Skiled labor lol. Clearly he's being funny.


I can say warehousing he does is absolutely not considered skilled in any way. Amazon will hire anyone regardless of skill and background (pending check of course) without an interview


Oh, I know. My loser brother in law got a job there and he's basically worthless.


Same thing with my sister's. I worked at caterpillar and that was more skilled than pushing boxes, but not by much. Just managing inventory. Paid better than Amazon too.


That makes me hopeful! I’ve been having trouble finding work because I’m a loser with no skills. Might just apply for a spot in Hell.


One of my friends use to work at a distribution center… it’s shitty work but he was allowed to work a crazy amount of overtime and rake in dough if that’s appealing to you


Absolutely not. I want to work the least amount possible… but I don’t have much of a choice lol


lmao. you sound like management material.


Unfortunately the higher up I've climbed the corporate ladder the less I've had to do. I'm working 1/10th the amount hours-wise and making 3x the salary with better benefits. Idk what's going on.


my point exactly. lol


Really? The higher up I'm climbing the more I do, and the ones I see at the top have virtually no life work balance. But then again I work in STEM =/


Well I don’t think you’re required to work overtime by any means… just saying it’s probably an option if you need some more money for something in your life. Definitely recommend a different job though because I haven’t heard great things. Social media acts like working in restaurants is the worst thing in the world but it’s honestly not at all and pay is pretty good if it’s a decent place and you’re a server, hours just kind of suck.


My daughter wants to be a cook and she got herself started as a dishwasher at a restaurant. She loves it and makes great tips now that they have her cross trained around the place. The reason I won’t do restaurant work is because I have hyperhidrosis and sometimes if I’m working hard, it’s hot or I’m anxious I’ll sweat profusely from my face… like drops of sweat will roll off my face. So I refuse to be around peoples food because of that.


Can’t believe she’s getting tipped out as a dishwasher that’s awesome. My first job was a dishwasher but I also helped run food, bar back, and sometimes helps the waiters/waitresses and I literally only got paid minimum wage no tips, my only “bad” job in a restaurant 😂. With that though, yea being a server while sweating profusely probably won’t help you get tipped out better hahaha, id love to help ya more but I’m still relatively young and don’t have much work experience outside of that lmao


My lil baby girl.. she’s so sweet that’s why she gets tips because hard not to love that kid. She puts the stereotype of kids of her age on their heads.




Call centers are another option that hire anyone, plus they're air conditioned.


Yeah this shit ain’t like welding or something. You’re putting stuff in boxes.




Only skilled labor in a warehouse is running a forklift and that's not really a particularly skilled job.


There’s plenty of skilled labor in warehouses, just usually not the pickers, packers, and dock crew. Sometimes warehouses will make these guys double as database administrators, developers, hazmat specialists, logistics, line maintenance, etc., but they don’t usually get paid much more for the skill set. It just gives them job security.


When your company is worried about running out of staff then certainly they'll have to hire anyone


I had applied 4 times with Amazon. Never a response from them. For warehouse, for lead, for management and another position. Never a response from them. After applying i would go to check the status, and there was no update. Once it even said nothing could be found. Bezos might be financially smart, but, he doesn't seem to have a clue about true real world life.


It's so weird because my sisters are unskilled and cannot keep a job for shit but they applied and got called in for an "interview" then they were going through orientation


Got a couple of degrees and earn a decent wage. I would crash and burn at one of those amazon warehouses. The job that stressed me out most was a minimum wage McJob I had two decades ago. There's no such thing as unskilled labour. Lacking credentials and experience will certainly lock you out of jobs but to say jobs that don't require such are unskilled is flawed. Look at staff retention rates at those places.


So, not regardless of background.


For the most part they don't give a shite man


Any job were you work with the public while doing other jobs is skilled labor compared to working at Amazon in the warehouses. Sorry but I've done both. Some very lazy people work there bc that's the only place they can put them, in the warehouse doing manual repetitive work. The "fry"cook usually has other things he's got to do on top of cooking in a hot stinky kitchen and usually dealing with crazy irate hateful people while keeping his composure and not crying.


