western hypocrisy

western hypocrisy


https://www.whitehouse.gov/administration/cabinet/ The current US cabinet


Now that looks much more accurate. 👍


God I am so relieved to once again have a cabinet so boring and competent that I have never heard of most of them.


11/24 Women, not bad.


I saw Alejandro Mayoracas and was very confused why Jeff Bezos was in the Cabinet


Now superimpose Avril Haines face on him


And both Trump and Obama had women in their cabinets.


Trump had a revolving door cabinet so it's not a fair comparison.


A Lazy Susan cabinet if you will.


No doubt, with emphasis on the "lazy"


The new VA secretary looks like he is really looking forward to making changes to the broken system.


[https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Cabinet\_of\_Australia](https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Cabinet_of_Australia) My native Australia isn't too far behind.


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No one is "angwwyy". Your post is just misleading.


Bruh shut up OP. You're being misleading and you know it.


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Except this picture was taken during the previous administration, long before any of the recent events in Afghanistan.


Pretty sure their feelings haven't changed much, even after ppl on 1/6 trying to hang the VP.


Im pretty sure these guys dont really give a shit about women in the Afghan government.


I only meant that it's a bit misleading to paint the entirety of west as being as misogynistic as these guys.


I don’t know who these men must be, but it’s hard to believe this is the current American cabinet given that their fucking VP is a woman.


[Because it's not](https://www.whitehouse.gov/administration/cabinet/) Pence in the middle should have been a giveaway.


I’m European, all I know about Pence is that he’s old and has white hair. That could be like 35% of your senate/cabinet.


It's not the current cabinet apparently


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Hey OP, your keyboard seems to be broken. No need to thank me :)


Considering I'm pretty sure there are plenty of women in the current U.S. Presidential Cabinet...


It... Says afghan cabinet in the post??? Edit: i misinterpreted the post


Keyword "current". This picture is from the trump admin. Biden admin has plenty of women in the cabinet. OP is criticizing the US gov't for not having women in their cabinet, which they currently do. *Edit: words


Oh my bad, I misinterpreted the post


So first off, current cabinet has women in it. [Women occupy the Cabinet](https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_female_United_States_Cabinet_members) as Secretaries of Treasury, Interior, Commerce, HUD, and Energy. For those that are counting, that's 2 more than Trump appointed in 4 years, and 3 less than Obama appointed in 8 years. Second, this was easy to reverse image search, and but OP was too lazy to fact check and instead opted to just spread outrage bait. Third, this picture was in 2017 (Mike Pence is right in the middle), and this was when the executive order was signed to kill US-funded abortion assistance programs outside the US. [https://www.bbc.com/news/world-us-canada-39375228](https://www.bbc.com/news/world-us-canada-39375228) There's plenty of Western hypocrisy to go around, but this specific image isn't true to topic.


Every single cabinet since Nixon has had women in the cabinet, and Roosevelt, Truman, and Eisenhower had Women too, so it’s misleading


Literally a different government saying things. Keep up the anti-American stuff tho


First off, there are plenty of women in government in the US. Second, comparing the situation of women in the US to Afghanistan displays an immense level of ignorance, or stupidity, or both.


Trump's cabinet consisted of a total of 6 women in a total of 5 positions out of 15 cabinet positions. Only 2 were allowed to stay the entire presidency the rest served a combined total of less than 2 years 2 months with half of those 4 women serving for a combined total of less than 2 months. Sally Yates served as ACTING AG a total of 10 days Another, (Elaine Chao) is the wife of Mitch McConnell so she stayed the entire time in what is now Buttigieg's job (Secretary of Transportation) Another, (Grace Marie Bochenek) served as ACTING Secretary of Energy for a total of 41 days. Another (Betsy DeVos) is a hardcore trump loyalist nutjob that was told she had a position by trump before he even got into office so she stayed as Secretary of Education the entire time Then Elaine Duke served as ACTING Secretary of Homeland Security for approximately 6 months And finally, Kirstjen Nielsen served as Secretary of Homeland Security for about a year and a half. So with the exception of two women who had guaranteed spots since before trump was even in office, the women in trump's cabinet served for a combined total of approximately 2 years 2 months out of what could have potentially been a combined total of 16 years if those 4 women had each served an entire 4 years like Chao and DeVos. So in total, women served trump's cabinet for approximately 10 years 2 months. In comparison, men served a total of approximately 46 years (15 positions have 4 years each for a total of 60 possible years to serve in trump's cabinet minus the 10 years 2 months that women served minus the 3.8 years that his cabinet had vacant seats) https://www.axios.com/trump-cabinet-vacancies-65a66f00-a140-4b49-887f-3c1bcf6469a7.html But you keep telling yourself that women were equal in trump's cabinet....


Dana Boente is not a woman...


My bad, fixed it


You either have reading comprehension problems, or you're so invested in a narrative that you can't comprehend a world that isn't black and white. I NEVER said women were equals in Trumps cabinet. All I said was that there were plenty of women who held powerful positions in US government and that comparing the situation of women in America to women in Afghanistan is asinine. Sorry you put all that effort into writing a comment to a point I never made.


