. Period.


so this is backwards day huh?


It's always backwards day in the red states, theyre living in the 1800s.


I live in California and visited South Carolina to see my sister and nephew, I have never seen such a more trashy and disgusting place.


To “everyone” (read white heterosexual Christian), I invite you to a red state where you can stick your head in the dirt and pretend that everything is great. If your not “everyone,” people might throw rocks at your kids to run your family out of town. FTFY. This story was brought to you by the experience growing up in a rural red township (too few people to be anything else) before moving to the blue capital of a Midwest state.


Australia invites you all to see what truly living without fear is like.


Due to the military, I have been in the reddist of the bloodred states for almost 15 years. I am sorry, but red states are just fucking horrible. They have a charm here or there, but my god what horrible places to live. You pay a price for "freedom." The land, water, and air are literally poisoned from lack of regulation. Hard to find good medical care. The south is crazy. I can't wait to pc's (move to the next assignment) or my husband to ets (get out of the military), so we can live in a blue state. I grew up in a very blue state. I know a lot of people who were planning to move to TX, but not anymore.


Lmfao imagine sincerely thinking the party of White Rage is “happy” Their entire identity is rooted in being mad that Black people are free and gay people are happy.


And shoes. Don’t forget that women wear shoes now too.


My sister moved from a blue state to Texas and she absolutely hates it there.




Then why are the standards of living so shitty in red states? Highest divorce rates, lowest education rates, highest teen pregnancy rates, I think even highest abortion rates, but they do have higher murder rates, higher crime in general, lower income, shorter lifespans, Higher rates of obesity and diabetes, certainly higher poverty in Ohio unemployment. Why are Republicans who are supposedly so good at running things able to fix the stuff?


Free if you’re *male* , lol


Fun fact: 'Blue states' have a quality of life index that rivals European and even Nordic countries. Massachusetts would have the highest in the world if it was its own country. Red states on the other hand...


There was a time when I was seriously considering moving to Texas because of the usual things people flock to like cheaper housing and no taxes. Then I changed my mind around the time people started freezing to death in their homes and it’s just gotten worse from there.


Fuck that. I live in Texas and seriously considering moving to Canada for my daughter. Canada protects women's rights atleast and won't have a federal ban on Abortion Nation wide in the next few years.


The problem is there aren’t really red states and blue states. It’s more like blue cities and red rural areas.


I will never understand it when conservatives shout about freedom like they aren't the most freedom hating group in America? They don't want you to be free to get a good education, they don't want you to be free to pick the people you love, they don't want you to be free about any desicions on sexuality, they don't want you to be free to have sex unless your a man, they don't want you to be free to pick your religious views, they don't want you to be free to decide who your president is, they don't want you to be free to do drugs unless they profit off them, they don't want you to be free to do so freaking many things! and the way they want to make sure nobody is free to do those things? They want to have big goverment control everyone's lives to force them, but somehow they still claim to be the party of small goverment and limited govemrnet interference. Am I missing something? Like how does this make sense to them?


Come to a red state so you can experience the liberty of a pregnancy test at the border. Absolute nut sack.


Come to Oregon where women still control what happens to their bodies.


I live in a red state that just told a 10-year-old rape victim that she HAS to give birth to a product of her rape. I wish I was in a blue state.


Delusional reds!


Spent my childhood living in a blue state during the school year and the reddest of red states over the summer. Grad school in another blue state and now I live in a swing state. 2nd blue state is by far the best state I’ve lived in, but I’m trying to move back to the first blue state for family. I would not live in the reddest red state again if you paid me 6 figures a year to do so, even with half of my family being there. 🤷🏼‍♀️🤷🏼‍♀️


One of the most effective propaganda hit pieces of the right wing in America is depicting even slightly blue areas as hellscapes.


I live in a blue state. I'm good. I'll stay here.