Really cool news

Really cool news


It appears the educational system has failed the education system...


I used the education system to destroy the edjucashaw cisstum


Was gonna say it. You beat me to it.


What is this from?


Source: Trust me bro


Cited in: Dude Down at the Bar, Personal communication, 2021.


Source: Dude, pers. comm, 2021


It's from endgame, it's [Thanos](https://youtu.be/dQw4w9WgXcQ) saying it about the infinity stones


I feel dumn


Wow you saw my reply like immediately lol But also, that is actually where it is from. I just linked the wrong video :P


You 🪨


Segmentation fault


As intended. Our predecessors stood strong against having a good curriculum that actually taught kids.


Easier to subdue stupid.


and manipulate


And exploit


and synonym


And my axe!


And my shovel.


And thats the end of a ever more tiresome comment chain.


And that's what she said


And straight up get them to do whatever you want for your gain and their loss.


That's the definition of exploit.


perfect example of the school system failing. You just gave the definition of both exploit and manipulate as an additional thing to exploit and manipulate! Good job!


Well manipulate and exploit have slight differences. In most cases they can be interchangeable. Manipulate just means to skillfully navigate or handle a person or situation unfairly, usually a type of deception. To exploit is a bit harsher. Instead of being just controlling, it's more extracting everything you can out of a situation. I used exploit in response to manipulate because the poor schooling *manipulates* us into thinking everything is fine so that they can *exploit* us for maximum profits. If you swap around those words, the sentence doesn't work.


Of course both words mean different things yet the individual who responded under you stated the definition to both your comment and another redditors comment leaving the basic definition of both words stating the school system does that also. That's who my comment was towards not you or the other individual stating the exact words mentioned in my original comment. Whew that took something to explain


The stupid are pretty un-subdued right now, IMO.


My oldest was sent home a couple weeks ago with a headache and required a covid test before I could send her back. I got a pcr done and it was negative so I sent her back to school and told her to have them call me with an email to send the results to. They never called and never questioned her telling them that the test was negative.


Wow pre-COVID. I would have to have signed Drs note for even an hour of class missed. Even some of those were questioned. Also, at one point even a Drs note wasn’t accepted by some work places in the area. (Drs “gave” them out too easily was the excuse).


Honestly…the viral load varies so much with this virus, not to mention the risk of an improper swab and all the other usual test sensitivity issues, that there’s roughly a 50/50 chance of “catching” a Covid case before they infect anyone else under these circumstances. I know nobody likes to hear this, especially working parents, but there’s really no way to prevent Covid outbreaks in school until we can vaccinate all the kids. Mask compliance is going to be terrible no matter what, just because kids are kids, and it doesn’t help that all the grownups are currently fighting over whether their kids have to wear a mask or not. Separating desks 6 feet apart is meaningless since we now know the virus is airborne (in fact we’ve known that since the pandemic began but the CDC chose to ignore the evidence). At this point it’s pretty much a hopeless situation and so everybody is just going through the motions in order to say they did something. That’s why nobody really gives a shit, because the institutional goal is not to actually prevent the spread of the virus but rather to give the appearance that you’re trying to stop the spread of the virus.


Oh I'm fully aware of this. I work in healthcare so I'm doing the best I can to make sure she understands that she has to wear the mask, wags hands, etc but she wasn't getting the education she needed being at home and until last week, virtual wasn't an option here in Texas. Kiddo is getting vaccinated as soon as they approve it for under 12 though.


> until last week, virtual wasn't an option here in Texas. What the hell? Is your governor working for the virus?


Well, he's a republican, so... Yes.


