Florida chiropractor, who has already written over 500 “medical exemptions” for students whose parents don’t want them to wear masks, has a huge turnout at his event yesterday to sign hundreds more

Florida chiropractor, who has already written over 500 “medical exemptions” for students whose parents don’t want them to wear masks, has a huge turnout at his event yesterday to sign hundreds more

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Regardless of whether you consider chiropractic a valid field, what the hell does back health have to do with respiratory matters?


Don't ask a chiropractor... they'll be happy to tell you.


These chiropractor jokes always crack me ^^up


Goddamnit, Dad, take my upvote and go back to finding that pack of cigarettes it’s taken you 30 years to find.


You're out of line...


Want some alignMINTS while you wait sir?


I have a HUNCH this is more political than medical


It is, but can you tell which party? How bout you take a CRACK at it old sport?


Yeah, SNAP to it


He probably doesn’t have the spine for it….


Well I do tend to lean a bit to the left


Well you see you have LYME DISEASE let me order a million blood panels and shill crazy amount of useless supplements and vitamins on you .


They say it helps with respiratory problems like asthma. Good luck finding evidence for it.


Interesting. Thanks for that information. I still don’t understand on what basis a chiropractor would say that one is exempt from wearing a mask since they can’t actually assess ones respiratory system. Pretty sure there is none.


I’m going to try to state this as objectively as possible and let you make your own judgment: The foundation of chiropractic is the theory that the nervous system regulates every other system in the body and that impingement of the nerves as they exit the spinal column is a major source of ailment. Since their theory is based on the notion that the nervous system regulates _everything_ that happens in our bodies (it’s based in an old model of centralized control), this allows a chiropractor to claim remedy to a wide range of health issues. However, they will never say this to you at their office. They’ll say that they only treat spinal subluxation (their term for vertebral misalignment resulting in nerve impingement). They will, however, tell you anecdotes of patients who have found relief from other ailments after starting treatment. This dance with words can be attributed to the fact that a chiropractor cannot legally claim to treat any illness or disease outside of lower back pain and spinal subluxation. The FDA must approve any other claims, and thus far chiropractic (as a whole) have failed to obtain any certification for other treatment.


They don't have any place to say who should have a mask or not. They have no medical licence and if they show you one it's only for chiropractic care. A case here in England also shown most of the world that even the most popular chiropractor don't know basic first aid aswell as will lie about trauma caused by the treatment so they don't get legal action on them.


You're correct in that there is none. Chiropractors are NOT doctors nor are they generally what I would consider a "medical professional". A well-trained and certified massage therapist or yoga instructor probably knows more about the human body and probably doesn't outright lie about their qualifications.


When I was a teenager, my grandmother used to take me to the chiropractor. I always had horrible back pain. Slowly stopped going and I was pain free for 8 years until I had my child and broke my coccyx. Now it's just stop and go.


They also say that if you get your new born baby adjusted like weekly they will never need vaccines.


Chiropractors are the most snake oil salesman wholistic gurus out there. I really hope insurance treats them as medical providers like they've always wanted and forces them to get vaccinated. Because then a bunch will quit. And we will have less people inflicting harm on the public.


Absolutely EVERYTHING......I mean nothing absolutely nothing


My FIL offered to crack my back to cure my stomach bug. He also said that all I needed to do to finish my doctorate (in real science, not his pseudoscience BS) was to visualize it happening; apparently my stress about research results and writing a 300 page thesis was all worthless when all I needed was the power of visualizing my desires into reality.


I played rugby with several guys who were going to school for their doctorate of chiropractic. Their schools teach them that literally every condition and malady is related to your spine being out of "subluxation" and that you can treat everything with back cracking. It's ridiculous pseudoscience. And this guy giving out notes is double stupid, because why can't he fix these kids' respiratory issues with a good back crack then?


Life U?


It's gotta be. I lived a mile from Life U and my neighbors were all going there. Everything that guy you replied to said was spot on with the bullshit they were always telling me. Also, they were always trying to get me to go to the clinic for them for credit. Also, I worked at a bar with a guy that played rugby for Life.


The old school ones were literally taught that their ~~con~~ craft can cure asthma.


>A subluxated vertebrae... is the cause of 95 percent of all diseases ... The other five percent is caused by displaced joints other than those of the vertebral column. - D.D. Palmer, magnetic healer and founder of chiropractic medicine It's a pseudoscientific alternative medicine (and sometimes cult) that the founder claimed he got from a doctor's ghost that died 50 years before


It’s not a a valid field. There’s no regardless about it. Pure quackery.