It's so hard to tell. I've heard this argument from many unskilled assholes that think that acting like a slave means they deserve more. They don't even realize they're the ones making the system worse by allowing themselves to be taken advantage of.


Hey that’s offensive Having to put the right packages in a box takes a lot of skill you know /s


16 isn't enough to get by, they both need raises rich people got us fighting each other for scraps.


It's still a classist myth perpetuated by the people that are the most harmed by it because they think their bosses notice or care that they're licking the boot.


yea in my mind it has to be a joke and if it isn't I'm gunna keep thinking it is anyways lmao.


Like, all labor is skilled, but at least have the decency to realize it's about the same specialty...


Also to be fair… all labour is skilled labour.


He is not being paid enough but he is looking in the wrong direction


People act like raising the minimum wage would take money away from them personally. Like no, dude everybody should get more money. Especially teachers, doctors etc. but also fast food employees


Uh yes raising the minimum wage accelerates inflation. So no you don’t get less money, but your money buys less, so in effect raising the minimum wage does take away money from people. It also takes away jobs from people who otherwise would have been making minimum wage, since to compensate for having to pay a higher minimum wage, companies will employ less people.


Packing boxes isn't skilled labor lol


Right? What the fuck is this guy thinking


Making sure there's an infinite level of class warfare is the equivalent of modern internet convenience in capitalism fiefdoms


This. If you boost their ego and make them think someone is coming for it, you can get whatever you want.


It's last place aversion and is self defeating.


It's how they got white indentured servants to stop fraternizing with slaves in similar situations




I also think food handling requires more skill than packing a box. You have to know cook times, storage temperature regulations, cross contamination, etc Not to pit them against each other, just saying


I will always be amazed with short order cooks. Their skill level is something I would not ever reach. You are correct there is much more than "just cooking." Food handlers, in Fl, have to pass a food handlers exam to get the certification. We did when my husband had a sandwich shop. So, yes there is so much more to food prep than some are aware of.


Well it's definitly not for any of the fuckers that pack my amazon boxes. One package arrived yesterday and they only taped one side of the box closed, it wasn't opened it was just never taped. Amazingly the stuff was still inside. Such skill.


Anything to make himself feel better and putting others down. Sigh.


For someone who's generally *unskilled* even packing boxes can be a tough challenge.


The way half my packages arrive, I feel flipping burgers would be a much harder job.


Normally, when my burger arrives it is neatly stacked in a pre-determined order. Seems an awful lot like packing a box.


I mean, realistically both jobs in a single instance are "easy". The hard part is volume. Doing so many repetitive tasks in rapid succession; 400 burgers or boxes in and you'll be pretty worn out.


Eating can make you sick, if food isn't cooked properly. Boxing packages....not so much.


Ya wtf is this lol I want the person who makes my food more skilled than the person putting my shit in a box with some bubble wrap...


And making sure the box is 5% filled with the thing I ordered and 95% filled with bubble wrap.


Or bags of air that lack the air


This is actually a problem for me I work in a deli and every one we hire thinks it’ll be easy cause it’s “unskilled” then they quit cause I’m on them all the time about health department regulations and food quality standards.


This is a ridiculous argument, but while we're here...I want my breakable order to be packaged well. If it isn't, it could arrive broken and unusable. Both jobs require skills that need to be taught. There's a certain amount of common sense for both. There's learning equipment for both. But the bigger point is neither person is being paid enough. PERIOD.


the rarity of common sense is hilariously absurd. General manual labor definitely can NOT be done effectively by just anyone.


Unfortunately, common sense is no longer common sense, not at least in the traditional meaning of the phrase. *Common sense*, nowadays, is used by people who reached the pinnacle of stupidity to justify whatever idiotic thing they believe in, rather than try to educate themselves on the subject. For example, *It's a common sense that earth is flat, just look around there's enough evidence for that*. And how did they find out? By using *common sense*.


I mean the labor pool statistics would say otherwise but I get your point. People get really upset about the word unskilled and I agree it could use an update. While traditional “unskilled” jobs do require a bit of training to be efficient, most people can step into the role with little training and succeed. Versus most people can not be put into a cockpit and expected to safely fly and land it every day of their lives or remain calm during an emergency. I feel it is intentionally disingenuous that people say there are no differences between them. I do think highly skilled jobs deserve more because they do a lot of work and you need to be able to attract talent to those roles. What I don’t think is that unskilled labor needs to be paid poorly or looked down upon.


