Disney being lazy smh

Disney being lazy smh


That guy should see comics, then. The reason no one recognizes Superman is Clark Kent or Batman is Bruce Wayne is because every buff male looks exactly the same. I'm a huge comic nerd, and I still can't tell the difference half the time when they're in plain clothes. I remember one scene where Superman was giving a celebration speech to the rest of the League, and after 3 pages Selina called him sweetheart and I realized it was Batman the whole time. Nevermind same family, these two aren't even from the same *planet* and they sameface as hard as an old Bethesda game.


I remember the Walking Dead having this problem as well, but being in black and white made it even worse.


I had the same problem, I thought I was just an idiot.


>had the same problem You were black and white? Jeez


A true American anomaly Edit because this was funny in my head but I realize it could offend. Someone lmk




It was extremely dry humor. Racial identity is a super divisive trait in America and a very touchy subject for some people. Worth a shot.


The vast majority of us just don't care beyond wanting people to be equal. There are some crazies just like everywhere.


I laughed.


Michael Jackson had the same issue, but he felt like it doesn’t matter if you’re black or white.


Remember that time Rick saved Rick from Rick, and then Rick showed up?


Was that the same episode where Rick killed Rick so could switch Rick to be Rick


Every white woman looked the same. I was excited when Andrea got a scar because I was finally able to tell her apart from the others.


I’m glad I wasn’t the only one relieved by that.




Oh shit is that why anime main characters have crazy hair? Adaptations from mangas in b/w? They draw them to stand out




Also makes for an easy game of "find the protag"


The reason why SSJ Goku had yellow hair was because the managaka got sick of drawing and colouring in his hair, so he just made it uncoloured


>Oh shit is that why anime main characters have crazy hair? *Saitama has left the chat.*


and in the dragon prince all main black characters look like childish gambino


I had zero problems telling them apart?




Batman and superman have switched places a few times and nobody could tell the difference, infact I remember one time when some villain had found out Bruce Wayne was batman so "Bruce Wayne" showed up to the scene and the villain was taken away while everyone went home assured bruce was not batman. You come to find out it was just ROBIN wearing a suit and using fucking stilts..... so I think dc is very self aware about every male looking the same lol. Edit: a word


Sometimes when they switch in the comics, Superman says he uses the full control of his vocal cords in order to mimic Batman’s voice and sound like him too. Because sure, why not right


To be fair, a lot of normal people are really good at impressions or imitating people. So super-imitation is hardly a superpower. Maybe Clark just spent some time with a voice coach and likes to be really extra when describing what he's doing.


Batman and Superman have probably done this with Lois and Catwoman at some point. With unfortunate implications.


In the old Batman TV series, there was one scene where the Joker had captured Robin, and was trying to force Bruce Wayne to kill robin with a printing press(long story). Since he was there as Bruce Wayne, and not Batman, he couldn't save Robin, or else he would risk revealing himself as Batman to the Joker. So instead, Alfred dresses up as Batman and climbs the building to rescue Robin.


> kill robin with a printing press(long story). Good thing there was a printing press to print the long story out…


Ahh im glad im not the only one who thought of this! Alfred with his mustache coming out of the mask


It's worse than that, there are times when Clark Kent was mistaken for Bruce Wayne.


Batman the Animated Series: The Strange Case of Bruce Wayne


Its actually called the “The Strange Secret of Bruce Wayne”


That was it!!!!!


God I love that episode, but it’s just an harsh reminder that Supes could clean up Gotham in a matter of hours.


IIRC theres an episode in one of the cartoons where Superman is dressed as Batman and fights Bane. Bane thinks he's gonna kick Batmans ass like he's done many times before, but Supes wipes the floor with him. He couldn't tell it wasn't really Batman Edit: Found it https://youtu.be/PgW6aMyaXO8


Pretty sure the only reason no one recognizes Clark Kent is that no one wants to be the guy to call out an alien in the office who could rip them in half.