According to Chiropractors: "When the body is in alignment it will heal itself of all ills." This isn't something a physical therapist will say when that physical therapist has all the Chiropractic training of a chiropractor - mind you. This is only those who practice solely Chiropractice. I feel like if this is the case if this is your only field, you shouldn't be considered anything more than an RN, because you just aren't.


"you've got diphtheria? I'll crack your bones."


Well, they will be lying horizontal for a very long time soon .. eeek! He’s grabbing business before they can’t sign the visa charge screen


In case of of covid infection, please return to the same chiropractor for treatment.


We had a scumbag do that locally here in PA. Then all the schools said fuck you it has to be from a family doctor.


Or even any actual medical doctor. Sorry but how is a chiropractor qualified to decide something like this?


It's fucking Florida, you can probably get a covid exemption from an alligator on crystal meth


Hey, that alligator on crystal meth went to chiropractic school!


Yeah but in Florida, so how hard could the test be


Don't talk about my boss like that!


Talk about them like what . . . Describing them? I didn't even disparate Regional Manager MethGator


They really shouldn't be. They also shouldn't be allowed to call themselves doctor.


Fun fact the guy who invented chiropractic arts was a cult leader and many chiropractors believe in a lot of fringe ideas. There isn’t really any scientific basis for going to a chiropractor.


Phsyical/Occupational therapists exist ​ Chiropractors " but can they cure your crippling depression?"


And stay off the damn hospitals. It pisses me off so much to see dumbfucks who ignore all covid safety because it's a "scam" then bitch their way into a hospital when they catch it


Medical insurance companies should begin not covering the hospital expenses to those who catch covid but are not vaccinated. Not getting a vaccine raises the insurance premium costs for the rest of us as well as increasing the chance of creating more variants that will be resistant to current vaccines.


I’m convinced this will be the answer when the dust eventually settles. Not sure what’s holding them up now tbh.


They will. They can't do it that way though, so they will raise everyone else's rates, and give discounts to vaccinated people. It's about to become very expensive to be unvaccinated.


I know a guy that just died of covid. He couldn't get a bed because the ICU was full so he ended up passing in an ER room. I wonder how many of those people in ICU beds were antivaxx.


Unfortunately most people. Recent info from my local hospital- 68 COVID infections hospitalized. 58 unvaccinated. 15 of those patients are in the ICU (all unvaccinated) and 14 of those 15 are on the ventilator. It’s very sad.


My local hospital 42 ICU beds 38 ventilators, 37 unvaccinated (my best friend is the head of the ICU)


I saw a post (I can’t accredit if it’s real information or not) that essentially said that his wife has cancer and was turned away from overnight hospital treatment because of an overload of unvaccinated COVID patients. It’s deeply saddening and enraging.


>I saw a post (I can’t accredit if it’s real information or not) that essentially said that his wife has cancer and was turned away from overnight hospital treatment because of an overload of unvaccinated COVID patients. I can easily confirm this. My sister works as a respiratory care specialist and my mom is a hospital administrator. This is a very common problem in pretty much every hospital. Because COVID goes from "sick" to "terminal" lightning fast, the COVID people are flooding the ICUs and everything else that is not IMMEDIATELY life threatening gets pushed out. This is a horrible Catch-22 for cancer patients. Cancer patients need IMMEDIATE surgery while their cancer is NOT life threatening. When you wait until the cancer "is life threatening" then it is too late for surgery. So yeah, all the COVID anti-vaxxers need to go the back of the line or in this case go get treated by the Chiropracter that wrote them their medical exemption.


Yeah I've seen it too. All icu beds in Northern Colorado were full a few days ago. Shits getting bad and it isn't gonna get better on its own.


There really should be a quack hospital. Treatments only include ivermectin, iv vitamins, and essential oils. That would also solve folks from running huge campaigns against hospitals trying to force them to give ivermectin.


It should also have an option that allows you to be your own doctor and order your own treatments because obviously your 20-minute google search beats 8 years of med school and residency.


Yeah, that's not "life threatening", it's terminal


I’m waiting for the announcement that they’re cancelling “elective” surgeries again. I’ve got one already scheduled for next month, and I’m working on scheduling another one right now. God forbid people just wear a mask and get vaccinated so I can not get colon cancer.


