Failed the history class

Failed the history class


North Africa in WW2 was wild


It was, and Rommel was brilliant in that theater. Thank God German logistics weren’t up to the challenge or it could occupy a much larger place in WWII history books


Above all, Rommel was great in self marketing. Each success was because of his genius, each setback was somehow the Italians' fault. He became the role model for almost the complete general staff of the Wehrmacht. Including Halder, who lead the Germany section of the US history commission after the war. You still can see these traces in lots of uncritical books and documentaries about the war - German generals brilliant. But Italians. And Romanians. And stupid decisions by the only person who made stupid decisions - Hitler himself.


Also, there were other all-Euro wars in history. Like the 30 years war was with a large number of countries


That French guy who declared himself emperor, that time France fought everyone in Europe, the war of the third coalition, that other time some guy returned to France and fought everyone in Europe, oh and the Crimean war


The Hundred Years War was 116 years long! And it kind of ended in a no-score draw.


100 years sounds cooler tho


But not as cool as the Seven years war. Oh, wait...


You mean the French and Indian war in Europe?


Can you imagine a 100 year war? Like, how does it end? Everyone's like, do you remember what grandpa was pissed off about? I don't know, he's always pissed off. You wanna call this off and get some spaghetti? Sounds good to me bro.


It wasnt actually continuous. There were multiple intermission years.


Yeah the noblemen had to occasionally go home to flog more supplies out of their serfs and take their sons away to die againsts other poor git who also just wanted to live his life as a turnip grower.


i identify as a poor git


IIRC it was mostly fought with mercenary and paid armies (as in volunteers). Conscript armies were useless, especially in chevaucheé heavy period.


The war in Afghanistan has been going on for 20 years now. Most war isn't like the total warfare of the world wars.


From Afghanistan's pov the war has lasted since 1980. 41 years.


In the original Sherlock Holmes stories written in the 1800's, Watson is a doctor and a veteran of the "Afghan wars." When they made the show "Sherlock", set in modern times, they didn't have to change that fact.


Ask ~~Rome~~ the Vatican (modern Roman empire)! They had wars that easily outlasted generations... or wars in successive generations, for which I suppose *too many emperors to list* are responsible




All of the Mideast wars and conflict the US has been involved in from the 80s in Lebanon till now in Syria/Afghanistan ( and beyond when the attack Iran) will likely be seen as the oil wars, or the last gasp of US hegemony.


Technically there were many wars not just "the" war. 1386-1415 were officially Peace. Its just easier to wrap it into one name. It is way more complicated than it seems at first glance.


England ended up losing a lot of their Norman possessions


Yeah it's not like a "no-score draw". France's objective has always been to kick England out of the continent, whether it's through their actual territories or in their influence (like with Burgundy). By the end the English have been confined to Calais.


Don't forget Gascony!


No-score draw is like the most apt description of Europe I can think of.


Oh ya, that guy with the Napoleon complex.




Hello, fellow Oversimplified viewer.


Seems like those french are always up to some shit...


Probably the seven years war/french and Indian war was the one that best fits op's description and even then, as the name implies, there was significant native american forces on both sides


The Seven Years’ War was also fought in India, so was arguably the real first world war. Also fun fact, it was started by a British ambush against a group of French colonists. The commander of that British ambush? None other than George Washington. So in essence, the first world war was started by Washington


The entire history of Europe is a litany of wars between tribes of 'white' people, and sometimes within tribes of 'white' people. There are hundreds of all-European wars throughout history.


Like the time all of Europe decided to kill France, then some Corsican turned French guy decided to kill Europe a couple more times 😂


Don’t forget the ottomans. Or the African campaigns




> OP lists Libya, Morroco, Ethiopia, Egypt You: > Don't forget the African campaigns!


OP left out German East Africa, where Paul von Lettow-Vorbeck led a campaign with 14,000 troops that tied down 300,000 allied troops for years.