The idea of ‘unskilled’ Labour is a capitalist idea in itself to justify paying essential workers poverty wages. Any worker’s victory is a victory for working people.


Right…there is no such thing as unskilled labor, at least not for long. You either get the skills you need to work at least somewhat effectively at your job, or you get tossed from said job




I don’t disagree. It’s the use of the word ‘unskilled’ which is widely used in the context of justifying poverty wages. If a job is worth doing, it’s worth a living wage.


What else would you call it though. If some jobs required skilled labor due to prior education or training, then the latter would be called unskilled right. Just because a job is unskilled doesn't mean it is not hard labor. Carrying boulders up a mountain for 10 hours is unskilled labor, but its probably some of the toughest work to do in the world. While you have computer programming which is can be difficult, but we can see what we rather do in comparison.


Jeff makes 150k a minute? What in the actual fuck


Keeping your will to live is the only skill that you need.


Exactly what I came here to say


This. Someone's lied to the man.


It takes a hell of a lot more skill to flip a burger at the right time then it does to carry and stack boxes


When you have to pack a box and piss in a bottle at the same time that's some skill imo


I mean a trained monkey could probably do both of those jobs lol... When will unskilled ppl come together and stop shitting on each other..


What about recognizing sarcasm?


You think he was being sarcastic?


I don’t think anyone would seriously consider that skilled labor, no. I mean, warehouse work is pretty much the definition of unskilled labor (not to imply it isn’t hard work)


Just as much skilled as making a sandwich.


I swear billionaires don’t even need to divide and conquer. We poor dumbasses do plenty against our own greater good.


Well, guess who set up the board like this tho...


“Skilled labor” “yo can you fold a box and put it over there? I know you’re just dripping with talent.”


Since when is packing boxes a skill and cookijg isnt?


Their jobs are practically the same tbh, with how streamlined mcdonalds is you're mainly just tossing items into the right boxes like the weird burger ovens they have...


It’s called a clam press. It doesn’t take much skill, It’s all info recall and muscle memory. If you have a good team, it’s a cake walk. But if you have a shit team that doesn’t keep the line stocked and clean, it’s a nightmare.


Dealing with customers is by far the worst job. And they deserve more than a box filler.


It's literally a defence mechanism for why he can claim $16 isn't enough for his job but it's way too much for others by imagining them being completely different situations. It's like how a ridiculous percentage of people believe they are the middle class so they can continue feeling like they aren't part of the lazy poors.


Given how my Amazon boxes are packed, it’s not a skilled job.


No but it is treated like one wherein if you aren't at Max efficiency at all times absolutely killing yourself for $16/hr you will get canned via text or whatever I could see how an idiot could delude himself into believing the fact he works for a fucking slave-driver who definitely depends on his "skills" to succeed means he's working a skilled labor job Curious what he thinks of master tradesmen though if this is what he thinks constitutes skilled labor. His mechanic must basically be a fucking doctor in his mind


I'd argue flipping burgers is more of a skilled Job


My wife had to sit down with her sister, a nurse, and explain why she can't be mad at a fast food worker.


Empathy is hard to teach. These people’s brains are different. They are angry, broken, and greedy.


The American way!!


I blame the parents




Amen we must have solidarity with each other. A victory for one is a victory for all.


So this is the person that puts items in Amazon boxes? Skilled would imply you can find the right size box for the items, at the very least.


I’m going out on a limb here but with all the cost controls Amazon uses I would bet there is a computer that tells them the recommended box.


Indeed there is.


Indeed. Like that tiny item that somehow needs the Biggest Box.


As a warehouse worker, fry cooks are just as skilled as my ass on a forklift. It's just a different skill. They make food that we realized is super important during a global pandemic but still don't want to treat them like that's the truth.


Divide and conquer, if you can convince people that they're better than others by how much they make, you can always keep control of one section of the population by giving them more and promoting them over others.


