I wish I could award you for reminding me of that classic lol. Here have poor mans gold instead 🥈


You gave them a poor man’s silver… I shall give them an *actual* poor man’s gold 🥇




Your shorter than I expected.


*Our* shorter than I expected.


*[Were](https://m.imgur.com/EqGe8Iv?r)* shorter than I expected.


Tbf A true poor man wouldnt have the poormans gold, theyd have the cheaper poormans silver


Nah, they’d have poor-man’s hug 🐻


So does my free gold count as poor man's gold, or patient man's gold?


Hmm I thought that the human way of saying that was: "BEEES?!?!?!!"




GOB's not on board.


He made a huge mistake.


I have a friend that once told me "I wish they would invent something that warms up the water before you take a hot shower. I hate that it's always cold at first." I told her that I normally turn it on for about 20 seconds before I go in and she stood there in complete shock because as it turned out, that idea had never once crossed her mind. She was 32 years old with a master's degree in education.


So basically zero problem solving skills.


my mans just maxxed the int but neglected the wisdom


Anyone whose been to college knows that just because you have a degree, you are not smart. I've met so many intensely intelligent people that lacked even an ounce of common sense. You can ace thermodynamics and still microwave a fork multiple times.


In countries where whole-house water heaters are not common (Asia and Europe), each bathroom often has a little instant water heater that you turn on when you want a shower, and it heats up the water in seconds. It avoids wasting water _and_ heat (to keep a large water tank hot).


Someone I know once wished there was a machine they could warm their clothes in to replicate how warm they are a few minutes after they come out of the dryer, while folding clothes they’d just taken out of their dryer. The look on their face when it was pointed out…


This is on par with that guy who didn’t understand how toilet seats worked.


>masters degree in education Checks out


I read this story somewhere on reddit years ago


Several years ago some guy mentioned that they should make GIFs with sound. It was top post that year iirc. The top response? ”video?”


Reminds me of a tweet where the guy states that we should have large Ubers that go on a fixed route, so people could use them if they didn't have cellphones; they'd also be cheaper since the cost would be shared. But for a real one, Musk's tunnel car would have to take the cake.


It's [a tumblr post](https://i.imgur.com/DSWgmpo.jpg), but close enough.


One day there will be the Elephant to Human translator device. And then we will be able to learn that; "Watch out, there are those little stingy things -- yellow and black with tiny wings, and we need to go. For the life of me, I can't remember what you call them only some human gruntings when I drop one on their camp; *'Ow ow ow -- oh my God get them off of me! Ow ow ow.*' You really get a sense they are communicating something that isn't good to eat." What we learn is that Elephants may not have the best memory and have been faking it.


We have another noise we make when we see bees. It sounds like "Dude, I dare you to stick your head in there."


Mfw elne gets big chungus updoots


Ptretty sure elephants don't give a fuck about bees..


Elephants are terrified of bees. There are communities in Africa that put beehives around the edges of their fields, with fencing to connect them, to keep elephants out.


Haha learned something today. I thought it was mice


Yeah, elephants’ skin is actually pretty sensitive.






That's really rude, they're just sharing a tweet they saw.






What's the dude's user? Just for some reasons... >:)


This cherry profile btw is a troll and has paid people for the pictures on their profile.


Yikes go touch some grass dude


Just go to her profile and you will see it. She has been replying the same thing, and now when someone else does it suddently its "rude"


You know its a dude trolling right?....RIGHT???? edit: the original OP of this post has literally replied to people who are commenting about them buying new photos for this profile to troll, among some of the obvious bait comments in their history vs the actual ones. literally dig a small amount and you can tell. Edit 2: They've cleared up their profile, [but things like this still exist.](https://i.imgur.com/UliaZn3.png)


You don't troll by stalking someone and everything they comment on tho?


Idk why these people are following me around and calling me a troll and misgendering me. I'm honestly tired of this site. I seriously need to find some more subs that don't allow creeps in 😒


Who knows some people just don't have anything better to do or they have issues at home and take it out on others. Its best to block them to keep your sanity and mental health in good standing ❤




Nobody asked you either


Do people need permission to comment on a reddit comment section? I don't think so.