In more modern iterations Clark does a lot to modify his appearance like dress differently, slouch, voice changing, ect. Lots of people underestimate the power of clothing and stance when it comes to recognizing people. Most people arent also looking for Superman in the office. They especially dont think a living God would do something as lowly as be a reporter for a local newspaper.


In all-star superman, lex luthor looks at clark and tells him something like "you are tall, but you are fat and slouched over. With proper training and posture, your physical build could even rival that of superman!"


As a kid I thought it was a stupid concept that people couldn’t tell the difference between Clarke and Superman. Then I saw the original Richard Donner Superman Movie and was blown away by Christopher Reeve in the scene where he is about to tell Louis he is Superman. The transformation in those few seconds was enough for me to be sold on the concept.


Terrific acting on Christopher Reeve's part https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tNUu6Lf9mVU


The way he went from smooth, sexy hunk to awkward, shy geek.


Oh my god this man *is* Superman


I used to think it was dumb that they couldn't recognize Superman, then I started following Tony Hawk Twitter and now I understand.


Exactly. Superman doesn't wear a mask. Until recently, people just assumed he had no other identity because why would he?


Yeah, it's like if Obama started working with you at your job. You're not going to say "holy shit, why the hell is the president working with me", you're going to say "This guy looks a lot like Obama".


"Let me get this straight, you think that your coworker, one of the most successful journalists in the city and someone you've been stealing lunches from, is secretly an alien god who spends his nights beating other alien gods to a pulp with his bare hands, and your plan is to report this person to HR?"


I just watched Dead Poets Society, and I loved it, but I couldn't tell any of the white, dark haired, average height teenage boys apart. And I'm a white, dark haired, average height teenage boy. This shit happens to me in real life all the time.


The TV show *24* had several pretty blonde women in it who I could barely tell apart unless they were on screen at the same time


This is why I support diverse casting, obviously it's good to have minority representation. But beyond that, it helps my dumbass tell who is who.


I legit think this is a great argument for more intra-film diversity: it's way easier to remember which character is which (especially in thrillers etc where that's important).


Plus they’re just drawn completely differently by different artists, which is a lot of why comics are fun, but there just is not an identifiable face for Clark or Bruce.






Is there ever an year where the Saberface wasn't used? Or Jeanne-face (I mean, Jeanne face is derived from Saber face so meh, close enough) And now there's even that one time where Summer Okita final ascension face resembles young Waver.




And then there's the Sakura-faces, currently... 8 of them. Rin-faces are ... 4 iirc.


One Piece is awful in this aspect. But Oda focused on the silhouette rather than just the face. His character designs are amazing minus the face.




Didn't Oda confess that he just sucks with female design? The only reason how I can distinguish Nami and Robin is because of their mannerism and face expression. But it doesn't help when they play dress up every arc


And the thing was originally robins design was much more different but post time skip it didn’t. Oda is threat with variety of characters body’s and designs. But with certain pretty female characters it’s very similar. In one case he does a huge variety but then theres some that are the same


didn't hel that he choose to update Namis visual closer to his wife


So bad I couldn't tell who was who in the anime after a few seasons.


In Fate they're kinda stock characters in terms of their visuals though. Not sure that's entirely the same thing since it's more of an artistic choice.


Oda did the Amazon island arc as a way to force himself to draw women who look unique.


Superman isn’t Clark kent, Kent wears glasses


He takes them off when he transforms.


Yeah, that's what we need Clark Kent flying around without his glasses taking out buildings and planes because he can't see them.


Rubbish. He's far too clumsy to be Superman!


This is why Jojo is amazing. Every main character is so unique.


"Which one is Jojo again?" "The fabulous one" ".... yeah that doesn't help"


Jojos are usually the ones kicking the shit out of the fabulous ones. Now, certainly they might be fabulous themselves when stacked up against someone from another series, but in universe they're at least seventeen badges and zippers short compared to most villains.