Just pointing out that the 6 feet thing was never meant to keep you completely safe from the virus. It’s 6 feet in combination with everyone wearing masks *properly* that *greatly reduces* the chances of infection. 6 feet away is the point that your breath dissipates enough that it makes some difference and you’re less likely to come in direct contact with the virus. You still have indirect contact, hence, masks. These idiots out here think that because something isn’t a guarantee then it’s not worth doing or not useful. It’s like assuming seatbelts are useless because in rare cases they can actually be a problem. Ironically a lot of these people have gambled before so they understand odds to some extent… if I told you you had an 80 percent chance of winning $100 for the price of 10 bucks you’d try it right? You can still lose, but you have to be one of the unlucky ones. Only 1 of 5 people lose money in that scenario and you have to be super unlucky to lose more than you win. This is covid precautions. You have to be one of the unlucky ones to catch it if everyone is actually trying not to catch it.


At least didn't respond [like this](https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AzC0rGJwMXs)


They're only one chapter ahead of the students.


You're being optimistic here


For real...my kids superintendent WILL NOT take my calls over masking kids in school!


I like to be optimistic in thinking she lied to the school and said that they had an actual negative Covid test, but my pessimistic self knows you’re right.


I don't understand why they didn't ask for proof of the test. That's what they do at the schools near me.


As expected from America


Fuck yeah!


Best comment today even though it’s sad


It’s the administrators who are ruining the education system, now add a bunch of lunatic trump supporters trying to coerce school boards and you’ve got a recipe for disaster for the young generation.


some of the dumbest people I have ever met are teachers in the US public school system


Some of the smartest people I have met were public schoolteachers. For dumbest, I would say the admins more so than the teachers.


Sadly, no surprise. They're underpaid, so demand is always high and quality candidates are rare. Add to that the adage "... those who can't...teach" and you have a lack of support from a general public that look down upon one of the most critical professions in existence.


We don't have an education system. We have a patchwork of systems divided along state and local lines with districts varying widely in their composition and often governed by school boards that have been infested with political actors who are more concerned by ideology than the actual good of the children. If this pandemic has done one thing, it's made me wonder whether or not we should federalize the schools so that regional idiocy can stop corrupting their missions. And yes, I know that it's an impossibility given state sovereignty. Don't @ me.


“I used the [education system] to destroy the [education system].”


Nothing new here the educational system has been failing for 30+ years.


I don't know who is worse, the school for accepting that or the mother for not treating her daughter for the disease. I am going with the latter.


The school. They have a responsibility to protect all the other kids. All the other parents at the school have entrusted the well being of their kid to the institution. The parent is still so wrong though.


Would like to know what exactly the school was told though? "We tested her and the results were negative" is much different than explaining exactly what happened...


dont the schools also ask for a test certificate?


Its possible that it was done in a less formal manner. If I sent a kid home and trusted the parents to take care of it, and they said they did, then I'd take the kid back in. For reference, I'm a security guard. I called on the weekend to book off my next shift, as my son was awaiting a COVID test. It came back negative so I called back and said I am able to come back to work the next day. I was never asked to provide proof of a negative result or anything, even though I work in a large corporation. Granted, you'd think there would be 100 forms to fill out to make sure COVID doesn't spread, but you can see how things like this get done more casually, and its often not the end of the world. In this case, the mother shouldn't have been trusted to take care of the situation, but theres no way to know that until it happens.


I called out recently with possible symptoms and had to provide proof of 2 negatives or 1 negative and a doctor's note to be alluded back to work. But I also work for a big company so maybe that makes a difference.


Big companies don't want to pay the costs of insurance as people get sick. We've had people fined and/or terminated for skirting Covid office policies. Sadly, schools can't really do the same, because of finicky laws and sue happy people. There was someone who worked in my office who gleefully said she sent her child with symptoms to school, because "they don't check for fevers on the bus." She didn't want to "waste her days off" on taking him to get tested. School sent him home; after he exposed 50+ or so kids to Covid. Needless to say, she's no longer here anymore.


> trusted the parents to take care of it That would be the mistake. My son hit his head on a door at school. He was dazed, but they wouldn't let him play football for weeks because they thought he had a concussion. We had him evaluated and the doc said he was fine, but the school didn't accept it. So schools absolutely can insist on a proper diagnosis.


Trust, but verify. Always.


Nah with how people are acting now I wouldn't trust them without paperwork.