Hitler also reached out to Mexico to try and add them to the ~~axis~~ central powers EDIT: I got wars confused, I was referring to the Zimmerman note


Fun fact my country in central America sended 7 people not to fight but for resupply purposes and to say we held on only 4 came back even tho they never saw live combat they just stayed


I am trying to remember the exact details but I remember reading about a company of soldier that left to go fight with like 100 men and came back with like 105.


You might be thinking of Lichtenstein. Sent 80 people and came back with an Italian friend


He's quick, he's funny, he makes me lots of money, Lichtensteeeeein!


But also not one of the world wars(right?), just to note


If memory serves correct, it was the Austro-Prussian War in 1866.


That didn’t happen. You might be thinking about the Zimmerman telegram, which the Kaiser of Germany sent out during the first world war in an attempt to get them to invade the US and thus distract them from Europe. The purpose of the telegram was to prevent a US entry in the world war, which utterly backfired and the US declared war soon after the telegram was leaked


Citation needed. Pretty sure you're thinking of the Zimmerman Telegram in WWI.


South America participated as well, everyone was part of the allies, though they contributed to different extent. Brazil sent and expeditionary force that fought in Italy. Not a small amount either - 25,900 men. The Brazilian Navy and Air Force were also part of the Battle of the Atlantic. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Brazilian_Expeditionary_Force In Chile, there was an attempted Nazi-backed coup to overthrow the Chilean government. Chilean police also stopped a Nazi plot to blow up the Panama canal. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/World_War_II_by_country#Chile e: Also, >The Salvadoran Consul General in Geneva, Switzerland, saved 25,000 Jews by providing them with Salvadoran passports which could be used as a form of political asylum. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Latin_America_during_World_War_II#Jewish_Passports-El_Salvador


Mexico also sent the Aztec Eagles to the US.


They helped to liberate the Philippines.


My country, Costa Rica, declared war to the Nazis and the only thing that ever happened was that they sunk a fishing boat ._.


You say that like it's no big deal but I bet the fishermen on that boat were livid.




I love the battle of the Atlantic. I find it so amusing how Germans spent forever developing acoustic homing torpedoes yet the Allies countered them with simple noise makers. Random stuff like that.


I didn't know that. Thank you!


It should be noted that of the Latin American countries that participated only Mexico and Brazil actually sent troops overseas Edit: I failed to mention that many citizens of other Latin American countries also fought however they served in the militaries of other nations. As many as 250,000 Mexican nationals served as part of the US military while Mexico itself only sent one air squadron to the Pacific theater. Brazil was the only Latin nation to have sent troops directly to Europe


Brazil forces were very important fighting on Italy to bring vitory to it's side. There are a lot of records of some interesting bits about the exchange of tactics and behaviours between troops in that time. But Brazilians smoking snakes fought hard and brought back victory!


To be fair, everything back then was all black and white. Color hasn't been invented yet.


This guy is playing 7D chess while we’re all stuck on tic-tac-toe








While I like Japanese culture, they do get a pass on many things that Western countries are constantly criticized for. But since people love romanticising Japan, no one really talks about their sexism, crippling work ethics and fked up justice system, or xenophobia.


comfort girls are a prime example.


Unit 731 another


Fun fact, the Unit was destroyed at the end of the war by the Japanese and all documents relating to its existence were burned. Well how do we know it happened may you ask? Because the USA pardoned and gave full political immunity to everyone involved in exchange for their research! Yay, isn't history fun?


One thing that makes it even more fucked up is that the US discovered that most of their “research” was basically useless. A lot of their methodologies were inherently flawed and couldn’t be considered even remotely reliable in terms of collecting data. The Nazis were better about that.


It may be technically true, but "The nazis were more scientifically sound in their horrifically evil experiments" will always have a weird sound to me.


And then you remember it took us to the moon, too. The 20th century was a very fucked up one to say the least.


The Rape of Nanking is another.


I've heard it said that the "Comfort Women" system of mass-rape of Korean women was done in response to the Rape of Nanking. That it was Japan looking at what happened there and going "Wow, this really got out of hand, this brutal excess of sexual assault is just so disorderly, we really need to get it better organized!"...