During Hurricane Sandy, we were advised to have battery-powered radios so we could catch the news -- closings, etc. Dutifully, I tuned in when power went out, shortly thereafter taking cable and cell phones down as well. Radio told me: Visit this government website or call this number for further information!


They took down the emergency radio station here because the only generator that can run it is the big one that is the backup for the old folks home. I was like "Buy a second one?!"


But then we can't say we lost it and the politicians cant but their 3rd investment property.


the facepalm is you, this is a satirical post, the original is by someone who works for a radio station


Yep, the rare double facepalm. Embarrassing to see it.


“Rare” is pushing it. These types of things happen all the time here. People think it’s a burn or something but in reality it’s just a misunderstanding.


Everyone point and laugh at OP, they have brought shame upon 6 generations of their family.


Can you find the original for proof? If so, you’re about to have great r/confidentlyincorrect material.




Reddit hug of death


https://www.wnyc.org/people/jody-avirgan/ .That's the person who made the tweet, Jody. Worked for a NYC radio. Was talked about the last time this was posted unedited.


Literally takes 2 seconds to Google even half of the original tweet lol


You laugh! But in a generation or two, no one will even understand what Radio Or Television is or was, over the air broadcasts like we knew it, will be a lesson in history for them.


They’ve been saying that for years. 🙄


I mean, realistically it’s becoming true. I’m a preschool teacher and we have a few outdated (mid-90’s) picture books that we occasionally use in our curriculum, and just out of curiosity I flipped to one of the pages we don’t use (because the photos are outdated). Not one child was able to recognize the photos for a phone, a television, or a radio. I tried to explain that technology has changed how they look, but they weren’t buying it. They all thought I was trying to be funny!


Just like handwriting with pen and paper is only taught as a historical curiosity these days. People stopped writing back in the early 1900’s, as soon as typewriters became accessible. And of course no one’s even seen a horse in the past century. Tech evolves quickly, but still a lot slower than you think it does. People engraved stone for monuments in ancient Egypt, but you can also get it done at the Things Remembered shop at the mall.


Writing is NOT taught as a historical curiosity lol


Sure it is, right alongside the mythos of the horse. It turns out there used to be real ones, like unicorns but just without the horns. People used to use them for transit! But they all disappeared the moment the automobile came into use.


Except hand writing is still used outside the context of teaching/being taught. And writing was still extremely useful in the 1900s, even after the typewriter was invented


Nope! Anyone caught using a pen was shot on sight, starting promptly in 1905. Just like what we expect to happen to people who dare to watch television in 2030.


Really? Stopped writing in the early 1900’s? Damn!!!! I was born in the 60’s (I think we can agree that that was waaaay past the early 1900’s) and everybody wrote. All. The. Time. You had calluses on your fingers from writing and spiral notebooks full of writing. Unless it was a multi page report in high school or college, or a memo at work; then it was typed. Did you really think we all took notes on typewriters at our desks? No room, too expensive, too noisy, and unnecessary. I have to guess that you were born after 2000. Still no excuse for stating an assumption as a fact. Unless you actually know something firsthand, or have researched it, don’t state it as a fact. Seriously. Who do you think you are, FOX News? Or Trump? God forbid.


They're being sarcastic


Your soap box is on a mechanical bull 😂


...yeah that's how technology works, it evolves


Radio? Isn't that the top 40 playlist on repeat forever with louder ads than youtube?


*SIIIGH* I wish it were illegal to have a difference in volume between ads and shows/music. It's BS.


It’s illegal in EU I think, and definetly illegal in Belgium. Ads are also limited in time compared to Usa. Actual commercial radio has three 3 minute ad blocks per hour.


If so, there are a LOT of companies and TV networks breaking the law. Source: am Finnish


No need to tell us when you’re finished, a period would suffice.


Ok I chuckled, take your upvote ya filthy animal.


i believe it is here in canada too.


That's a little too litigious for me. A congressional body really spent time outlawing something because it's annoying.


We managed to get it done for tv (although enforcement is weak). Kinda nuts it's not there for radio.


They keep waking me up when I'm trying to watch MST3k!




