Wait until they figure out what movie this is

Wait until they figure out what movie this is


Stay off my mom's Facebook page, would ya? 😭


How else am I gonna see minion memes, sharing to help dying kids, recipes of bacon candied apples, how you aren’t a real person unless you used a typewriter in high school, and the latest developments of magnetization of vaccine victims?


Dog missing in Caifornia please share!! My mum, who lives in Kent, England: - “shared!! Hope you find your furbaby xx”


"Let's make it too hot too handle"


Ny favorite is the missing child who was found 13 years ago


Ok so I worked at blockbuster when this movie came out on DVD. You have no idea how many old men SCREAMED at me for not telling them what the movie was about. Like I had the audicty to let them rent a cowboy movie with "the gays" money should be returned and they should get free rentals for their mental anguish...


I was expecting to sit down and watch some guys murdering each other but they are kissing!


Funny thing, those two actually DID beat the shit outta each other in some of those kissing scenes. Like they basically just went "Alright, fuck it, if we're doing this, we're doing it! Come on, motherfucker, let's go!" (Prolly not talking *exactly* like that but, sounded like the same vibe to me.) >The Donnie Darko star explained: "Heath almost broke my nose in a kissing scene. He grabs me and he slams me up against the wall and kisses me. > >"And then I grab him and I slam him up against the wall and I kiss him. And we were doing take after take after take. I got the sh*t beat out of me. We had other scenes where we fought each other and I wasn't hurting as badly as I did after that one." Worked beautifully, those were some really intense, powerful scenes.


For sure. I love how Heath especially is trying so hard not to let this Texas tough guy facade he puts on crack. He really felt like a man who was living in self denial. The end where he's at Gyllenhaal's house and you see this vulnerability come out as he imagines what could have been absolutely broke me.


It's actually his Texas tough guy cock he puts on crack.


And that was just during their nightly rehearsals.


I was expecting to sit down and watch some guys stabbing each other but instead they're... stabbing each other?


They are beating the shit out of each other, or maybe pounding?


Lots of pounding~


It’s a movie all about being polite. They kept pushing each other’s stool in.


Do you have a clip of that; a stool sample?


They’re murdering each other with their tongues!


Man, they really need to come to terms with themselves.


I think anyone who only cares about gay PDA need to take a real look at why it bothers them so much. Especially if they watch lesbian porn.


Holy shit I’ve never thought of this! Do homophobes watch lesbian porn?


Yes. My dad said that if any of his kids were gay(but specifically meant my brother) he would disown us. When I came out as pansexual he said "oh it's ok. Girls with girls is hot. Hahaha" Needless to say, I don't talk to him anymore


Eugh, I'm sorry, that's disgusting.




Fucking yikes.


thats fucked up. I wish people would think before they spoke...


But that would require self awareness lol




Does the pope shit in the woods?


Maybe? He does sneak out a lot.


Only when he eats burritos.


Yes there are some.


Anecdotal but I feel like A LOT. Most homophobic guys I've met are totally chill with two girls and not the opposite. On the other side of the coin I've met/dated girls who would make out etc with a girl but wouldn't be okay with the guy they're dating having a past where they did anything with a guy. Homophobia has different levels.


Almost definitely, and it’s a problem that leads to a lot of lesbians just being outright fetishised. That annoying phrase “can I watch?” springs to mind.


This lead me to stop telling men in bars I’m gay. I just resorted to “I’m engaged” which really hurt me to have to do


Well, username checks out.


This is probably the most checks out username I’ve ever seen with a comment


When I drove for Uber, I used to change the excuse based on the gender propositioning me when they were going home alone after a night out. Women were by far the trickiest, and had more than a few threaten to report me for sexual harassments, because I turned them down. Luckily though, I had a camera recording everything. Finally, it just led me to driving during the day and I ended up taking about a 20% cut to my profit margin.


Actually, the way porn sites, stars, etc treat lesbian porn is quite telling. They always lump it in with straight porn. Meanwhile, Trans and gay sex always seem to have their own walled off areas.


I read that certain types of trans porn are popular with some straight men too. I'm going to use the wrong terms here and apologize in advance. I don't know how to word this. I think it was pornhub stats showed a lot more trans porn than you would expect and it was straight men who don't want to see a guy but still want to see a woman get fucked by a dick.


Yes. Worked in a sex shop and they would regularly complain that we had gay DVDs while buying lesbian porn.


That is a thing what confuses me. Why do homophobic men like to watch lesbian porn?