My kid goes to school in Los Angeles, and they test the kids at school every week. They won't let you on campus without a negative test in their system within the last week. Then we have some other states...


There are quite a few of these homeopathic healers that are providing "official" paperwork saying someone is negative or vaccine exempt. I read about a chiropractor who had written a couple hundred vaccine exemptions himself alone.


Not the school my mom just retired from, especially if they were on the football team.


The school has all kinds of constraints depending on the leadership at the district, city and state level. I work at a university and I am a contact tracer. I have not been told to ask for a negative covid test so people can come back to work or study. I always ask for that but I may be breaking the rules ... I stay ignorant on purpose.


Both are equally terrible Edit: Holy, Alright. You can stop upvoting me and go upvote the people that disagree with me, because they’re actually bringing some good points in


I'd argue that they absolutely aren't equal. It's easy to empathize with the girl, and deservedly so. She's being treated awfully by the person she relies on. Meanwhile, it's hard to empathize with the school's victims, which are a statistic. But the school is responsible for hundreds, if not thousands of children. This decision not only puts them at risk, but also their families. The tragedy being that these parents and children have absolutely no recourse in the situation. They're forced to rely on the school to do the right thing. And it's their systematic failures that allow for the abuse of the original child, and the widespread harm that will cause, in the first place.


Not to mention the teachers.


Can you explain this to our school district? My wife had one of our kids tested which was positive. She went to the school to pick up one of our other kids due to close contact. The school did not want to release her because she did not show any signs and tried to tell my wife she was OK to stay at school. She said no and took our kid out anyways to quarantine. Next day my other daughter comes down sick but they were just going to let her walk around school like nothing was going on. It's such a shit show here in Texas we had to pull our kids for home school. The district got in trouble with the health department because they weren't sending out covid case letters to parents. It's sad on how stupid people are with this.


Greetings from Tennessee, where we are in the exact same boat.


Ah Texas. I love you but I also hate you so so much.


I dunno, the mom is just one uninformed lady. Some people have to be below average. The school is run by a large group of ostensibly educated people ALL of whom failed collectively. Just so much worse IMO


This pandemic is causing real harm and I am way past sick of excusing people for being stupid. I actually agree with your central point that the school is **worse** than the mother in this case, but "just one uninformed lady" is an excuse we shouldn't fucking tolerate anymore. The mother is still a terrible human being for causing harm like this even if the root cause is that she's got concrete where her brain should be.


My empathy has tanked since the pandemic started. If you die of COVID, you’re unvaccinated, and you don’t have a real reason to not be vaccinated, I don’t fucking care about you or your medical bills or family. I don’t have emotional space to give a shit about your terrible decisions.


This shit has gone on for so long than I’m completely out of empathy. It’s to the point where if I hear about someone dying from covid I just think “Great, one less fucking moron in the world”


Hermancainaward is one of my favorite subs.


Then you may also enjoy r/COVIDAteMyFace


That’s a new sub too me, and you are right, I fucking love it!


Packed chock full of schadenfreude


The school doesnt know how the test was done, they just get paperwork that says negative for covid from someone who probably has an MD or is claiming to have one in their header.


Exactly. It should be up to our institutions to keep the rest of the dummies in check by simply applying sound policies. Not just for public health stuff but for many things.


Largely unrelated, but I'm super impressed you used the word ostensibly. Every time I try to, my spelling is so off spellcheck can't figure me out, and I give up after 5 minutes. You give me hope that I'll someday figure out how to spell obsesnsibly.... Obsensively... Obstensavalley... That word.


The school is significantly worse. There are dumb moms everywhere, they come a dime a dozen. A school board is supposed to be smarter than that.


The execurioner wore a mask for a reason


Yeah To not be seen


It’s so funny, because my son’s school is so negligent about it it’s insane. When children have been exposed to Covid, they are not told to stay home, they just go to what the school is referring to as a modified quarantine. This is a classroom in the school in which students that possibly have Covid go to learn until they get a negative test. All exposed children cycle through this classroom. This is discounting the fact that they could start having symptoms the day after they are sent back to class. And by funny, I mean completely disappointing but totally expected.


