Why would they do that?

Why would they do that?


Oh! Someone did that a few years ago to get rid of his dad! He sent him off to England and had a friend over there help get the old man discovered. The poor old guy had no idea what was going on, what his name was, or anything. No one knew who he was. So, he was put up in a nursing home using the healthcare in that country. Eventually, his identity was found out and he was shipped back home to the US. The son was prosecuted, I believe. Before shipping him off to England, the poor old guy was living in the remains of his burned out house with his equally disabled wife in California. I can't remember any of the names, but I've seen at least a couple of true crime videos about it. Edited to Add - I found the story! Google Roger Curry for additional information. The accomplice in the UK was prosecuted and jailed for a short time for his part in the whole thing.


Such a sad ending to this story, he was loved by all the nurses in the care home in England and ended up in a terrible home back in America. The journalists wished they’d never found out the truth cause he had a much better life in England.


I think that’s the whole point of why his son sent him there in first place.


Honestly, this was probably the most ethical way to do something illegal to help your father that one could do. Obviously once caught it makes sense he got in trouble, but it sounds like he had a caring person on the other end to get him safely to the home. Poor family.


It's like underground railroad level wrong... By that I mean it's not and the system put in place that made this the best option is


reminds me of an [old joke](https://www.reddit.com/r/Jokes/comments/3b89ru/italian_father_with_son_in_prison/)


Oh yes! A classic. Very similar energy.


And they threw him in jail for it, this is like a Breaking Bad level dystopian plot line


Yeah, at first reading the son was a monster, but if he didn’t have the money to care for him, sending him to a country with universal health care might have been his best shot.


> The journalists wished they’d never found out the truth cause he had a much better life in England. Nah, fam. They were all thirsty for them scoop.


For real lmao if they had SO MANY opportunities to turn back and not fuck up his whole life. Remorseful my ass


I can already see rags like the sun or Daily Mail frothing at the mouth at a chance to break this story.


There used to be a thing called ethical journalism. Wait, was there ever? I don’t even know


Ya that’s not what ethical journalism means lol


American socialized healthcare - ship your sick and old to Europe.


"Give me your tired, your poor, Your huddled masses yearning to breathe free, The wretched refuse of your teeming shore."


"*unless they have pre-existing conditions"


life is a pre-existing condition sadly


Imminent death is too


I once knew a girl with Imminent Death Syndrome.


I once knew a dead girl. We dated for a while, but I decided to leave her when her looks deteriorated.


Just nuke that ham wallet on high for 45seconds.


It’s not *if* you get sick, it’s when, and how badly.


A terminal one, at that!


Make mine a VT-100.


Being poor is a pre-existing condition


Often hereditary too


Restrictions may apply. Only in participating states. Void where prohibited.


*Terms and conditions may apply


"Give me your healthiest and best laborers, and we'll return them as tired, poor, huddled masses yearning to breathe free."


"'Give me your tired, your poor, I'll piss on 'em.' That's what the Statue Of Liberty says." - Lou Reed


\*Statue of Bigotry\* is the correct lyric.


heard that in his voice so clearly


"so they can be exploited for cheap labor and once are no longer of use, I can send them back" Lady Liberty, probably.


That's why the call it "the old world", right?




We were told to “bring out our dead.”Isn’t that close enough?


I'm not dead yet.


I’m feeling better, I’m going to take a walk!


Since Europe already has a large aging population, what's a few more grandpappies


That’s so fucked.


Honestly he probably did it for the healthcare


> Before shipping him off to England, the poor old guy was living in the remains of his burned out house with his equally disabled wife in California. Given shitty healthcare in the US, sounds like England was a massive upgrade for the dude.


What happened to the equally disabled wife?!?


I found a story about it! Took some digging and google-fu. https://www.bbc.com/news/magazine-38769685


Jfc, that was heartbreaking, especially the end where he had been well taken care of in England but he was looking thin and disheveled back at the US care home.


I don't know why we can't just take care of our elderly. People will vote against paying more taxes to ensure our nation's elderly will live out the rest of their lives in dignity, but I'm sure they'll be calling for reform once they're the ones being stuck in an abusive care home.


Many care homes in England are also shitty or abusive fwiw, it's not a utopia over here.


stop electing Torries then.