>and high school sex ed in the Bible Belt encourages this by saying nonpenetrative PIV sex is not sex Doesn't that encourage kids to have premarital "sex", which is a sin for christian religion even if nonpenetrative? I'm confused


You'd be amazed what you can justify. I actually know people (well, knew people 20+ years ago) who received "Oral Is Moral" pamphlets from their church. (Meanwhile, I was convinced I was burning in hell for masturbating, but that's another story).


Of course they were sending you to hell! Sharing is caring! Who did you share your masturbation with? No one? *gO To hELl!* **/s**


Your first mistake was assuming these ppl adhere to logical reasoning


Christian teens have been exploiting *the Poophole Loophole* since time immemorial.


The old "poophole loophole."


From what I've heard they also double this with stressing the hell out of abstinence. Just, don't do *anything*, genitals don't exist for a sexual function until marriage. Which works on teenagers about as well as one would think and that is that it doesn't. Not really. I'll be eternally confused as to why they just don't teach safe sex and ensure protection is available. They really gotta get their priorities straight, no pun intended, cause "Just don't! Because I say that someone else said that someone else said that (and so on to cut a long ass begat begat begat style of bible short), someone else said God said it was bad!" isn't working. Not like they want it to.


My brother had a roommate in college who's girlfriend was a "virgin" saving herself for marriage. So my bro tried to sleep while his roommate was drilling her in the ass. Purity.


Imagine going through all these loopholes to not make sky daddy angry. Also if I were god I'd be more enraged with people trying to find loopholes rather than with people that straight up don't give a shit about my set of rules. The former is more disrespectful imho.


Are you also "too pretty to be a lesbian"?




When some homophobe says ; "You didn't find the right dick yet" Just reply: "I haven't, but I guess neither did you"


I suppose the idea of converting you is related to the fear that a sexy twink will convert them lol


This has more to do with their concept of masculinity. Gay men are more of a threat to the concept of masculinity cause gay men engage in penetrative sex with other men which is deemed as demasculating, that's why like for example in ancient Greece, the sex involved in pederasty - which is the sexual relationship between an older man and a boy or youth and was a common practice at the time as some form of mentor student relationship - is intercrural sex which sex where the one being penetrated simulates a vagina by squeezing their things together since penetrative anal sex was considered taboo for free men as it "demasculates". The only time anal sex is allowed is between a free man and a male slave since they didn't consider them actual people. This concept carried over throughout Western history for a time before Christianity where anal sex between two free men was considered taboo but anal sex between free man and slave men was fine. Lesbians are much more tolerated because they don't pose a threat to the concept of masculinity. I mean they women weren't even considered equal to men and thus and relationship between two women was considered not a relationship at all. At the end of the day a woman needs to be with a man since a woman's role in society at that time was only defined by her relationship with a man. TLDR: Homophobes are into lesbian porn because it's not a threat to their fragile masculinity.


I think it is because they are so homophobic that they want zero dicks involved. It is pretty guaranteed that they won't have to see a throbbing member if they are watching girl on girl.


Mostly straight man here. 99% of gay PDA is more fulfilling than 99% lesbian porn. Change my mind.


Take lesbian out of that sentence and you couldn't change *my* mind. As an entirely straight man I don't even get why men are into it, I'm just like, "yes they are hot and naked but that is something two women enjoy doing together, not for me."


>As an entirely straight man I don't even get why men are into it, I'm just like, "yes they are hot and naked but that is something two women enjoy doing together, not for me." I am for sure a non-practicing bisexual and I will all day take penetration over two dudes in love sharing a tender kiss. I have trouble with tribbing But I appreciate the fact that you're romantic, and if I ever do become practicing I hope it's with someone like you.


That's the sweetest thing a non-practicing bisexual has ever said to me. Nah though, for real, I'm sure with that attitude you'll make some sentimental introvert very happy one day, man or woman or gender fluid.


For a long time, I used to be at the point where all PDA bothered me. Soon after I had this opinion, I made exceptions for LGBTQ+ PDA because I figured that they got way too much shit for it already, and that they weren’t nearly as “in your face” about it as straight people were, they were just trying to exist like everybody else. Now I don’t care that much about any PDA. But yeah, it’s a trashy hypocrisy.


I mean, it's a little prudish to be grossed out by a kiss or whatever in public, but I'm definitely not going to blame anyone. It's the double standard that seals the deal on that take.


Well when I say “for a long time”, this started at about the age of 12/13 when I saw my fair share of it. Now I’m 24, and for the past few years I’ve obviously grown up enough to not care anymore. But I don’t think you’d judge a kid for being grossed out about that. Maybe some of us take a bit longer to be mature.