I sat in front of photos from that specific instance of genocide for the entire fall of my 9th grade year. : / I hope to never have to see another baby ripped from its mothers womb ever again


Also a bit of a forgotten one, but the Japanese killed 3 million of my countrymen (Indonesia) during their occupation period (1942-1945).


Pro tip - if you're ever involved in a series of actions that happen over many days that can all collectively be referred to as a "rape," you need to reevaluate your life choices


Japan knew exactly what they were doing by defining the sex slaves as "comfort women".


Similar to the Joy Divisions in Europe.


I mean there's a few examples. Plenty to pick from.


Trash taste podcast (a podcast with three you tubers that talk about anime) often talk about Japanese culture and the weird xenophobia things that goes on there. One of the hosts had to introduce himself to his neighbours and one of them didn’t talk to him cause her husband didn’t let her talk to foreigners. It’s a funny podcast, even if you don’t like anime one of the hosts have a really weird life and it’s fun to just hear him talk about it


And in Asian countries they have things like [this](https://edition.cnn.com/2011/09/28/world/asia/thailand-nazi-parade/index.html).


Imagine going to school one day and all you see is your entire grade pretending to be Nazis. That would be weird.


[You mean like this?](https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UEcBF3jQ27c)


>Thai rock band Slur donned Nazi uniforms I think once a rock band is named after insulting words about other ethnic, sexual, or social groups, wearing Nazi uniforms just seems inevitable.


Oh yeah that's 光復 highschool in Hsinchu. My school neighbors their's and when we saw them started walking out in Nazi uniforms we wondered if it'll make the news lol.




Yeah I hate that too. Confederates don't deserve honor. They betrayed the country, and they enslaved people.


Taiwan was occupied and Thailand was aligned with the axis, what do you expect.


Yo, i went to Pattaya for vacation (do not recommend) and they were selling nazi merchandise on the streets. [Even took this pic. Wonder if the girl knows what she is selling.](https://i.imgur.com/PfGOD7C.jpg)


Yes go to phuket for vacation instead. Worlds better. Living in Bangkok now cause covid and its actually alright, but Pattaya is a shitthole.


Yea, we did not to enough research on our vacation. We mostly chose Pattaya because we could spend a couple days in Bangkok and then take a cab to Pattay. Little did we know that Pattaya was just a terrible beach, Russian sex tourists, and overpriced terrible elephant tours.


So I was a high school teacher in rural Thailand for a year, and I saw nazi swastikas sold on like earrings and clothing at night markets, had a student who once wore a shirt with Hitler's face on it to class, and had a couple students turn in homework assignments where Hitler was their answer to "who is someone you admire?" There are of course Buddhist swastikas that do not look like nazi swastikas, which are all over temples, and what I'm talking about are *nazi* swastikas. But I honestly think it is because Thai students aren't really taught about the Holocaust - or they weren't when I was there 7 years ago. Additionally during the last coup I believe the junta produced a propaganda video featuring Hitler in mid-2014 and I arrived a few months later, so I'm wont to believe those two things (lack of education and him being held up by the military junta) are kind of why that was happening. I think that is slowly changing, and teaching about the Holocaust is being added to more curriculums, but that was my experience in super, super rural Thailand.


According to my nazi relatives... REAL white blonde blue-eyed people who are above you and me, thai people are untermenschen who need to be, and I quote: "Thrown off the stairs". "They don't deserve to be alive." "They are just animals." Side note: when shown American Nazi cosplayers at far-right rallies, they comment like: "These are not real nazis and should be burned alive for daring to call themselves that. Real nazis are beautiful tall people with a chin. And they're educated and smart." I think teaching the Holocaust isn't good enough. Let an actual nazi do a talk in class. They'll be like "You are scum, trash, animals and you don't deserve to be alive. Aren't you ashamed of what you are? You should be." and see how cool they think nazis are after that.


I mean, I don’t think giving nazis a platform is a good idea, so maybe showing videos of nazis saying racist shit about Asians would be better, not to mention safer.