I've worked in a few nursing homes and I'll tell you they arnt underfunded just severely mismanaged. The owners will have the nicest shit ever and the residents pay a LOT to be there yet everyone else is minimum wage and the place looks run down to all hell. At least in my experience


This is why I hate the grandstanding of celebrities and heads of state posturing as volunteers. This is so common and has been going on for so long, it's excruciatingly depressing. It's supposed to be a virtue signal to fellow rich people to put some effectual work back into society. In reality, it's used as a reminder for regular folks to be "grateful for the help they can do for no compensation, while we stuff our bank accounts and claim it's not personal wealth, it's corporate profit so we shouldn't be taxed". EAT ALL THE RICH! They deserve it with their short sighted profit visions and lack of concern for their fellow humans and the planet.


Clearly the elderly need to pull themselves up by their boot straps and get back to work, damn layabouts. /s


Those Walmart customers aren’t going to greet themselves.


Yeah, think of all the people who will starve to death because they refuse to go grocery shopping without being welcomed! Madness. (I'm not defending the practice. On the contrary, greeter positions exploit some of the most vulnerable people in our society for profit, and deny them full time hours that "earn" health benefits, PTO, or even basic human accommodations. All in the name of sam Wally's 15th vacation home).


For the record Sam Walton believed in treating employees fairly and wanted to run a moral business. It’s his family members that after he died turned Walmart into the malicious mega corporation we see today. Here is a quote from Sam Walton: *”The larger truth that I failed to see turned out to be another of those paradoxes — like the discounter’s principle of the less you charge, the more you’ll earn. And here it is: the more you share profits with your associates — whether it’s in salaries or incentives or bonuses or stock discounts — the more profit will accrue to the company. Why? Because the way management treats the associates is exactly how the associates will then treat the customers. And if the associates treat the customers well, the customers will return again and again, and that is where the real profit in this business lies, not in trying to drag strangers into your stores for one-time purchases based on splashy sales or expensive advertising. Satisfied, loyal, repeat customers are at the heart of Wal-Mart’s spectacular profit margins, and those customers are loyal to us because our associates treat them better than salespeople in other stores do. So, in the whole Wal-Mart scheme of things, the most important contact ever made is between the associate in the store and the customer.”*


I get your point. However, I do not buy Newman's own brand anymore. Paul Newman and sam Walton may have had social ideals that were admirable, but the CURRENT scheme is manipulative and self-serving. I do care about the past. Because I care about the future. Therefore, I care for and criticize the present. Things evolve, but humanity is pretty consistent (in our framework of the world). Currently, humans are suffering and an elite few are enjoying the spoils. That's unsustainable and unethical, in my humble plebeian opinion. 'We judge others by their actions and ourselves by our intent" is a double edged sword used to slay the populace and ensure greater power for the few.


Our Walmart fired all of its elderly & disabled greeters 2 years ago. Very compassionate employer.


You CAN take care of your own elderly. You just have to not need the money from a job like a rich person. Wait.... your telling me the vast vast majority of families don't have that kind of money? Well shit, son...


Because the old pieces of shit that could do anything about it sold us out to the highest bidder. They’ll be taken care of old, but the rest of us are fucked because we only finished high school, got the wrong degree, or just aren’t good enough in their eyes.


Really interesting article, thanks for posting.


Actually feel really bad for the son. Seeing your elderly parents living in poor conditions likely leaking the funds needed to help them. The best thing he could think of was to get the man who needed help to a country that actually helped it's old.


In my home country neglecting your old parents will get you shunned by your entire clan. Imagine about 250,000 people, spreadout throughout the country, who you don't know but they can identify you by your 2nd name and they all heard through the grapevine that you are a piece of shit. If you rent an apartment, apply for a marriage certificate, open a bank account....someone somewhere will see your name and word will get back to your village that this guy lives over here and the next thing you know there is a goat's tongue in your mailbox and pictures of your abandoned parents distributed in your workplace. Africans don't fuck with our elders


That's sounds bad for people that have abusive parents. Id be livid if i was forced to take care of my extremely abusive parents. Like, they tortured us as kids and only got a small jail time AND i have to wipe their ass and feed them with kisses when they're old?nope nope nope


Yap. The old ways tend to clash with modern sensibilities. I'm the only son of a cult member and when I was finally separated and placed into a better home my adopted dad had to go back to my village and defend himself against accusations that he had "stolen me" and convince a bunch of 70 year old elders that my bio dad was no good for me before the harassment stopped. There are cases where the clan system works eg if you need to trace a horrible person who did something horrible and fled but I don't care for the lack of nuance in this things.