Wow!!! Implementing a Covid breeding room…what could possibly go wrong? /s


"You may not have had COVID before, but you damn sure will now!"


My kid's district only considers them in contact with a positive case if both people were standing next to each other with their masks fully off. Both of them have told me half the kids have their noses out all day. They won't reveal the identity of who tests positive(I understand why), or what class they are in. Just that there was a case. Three kids in one of my older daughters classes have been home sick all week..


Treating? If you got **mild** symptoms just stay home [https://www.cdc.gov/coronavirus/2019-ncov/if-you-are-sick/steps-when-sick.html](https://www.cdc.gov/coronavirus/2019-ncov/if-you-are-sick/steps-when-sick.html) don't go spreading viruses in your doctor's waiting room Keep hydrated and sleep as much as you can


Yeah this story must be true, it's even on Twitter!


Don't forget about the "doctor"!


Not only negligent, but abusive. If you aren’t testing the blood, DONT CUT A KID Jesus’s shit guys I’m sick of people


The school is worst in this case as they are responsible for the lives of all the children at the school why the anti science mom only wants to kill her own child


People in this thread for believing everything they read on the internet?


My first thought too, 'how do you know what happened exactly?' If you're believing the student, (I'm guessing the student is a little bit order and told friends who in turn told parents) then you willing to believe alot of BS..... buckle up, you're in for a WILD couple of years. 😂😂🤣 teenage years are, ummm fun.


How about holistic medical place that is knowingly peddling bullshit.


I am going to say the holistic "doctor" for scamming the mother and putting a kids life in danger. Scam artists prey on the fear and gullibility of people in desperate situations, imo they are just as bad as muggers who rob people at gunpoint and should face the same consequences


If alternative medicine worked, it’d just be called medicine


What are we supposed to do with all the essential oils, potatoes and healing stones you smarty pants? The world needs only natural remedies!! /S


Heat up the stones, roast the potatoes on them, season with the oils?


You must be a genius. But lavender/snake oil roasted potatoes? I already can't stand lavender as it is lol


Don’t call lavender essential oil snake oil, it might not cure anything but it smells nice! I use essential oils bc I can’t have scented candles in dorms lmao


Lavender ice cream is also quite nice.


Never could've ben said better


Ben says everything better. He's a smart dude.


Classic Ben


Ben there Don that


He's my uncle


Of course the shortcut is dangerous! If it wasn't dangerous, itd just be called... the way.


- ~~Dara Ó Briain~~ Edit: totally was Tim Minchin. Dara's quote was about "herbal medicine." >indeed it has, and then we tested it all and what worked became medicine! My bad.


I thought it was Tim Minchin in his poem “Storm” - [YouTube link if you’re interested](https://youtu.be/HhGuXCuDb1U)


I actually heard it in a Dorkly Bits animation


> "I think I can speak for contemporary males, I don't know if you guys agree? You know you get to that point in your life--I think mostly in your early 30s for men anyway--where you start to realize that everything you want to say, everything you want to *express* in your life can't necessarily be expressed in comedy song? You know? > > "And I think it's at this point in your average man's life when he *might* choose to write a 9-minute beat poem? > > ".... This is a 9-minute beat poem." I've seen *Storm* quoted on Reddit twice in as-many weeks which isn't all that important but it's still kind of weird for me.


As a teacher I once met a 14 year old “high school graduate” with a GED after three months of classes, according to the school. A 30 second internet search revealed the kids “diploma” which the school doubled down on saying was legit, was a screening to see if what areas a student needed help in before getting a GED. For letting the kid know she absolutely did not have a GED I got in trouble. Not the school for accepting, but me for showing absolute proof that the principal and guidance counselor were completely incompetent. Because they believed the kid had graduated. They had found her the three month class and had other kids in it too. They refused to stop and the only person who got in trouble was me. Well also the kids who stopped going to school because they thought they had a GED and were entering the work force as adults, at 14.