A friend of mine had to travel to another state to have a tumor removed because they couldn't be admitted to the hospitals nearby and the "plan b" was freaking chemo.


One of my biggest issues, as well. If you don’t trust the science for the vaccine, how can you trust the science to cure it????? Unbelievable


Covid deniers take cognitive dissonance to extremes like I've never seen.


it's not like logic and rational thought is their strong suit. My sister is a Respiratory Care Specialist and she is the person who intubates these f\*ckwads right before they die. And every single one of them, every one of them to a man wishes they had taken COVID serious and many of them ask for the vaccine and she has to explain to them for the nth time that it is too late for the vaccine. They cry, they pray, they tell her they are sorry as if "sorry" will fix their situation and then she intubates them and then 9 out of 10 of them die. but what she finds even more disgusting is the ones that survive and go back home (often with lung damage and complications) still jump on the anti mask anti-vaxxer band wagon and refuse to publicly admit they were wrong.


And it's so pointless. My first jab too about 45 minutes in line. The second one took about 10 minutes. I just got my flu shot last friday at the grocery store in the middle of shopping. Soooo quick, so easy and *free*. Yet these cretins are willing to risk death for themselves, their family and friends and total strangers (even children) just because of some stupid, completely unsubstantiated conspiracy theory.


Fox News and Rupert Murdoch should be tried as enemies of humanity.


Could not have said it better myself.. but they lack common sense as well as common decency..


This is what I'll never understand.


Everyone has a plan until they get punched in the mouth.


Standard issue conservative logic. They don’t care until they’re personally impacted.


It seems harsh but I feel like it would be fair of them to agree to sign an agreement not to be treated at a hospital if they get covid. Hospitals are overcrowded and those who took precautions or are immunocompromised should get first priority.


With any luck, the joke will be on them when they can't prove vaccination and their insurance refuses to cover their hospital stay because of it. Bonus points if they're a conservative against healthcare for all.


Stay home and call on your prayer warriors to toot those godly horns 📯


Ppl are fucking stupid.


Chiropractors are not real doctors


He/she can surely arrange some ivermectin, or bleach.


Guillotine, far more effective. Instantaneous, in fact.


Can plumbers get in on this signing thing too? I'd like to make a few bucks doing something I'm totally unqualified to do as well.


Imagine thinking masks are so inconvenient that you wait in line for 5 hours for a chiropractor to sign your exception LOL


If we didn't have stupid people, grifters would go broke.


I'm a sparky. Can I sign then?


Sure, why not.


Industrial electronic tech (sparky that went to college for some reason) can I sign a few too.


NO! You are over qualified. Move along.


Same for dog trainers.


Of course dog trainers. They are the most qualified of all.


Dude can’t even write prescriptions but he can write medical exemptions for a field he has zero education or experience in?


Technically a doctors note. But technically; not a doctor. Chiropractor are good to release some tension but they are so far up their own asses on the medical theory. No, straighter backs don’t cure colds!


I used to hang out in my friends apartment in his dads chiropractic clinic a lot. He was also in training. Super smart dude. Some of the stuff he believed was just scientifically impossible.


So...can your friends dad align my chakra? I seem to be having trouble hurdling hadoukens


Are you the boy at the end of the video? The one practicing hurdling over the yellow rope? You’ll get there one day.


I went through massage therapy school. There was a lot of good info and there is a lot massage can help with, but holy fuck the amount of hoodoo shit I couldn't possibly get behind was there en masse too.


Lol. Massages can relieve tension. Chiro is basically new age quackery.


Yes thank you. People need to stop seeing chiros and either go to a PT that does manual manipulation or a massage therapist. Chiros can hurt you!


Better yet, find a DO to use as your PCP. They train in osteopathic manipulation but with the added benefit of being by an actual doctor with an actual medical degree.


And they all spawn from Florida.


Like Dr. Phil?


Dr. Phil does actually hold a doctorate in clinical psychology. However, he is no longer licensed to practice.


No wonder.


The honorific Doctor doesn't just apply to medical doctors who are currently licensed. It applies to anyone with a doctorate in anything. Albert Einstein was Dr Einstein. Dr Phil McGraw was a licensed psychologist. He ceased renewing his license to practice Psychology in 2006 but he holds a B.A. in psychology from from Midwestern State University (1975), an M.A. in experimental psychology (1976), and a *Ph.D. in clinical psychology from University of North Texas (1979)* which means he gets to use the honorific Dr for the rest of his days. He's also a shit human who gives crappy Psychology advice but there' but there is no official honorific for that.