Oh man, too bad they both died peacefully in their sleep shortly after living with me.


What is the significance of a goat's tongue, exactly?


It's a bad luck omen in my tribe. Also rotting meat equals flies which is an extra fuck you


It was certainly bad luck for the goat...


But under what conditions would the son get prosecuted? Was he legal guardian of his dad or something? I mean I get it's absolutely cruel, but it's not like you are legally obliged to take care of your elders unless there is some contract, or unable to buy someone a ticket.


Perhaps this would fall under elder abuse? In California penal code section 368 elder abuse is a crime and can be prosecuted as a misdemeanor or felony depending on specifics. Edit for link: https://leginfo.legislature.ca.gov/faces/codes_displayText.xhtml?lawCode=PEN&division=&title=9.&part=1.&chapter=13.&article=


Need to read more about this. I wonder where is the line between "this family member is not my problem" and elder abuse.


"Not my problem" implies you're just off and not intervening in this person's life, this guy actually did stuff in order to create a bad situation. I don't know if you can necessarily neglect an adult, I know for children neglect and abuse can be differentiated, but I doubt you could neglect an adult without guardianship.


Interesting question about what constitutes a bad situation, though - the journalist and the sister, at least, believed he was better off in England. The relationship with the son sounded problematic, to say the least, but may well also have believed that he was actually doing the best for his father (even if his subsequent actions make it pretty clear that he *also* knew it was a dodgy way of doing so). I'd be genuinely fascinated to know whether they could make an abuse charge stick in the situation that someone was acting in a way that at best did actually help the dude, and certainly left him no worse off than he'd otherwise be.


But the son didn't make sure he was cared for in the UK. For all he knew the father might as well have starved to death


Probably just barred from entering their country lol That's crazy though, I'd love to know for sure.


the man had dementia, so i'm pretty sure he was classed as a vulnerable adult, which changes the situation substantially even if he's not the legal guardian


I mean, you can't just send someone to another country and expect that country to take care of them. Taking care of someone with dementia is expensive and time consuming. That fraud on the receiving country's healthcare system. He KNEW they would take care of the poor old guy, and didn't advise anyone that he was coming.


Remindme! 2 days Yeah I'm curious about the legality of this too... Seems very interesting


It sounds a lot like my dog that was blind and got sent to a farm. I wonder why the fuck my mom would do that.


New euphemism for elderly relatives who have passed on: "Sweetie, we sent him to tour Europe on his own..."


More like "sweetie, we sent him to Europe for some free healthcare"


to a clinic in Switzerland


...one way


I probably have bad news for you son.


Oh no…


Oh no...


Finally some good fucking food


Oh no


Oh *yes*


Oh YEAH!!!




No, it's cool. Dogs, even blind ones sure to their keen sense of smell, can enjoy years of life in a farm setting.


Plus, with a farm, there's plenty of room to run without the dog accidentally hitting anything!


It’s actually not a joke! My mom’s friend had a friend who was blind growing up. The guy always wanted to drive a car. So they took him to a corn field and let him drive and would shout directions(there was 1 Boulder in the field)


Although I was just continuing the ongoing joke there, there's actually a bunch of truth to it as well. >My mom’s friend had a friend who was blind growing up. The guy always wanted to drive a car. So they took him to a corn field and let him drive That's awesome. I can imagine how great that would be for him and also how much trust he would need to have in the other person.




Idk if you could really call that unexpected


The farm is only 10 acres.


That’s wrong with a 10 acre farm?


it could be.. 11?


Look man, his dog has just been sent to a farm. Nows not the time to be telling him your his new dad.


You know those tasty homemade steaks? Well, it wasnt beef. But they were tasty.


He’s got ninety nine problems


Don't sweat it man. My Beagle went to that farm when I was 12. He's still there running around doing Beagle things. Figure he's about 28 years old now. He's probably best friends with your dog.


From microwaved cards win a birthday trip to like a dog sent to a farm to assisted suicide -- this thread takes it down hard and fast and probably true


Don't feel too bad man. I was dumb enough to believe the farm bit too, and only found out years later when I brought it up


Wondering if this is somehow related to the phrase “bought the farm”.


Buying the farm is related to military service. If you were a farm boy from Iowa shot down in WWII then the death benefits would often let your family pay off debts on their farm. That's how I heard it at least.


But they didn't buy one, they dropped the dog off to it.