That’s insane. Any 14YO high school graduate would probably have a bunch of colleges and scholarships lined up, because they would be scholastic overachievers (to put it mildly). The fact that these “graduates” are looking for work after graduation should be setting off alarms bells left, right and center.


Yeah, no. I got my GED at 16 and started college early. It wasn't anything special, just an easy test I didn't study for.


Yeah, same here. I could have passed it at 14. Probably even younger. It's pretty easy to have a basic understanding of all those subjects. It does not replace the discipline and effort required to do things like write research papers or learn complex subjects that you can't just learn though osmosis. This is what I struggled with in college at 16.


Yeah, college meant I couldn't skate by and pass. I actually had to put in the work and that was a huge obstacle for me too lol.


Becuase their parents/family is pushing for them to be the meal ticket?


Not necessarily. Homeschooled kids graduate early all the time. (Edit: Graduating from homeschool didn't have anything to do with a GED) A GED at 14 isn't impressive, it's just a test and it's not that hard. The only reason there aren't loads of 14 year olds with GEDs is laws that prevent you taking it at a young age.


The other reason is that a GED may be a “general equivalent” but colleges and universities don’t see it that way. My ex (actually a smart guy) got his GED young, took 2 years of community college courses, then tried to apply at a good university and was rejected multiple times because a GED looks like you couldn’t handle highschool. He couldn’t go back and fix it so he had to settle on an in state school. His sister then decided she’d just graduate normally


Settling for a state implies that UNC isn’t better than Duke, and those are fighting words.


The school my wife works at had a teacher (unvax) test positive. She went to school several days while her husband (also unvax) had symptoms before he finally got tested. While off work for several days they kept sending their kid to school…. Now she’s claiming she won’t be back at work another week until the kid gets done with it. I hate humans


To quote Linus Van Pelt: " I love Mankind...It's People I can't stand!"


The older I get the more this quote becomes more true. I would miserable if I was the last person on earth however I'd be perfectly content not interacting with another person again. I like having people around me in general just not in my general space.


I am much like you in this regard. Stay safe and healthy.


My coworkers daughter tested positive on saturday and my boss told her she could still come into work. She was texting me saying she kind of felt uncomfortable 1 leaving her daughter who was really sick and 2 potentially bringing it into the office. I talked her into quarantining. She got a call from our state department of health today telling her she needs to quarantine. I also over heard my boss say her brother tested positive and she was just with him. No ones wearing masks. No ones notified. No one cares.


I hope they also gave her the special Covid herbal tea to ward it off completely


Where can I buy that? /s


I’m sure you can get it from your friendly #bossbabe shilling her snake oil MLM.


Seems to be wherever you buy all your livestock goods.


They’ve been sold out for weeks.


Local feed store, get the paste and make a tea with it.


You gotta know somebody


Only if you chant certain phrases while she’s drinking the tea.


You also need a crystal


Man, all you need to drink is ginger tea with turmeric and you won't catch COVID, if you do get it, gargle a bit, spit or drink the tea and drink some more. Gone in 15 minutes. I heard it on a forwarded WhatsApp message so it must be true.


we're gonna be trapped in this pandemic hell forever at this rate


No shit! For the past 18 months I've been doing everything I'm supposed to be doing, I wear a mask when needed, I only go to work and the grocery store, I'm fully vaccinated, and I'm beyond done being nice about the dumbfucks who have been acting the fool and keeping this bullshit going stronger than ever.


Same. No sympathy left in me. When I see people on r/HermanCainAward I laugh.


They all follow the same timeline. Step 1: bad Facebook memes, denials and conspiracy theories. Step 2: gets covid, more bad Facebook memes, more conspiracy theories, horse paste. Step 3: can't breathe, goes to hospital, thoughts and prayers. Step 4: ventilator, prayer warriors. Step 5: death, libs owned, go fund me. Edited to add something my tired ass.forgpt lol!


Step 6: GoFundMe


Thank you! I knew I was missing something lol!


You forgot the gofundme in step 5


Doesn't matter that The Simpsons has the same setup for couch gags, I always smile. Sometimes its not the fact that it follows a pattern, sometimes its just something very satisfying that brings such wonderful joy to your life.