First off: Who the fuck thinks amazon warehouse jobs are vastly more skilled than mcdonalds "burger flippers." Lol This whole "unskilled labor" idea is nonsense. All jobs have skill. Nobody just walks up to a cash register at Arby's and starts handling 75 orders per hour. You don't just walk in and instantly know how to juggle the fry baskets and burgers to serve hundreds of people under 2 minutes each. A lot of that process is carefully designed and it requires training. Customers can tell the difference between an employee of one week and an employee of six months, because the speed and accuracy are different. It's a skill. It takes time and practice and help to learn, just like literally every job. I don't care if you're sitting next to me in a cockpit or serving me a burger, neither skill just fucking happens.


It feels like unskilled is just a replacement for uneducated, since a degree doesn't really guarantee anything anymore and someone who possesses one might very well be flipping your burger. Need someway to discriminate.


I gripe about these conversations big time. I've been a pilot for a long time, but only recently have I started flying for an airline. Pilots are *heavily* tilted towards old white men. It was a "man's job" for so long and these days it's real expensive to get in to. This gives you some expectations on political and social slants. They're not *all* regressive red hat shits, but there are lots of them, so these conversations happen a lot. "Burger flipper" is like a slur to them. This is, by a huge margin, the easiest job I have ever had. "Oh so what if burger flippers made 100k, would you still do this?" Fuckin of course I would. I've worked fast food, that shit is crushing to both body and soul. Meanwhile, between regulations and the union contract, I have have a whole ass book of worker protection rules big enough to beat some sense into these arrogant dicks. I have 80% of the day to day effort of air travel handled for me by other people. Flight planning, load calculations, literally everything aft of the cockpit door, done for me. The plane flies itself 95% of the time. I don't even have to punch most of it in to the flight computer, it fuckin downloads that for me. I don't even have to call the hotel shuttle at the end of the day. Flying planes doesn't take a vast amount of intelligence, it takes *training.* I have flown with competent and professional pilots who are also *morons.* Or even straight up tinfoil hat whackjobs. I can teach a "burger flipper" to do this, you're not special, Kyle. These people are members of basically the most successful union in human history and they'll go on and on about how unions destroy businesses. Oh, but ask them if we should get rid of *our* union and suddenly it's "oh no if we do that the company will walk all over us" NO GODDAMN SHIT AAAAAAAAA I can vent like this or tear my own hair out.


Haha im happy just knowing that if that computer messes anything up, we have someone who can ensure we wont go hurtling to our death. I also work a job where I'm only needed if there are problems with how things are intended to work. But the company I work for isn't interested in long term solutions since they would cost more initially than we lose every time something happens. Sorry you are surrounded by assholes.


It takes skill to be an efficient short order cook. It takes skill to plan and prepare large quantities of food to serve in a short amount of time. Doing mundane things every day is a skill. The skill is the ability to do it everyday. I can't do the same exact thing everyday. I need variety. So, a burger flipper should be able to afford a home, car, and two children. People have this notion that the job only has so much value, and that value is low because there was little formal education to complete the task. Being an essential worker means getting essential worker pay. That means $30hr starting.


Skilled labor.


I always try to tell them “if your wage, for a college education and expertise, I’d close to the *not even living wage* that someone in food service makes, it’s not them that’s the problem. They don’t need to make less. You both need to make **more**


One assembles burgers, the other assembles boxes. Neither makes enough to actually thrive on.


>packing boxes >skilled labor Who's gonna tell him


Someone's mad their pee bottle needs to me emptied.


Lol they both need 20


This quote from President Big Dick Johnson applies to all races not just white: > "If you can convince the lowest white man he's better than the best colored man, he won't notice you're picking his pocket. Hell, give him somebody to look down on, and he'll empty his pockets for you."


Packing boxes is not skilled labour you twat


All labor is skilled labor.


I feel like it’s harder to cook at McDonald’s than it is to pack a box.


Before child labor laws are what they are today, I worked at a McDump (early teens) that served Greyhound buses. I can tell you from experience that flippin burgers for 2-4 buses at once ... without a break ... is f*cking back-breaking slavery! Think I was making $3 or $4/hr and worked a FT shift, sometimes overtime with 0 benefits. Take Mr. "skilled labor" and throw his ass into a busy fast food joint and I guarantee that he quit from exhaustion in a day!