Oh, I'm sorry, I forgot that we have to stoop down to the level of Afghanistan to be able to make any comparisons of hypocrisy... I'm sorry but I just laid out specifically how "plenty of women" DIDN'T hold powerful positions in US government despite the optics of there being "plenty" by keeping the few he did have in his cabinet constantly in public view (mostly DeVos and his press secretaries who had zero actual power) the other women in government he and the republican party attacked on a regular basis. Just because one isn't as absolutely horrible as the other doesn't make the other one not a hypocrite for doing lesser but still fucked up shit to women and crying when the absolutely horrible people do worse. That's like saying "it's not fair to compare us because I only cheated on part of my test, why are you comparing me to the people who cheated on the whole test? Any comparison between me and them is asinine because I didn't cheat to the extent that they did and it's not fair for non-cheaters to lump me in with other 'worse' cheaters! There is a happy grey area in-between cheating and not cheating!" No, you both cheated and you both need to be called out on it. Same here, they're both sexist and they both need to shut the fuck up and sit the fuck down. Just because one is more sexist doesn't mean we should listen to the virtue signaling of other sexists about sexism. The only ones that have any right to virtue signal are the ones that are actually making changes by electing a woman as Vice President, Speaker of the House, and many other truly powerful positions.


Okay, whatever, this is pointless. Should have expected nothing less from reddit.


What? You don't like when you look at the fact that it's republicans crying in outrage while passing unconstitutional abortion bans and that there is no "happy middle ground" for sexism? That all sexism is unacceptable? That to cry foul on one group of sexists while raising up other group of sexists because they're virtue signaling against the more extreme sexists (that we're all already against) is counterproductive and only gives the less sexists more "credibility" that they didn't earn and don't deserve?


No, I hate republicans, I just think you're an idiot.


Oh right, and giving republicans (the sexist party in America) credibility on sexism isn't idiotic... Because giving sexists a stage to rail against the more extreme sexists won't normalize the lesser sexists behavior because now you've got worse to worry about so why worry about the fact that there were only 6 women in the last republican president's cabinet? "There were plenty of women in power" Why be outraged at that when women aren't being put in ANY positions of power? At least republicans put women in power right? No. Wrong is wrong. They're both sexist and they both need shut up, sit down, and fix their own shit before pointing fingers.


I hear you, but listen, and read this slowly... I still think you're an idiot. Please respond with at least 5 paragraphs or I will be very disappointed.


Great argument there kiddo... "I'm not going to actually argue any of the points being made, I just think you're an idiot that means I automatically win!" Where have I heard that type of idiocy before?... Oh wait trumpsters.


"the west" is a such a weird homogenized concept btw, just look at how big the differences are between countries of the EU, for example


In all fairness, in Canada, PM Justin Trudeau had a cabinet that was diverse and representative. Then he fired every woman in cabinet who did her job in accordance with Canadian law, and only kept the sycophants and half-wits.


Are these people elected? If so, it’s not their fault that there is no women in there and it is more the voters fault. But if they’re appointed it’s probably because of a prejudice. If anyone sees this and recognizes this could you let me know


That looks like it was Trump’s cabinet. Only about a quarter of his cabinet positions were filled by women. The current cabinet is almost half female. The president appoints people to his own presidential cabinet.


Thank you. Seems in character.


That also looks like Mike Pence in the middle


Yes, that is Pence sandwiched between 2 guys.


Guy 1: Should we give women rights Guy 2: Absolutely, but don't you think the women should be involved in all this, Guy 1: yeah whatever


Guy 3: they’d just say yea anyway so we got this


This is not a representative picture of the American Cabinet. Not to mention that there are plenty of women in the white house, the senate, the house of commons, the justice system. This picture alone is all middle aged white male and no diversity. Yes. But, it is not a full depiction of American government. Meanwhile current Afghani government actually is 100% male. The US, and other western countries are by no means perfect in their diversity and inclusion and equal opportunity. But they are making progress. And that is enough of a platform to disagree with the Talibans' horrible take on women's rights


I do believe that the U.S. has a deeply flawed democratic process, but these people are elected. therefore it is the responsibility of U.S. citizens to ensure their cabinet has women, not the men in it. Be glad they even consider this as an issue


No, they aren’t.


Why do you care what the Afghans do in their cabinet, it's their country and their culture.


Definetly but it violates basic human rights so democracy"s involved


Yeah, but they sure know how to handle their uteri.


Whitey center right with the hand chop looks like Pence. Wtf?


That *is* Mike Pence. It's an old photo from (at least) 2017.


Maybe because it is?


whitey..? 😬


You know. That white guy in the picture. You know which one I'm talking about.


Right!? Not that anyone is going to believe me, but originally, I was referring to his heavily bleached quaffe.


I am not sorry for referring to him as such.


says enough about your character


Do you know anything about Pence? If you do, then there's no denying he's as white bred as it gets. And a total racist POS.


That doesn’t make it ok for you to use a racial slur.


So, I should extent an appropriate amount of civility him, even though he's refused civility to millions of others? No way.


That’s no different to every person of colour being treated like a criminal because of a few.


Oh, I gotta see this shit. Please, elaborate...


I’m saying that using a term like ‘whitey’ is designed to stereotype.


“And no American Africans either to boot”


These guys don’t give a shit about women.


Wait. Are they really? Or is this a joke? (Like, a real joke not the “everything is a fucking dumpster fire and reality is a cruel joke” joke?)


This got so many people angry and I'm so happy


Literally nobody got angry, there’s a difference between getting angry and correcting your mistake. At this point you’re just being a dick


Who's angry? The only thing I see is you getting defensive.


I remember being 16 and an idiot too buddy. You’ll probably grow out of it.


Classic strategy of trying to save face; pretend like you were trolling when you were just being dumb.


Well, 10-20% of that room cross dress, it’s something no? (not that there is anything wrong with crossdresssing💅🏻)


True. But at the same time the people of their respective states voted them in because THEY didn’t want a woman in a position of power. Sad really.


Probably mad there's no white people on the Afghan cabinet too.


Most definetly, also it's all Muslims!!!!


Play spot the black person.


Fucking idiots


Politicians are so full of shit...a bunch of robbing parasites.