It was illegal in my state for a short time, on TV at least. Idk what happened but it stopped and I miss it.


I think it is federally illegal on tv


And the constant interruptions to tell you how much they don't interrupt?


“You’re listening to *hellish whining* WDDX *hellish whining* all rock, no stop. 60 minutes of uninterrupted tooooons.”


*Only the hardest of hard rock, if we're too loud, you're too old! Anyway here's Imagine Dragons and Weezer.*


> Imagine Dragons and Weezer If that ain’t the most accurate description ever.


I don’t know how xm radio gets away with advertising themselves so much when you pay a subscription fee to not hear ads.


Listen to public radio.


NPR or bust!


>NPR or bust! #BUST


At least we know who is going to win the Grammies each year. "it's going to be the top three bands in each genre that we've heard eleventy million times." It's so bad, even the "oldies stations" somehow can't find more than 20 songs to play on a given day. "There had to be more than Sade's song *Smooth Operator* and The Eurythmic's *Sweet Dreams are Made of This*. I'm sure there was other music I never heard at that time because they were playing Smooth Operator and Sweet Dreams are Made of This all the time. Wow -- is this a flashback? Did I do LSD?"


Even the "newer stations" are like this. I'll hear a song for the first time and think "This is great, I'll look into buying this." They play it and about 40 minutes they play it again...and I change the station. They too are playing the very same song, and I change again to only hear the same thing there as well. Now I'm sick of the thing. Saves me money though. I think there is a thing I call "market saturation," the point where your product stops being desirable and then becomes just annoying. In CA there is "Dave's Killer Bread." I thought the first few TV ads were clever, but after repeated and often back to back commercials I wouldn't touch their product if it was the last loaf of bread in the store and the Manager offered it for free. I'd leave it on the shelf.


Ed Sheeran took a hiatus a few years back because Elton John told him he's "sick of hearing him on the radio all Fucking day" or something to that effect.


Jesus Christ what a fucking burn from Elton, that one must've hurt.


I mean, you're not wrong.


No, it's an entire ocean consisting of tens of thousands of giant constantly updated playlists put together by countless people from all over the globe which gives you free access to dive head first into everything from new artists to new genres to new cultures, all in real time, with built-in news and weather updates and podcasts as breaks between the songs so you won't overload your brain. I don't have Spotify or really any other music streaming service because of the fact that radio exists. If i need a specific song, there's YouTube. I just wish it had a bigger appeal so i could talk to people and discover new stations. Radio dying off right as DAB and the internet became a thing is just so hilariously poor timing, if more people paid attention towards sites like radio.garden instead of Napster or whatever then who knows how different the music industry would be by now, arguably better. (Ps. I am legally required to inform you that my name is not Lars Ulrich)


More like top 10 and all 10 of them are circles by post Malone


Not a fan of hearing the same 20 songs on repeat all day. Even on SiriusXM it gets really repetitive.


Jody Avirgan or Jody Rosen posted this on his twitter as a joke. The facepalm is the guy explaining it.


It was Jody Avirgan.


And OP for not recognizing it.


Cracking up at the number of people here who didn't realize the satirical nature of the original tweet. This entire thread is rather meta.


Hey, I have this amazing idea! Instead of walking places, we could make some sort of organism that we could sit on top of and ride around on.


Adam Something wants you dead now because your proposed solution did not involve enough trains


a rock! The pioneers used to ride these babies for miles!


A human centipede?


You're thinking of radio.


That was clearly sarcasm.


It's so funny how companies keep repackaging old things as new. We now have "streaming" shows with commercials that come out on a weekly basis. So, basically, just network TV.


Almost like they did weekly releases to keep their audience and now subscription services see they need to do the same to retain subscribers. Vicious circle of money.


Yes, but we didn't pay for network TV.


True, like when Hulu was free. Cable didn't have ads at first either and they added them to follow the network tv model. HBO now has an ad supported tier with less movies. Netflix has done surveys asking if people will watch ads too. Nowadays you can watch Tubi and xumo like network tv with ads and without paying and without on demand.