Nah I'm not judging anyone man.


Forgive me I thought you were, the internet’s made me more cynical as of late


Which is extra insane considering the press it got.


Old men don't watch commercials! I imagine them plugging their ears and closing their eyes, the way they were acting in the store.


They’re too busy working their hands to the bones and walking up hill 15 miles every day.


"There wasn't a broken back in the whole dang thing!"


I remember working at Choices (it was a UK version of blockies, I also worked at blockies back in the day!) and people being furious that 'the pianist' wasn't a sappy musical! there was another one that caused a lot of anger, though the title escapes me!


That’s a shame, because I felt the Pianist was nothing short of incredible.


I remember when this came out. How did someone not hear about Brokeback Mountain? In some languages, "Brokeback" became a loan word. lol


I know it's been a while since Blockbuster was everywhere but IIRC, just like most video rental stores, Blockbuster had the normal case in front of the case with the tape actually in it, and that case had a short synopsis on the back. I know it didn't come right out (no pun intended) and describe the relationship as that of two gay men but I still feel like reading it and looking at the front cover image gave most of us an idea of what it was about... The description as found on an image of the DVD case on Amazon: *Brokeback Mountain is a sweeping epic that explores the lives of two young men, a ranch hand and a rodeo cowboy, who meet in the summer of 1963 and unexpectedly forge a lifelong connection. The complications, joys and heartbreak they experience provide a testament to the endurance and power of love.* **Heath Ledger** *and* **Jake Gyllenhaal** *deliver emotionally charged, remarkably moving performances in* "a movie that is destined to become one of the great classics of our time." (Clay Smith, The Insider). And [the trailer](https://youtu.be/U5D1iU5KnqQ) made it plenty clear exactly what it was about so I don't feel like those assholes had an excuse lol


Not only that, but I remember when this came out. People were horrified in my podunk town and no one would've been caught dead checking out that movie by any of their church mates and high school kids killed about renting it and leaving it at someone's house for their partner to find. It was definitely talked about so how could they not know?


Thanks for the explain, because I didn't know the movie. IMDB says: > Ennis and Jack are two shepherds who develop a sexual and emotional relationship. Their relationship becomes complicated when both of them get married to their respective girlfriends. Times have changed.


When Southpark talked about independent films all being about "gay cowboys eating pudding", I started using that as an answer, any time someone asked me what a movie we were going to watch, was about. When this came out, I rented it, and brought my buddy over to watch it, and when he asked what it was, I said "its about gay cowboys eating pudding". When the first sex scene hit, he looked at me, and I said "I was just kidding, they don't eat pudding in this one"


The kind of mental anguish that deserves a complementary copy of My own private idaho


If I would have known about that movie back in the day it would have been perfection. I may have even paid out of my own pocket


I had an elderly uncle who, when I dropped by one time to visit, he was watching this movie. His reaction was "This is the weirdest cowboy movie I've ever seen"




This comment gives me Champ Kind vibes


>they should get free rentals for their mental anguish... * 17 y.o. Manager approves free rental * Proceeds to the "back room" * "Discovers" the gay porno section * *Oh Gawd...*


My Mom took my Dad to see *The Crying Game*, and he didn't have a clue what the movie was about. When the hot chick was stripping and the big reveal came >!the chick's got a dick!!<, he bellowed out "JESUS CHRIST!" and cracked the whole theater up.


I hope you said something like, "Maybe don't judge a book by its cover" or something like that. Cuz their bigots so it works on two levels and its a dad joke so its in their language. I guess.


I worked at a movie theater when Anger Management came out and there is a running gag about how big the leading lady’s ex-boyfriends penis is. You never actually see a penis. This old guy comes out screaming about all the dicks in the movie and how it’s all dicks and he wants his money back. While the manager is getting his refund he’s still going off and I had the audacity to say “there are no penises in that movie” and laugh a little. He was not happy and suggested I was gay.


I scanned through all the replies to your comment and I am thankful there wasn't a "What's a blockbuster" in there. # I'm not old yet!!!


Gay cowboys nothing is more American


Bisexual Native Americans?


Literally just described me lmao


I guess you're most American person here


Lol I’m Canadian but from Alberta where they filmed the “Montana” parts lol


Ey, tuguy lol


You’re more than one bisexual Native American?


Would their parents call them bisons ?


They say that when they sent them off to school, yes.


Pansexual bald eagle?


You mean the Dean from Community?


This better not awaken anything in me


Brokeback Mount’dean.


You called me?