The poses while monologuing make me and my wife laugh so hard. Also the poses while inner monologuing, for similar reasons. It's a wonder anyone ever wins any of those fights with the time spent looking fabulous. It's almost as bad as, but funnier than, the dragonball universe and their screams and shrieks. Would have been more realistic if Vegeta would suckerpunch anyone who is shouting or screaming or in a pose for a move.




It also has a lot of music and band references, which is one of the reasons it took so long for them to get the series fully okayed with America (referring to the Netflix version) and likely with other countries. Look at some of the names and references and you will see why.




Better than half of the characters in Golden Wind. Sticky Fingers to Zipper Man Sex Pistols to Six Bullets Notorious B.I.G to Notorious Chase Beach Boy to Fisher Man Green Day to Green Tea The list goes on lol.


Filthy Acts at a Reasonable Price is pure genius though.


Worse Company


The posing is the entire point!


I'll always point to [Awaken, my masters](https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1hclmYoxgg0) as the Jojoest that JoJo ever was.




The Pillar Men are peak Jojo and no one can say otherwise. Watching their scenes alone will basically give you the purest dose of the series.


There's actually three way to distinct Jojo. part 1, 2, 3 is the hunk era. 4, 5, 6 is the twunk(twink + hunk) era 7, 8 is the twink era


Are we talking JoJo’s bizarre adventure, JoJo the singer, JoJo the dancer, or JoJo as in baby shark


Jojo siwa, or KC and Jojo, or Jojo?


Jojo rabbit


Hitler stand was kinda underpowered


Clearly he's means Jojo with the circus


And people have the nerve to say "how can nobody tell the difference between Clark and superman"


Trey and Matt are so lazy! /s https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=CFFUwC4_uME


Speaking of comics, I just started reading Claymore and all of the characters look alike to me except the main character.


Hey another Claymore fan out in the wild! But at least the similarity between the Claymore warriors is intentional, they're *supposed* to be drones with no individuality in the eyes of the Organization.


> *"Drone better."* ~ Ivan Vanko


Claymore is a much more grounded comic, in my opinion, than Clayless.


I believe there was a comic where deathstroke was ordered to kill bruce wayne, but tried to kill superman, who was wearing bruce’s clothes, because he mistaked them


I mean, disney is lazy just not for this reason.


Need character development? Kill their family. Every fucking movie.


I remember when they killed Joe Gardner's mum in Soul by dropping a piano on her, absolute shocker!


Pixar isn’t the same studio as Frozen tho


Ahh shit, you're right. I've never put the fact that Pixar isn't the only Disney studio that makes 3D animation.


they ended up with three computer animation studios after they bought Fox, and unfortunately closed the extra one, Blue Sky


There was also DisneyToon for a while, & their job was to churn out spin-offs and Direct-To-Video franchise films. BlueSky will be missed, I know a lot of people were looking forward to that Nimona movie!


Yeah. Finally a major animated movie with a protagonist who was openly LGBT+. But unfortunately the mouse said no.


They finally did an openly LGBT+ side character in a TV show a few days ago though so at least there’s something. I still wish Disney would do more though for the LGBT+ community, all they’ve done so far is hint a few characters may be LGBT, some shorts on Disney+ that do BAME and LGBT representation and Big Shot, which I just mentioned above, had a lesbian kiss in it which was pretty neat.


Yeah but Disney TV isn't a huge international thing like their movies are. They don't have the LGBT+ stuff in their cause many countries, with significant audiences, are against it. And Disney want as much money as possible.


That’s how a lot of the original stories go though.


That's like every comic superhero backstory. Batman (dead in robbery gone wrong). Superman (his dad dying of heart attack). Flash (his mother killed by reverse flash). Robin, Dick Grayson (killed by mafia). Iron Man (killed by Winter Soldier in the movie). Spider-Man (his uncle accidentally killed by robber). And that's just on the top of my head


Or kill John Wick's dog.


That's the thing, these statements are not mutually exclusive.