Asians say racist shit to other Asians, they don't give two shits lol. I'm sure they know the honorary bit Japan got only went so far and they'd be hard-pressed to be seen as being "in" with actual Nazi's and just like fetishizing it based on ideals and "success".


I was hoping for hentai


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I don't know what I expected, but it wasn't that.


Oh. Oh, no. Oh


Not a surprise that people largely overlook them for old atrocities. Even for modern issues, East Asia, South America, Middle East and African countries get a pass because to most people that browse reddit or english platforms in general they aren't knowledgeable about them. Everyone talks about white people being racist and how racism is a huge issue in the US and Europe when in reality western countries are by far the most open to accept everyone regardless of race or religion and trying to let people bring their culture here. In many countries if you look different, good fucking luck. Bow down to their culture or you will be in serious trouble. I'm not denying there are issues in predominantly white countries mind you, just that many people's world view is super narrow and they like to blame white people for worldwide issues but are ignorant about how lucky they are compared to if they moved to a country that wasn't as progressive.


Partly due to the quiet integration of war crime scientists post-war, partly b/c the US did the whole Japanese internment camps, and partly a sort of societal guilt over the dropping of 2 atomic bombs and the absolute horrors that produced.


Not everyone feels guilty about doing what we had to in order to win the war, and some of us know that the massive bombing raids were doing even more damage. Regardless of any of that, other countries like China don't give a flying fuck what the US thinks. They, and most of SE Asia have been ignored whenever they point out the atrocities that Japan did during WW2. Wiping out entire villages, mass rape, bayoneting babies for sport... they were worse than the Nazis.


The firebombing of Tokyo did more material damage than the atomic bombs dropped together. I'm differentiating that from human life, since the firebombings took place over hours and allowed much more time to escape and survive. The atomic bombs did not allow for that chance, so those two explosions killed about 40,000 more people than the bombing of Tokyo. As far as who was worse, it's really kind of a moot argument. The atrocities committed by both countries were just so heinous that comparing those levels of evil is unproductive (you can also tentatively add Russia into that conversation). Edit: To be clearer, my second paragraph is in response to the claim that the Japanese "were worse than the Nazi's". I am not saying that about the U.S. The dropping of atomic bombs by the U.S. is certainly a deep debate as far as morality goes (as it should be when discussing the use of WMD's), but that's not one I'm really getting into here.


Its aweing how many people are unaware about the... "Differences" in Japan to the Western World


Japan didn't get a pass in Asia. A lot of the atrocities were mentioned in my history books and I remembered growing up in the 80s and we were still ridiculing them, treating them like the boogeyman. I think sentiments among the older population is still negative about them and in some East Asian countries, there's still a lot of negative sentiments.


I've gotten the chance to talk to a few older Chinese people in my life, and although it's anecdotal, I can confirm. They really, REALLY hate Japan and the Japanese. And I can't fault them for it- the people I talked to were old enough to have been teenagers during WWII. One of them on the east coast of China. Some scars, time just doesn't heal.


Well they didn't even present official excuses for what they did. Ever. They even deny cold facts. At least Germany had the minimal common sense to apologise and try to cut off anything linked to nazi's. Even Russia did officially apologise for Katyn and other things. Not Japan. They are ... What they are.


Not really. Pretty much any decent WWII history I’ve read has detailed information on the atrocities committed by the Japanese, especially against American soldiers though the rape of Nanking is itself the subject of entire history books. That said, I do think the battles get overlooked because many were fought in weird, out of the way places without many people or with native people who are kind of ignored in western media and who didn’t necessarily write down their day to day lives (like Europeans did).


Yeah, my grandfather’s experience in the Philippines is why he made sure my father wasn’t drafted in the Vietnam war. One standout experience was when he was in a trench with a friend and some people approached and yelled out they were Americans. His friend popped his head up, was shot multiple times by Japanese and died leaning against my grandfather.


Jesus, that’s terrible. Glad he made it out.