We paid -- by adopting ideas of the Owner Class and worrying about Jeff Bezos paying too much in taxes. I guess we didn't have to worry after all. But -- I'm thinking that they got something out of that "free" access to our brains.


I remember a few decades ago, AT&T used to run adds for "what we will be doing in the future." It was super cool stuff that they are now doing. After T-Mobile and Verizon did it. Basically, I think marketing agencies rely on the fact that we've got the attention span of a hyperactive Cocker Spaniel. So they can change a few terms and say "NEW" and we perk up and say; "must have." Somehow, they've tweaked it so that we don't pee on the displays -- but other than that, 100% Cocker Spaniel.


> We now have “streaming” shows with commercials that come out on a weekly basis. So, basically, just network TV. True, but I still think the on-demand nature of streaming sets it apart from broadcast TV and cable.


ROI. Radio. On. Internet.


Tres Commas, you know what that means? Wrong, means 3 commas


I think we need to talk about getting some shwaaaaaaaaaeg.


This guy fucks!


As the first dude worked in radio for many years, and now makes radio shows/podcasts, I feel the second dude just missed the sarcasm in the tweet.


Everyone in this thread did.


I once had a coworker come up with the brilliant idea of a drone that could fit people on it. I told him that yeah, they’re called helicopters.


Reminds me of that time when a r/italy user made a huge post to create a tax which already existed


Not sure how well known this is, but some phones actually come with a working FM-Radio app built-in. You connect earphones or headphones to work as an antennae and you can pick up radio stations.


This is Wolfman Jack.....hell ya!


I never hear news on FM stations anymore. Now it's, "The supervolcano has erupted. You can learn more about it on our app. Here's Take on Me on the only rock station to bring you the latest hits, WGFU!"


I honestly don’t get the point of downloading a radio station’s app so you can listen on the go. My car has a radio. If I want music in my office, I’ll bring in a small radio. They’re cheap to buy and free to use, don’t chew up data, and can easily be changed to another station if you’re annoying me. I get that times are changing, but radio station apps still seem pretty dumb to me.


Since this is the 20th time this has been posted, each time incorrectly, just a fun few Jody Avrigan notes: 1. The dude works in radio. A LOT 2. He's been a great contributor/moderator in the past on a number of 538 projects, my favorite being their political Podcast. He and Clare Malone were some of the only people who could successfully take the piss out of Nate Silver 3. He helped to produce a lot of your favorite 30 for 30 documentaries on ESPN 4. He used to be a professional ultimate frisbee player. Pretty cool dude. And this was clearly sarcasm.


They’re acting like Radio.


This is how native Americans must have felt when Christopher Columbus "discovered them."


Trying too hard.


There was another couple of great ones - something about wanting to use speech instead of text and the reply is like “a phone call - you’re talking about a phone call”. And the other one about the guy who had a floppy disk and his kid asked why he had a save logo printed.


Yep. During hurricane Florence, we were reduced to listening to the radio for information like SAVAGES!


Radio has committed suicide. Trying to find breaking news in a small town good luck. The vast majority are automated outside of mornings. Haven't turned on a radio in 3 years.


THIS... is NPR.


Did you know that nearly every phone has an FM radio built in standard? Did you know that US carriers do everything they can to prevent you from knowing or accessing this feature? Did you know they go as far as forcing manufacturers to remove stock FM radio apps (and adding their own bloatware, of course) from their devices. All of this so that you won't be able to listen to music without using data.


Reminds me of another redditor once describing a rag newspaper article as ‘physical clickbait’ I told him these are called Tabloids.


Offtopic is anyone else sort of annoyed that Podcasts are called podcasts when they got their name from the ipod era that barely anyone listened to them on? 99% of ipods were just used for listening to mp3s. Barely anyone used podcasts before youtube was popular. There are kids who are around today wouldn't know what an ipod is. Despite Apple still selling them online when we've had phones that can do the same thing for ~15+ years.


A friend of mine had a great idea of a place where people can share their books with one another... and I was like, "You mean like a LIBRARY". He literally facepalmed. It was good for a laugh.


Kinda true. NPR has moments that sound like a podcast. However most commercial radio is a mix of obnoxious commercials and fart noises, with maybe a second or two of news; but no time to tell a long story like a podcast.