Damn straight! (No pun intended...okay, *lil bit* intended.) The old west was gay *as fuuuck*, cowboys, miners, native americans and more! It was a pretty common/accepted thing within their communities too. There were miners that held dances where half of the guys wore patches over their crotches to signify bottom status. They sometimes even called gay guys marrying 'bachelor marriages'. Even natives did it! Two spirits were in a bunch of tribes, and were respected and appreciated. Many tribes had words for them, Lhamana for the Zuni, Mexoga for the Omaha, winkte to the Lakota, nadleehe among the Navajo, there was also the Mi'kmaq phrase geenumu gessalagee which means "he who loves men" though not all two spirit people consider themselves homosexual. I could go on but you get my point. Now, this one surprised the fuck outta me: Mormons. Mm hmm. A quote from founder Joseph Smith himself that men “should lie down on the same bed at night locked in each other’s embrace talking of their love.” which he did too apparently. ??? I've no personal experience with Mormons though so, I can only shrug. Overall though, yep, gay as fuuuck.


Salt Lake City is the 7th biggest city for those who identify as LGBTQ @ 4.7 % of the population. I'm sure it's much bigger than that because this is just those who identify.


Just head on over to Ram Ranch for the greatest cowboy experience in the west!


18 cowboy schlongs waiting to be sucked!


Goddamnit, someone started playing that in my bar recently, and I could've gone the rest of my life without knowing about it!


How in the hell did they even get that song to play at a bar??? You'd think it would be banned. Funny side note- he's still making music as we speak lmfao.


It's on *some* AMI Jukeboxes, apparently . . .


There's probably some employees betting on if anyone ever plays it or not lol


There is about 100 variations or versions of it too. So you should take a listen to some of the others, pretty graphic


Well you definitely shouldn't have gone the rest of your life without it


Why would you not want to know about it?


I also could’ve gone the rest of my life without knowing it exists. But my friends are shitheads and for about a month I’d hear it at least twice every day. At least discord server muting exists lol


I've already unzipped.


I say this with love, Nothing is more American than assuming American can only mean people from the United States of America.


Life is simple out on Ram Ranch...


18 naked cowboys in the showers at Ram Ranch


Big hard throbbing cocks wanting to be sucked


18 naked cowboys wanting to be fucked


Our station in Eve Echoes is called Ram Ranch ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) the smaller citadels are Called the shower etc


28 US Marines... loaded up in black Ford Raptor trucks... Ram Ranch is under siege... under lockdown... 28 US Marine coming to fuck cowboy butts.


Pea brain here, what movie is this?


Brokeback mountain. It's about two shepherds that fall in love and can't have a real relationship because the society at the time won't accept it. It's incredibly good. Was nominated for a couple of Oscar's. Check it out. Highly recommended.


Shepherds. They’re not cowboys, they’re watching sheep.






Ah yes, from shepherds to femboys.


Now that’s the movie we need. They could even have a few biblical tie-ins.


Damn they herded sheep and not cows? That’s gay AF. /s


This sounds right and I have no evidence to prove otherwise but calling guys with cowboy hats in the old U.S. west shepherds just seems wrong for some reason.


It wasn't the old west. They drove a pickup truck, probably 50s or 60s.


Directed by Ang Lee who also directed Crouching Tiger, Hidden dragon and Life of Pi. He’s one of the best taiwanese directors.


Ang Lee is a gift. Sorry, just have to gush. His storytelling is complex, inspired, and yet he manages to bring the most troubling, polarizing subjects home to the audience, and they leave with intimate knowledge of what it might feel like to be the other.


Thanks! Added it to my watchlist


It's also really sad, just to give a heads up.


Here’s a scene from the [movie](https://youtu.be/C5deXX-dJZk) that inspired it


What did I just watch.


Catalina. Legendary gay porn movies.


A rabbit


I thought it was a squirrel


That was a risky click but well worth it.


Same. What movie?


Broke back mountain. Made in 2005. Jake Gyllenhaal and Heath Ledger play cowboys who fall in love.


Yeah and they fight fuck in a tent too


Is it fight fucking or fuck fighting






The plot in a nutshell (spoilers though): https://www.albinoblacksheep.com/flash/brokebackbunnies


Not sure this is a facepalm so much as it is something made in order to troll conservatives.


One of my religious relatives posted the Ewan Mcgregor Jedi picture thinking it was Jesus. It made me so deliciously happy seeing it in the wild.


That is priceless! Did you tell them or did you just quietly enjoy it?


I quietly enjoyed it. This was a sweet older relative that didn’t grow up steeped in memes and internet lore. Still, it was like having a butterfly rest on your arm, or finding an extra nugget in your six-piece.