I was just listening to this type of situation in Dan Carlin’s hardcore history podcast on Japan during WWII. It’s insane that it’d be dark and American soldiers would hear men screaming in the foxholes nearby as they died and never knew if their foxhole was the next one to have a Japanese soldier jump in with a knife. I can’t imagine what that does to you psychologically.


The pacific was mostly usa vs japan and on the water. Not as "glamorous" as paratroopers in the french country side.


I suppose though the pacific theater has always fascinated me more because it was so fucking brutal for both sides. But maybe that’s just me. I don’t know.


I think it's all fascinating, and as a navy vet, that was "our" war. But the european theater just follows a much more generic good vs evil, 3 act story line. It's like real life movie script. It makes it an easy story to tell. It might be insensitive to boil down all that loss of life into a script, bit that's what we do. Humans are storytellers. Europe captures people's imagination. Especially stories of beautiful french nurses in the countryside and british yacht sailors crossing the channel into a war zone. And of course, D-day. Plus, the nazis are just the perfect encapsulation of an evil fascist empire. The pacific was naval fighting and island hopping. I think when people imagine that warfare, 'nam is what comes to mind.


Key words being "decent WWII history". Yes, any actually good history of WWII will cover the messed up things Japan did. But public education is often nothing but the cliff notes version of history. Which means things get over looked, forgotten, etc.


Yeah I realized what he meant after I posted this.


I grew up in Norway, and we pretty much only learned about the nazis and Italian fascists. If the victims of the Japanese fascists were even mentioned in our history schoolbooks, it wasn’t nearly enough, ‘cause I didn’t even remember it when I first started reading about the atrocities on Wikipedia.


I don’t think it’s as common knowledge as what the nazis did to the Jews. Sure anyone who took a college modern history class or read a book about the war will have at least a vague understanding of the brutality of the Japanese, I don’t think the average schmuck on the street would have any idea the Mario makers were crazy like that.


I suppose; I may overestimate the intelligence and historical understanding of most people.




As learners of history in non-American countries, it baffles us to meet Americans who have been taught a very propaganda-filled version of events. It’s as if the Russians and the other Allies were just sort of helping out a little while USA did all the work.


What is weird is the Marshall Plan, implemented by the US to rebuild Europe, was very successful but is a footnote in American schools vs our military involvement in WWII.


Every country does that I think. I met a Ukrainian who was convinced the US didn't do anything in WW2, and a Chinese guy I met told me that in their schools they learn that China won the war pretty much single-handedly and then the US came and dropped nukes out of nowhere


Not only did China win the war single-handedly, they won the war while simultaneously fighting China, the country that won the war single highhandedly!


In Canada I wasn’t taught many things about Japan, but we learned about the nukes as a way to criticize the US. Like all we learned about was our and US’s internment camps for the Japanese which were wrong (they were wrong). And then we learned about pearl harbour and how that got the US into the war. Then we talked about the bombs and how they ended the war but that it was wrong of the Americans to use nukes because it killed too many innocents.


More like all the other allies were losing to Germany and the whole world was about to speak German until John Wayne and the rest of the US army showed up. It wasn't until I started reading history books from the library that the true nature of events became clear. The knowledge is available but not taught over here. HashtagFreedom


Eh, Japan in the were is less relevant to the US so it makes sense. In Australia we focus more on Japanese stuff because Australians were mostly fighting in the Pacific theatre. A lot of Europe is skimmed over, and pretty much everything the Americans did aside from the nukes is left out. Countries just teach the stuff relevant to their own history.


The Pacific theater was extremely relevant to the U.S., though. Don't mistake lack of discussion of Japanese atrocities with lack of discussion of the war in the Pacific in general. This poster's experience isn't universal. My high school definitely covered both Europe and the Pacific.


Nah, pretty much anyone who committed atrocities in World War 2 got a pass as long as those in charge deemed it ok. Nazi Scientists where given a pass and even allowed to rewrite history because the U.S and U.S.S.R needed some technology. And an entire Japanese human experimentation unit was allowed to go free because the U.S wanted the results of their research. Not to mention all the stuff the allies did the went unpunished because they were the "winners". Yes, we talk about the atrocities, but the ones who committed them weren't and never will be truly punished. So in this way, they did get a pass. This isn't limited to World War 2, but basically every conflict.