You just reminded me of my times at McDonald's. I was called in to support 3 busses of tourists that had just pulled up (I lived 3 minutes away and always said yes to ot so i was the easy choice) and on my way in, squeezing through the super packed lobby, a kid looked up at me and says "it's a lunch rush" in a way that only children can. That was for 8.75/hr and I still have scars from errant grease.


And after serving the "bus-rush" without a break ... our deadbeat manager that sat on her fat-worthless-ass had the NERVE to say to me "Time to lean is a time to clean" ... was the first and only time that I got away with a big-ole FUCK YOU!


Throwing loot into a box and taping it up isn't skilled labor, I'm an electrician and make $20hr., I'm skilled labor. The system is fucked as well as most conceptions about it.


TIL moving boxes is skilled labor


The odds of accidentally killing someone when you don’t pack a box right are pretty low. The odds of killing someone when you don’t cook or store food correctly are pretty high. Fast food workers HAVE to put in more effort to avoid killing off their customers. Amazon employees don’t even do a good enough job to deliver things to the right city the first time.


Dude should be making sums like 40/hr, not 16/hr. If wages had kept with inflation and productivity, he would be making sumn approximating that. It aint like Amazon can't afford it, either. And Amazon Guy over there pretending like any kind of cooking in a restaurant isn't skilled is ridiculous


Many years of expensive training on tetris Fuckin hero


*EMTs have entered the chat*


Cooking is harder than packing boxes. Have done both. The hard part of dudes job is he works for Amazon. But no one in the fullfilment cemter is doing " skilled labor".


Lmao skilled labor?! Fuckin hilarious


That’s not skilled labor.


How does he think packing boxes is any more skilled than cooking at mcdicks?


In what world is packing boxes skilled labor ?


Bezos gonna replace you with a robot first chance he gets


I'd argue that cooking burgers requires more skill than filling boxes.


As a McDonald's fry cook I can say that we do NOT flip burgers


Ackchually, he doesn't earn that much. It's tied up in stocks and not liquid, therefore checkmate. /s


And thats why the rich rule the world. Convince all the poor to hate each other.


capitalism and exploiitation at its finest.


I can see where he's coming from, but it's blaming the wrong person. In some places and industries you can work for 10+ years and then the new guy in the lower position can get hired and make more than you do. It's just the way the pay structure has worked and you started lower and got the 4-5% (or lower) annual raises and maybe a small promotion here or there. So, you're making $80K or so, and the new guy fresh out of college getting a Jr position it making $80K starting out. That doesn't seem fair. But, it's not his fault. If you're getting passed in wages by someone less skilled or getting passed by "minimum wage", ask for a raise and if denied go look for a job doing the same thing somewhere else and get a raise.


Jeff Bezos doesn’t make 150k per minute


True, although not too far off. If you give him an average work day of 12 hours, and say he works 280 days of the year(there are 260 week days)- that's 35billion dollars . His net worth increased 75 billion between 2020 and 2021. I realize he doesn't make money from hourly wages, but it's crazy to think that even if you did work 12 hours q day, 6 days a week making 150,000 PER minute it would only be half of his increase.


I don’t think it’s appropriate to convert an increase in the value of equity into an hourly wage. His net worth might increase at that rate, but it’s not transparent to market that as if it’s an hourly wage/he’s receiving $150k in his bank account every minute. That was what I was trying to address in my comment


Oh for sure. However most of us don't end up having assets or equities that can appreciate at such a ridiculous magnitude and for the most part since a large portion of the country really only subsists on money that they get directly from their pay- it's an analogy that can definitely help some people understand the magnitudes of difference between hundreds of thousands millions and billions


Does packing boxes for Amazon require more skills than being a short order cook? I've worked the grill at Roy Rogers. It's not rocket science, but there is a learning curve.


I'm still trying to figure out how this guy believes Amazon fulfillment is any more skilled than flipping burgers. Anybody can put stuff in a box, but last I checked, the vast majority of humans these days don't even know how to cook for themselves.