Step 3 invariably includes a post that says "this COVID is no joke"


I don't feel joy seeing them dead, I simply feel its nature at work. Honestly at this point its sad seeing how long these "people" have posted anti pandemic stuff. Like that tucker Carlson post about being vaxxed and wearing masks with kids. What sounds crazy about that idea at all? Its just sad how politicized these people have become and how dependent on their grifters they are. Society advances one death at a time.


It's honestly more sad than anything else. That is, this should never have been political, a global public health crisis isn't political, but somehow complete morons went there and made things much worse than they had to be. Imo this is mother nature's way of showing what happens when you fuck around, and the anti vaxxers are fuckin around and findin out. Edited to fix sentence


We are 2 years in, anti vaxxers who still arent vaxxed are just plain ol idiots. I've half accepted the death of my family to come because they won't be vaccinated. I just want normal life somewhat back. I've gotten used to pandemic world because it's been so long and that somewhat makes me a lil sad


Absolutely. I would love nothing more than to get back to doing the things I love to do (mainly live music) but until things get better I'm staying in hermit mode for the most part. Sure I have my shots but I have asthma and have been hospitalized in the past for the flu, no fucking way am I putting myself at risk for this shit. I'm definitely a bit sad, but more than anything I'm angry and I'm just tired.


I’m just thankful that everyone in my immediate family is vaccinated. Even my Fox News watching conservative radio listening father got vaccinated as soon as he was able to. Although having a son with a compromised immune system and a new granddaughter that he would never have been able to see without getting it might have tipped the scales I’ll take that win.


Absolutely same. And since we're trapped in this MAGA viral groundhog day like hell, I feel absolutely no guilt or remorse at the glee and delight that literally never gets old when I see people end up on that sub. They deserve it, and legitimately thought far worse and more violent things about people like me whenever they got the chance, turnabout is one ice cold bench


It's like carrying people that don't do work in a group project, but everyone gets a bad grade instead.


I've watched people pull masks off or down to sneeze or cough. America is a fuckin breeding ground for Covid.


I mean even before pandemic I’ve worked at schools/child development centers where the parents didn’t even need a doc’s note all they’d have to say is “oh yeah my kids on antibiotics” and then drop off their sickly snotty kid to spread to the rest of the kids


Worked at a school where all you had to do to sidestep all vaccines was say that vaccines went against your “God-given right.”


Then it's the God given right for the school to not accept them then


"religious exemption"


I fundamentally disagree with the anti-vaxxers but how could anyone be anti-testing? Why could anyone possibly need a holistic test? What damage could possibly be done by a sterile swab in the nose? Objecting to testing is just hard stupid.


The logic I heard is that "less testing less case. - Trump" I also heard that "They put the virus in you when they test you"


I am going to downgrade my assessment from “hard stupid” to “hard nutcase”


Yet they’re not worried about a holistic medicine “doctor” pricking them to “look at” their blood? Okay then. I guess some jabs are better than others.


Some say the swab can make you sick. Others don't want to get tested or get their kids tested, because they don't want to know that they have covid


I’m not saying there aren’t true conspiracies out there, but intentionally spreading Covid through nasal swabs has got to be one of the craziest. Can you imagine the number of people who would need to be involved in such a scheme and all keep their mouths shut and not collect any evidence? And to what end? And why would anyone go to such means to spread the virus when there are much easier ways to spread it?


There was an incident a while back with swabs getting ["cleaned" and re-used](https://www.bbc.com/news/world-asia-56990253). Though that was less a case of intentionally spreading Covid and more a case of some fuckheads trying to save a buck by cutting corners.


FFS every swab is in a sealed package.


They don’t want to have to quarantine is my guess. If anyone in my household tests positive, my kid has to stay out of school for 16 days. So at the least that is ten days out of work for me. I’m glad the school is taking it seriously (and our policy is PCR test results only not whatever nonsense is in this post), but I am anxiously wondering how on earth I’m going to be able to take that much time off work.