I think he meant they’re not taught in history class. Not a literal pass.


Yeah, the reason no one really talks about it is because both they were overshadowed by the Holocaust and because unlike Germany, Japan does not openly accept responsibility for their actions during WW2 and does not really talk about it. Ask people in countries like the Philippines and I’m sure loads of them know intimately of the Japanese atrocities but those countries aren’t major world powers so they couldn’t publicize them on a global scale like the US and Britain did about the German atrocities.


I think if anything they only get a pass in the west because of the h-bombs, pretty sure Koreans and Chinese know exactly how bad Japan was.


Thermonuclear weapons (hydrogen bombs) weren’t developed until the 1950s. The weapons used against Japan were fission not fusion.


White people get grilled by white people. I’m sure if you went to China and asked about it they wouldn’t be all that pleased.


Do they though? I mean we like modern Japan and we like modern Germany too. Don’t we? There was tons of racism towards Japanese-Americans after they returned home from internment camps. There’s of info about how that happened here in my hometown, Seattle. We surely don’t romanticize WWII Japan the same way stories of say Samurai are. In fact many western movie defections of Japanese soldiers in WWII are kind of nasty, which is probably a good depiction because of the atrocities mentioned. I think dropped nukes on their civilians along with the constant firebombing— and ultimately the westernization of Japan, is a long enough lasting affect from the US. As well, outside of the US, China hates Japan I’m sure more than Germany, for the rape of Nanking. And it took awhile for my Filipino grandparents to not some resentment towards Japan people for stuff like the Death March of Bataan. I think maybe it ultimately comes down to the fact that Hitler was the evil face of WWII. Mussolini did some vile shit. Japan did some vile shit. Maybe also just because in my area, there’s a large Asian-American population and they’re has always been a large Japanese population, I do see the Japanese perspective more.


Come on, man, Japan was one of the major parts of WWII.


Singapore, India, Malaysia, Papua New Guinea, Solomon Islands, Nauru...


Turkey as well




It's more complicated, and I'd point you to the Indische Legion and Indian National Army loosely organized by Subhas Chandra Bose to fight on the side of the Axis for Indian liberation by force of arms. Many also fought because India believed (correctly, to some extent) that it would force the British to acknowledge and grant their independence from colonial rule. India was and is huge, diverse and the furthest thing from a monolith. I'd be careful trying to make generalized statements on them.


Whether or not they wanted to fight, they still fought. Plus India was invaded by the Japanese


The Indian Army was composed entirely of volunteer soldiers


Remember when the white people bombed Pearl Harbor


Remember when the Germans bombed Pearl Harbor too?


This shit pisses me off. This is why you have history class kids, so you don't end up like this dumbass.




The word beefing just makes me think of stupid YouTube drama, like “Oh hitler just dropped the new diss track on Churchill”


History classes usually don't teach you about a lot of what happened in the world wars that made them world wars. I dont blame what's probably a kid for being ignorant, I blame their history classes for not being able to teach them about this.


History is one of maybe 8 classes that has to cover (depending on country and class) 300+ years of significant events. It shouldn't be that surprising that some things don't go in depth or aren't remembered.


To be fair, a lot of those countries were European colonies, and they joined the war by default.


Yeah, while Japan factors into this, most of those other countries do not and were still under colonial administraton. A lot of British colonies didn't get independence until after WWII.


Canada never declared war on Germany in WWI. Instead, Britain declared that Canada was at war with Germany. (Which is not to say they wouldn’t have, Anglophone Canadians overwhelmingly supported the war effort)


Hello, from Canada!


Came here to say this!


Yeah but China had 15-20 *million* deaths in ww2 due to combat with Japan. Only the Soviet Union had more. There was a whole other war going on that many western people are totally oblivious to.