Mr. Phil.


Schools in Florida already have updated their policy to include that "doctors note has to be written by a physician (read: real doctor)", so idk wtf they think this is gonna do for them


He can write the notes, but the schools have NO obligation to accept them.


You just defined politicians.


Why do these people go to the hospital when they are about to die? You didn’t believe those same Doctors that told you how to avoid the hospital by getting vaccinated. So why would you trust them when you do get Covid? It makes no sense. Me personally as a hospital administrator that has an ICU full, I would pick the vaccinated people to be admitted, the rest of you can go to the Tractor and Feed Supply store for your medical help. They are the reason the beds are full!


Just curious if its true that some ICU’s unofficially prioritize vaccinated people over unvaxxed in cases when they have to ration ICU beds when some patients are in critical condition? I red some article about the nurse in Arkansas who anonymously told that. P.S: Thank for all your work by the way.


I don't think it's unofficial at all. Actually it follows sound medical triage practices. However, it would only happen if all of the beds are full. It's unethical to turn a patient away because they didn't get vaccinated. It's not unethical to turn away an unvaccinated patient if it gives you the ability to save the life of a vaccinated patient. Chance of survival is one of the main factors they use when making these determinations. Why waste all my resources saving one person that probably won't make it anyway... when I could use those same resources to save ten people who will likely survive? https://www.forbes.com/sites/nicholasreimann/2021/08/19/vaccination-status-may-be-considered-to-get-icu-beds-at-dallas-area-hospitals-if-covid-spread-worsens/


I mean, my son has pissed me off a few times, but I've never considered standing in line in the Florida sun for hours just to kill him.


Terrible parenting right here! Lol jk


How is this legal? Lmao


It's not and MDHHS has already been notified so it's just a slow process. Chiropractors are not considered to be "competent medical authorities" so in the end he will most likely lose his license and all the exemptions will be revoked. Crazy someone would give up their entire lifestyle for 15 minutes of fame.


To make things worse, when he loses his license, he’ll probably post it online, crying about it, start a go fund me and all these idiots will donate and he won’t learn shit.


"I was canceled wahhhh"


He’ll learn the art of the grift is easy, then never have to work again.


"Crazy someone would give up their entire lifestyle for 15 minutes of fame." Hahaha, you haven't been paying attention to the 21st century have you.


This could be his start to having a cult like following amongst the Qanon cult members.


This is a very underrated observation


Chiropractic schools make their own certification and aren’t recognized by any actual medical association so this is right in their wheelhouse.


Chiropractors aren't medical personell in any sense. Who the F--- would go to someone who claims they can violently jerk your neck around because "this positively aligns you with the direction of the universe's magical power flow" ?


Don't worry, he'll have a TV show on some right wing cable channel in about a week. He'll be fine. As for the families with the notes, they'll probably be in the hospital by Christmas.


Thats not far enough he needs to be made an example of. They need to throw the book at him.


I saw this turnout in person! I was heading to my dentist for a cardiac cath.


Did you stop by your proctologist to get your eyes checked?


Nah a lot of cardiac procedures actually require dental clearance because the bacteria from the mouth can travel to the heart infecting the surgical site and/or cause infective endocarditis.


I take from your name that you are either a carpenter or a dentist (I rule out any other type of drilling here for simplicity). In both cases, thanks for enlighting me with this information. I had no idea about it and had to lookup endocarditis.


Haha all good man. Critical care RN/NP student here.


ICU RN here too bud :)


Dog trainer here. Just wanted to be part of the conversation! Lol. On a serious note you two are heroes! Thank you for doing what you do!


Death Cult


Nothing like using your kids to promote how much of an uLtRa PaTrIoT you are. Wonder how the tone will change when the majority of these poor kids get really sick.




Already no-mask mandate here in AZ and kids are coming down with COVID right and left in the classroom. Can't use the "elderly and/ or pre-existing conditions" line on a 10 year old.


Lol @ chiropractors thinking they’re doctors


No insurance should cover them. They’re a hazard to health.


“What physician signed for this?” “My chiropractor” “... so a professional back cracker?”