After watching “Lupin III: The first” I’ve come to realize that disney is SEVERELY under-utilizing their budget 😭


They are lazy for this reason too. I remember seeing an artist of precisely Frozen complaining that designing women for Disney is soul crushing because they don't accept any variety other than clothes and hairstyles and colors. Precisely what the OP is about.


Yeah dude I was gonna say. I look similar to my dad in some ways, I like similar to my mom in some ways, I look similar to my siblings in some way, but I'm not a damn clone 😂😂😂 They look like asexually reproducing amoeba


Anna looks like Judy Hopps


And Elsa looks like Moana, but with thinner brows and lighter hair and skin.


Watched Raya and literally said out loud “she just looks like a dark skinned Anna.”


Yeah I was going to say this is pretty lazy too. Just more or less doing slight modifications to a 3d model seems pretty lazy.


Here's some more examples too. https://every-flavored-bean.tumblr.com/post/112569173199/why-does-every-woman-in-every-disney-pixar-movie


Yeah, every single animated movie from them that I've seen follows this one pattern, and are never different. It basically involves this: 1. the two or however many main characters meet and get to know each other 2. The main characters get into a fight and split 3. The main characters realize their mistakes and meet again, this time apologizing 4. The main characters defeat the great evil or whatever they are supposed to be doing Whenever I pointed this out to someone they either got pissed or told me I'm wrong, but I'm really not, and it just makes Disney movies unwatchable, since they are all exactly the same thing.


This isnt just Disney though. You just described one of the most common structures of movies in general. Like 90% of movies or books (or just in general stories) will 1. Introduce the main characters to us and each other if neccessary. 2. Have conflict between main characters 4. Overcoming that conflict 5. End with the bad guy being defeated. No one will get pissed at you for saying that it is a common structure. Using it as an argument to say all disney movies are unwatchable is something else though. Nearly every plot can be described this way of you generalize enough doesnt mean that movies/stories like the lotr are bad though.


Fucking amazing username dude. Shiranui is so underrated, Ammy gets all the love ;)


They really aren't though. I mean, they're a giant evil corporation, but they aren't lazy. They're great at finding gems like Pixar and pouring money into them to end up with the first feature length 3D animated film. They work their asses off on market research and manipulation to always be making what people want while also being on the cutting edge of all different kinds of technology. I hate them for their political lobbying, destruction of smaller studios, and a host of other reasons, but I respect the work it takes to maintain being ✨Disney✨.


Well, their political lobbying ties in to them being lazy + an evil corporation. Rather than make new shit, they've spent a ton of money lobbying to extend IP protections to allow them exclusively to profit off of works that should've entered the public domain long ago.


Thank you! That, and instead of researching the culture (ex. Mulan) or the source material (Star Wars) they do the bare minimum (if that) because as long as they can capitalise on nostalgia, being lazy makes financial sense. Not saying that’s true for all their studios, but it definitely goes for the live action remakes and a certain very disappointing franchise.


Yeah, but disney face is a big problem lmao.


Yeah and Pixar has it nailed. The characters in Soul all looked amazing! Hopefully Disney makes a change soon.


Which is why it's hilarious that they'd try to use this as their example.


What is Disney face and why is it a big problem?


Compare the general face/head shape of the women to the men. The OP is a bad example, but their point is actually correct. Female Disney character leads have minimal variation compared to the male characters.


The women in Disney Princess movies all have the same shape of face. Rapunzel, Elsa, Anna, Moana, and Raya all look like the same preset of doll because they need to be made into dolls. Even before that the 2D princesses were similar to each other or not reflective on their supposed race eg Pocahontas didn't look like a Native American.


It’s wild to me that they even gave the dragons in Raya and the Last Dragon Elsa faces.


i saw it yesterday and did not realize this for a second.. maybe i need to watch it again


Pocahontas has a very distinct face, actually. She has strong, angular features the other princesses do not. Disney face exists, but she is not a good representation of it.


He didn't say pocahontas had Disney face just that she didn't look native.