Lol you beat me to this


This definitely is a facepalm but I can see how people get confused. It’s more a reflection of the education system. Many classes only name the “big” players in the war, and leave out the contributions of many nations.


Yeah, it's unfortunate but that is the nature of history. It's a large subject, I guess. When you can write 1000 page tomes on 1 single war, say Shelby Foote's American Civil War books, many things by necessity get glossed over for the sake of brevity in a more introductory class. Your right though it often leads to embarrassing misunderstanding and bad takes on history lol.


> 1000 page tomes on 1 single war Given the right war and topic you wanted to pursue you could probably write a 1000 page tome on just a battle in that war. (Verdun springs to mind here. For arguments sake it was ~9 months long)


Japan wasn't a big player?


I dont know about you, but all my history classes covered Japan just as much as Germany.


I mean this person is obviously just a moron. The main belligerents in both wars involved a non-white/European power. Ottoman empire in ww1 and Japanese empire in ww2.


I’d usually go along with this, but every history class teaches about Pearl Harbor at least. This dude is an idiot.


Not where I live (France), no. I literally had no idea what Pearl Harbor was until the movie came out.


Big players like Japan?


this was my first thought. past egypt (and that is a stretch) those countries don't get mentioned in american textbooks on wwII often, ive been trying to make it a point to to bring this up with my students


What bothers me is that all of the groups involved that had people with pale skin were from wildly different areas. The USSR had an enormous number of ethnic differences within its realm. You wanna look at people from Azerbaijan, Kazakhstan, Armenia, Romania, and many others and just write them off as white people? Sure, their skin is pale, but they're as far removed from English, German, French, American people as you could possibly get while still kinda sorta having similar skin tones. The people who were in charge of sending the men to die were, in most cases, white, sure. Most, not all. But the people who died there, the MILLIONS of people who died for those wars, just about every corner of the world was represented.


Yeah, the US concept of "whites" may be applicable to the US, but it has many flaws when trying to apply it to the world at large. There is a reason why many countries outside of the US really don't talk about race at all but rather about ethnicities.


Yeah, it seems to be a very American thing that I see a lot on reddit. Every white person is lumped together under 1 banner. You wouldn't say a black person from Haiti, the US, the UK and Africa (or even between African countries) are the same culturally or have much commonality beside their skin colour yet a white person from the US is somehow the same as a white person from the Mediterranean and a white person from the middle east, etc. There have been times in history where Italians and Irish have been considered 'not white', you wouldn't go around spouting that Jewish people had 'white privilege', it's just a really sheltered American perception. I'm half Maltese, half Australian, both would be considered 'white' yet my dad clearly had darker skin than my mum, and copped racist shit when he moved here. But you know, we're all just white so who gives a shit.


> There have been times in history where Italians and Irish have been considered 'not white' This is a minor pet peeve, but the Irish were never considered "not white". Anti-Irish sentiment was rooted in sectarianism, it was *anti-Catholic* sentiment manifesting itself. Protestant Irishmen have occupied positions of power and wealth in the USA and UK for centuries, the disenfranchised were the Catholic Irish.


If someone’s going to make huge claims about how stupid stuff is when they’re so ignorant that a simple google search disproves them, that’s on them. There’s ignorance, and then there’s confidently saying dumb shit without doing even cursory research. Also, Japan is very widely taught about in the US.


I present to you... #the entire Ottoman Empire


I’ve never understood why the Chinese and Southeast Asian theaters are so often ignored (at least in the US). Like, there was some really bad shit happening there, too. We were never taught about that in my history classes.


I think it’s because how it didn’t affect things all that much from our point of view, and simply the fact that it far more difficult to report on now and at the time. For most of the Allies the Pacific was a naval war. It was the island hoping campaign to Japan and then bombing with a possible invasion. The Chinese and South East Asian theaters were, strategically, basically just holding down enemy troops while they advanced and did the war winning. One could equate it to the activities that went on in the occupied territories of Europe like Norway or Greece which also aren’t talked about much after they are captured


Not to mention Indians, West Africans (Gambians, Senegalese, Malians, etc.), and Pacific Islanders! It still blows my mind just how much of the world was involved!