I once found a nugget in my fries. Made my week


So you understand the inexplicable joy.


Is there any chance your relative subscribes to /r/PrequelMemes? If so, there’s a high likelihood they view Jesus and Ewan-as-Obi-Wan as one in the same.


True, but I found it posted seriously in a conservative fb page. At least the comments were serious, the poster definitely could have been trolling. There’s still facepalm in there


That's some funny shit right there.


Pics or it didn't happen.


You gotta get those screenshots!!


Reminds me of this: https://www.politifact.com/factchecks/2014/nov/21/facebook-posts/facebook-meme-fox-news-topped-same-sex-marriage-ar/


Oh wow! This is brilliant! You just made my day.


Well gay sex is more manly as it's just men


Basically True Grit


But with the butt sex


There's a version without?


What kind of country would we have if everyone lived that kind of life? I imagine she wouldn't be able to pay this on any social media.


Politics of American cracks my aussie ass up


These guys could crack your Aussie ass up too


One of the two guys in the pic is Aussie.




now a little piece of australia lives inside jake jizznballs forever


This is how I'm going to refer to Jake and Maggie Jizzbballs from now on


Don't worry, our ex prime minister ate a raw onion (skin on) on national TV [https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8tqXSPkDbX4](https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8tqXSPkDbX4) Also, Australia hasn't had a single PM last an entire term since before the iPhone came out.... Yes, the original iPhone.


As italian, i don't see your problem


I'll see your politics of America, I'll raise you Scomo and Abbott eating an onion skin 'n all. Also, Australia hasn't had a single PM last an entire term since before the iPhone came out.... Yes, the original iPhone.


There's plenty of places where the citizens can look down on Americans, and Australia is not one of those places.


Ah yes Australia, the least homophobic country in the world


Hey to be fair they never made it clear that they don't like gay cowboys


Also that Murica is actually Alberta in Canada lmao my favourite part is the hand spit butt sex scene lol


this is 100% a subversive meme made to trick right wingers into posting broke back mountain as the peak of masculinity


I wish I could quit you. Not a bad movie tbh.


Seriously it holds up. Watched it again a couple weeks ago and I cried.


The first time I saw in high school with my friend it was just a joke but then we both got really invested in it and realized it was a good film. I watched it a couple more times after that but I always stopped it before Jake gyllenhaal's character died because it was just too much for me.


If they want wilderness they should demand land reclamation and protection. They should want to regulate companies negatively impacting the environment and put laws in place to protect it. The exact opposite of what republicans in office are trying to accomplish.


Says the party that wants to destroy our wilderness


This is how America should be, gay cowboys, guns and not a (liberal) woman in sight?


Also no infrastructure, tech or manufacturing hubs, or the vast majority of the countries tax revenue. Also, ironically, no police.


How about we give all the liberal states to Canada, and take everything within those states, let’s see how proud they’ll be of their America when they lose all the ‘city dwelling liberals’, because I’m sorry but you can’t build an economy on exporting racism


it's what I argued with a "true patriot" who believed civil war was the only way. Told him to think really hard about where is all the money, where are all the production centers, the valuable strategic places... a second civil war would end exactly the same as the first, but it would last much shorter.


Yes, what the (essentially) confederate states would hold would mostly be empty nowhere, and with only 2 major economic regions propping up the entire country, it would lose economically and militarily, and that’s assuming all the states that could support them actually do, North Carolina for example may just do what states like Kentucky did in the civil war and remain loyal to the union


That's one of my favorite movies 👀


It's Bareback Mountain I love that movie!


ignoring the image, and just taking the words at face value, do these people seriously believe they can survive a wild west/ prairie lifestyle? These people get mad when mcdonald's stops serving breakfast.


I don't know this movie but I guess it's about gay cowboys.


That exactly what it’s about, 🤣🤣🤣


Gay Democrat Cowboys, ahh the age old American dream


City dwelling liberal here. So far today I’ve: 1) eaten a piece of French toast with sliced banana and maple syrup. It was tasty 2) mowed my 1/10th acre lawn. It was hot. 3) put a different pickup in my strat. Had a little trouble with that but got through it. I’ll probably play for a while later on. 4) surfed Reddit. Enjoyed the post with the ferret pulling its hooman friend to see its babies. Also found the puking MLB pitcher post interesting. My wife suggested that maybe he was hung over, I hadn’t thought of that. That’s pretty much it. I wonder if ppl who post memes like this (irony aside) have ever actually met a city liberal? We’re just ordinary folks trying to get through life, really.