Yeah ikr a blind dog couldn’t even protect cattle well


Uh,. If you microwave your birthday cards, you get your birthday wish. Which in this case was going on an all expenses paid trip to Europe, apparently.


It is known.


This is the way






Blessed be the fruit


So say we all


Ooooooh that's what I was doing wrong. Never got to win the lottery cause I didn't microwave my birthday cards. Silly me.


Well now you know. It’s never too late.


Try microwaving the scratch-offs


When my great grandma was 91 she planted Vicodin pills in her flower pots. Still not sure if she was hiding them for later or trying to grow more.


She was probably trying to use them up. Some people crush up aspirin and use it to aid plant growth. I’ll bet she thought “same difference”.


Tired of waiting on that inheritance


My little brother got a free vacation to Europe and all he had to do was drop my grandma off at her relatives houses in Switzerland every morning.


That's lovely, but if he had to drop her off somewhere in Switzerland every morning, he would have seen a lot of Switzerland and not a lot of the rest of Europe. Mind you, Switzerland is stunningly beautiful.


Setting up a "base" in one country and then visiting the rest seems like the most common way to see Europe these days, but sure...


Right but the argument is that it's hard to see much of Europe if you have obligations in Switzerland every morning.


Maybe, but you would leave your "base" for multiple days at a time to visit some further away areas. There is no way you can see a lot of Europe if you need to be back in Switzerland every day.


If you have to drop someone off in Switzerland every morning that limits the amount of travelling you can do. Regardless, visiting Switzerland is still a European vacation, just like visiting Jamaica is a Caribbean vacation. The term doesn’t mean you’ve seen the entire region.


My dumbass brain first thought this was a joke about Dignitas, until I read the comment properly.


Guessing they only bought him a one way ticket to Switzerland?


And an appointment with a certain clinic?


When you care..... Dignitas


To everyone wondering about the context: >Dignitas is a Swiss non-profit members' society providing **assisted/accompanied suicide** to those members of the organization who suffer from terminal illness and/or severe physical and/or mental illnesses, supported by qualified Swiss doctors independent of the organization. http://www.dignitas.ch


Oh that explains their LoL team’s performance


ffs both too soon and too late :c


I could call indignitas? They could come shove you out of a window dressed as a clown?


It's my billion dollar idea. When you want to die but you don't want to go out like a birch. Packages include: Fight a bear Judged volcano swan driving "Taking a trip to The Cheddar Depot" And more I call it the 'Make a Death Wish' foundation.


Hmm... I don't want to know what it is, but The Cheddar Depot sounds delightful.


Would you be dressed as a clown, or would they be dressed as a clown?




The card would be crispier and taste better if he cooked it in the stove


Rub them with olive oil, sprinkle some s&p. This is why lots of people grow up hating birthday cards, their parents dont know how to cook them right


Thanks Ken M


“Why would they do that?” Better healthcare.


Someone did it already. Sent their senile dad off to England, got an accomplice to "find" him on a road all alone, and the old man got put up in a nursing home while they tried to figure out who he was. Eventually, the con was discovered, and the old man came back to the US. The son was prosecuted. I can't remember all the details since I just saw a true crime video or 2 about it and I didn't pay all that much attention.


What exactly was the son prosecuted for? I can’t picture what he would be charged for.


Turns out, I don't think the son was prosecuted, but the accomplice who lived in the UK was. I found a [story](https://www.theguardian.com/global/2019/nov/09/american-man-abandoned-in-uk-international-puzzle) about it eventually. The UK guy basically took the old man's documentation and lied to the first responders about how he "found" the old guy and was trying to get him help. All kinds of other lies too, about military association the things. I'm not sure the son was charge with anything.


Or a certain practice that's legal in Switzerland


The old fella's getting gay married?


that's the one thing you can't do in Fondue country


Yep. Find someone on the other side willing to "find" them and they mysteriously didn't have any identification, get sent to a home, and no one claims them. Shitty for sure. But having had elderly relatives and seen what that's like, and the bills ($8k/month), like... I get it. Paying that much money to effectively keep a body around when the mind is long gone makes zero sense.