I just can't believe why people even listen to commercial radio. Everything is over the top and exaggerated. It's exhausting.


100% true. It’s annoying af


I have a theory that maybe they are TRYING to either get rid of their audience so they can sell the bandwidth, or they are doing an experiment with those people who tenaciously listen because they are annoyed, but it's familiar and reminds them of being home, and listening to the radio and being annoyed. So while they are driving their truck -- they forget to be lonely. Eventually, the subliminal message comes over the Morning Zoo; "Kill them all, kill them all. I am Sam, your neighbors dog. You must obey. Woof."


Tesla invented the podcast but the internet stole it from him.


What I'd like, is a radio station that broadcasted silence - no (or barely any) static, and only announced anything if shit was about to fucking go down. Maybe you could get a special radio that only clicked on if something was broadcast. I don't even own a radio, I don't have my television connected to an aerial, if an emergency warning is pumped out on all tv channels, and all radio stations - the first I would hear of it is when someone complained about traffic or a web service outage was reported on r/SysAdmin. Even if I heard literal air raid sirens, I would probably assume they're testing them (I live near a flood plain, they still use those sirens for flooding warnings, but they test with the "all clear" pattern - so _maybe_ I'd notice, but I probably wouldn't pay it any attention initially). But there's my crazy idea. A radio station of doom.


But also, internet should be a basic utility.


I remember one while driving into bright sun, wishing there was some way to affix a shade to my head that would turn as I turned my head. I realized I had just invented the baseball cap.


It's a joke Tweet. https://www.wnyc.org/people/jody-avirgan/ That's the person who made the tweet, Jody. Worked for a NYC radio. Was talked about the last time this was posted unedited.


My parents asked why I didn't get satellite radio in my car. Told them I never leave the broadcast area, why the heck would I pay someone for radio.


Am I getting older or people are stupider?




Just one. People are stupider.


If only there was a device that allowed you to talk to people far away that had crystal clear sound, didn't need charging, basically free available to almost every household ... .


We have officially hit the point in time where people don’t remember why basic service exist therefore find them unimportant.


I know the original tweet is a joke but I’ve aged 50 years just thinking about people who unironically say things like this


Can't be serious...


The shit you guys fall for.


Sounds like Jody needs to switch to those virgin edibles.


"Wait -- wait. Here me out. It should be able to cover many more miles than a cell phone tower. It should require less power to receive the signal and do so without needing a lot of tech that can stop working. We can call it Podcasting XR!"


Come on, people can't be this dumb, can they?


Yes, and bad at detecting sarcasm.


Are you a communist?


Why block out the handles of social media people when social media is public? lol


Expect young people or people of color may not have access to a radio. Many only have a cellphone which don't get radio stations.


Uh, everyone is talking shit but I have been forced to use the radio and never heard a podcast once. Likely just based on location I guess.


That or the lofi beats to study/relax to 24 hour stream


Gotta love cbc in Canada!!


I heard similar things with shows and how they wanted to be released weekly so we would be in suspense and discuss before the next episode came out. Wouldn't doubt that after another 10 years we'll hear the same thing about malls.


One of my friends once said to me that we should invent machines that absorb CO2 and liberate O2 in order to combat climate chage. 🤦‍♀️


Well, if you like ads, maybe...


remember when app developers invented the bus? [https://jalopnik.com/silicon-valley-invents-bus-1796221702](https://jalopnik.com/silicon-valley-invents-bus-1796221702)


What is this Rad I/O you speak of?


imagine thinking Jody Avirgan doesn’t know what radio is


If RADIO had any decent programming this would make sense. As a radio announcer of 20+ years, I can tell you that most of radio announcer banter is prerecorded and most of the time from another market or it is a satellite feed. Hence, they can not give you breaking news, let alone the current weather.


Top of the hour newscast, Lakshmi Singh died for your sins.


Radio was never that self-involved: “a murder has just happened and this is how it connected to the sandwich I made myself for lunch...”. What happened to JOURNALISM?


Local radio specifically. And calling people


Shortwave radio.