A long time ago, I dated a girl whose sister was a chiropractor. She told me that she could cure a sinus infection with an adjustment. I laughed in her face.


Bet she could cure a priapism before that


Since he has no medical credentials, how does this effect their insurance? Insurance companies do like to protect themselves.


Ok. Chiropractors are quacks. I’ve seen patients with dissected arteries, popped lungs, broken bones, and slipped discs after seeing chiropractors. They are insanely dangerous and not doctors. Sure, popping joints may feel good but it is in no means a proper medical procedure. Screw chiropractors, and screw this guy for giving out exemptions when he has no medical right to.


My Mother in Law sees one for everything from allergies to second opinions on her heart condition. Total quacks!


A coworkers wife had a stroke after a neck alignment. The lawsuit has been going on for years now.


I thought only real doctors could sign them? I say this as my best guy friend is a chiropractor and he says he’s not a real doctor. 😂


this isn't the first time he's done this. don't think I can share personal information on this sub though.


Yeah. I have seen this dumbass on the news. I just don’t know why someone hasn’t stepped in. Or that they haven’t made a requirement for a real doctor to sign them.




As a chiropractor this guy might actually not know he can’t do this. I think he’s about to find out. And he will probably get COVID. Expect that headline in a week or two.


I'm guessing he does know. Easy money, huge publicity, potential guest spot on _____'s Fox show, and maybe a position in DeathSantis's DOH.


He’s currently rolling the dice over and over again every time one of these unmasked mouth breathers gets in front of him. There’s a zero percent chance that no one in that line has COVID.


He's probably vaccinated. 🙃


He's definitely vaxxed. The smart ones know it's a con, and they got their vaccine early on (lookin at you, fox news)


I know a guy from my high school who is now a chiropractor, i honestly think he believes the shit that his for profit school pumps into them about being medical professionals, not helped by insurance agencies that will allow you to have a chiropractor as your primary physician, despite them not being physicians in a legal sense at all.


> insurance agencies that will allow you to have a chiropractor as your primary physician Wow, what the actual fuck.


A self-aware chiropractor? Well now I've heard everything.


I know right. We worked in a hospital together and the other doctors shunned him. I was like why are they so shitty to you. He said “because I get called doctor when I’m not a real doctor.” Ha ha. I was like you don’t think you’re a doctor? You have a doctorate. He’s like I’m not a REAL doctor in the sense of the word. Hmmmm. Never had met a self aware chiro before him either.


Can we just let the stupid people die out please? If they wanna use an abacus when we’re all using graphing calculators—- let them


In his mind, he is Matthew McConaughey in Dallas Buyer's Club.


You probably have that right. Everyone is the hero of their own story.


A chiropractor writing medical exemptions. He’s just branching out his fraudulent services market.


The vaccine is free ffs!! They literally have someone in the medical industry screwing them over & its not big fucking pharma. Holy shot the self delusion on display.


Chiropractors always asking why no other medical professionals - not even dentists - show them any respect.


Sorry folks but he should be brought up before the state board. He’s handing out excuses which mean nothing for people he knows nothing about. They aren’t his patients, he has no medical files on them and he is not a medical doctor. So he can’t give them a medical exemption. Edited because I’m a moron on my cell phone and keep hitting the dame save button.


Imagine if he charged $100 per exemption. Easy money


I bet he’s charging something. No one will do that for free.


"Consultation fee"


I can see that as more likely as $100 per religious exemption actually.


If they get covid will he treat them in the ICU?


How is this not blatantly fraud again?


The schools aren't accepting them.


A chiropractor? What does a chiropractor have to do with virology or even respiratory care? These people truly are the dumbest of the dumb. Unfortunately, there is always collateral damage and their children are going to pay a life long price when their ignorant ass parents get sick and die or even survive with long term breathing issues. Same for the kids. Why not let your kid end up with scarring of the lungs and a potentially fatal virus? Sounds like great parenting to me... /s


This guy is local to me. Unsurprisingly we’ve had to increase our ICU beds from 68 (normal) to 118 to accommodate all of our covid patients. I am terrified to see what happens once season starts down here if we’re this overwhelmed during our “slow” time of the year 😭😭😭.


I'm pretty sure most chiropractors don't hold actual real medical degrees. And the few that do...you'd probably want to look into why they're not doing real medical work anymore.


In every non 3rd world country he would have already lost his licence...