Which is why we need some kind of system in place for medically assisted suicide, and we need to let go of the stigma of wanting to die especially for the very old and terminally ill. The current system punishes middle and lower income families for having elderly family members. If they don't qualify for the low-income nursing homes, they have to care for the elders themselves (very difficult all adults in the household must work) or pay someone else to. The parents' estate can help pay for that but if there is little to nothing, the children eventually front the cost and in either case there is little to negative generational wealth passed on - keeping them in the financial place the wealthy want them to be. And that doesn't even get into the cost of funerals. Cremation costs as little as $2000 - that's just stupid. Build me a bonfire and burn me viking style, bury what's left to fertilize new life, I don't need no stupid urn.


It's all coming together


Is this like when Native Americans would get old and just walk off into the woods?


At least he finally gets to see Europe.


At this age I think it's not his first trip here but this time he's not carrying a gun


Have you ever flown to Berlin before? Yes, but it was at night and we didn't land.


91 years ago was 1930. He probably wasnt one of the seven people who signed up when they were 12


How about at 14?


You could definitely serve on "merchant vessels" at that age. Running supplies from America to Europe. My grandfather did at 12.


>see Europe >Legally blind


Hear Europe


Smell Europe.


Taste Europe


"Life insurance pays off triple if you die on a business trip. I prayed for wind shear effect. I prayed for pelicans sucked into the turbines and loose bolts and ice on the wings. On takeoff, as the plane pushed down the runway and the flaps tilted up, with our seats in their full upright position and our tray tables stowed and all personal carry-on baggage in the overhead compartment, as the end of the runway ran up to meet us with our smoking materials extinguished, I prayed for a crash."


I cannot see i'm legally blind


Oh yeah? Well I'm illegally blind, and they'll never catch me alive




It's like a modern version of setting them out on a iceflow.


They probably will strap a go pro on the man and film some content for their tik tok.


That's just cruel, honestly it feels more like they're trying to get a vacation from taking care of him. There is no good reason to send a blind old man overseas alone.


Someone who is legally blind can still see, just not very well. I think the greater concern is his declining mental faculties. Back in the 80s we used to send my senile grandmother to Scotland to visit family once a year. She would travel with her senile sister and her legally blind brother in law, who was sharp as a tack. He had no trouble getting them all there and back again.


I’d love to see that as a movie


It's one of those vacations without a return ticket? Elysian Fields? Soylent Green Farm?


Weirdly on topic - my mum had an aquaintance that she knew from France. I say aquaintance because she was a friend of a friend of my mums. For simplicity I'm going to refer to them as: French lady: G Mum's friend: V G ended up passing away while she was in the UK visiting V, and the family completely disowned all responsibilty for her remains. When V contacted the family in France they wanted nothing to do with returning the body, and told V to please deal with it. As it turned out, they did an autopsy on G and found out that she had been literally on deaths door for a while. Absolutely riddled with cancer... And the trip had been planned and instigated by the family... The assumption we made eventually was that they didn't want to pay for the funeral/end of life costs. So they kicked her onto a plane and sent her abroad to die so they wouldn't have to deal with it...


On the positive side, this way G was at least with a person who liked her when she died.


“Au revoir Shoshanna!”


Microwaving mail/cards was a thing for Covid. Easy way to sterilize things.


Omg this hits really close to home. My dad is 83 with moderate dementia from Alzheimer’s and his partner of 20+ years keeps buying him plane tickets to visit Denmark (where he is from and owns a small vacation home) by himself despite it being horribly unsafe for him to travel alone. He refuses any kind of assistance and there hasn’t yet been an incident bad enough to have him placed under guardianship, but the man holds his phone upside down and repeats the same thing 20 times in a 10 minute conversation. I told her if anything happens to him I will sue the shit out of her. She had her lawyer write me a nasty gram basically saying we’re not legally married so 123 not it. Fuck you Marianne.


The youth in Asia


I'm wondering if he microwaved them to kill covid. I remember people were doing that


Are the also sending the dog to the farm


If you microwave your birthday cards, the glitter really sparkles!


Sounds like one way ticket to me.


Clearly sending him to go sightseeing.


get that inheritance ifg


I think they’re trying to get rid of him for good


Everything's gonna be fine. Have you ever seen a Mr Magoo episode?


Is he meant to eat them cold?


Can you be illigaly blind?


I hear inheritance loud and clear.


Trying to get access to his death benefits, duh


How can we get at the money in the will without having to spend money on a nursing home or hospice care? I know, send him on a vacation he won't return from.


He needs a chaperone and I need a free European vacation, win-win


Sounds like his life insurance is fully paid up and they want to cash in.


Someone's looking for inheritance


Volunteer to go! You can watch him microwave his tickets.