“Skilled labour”


Lol, packing boxes a "skilled labour". Like, it's physical, but come on


Funny that he calls packing boxes “skilled labor”


I can guarantee that Bezo's isn't working as hard as either one of his workhouse, sorry warehouse staff OR a McDonalds fry cook...


I make more than this guy and I flip Burgers at McDonald's lmao wonder how he feels about that


This is truly the pot calling the kettle black moment. And trust me, flipping burgers is not as easy as people make it out to be. It ain’t rocket science but everyone can’t do it they think they can.


No offense to the man's job but can anyone explain how packing boxes is a skilled job.


Heck, I’m a pharm tech and I get paid $16/hr 🫠.


Packing boxes is a…skill?


As someone who worked fast food in their teens, the stress level at that job is seriously not understood by the public. So many ass hole customers


Didn’t know putting a 2oz tube in a 10x5 foot box was skilled labor.


All labour is skilled labour. Calling it unskilled is just a way to keep a chunk of the work force down.


This is interesting in context here: https://amp.theguardian.com/technology/2022/jun/22/amazon-workers-shortage-leaked-memo-warehouse


Based on the errors in the packages from Amazon lately, “skilled labor” is not what you do, you racist.


Skilled labour? You mean shape matching?


All labor is skilled. Making burgers, packing boxes, digging ditches, cutting grass. All of these require the knowledge of how to properly do it and to do it at a speed to keep up with demand.


Some are just less skilled than others, but if you need soft language to not offend people go ahead and call it less experience necessary labor.


What about the white people or Hispanics or any other race? Are you mad at them or ok with that?


We all need about $50 an hr minimum. With no inflation. To be even what we deserve. At any job! Fuck the 1% EAT THE RICH


Packing boxes is skilled labor? Must've went to trade school


GAAAAA! I think he meant SHILLED LABOR.


Friendly reminder that fast food jobs are entry level job designed for highschool students and to prepare them for the actual workforce


Why are the fast food establishments open during the time the high school student is expected to be in school if the job is designed for them?


Is that why the average age of a fast food worker in 2021 was 29?


That’s what Bezos and his ilk want.


And that common petty envy is what makes the system work for such a long time. " As long as there are other people more miserable than me, it's fine." mentality rather than asking more of people who run the show is truly depressing.


Packing boxes = skilled labour? In what fucking land?? 🤷🏻‍♀️🤷🏻‍♀️


WE pay Bezos $150000 a minute and will pay him that no matter what he does to his employees. Seems like there might be a readily available mechanism to express our ire... Just sayin.


I love when people don’t realize that the more people make “just flipping burgers” the more that other companies are forced to raise their wages to hold employees.


Sir...This is a Wendy's...


Packaging boxes ain't skilled labor. Lol


Fuck he mean skilled labor


Yeah, its a shame that bezoes only makes 18 million......... a month


It’s not about the nature of packing boxes or if it’s skilled. Being a packer *is* skilled to a degree- finding the right box, etc. It’s not much but it’s something. The bullshit imo comes from this dude thinking a fast food worker deserves less pay than him for some reason.


Can’t remember how the conversation started exactly but i had some random stranger at a bar get extremely pissed because he found out I was making more money than him waiting tables while he considered his job to be harder/more important


This is your brain on sarcasm.


Working for Amazon is skilled labor? Don’t get me wrong, if you work for Amazon I know it’s exhausting and yes you deserve a living wage, but that is not skilled labor. It honestly takes more skill to cook a burger than to pack a box. Enough with fighting each other over crumbs, it’s time to eat the rich who have hoarded the entire pie.


It takes **different** skills to pack a box than to cook a burger.


Bet he can’t even cook.


Packing boxes is skilled labor




> I was *paid* 16/hr for FTFY. Although *payed* exists (the reason why autocorrection didn't help you), it is only correct in: * Nautical context, when it means to paint a surface, or to cover with something like tar or resin in order to make it waterproof or corrosion-resistant. *The deck is yet to be payed.* * *Payed out* when letting strings, cables or ropes out, by slacking them. *The rope is payed out! You can pull now.* Unfortunately, I was unable to find nautical or rope-related words in your comment. *Beep, boop, I'm a bot*