I looked him up on the state licensing board. He's been practicing there a while and got his hand slapped once for an advertising complaint. I don't know how it's legal or ethical for a medical professional to sign a waiver outside of their area of expertise. Can a dentist prescribe birth control or diagnose a foot fungus? I am not a lawyer but would think Florida statue would apply. 460.413 (1)(t) "Practicing or offering to practice beyond the scope permitted by law or accepting and performing professional responsibilities which the licensee knows or has reason to know that she or he is not competent to perform"


Can someone please tell me why oh why a freaking virus has become political? Last I checked, viruses don't vote. Parasites might, but not viruses.


People should sign a waiver that allows them to not take the vaccine AND that when they go to the hospital with Covid that they are taken in as least priority over anyone else there. These fuckers refuse free shot but insist on thousands of dollars and numerous man hours of treatment.


The schools have decided to stop accepting the notes from chiropractors. Next is to take that man's license and boot the unconstitutional governor. https://www.orlandosentinel.com/coronavirus/os-ne-mask-mandate-sarasota-county-chiropractor-opt-out-letters-exemptions-20210902-g5i4rl6iybfoti2ohlpvu5gwme-story.html


Because a Chitopractor is the medical opinion you want for a COVID diagnosis....


Your chiropractor probably shouldn’t be giving medical advice, let alone exemptions


This is out of his scope of practice, and there is no way that many students qualify for anything meaningful, which means the chiropractor is not only unethical, but committing fraud.


Time to sue him for malpractice.


I hope he’s charging.


So he's just willy billy writing medical exemptions, with no exams, nothing. Am I wrong to think this is massive fraud, somehow?? Shouldn't this be illegal?


His license to practice should be suspended.


Im a programmer and fix “bugs”, you know, like viruses and stuff… am i qualified to write exemptions?


This guy IS the cause of Covid spreading, preying on the stupid. What a dick.


Why would any parent be so cavalier about their children’s health? Especially knowing that so many other children have died. This hack needs to be investigated.


The kids jumping over the caution tape sure make the metaphor…..


Glad they got it documented. I hope he goes to trial for malpractice and negligent manslaughter if anyone dies from his absurdity.


lmao chiropractors think they’re literally god in human skin. i was having some issues years ago and one of the side effects was some back pain. my specialist referred me to a great chiropractor who actually did a wonderful job at helping with my back. after about 2 sessions, he started getting oddly confident. basically, my knee was swelling up for a previously unknown reason, causing me to walk funny which created back pain. this mfka was telling me he was 100% confident that after a couple more sessions he would have everything fixed and i wouldn’t need to ever see my specialist again! …i was later diagnosed with an aggressive arthritis that very very rarely affects people under 50yo; was 24 at the onset. the chiro was so far up his own ass, he literally denied the diagnosis when i told him, claiming he “didn’t think that could be the cause”.. i was prescribed humira by my specialist which i still take to this day, and the swelling/back/pain and arthritis have been about 95% managed ever since.. never will i ever go to a chiropractor for more than just a solid back massage/adjustment, nor will i ever let them get in my head again..


God’s will works in a strange way but stranger in FL.


Wow. Imagine being one of those parents that hates your kid…I mean doesn’t want their kid to wear a mask.


Maybe in a round about way we all win from this. The stupid people who bred these kids will have their stupid genes leave the gene pool. Then when their kids dying causes them to go bankrupt we can have a serious talk about socialized medicine!


New law: those who reject the vaccine and contract covid of their own will are subject to low priority in the ER of hospitals.


I hope he loses his credentials


As a chiropractor, he doesn't have any to begin with.


Dumbfuckery, not even a doctor let alone an epidemiologist. Yo hell with all these fuks


Cashing out


Huge issue where I live, a lot of people already fired and facing criminal actions because of what they have done. Selling medical notes and all


Seems like their is some future Herman Cain Award winners in attendance....


They are all rough guys t’ll they get sick and then you have to treat them by all means, I think a good first step you don’t vaccinate you are not insured all treatment is on you, don’t think a lot of those folks can pay 4 weeks in the hospitals


Bexause of stunts like this, there are schools that prohibit exemptions from chiropractors and requires documentation from a real doctor.


I'm so sick of this whole thing. Been working in 2 different hospitals throughout and this kind of thing just makes me want to hop in Bezos' dick rocket and never come back