Its hard to believe anything that comes out of these antivaxxers mouths.


Even though they’re now gargling with famous, well-known antiviral Betadine?


Had to Google what Betadine is. All I can say is good, let these morons continue to speed up the natural selection process.


> let these morons continue to speed up the natural selection process. I'm a bit ashamed to admit this is the only silver lining I can find among antivaxxer nitwits. That and figuring as I try to make my way in the world, there will be a little bit less competition. These are people, human beings. I'm not supposed to get any satisfaction out of their sufferings and demise.


We should be encouraging that btw. Works much quicker than dewormer over dosing.


Florida? Sounds florida


It’s Ohio, twt OP is a Columbus based Radio/Internet show host of streetlight radio


Yeah, could also be mississippi... it's hard to tell. Outside chance of texas too. But flirda is absolutely a likely leader.


The kid’s astrological chart clearly shows that she does not have covid at this time. But next Thursday will be a dangerous time for her. Apply oil of pomegranate and calendula root extract Wednesday evening for protections.


Alternative medicine is such an efficient sham that at this point the people pebbling it believe in it completely. It's the people at the top making millions that are laughing because they know the truth. In the end most of these people turn to scientific medicine when they get seriously ill because they know it's the only thing that truly works. Those who refuse and double down on their magical treatments usually end up dead.


As someone commented before, if alternate medicine worked, it would be medicine


I mostly agree with you but that's because alternative medicine isnt what too many people think it is. It's not really meant for sudden or serious issues. Things like Homeopathy and crystal healing is crap. Oils and aromatherapy are fine for anxiety/ tension or topically for pain but not much else. That said, not all alternative medicines are crap as many of them are good for lesser illnesses and chronic symptoms when you don't want to take constantly take medication (ginger for stomach upset, fennel for bloating, turmeric for inflammation, slippery elm for sensitive stomach, etc)


Negative for what? Having for having caring parents? This is why the virus will mutate again and get worse.


friendly reminder that "holistic" "alternative" "naturopath" doctors are 99.99% of the times nothing more than conartists. and even if they genuinely believe in what they are doing they are still utter quacks who are doing more harm than any good they could ever hope to perform. Believing in magic doesn't make it real


How is there not a single top comment asking for a source?


Healthcare in America be like…


Here's some shiny stones and horsedewormers


Sad thing is regardless of how they vote, most Americans have extremely limited options on healthcare that don’t include spending at least $100 for a visit. I was charged $150 once for having strep throat and wanting to be good for work that week. So while I don’t agree with these folks, I can’t necessarily blame them. There comes a point when I can’t hate the misguided if I’m apparently sure that’s what they are… but I digress.


The report said "Trust me"


Covid blood is green, so it's easy to tell. /s


Covid makes you Vulcan!? Sign me up.


I call bullshit.


Sounds less like a school & more like a daycare run by fucking morons. I really wish your kid the best of luck, I am infinitely disappointed with these so-called adults & their willful ignorance & narcissism.


I understand why, but I wish people would post locations. I want to pull my daughter out of school, but I am not medically able enough to keep up with her schooling and virtual isn't an option. I would rather her repeat years than die though...


A kid at my daughter's daycare had a fever (temp checks on entering). The mom was upset because she was late for work. They offered to let the kid wait for 15mins to retest and see if it comes down. I had a quiet word to the manager....


Any kind of a source here?


Lol we believe some random person in twitter


Ahh yes Twitter the most trusted source of news


That sounds like bullshit


I really feel like this falls into , not everything you read on the internet is true , just cause it aligns with your beliefs …. 🤷🏼‍♂️


As someone who works in education… this is utter bullshit. We can’t even let kids back with a doctor’s note if it isn’t accompanied by a PCR test. We won’t won’t even take antigen tests, and if they come up negative we tell parents to go get the PCR. No this is absolute garbage, and it shouldn’t be used to justify anything.


How exactly does this person know about this?


I’ll take “things heard in Florida elementary schools” for $200, Alex.