Almost like it’s a World War.


Nah that’d be crazy, can you imagine if the entire world got into a war?


Idiot is trying to be "woke" and all they're doing is dismissing the immense suffering of non white people during the war.


And the efforts made by them too.




True but the battles in Africa and the Middle East were between European countries and often involved colonial armies.


Aside from Japan, I actually didn't learn about the involvement of any of those countries in history class. American education is not the best.


Hardcore sleeping on India. They fought their dicks off in WW1. Turkey too


people who can only view the world through the lens of race are so tedious


War is war.


Everyone deserves to die. At least once, anyway.


They did not know Japen was in the war???


That’s also not really what they were about. The first one kinda started with that (Princip was pissed at Ferdinand’s control, if I remember correctly). But after that it was (mainly) a war because someone’s ally attacked another country’s ally. The second one had one side trying to control the world and one side trying to stop that.


Gavrilo was a part of the Serbian terrorist cell "Black Hand". Most of the members in the botched original assassination attempt where barely 18 or younger. After the botched attempt Franz decided to go to the hospitals, in a rare move of gallantry seen today, to visit and tend to the wounded. Small hiccup. Several actually. Him and Sophie where on vacation to escape the family members. You see, Franz married below his station, she was only a duchess. So they visited a people whom Franz was sympathetic to, the serbians. On June 28th. A *major* mistake. This was the eve of the battle of Sarajevo, a haunting defeat for the people of Serbia. Any other day, this may have not happened. Millions of young men's blood may not of needed to stain the world's dirt and it's oceans. But he chose this day, this one calendar day, to visit. Gravilo had a bad day, he had been apart of a failed assassination. His dreams of honor and glory had been dashed. He hides the pistol in his jacket and heads to his favorite sandwich shop. Well as they head to the hospital, another mistake is made. They hand a map to Franz and Sophie's driver. Their personal driver, from Austria. He gets lost, takes a wrong left turn onto a street names after Franz's father and stalls while he tries to back up. Here. Here the intersection of fate and hope and hell intersect. Three shots ring out across the street. Three shots that ignite the ember of war. An ember stoked in to the great conflagration known as *the* seminal tragedy. The great war.


When you try so hard to counter white washing you accidentally white wash a world war


Wasn’t Arabia involved in WW1?


There was an Arab revolt against the Ottomans, but the independent Arab states had little involvement in the war to my knowledge.


Okay wait… It’s not White War III?


Honestly reading the comments and seeing how many countries actually participated in the ww2 makes me realize the absolute MAGNITUDE of that conflict


Tbf, the us educational system really frames it as US (and some allies) beat back Nazi Germany (and friends)


“Paris! Paris outraged! Paris broken! Paris martyred! But Paris liberated! Liberated by itself, liberated by its people with the help of the French armies, with the support and the help of all France, of the France that fights, of the only France, of the real France, of the eternal France!” -Charles de Gaulle, 1944 The US isn’t the only country overstating their involvement in the war.


I think I went to a different us educational system. We were taught all the major players and that we were important to the victory but not the only piece. Maybe it boils down to the teacher delivering the content.


Retention. How well were kids listening...would be a huge factor. The discussions about things are not usually test points.


As someone who has a public education more similar to yours then theirs, it's important to remember that "public education" in the US is so wildly varied that generalizing about it is nearly impossible.


I hate seeing this. This isn't true everywhere, and is only said to try and frame the U.S negatively. The country is massive, curriculums are different. I was taught about the important contributions of many allies. Stop looking for those "America bad" upvotes.


And India too*...I believe they had and have the largest volunteer army in the world


Indians fought in WWI because the chutiya British promised them Freedom. But like the lying bloody wankers they were, they didn't. Then India had to fight again in WWII and the British was so crippled by the Nazis coupled with the increasing pressure from the Indian Freedom fighters and their movements, the wankers eventually gave up and India got it's freedom.


Indians were forced to fight by the British Empire.