She does though. Her primary features are her high, strong cheekbones, a common feature around many native American tribes.


I always thought the old princesses looked very different. Snow White had a very round betty boop face, Cinderella had a more mature looking face and Aurora had very defined angular face. Mulan had a pretty distinct face too. Then Ariel and Belle started looking similar and here we are


Ariel and Belle were both based on the same real person, so them looking the same actually makes sense at least.


Mulan was after Ariel and Belle.


>Pocahontas didn't look like a Native American. How so? She looks relatively similar to Sacheen Littlefeather. https://www.poconorecord.com/storyimage/PR/20160227/ENTERTAINMENTLIFE/160229573/AR/0/AR-160229573.jpg


When Disney animates men, they all have unique face shapes and characteristics, but most women characters have the same exact face shape This tumblr post explains: https://every-flavored-bean.tumblr.com/post/112569173199/why-does-every-woman-in-every-disney-pixar-movie


I'm looking at the guy traces and most of the "attractive" or love interest ones aren't that far off from each other. Still more variety than the women but not by much. They should have included more of the evil women faces or Edna from the incredibles.


I think part of it has to do with just how featureless a lot of the faces are in 3D animation. Maybe it's just that they've changed to a more standard look over time, but the faces of most of the Disney women from the 2D era seemed to be a bit more distinct. I think another issue at hand is that no studio will animate unattractive or less than attractive women as main characters, whereas this seems to be more permissible with male main characters.


To be fair, the author of the post is leaving out some of the more unique female characters that don’t fit as well into the narrative and if you take out the abstract characters from Inside Out, the men start to look a lot more similar. That one kinda feels like it’s there to skew the whole sample of guys. Plus a lot of these people are family which will make that similarly pop up a bit more Disney has gotten better over time (this post is 6 or so years old) but this is definitely a good look into how similar it used to feel


>To be fair, the author of the post is leaving out some of the more unique female characters that don’t fit as well into the narrative My first thought was ["Where is Collette?"](https://lumiere-a.akamaihd.net/v1/images/open-uri20150422-20810-qa3ihs_48c8c439.jpeg)


Yeah, when I first saw this list I thought it might have been just a (very obvious) mistake. Going back and actually reading a portion of the text for the post makes it seem very much intentional to line up with the conclusion she was wanting to reach from the start


[this is almost all the Disney princesses/leading women](https://i.imgur.com/J5BhnvK.jpg) - Esmerelda is terrifying here and it’s not *totally* up to date but that doesn’t hurt the point as all the women in frozen do have the same face anyway. [This, is all the “Disney Ladies”](https://i.imgur.com/jnG4lSK.jpg) humans and not, again idk of its up to date and sorry for the low res. Disney does definitely have *some* variety, especially including their older works and nonhuman characters. I wouldn’t go so far as to say their lack of diversity is a “real problem” as far as looks go but I do think all their recent works are visually boring due to the nearly repetitive art style.


! Did anyone else get a "This may have an erotic picture. Click if you still want to open it" message for that first link????


Huh, never thought about it, but once I saw it... The thing i think we miss with the op is the context of how varied male faces are. Sure, three family members can realistically look similar, but a Disney father and two boys would probably look unrealistically varied, which is allows for more creativity in character design.


Their face is a bit uncanny valley IMO. They're like weird humanoid chipmunks. Huge eyes and cheeks, tiny mouths and noses.


The mothers hair looks almost exactly like elza’s hair but brown


Because it's the same style, probably in homage


That makes sense. looking at the bloodline of the erendal or what ever it’s called just looks really weird


It looks the same because it is. You are giving them way too much credit. Disney is know for reusing animation to save on cost and time. One of the big complaints when Frozen came out was that they had very few different female character variations while the males had many.


I feel like OP is saying they used the same character model just different hair, voice and outfit


For real though, the mom and Elsa are the same. It’s like a different skin for the same character in a video game.


Okay, let's be fair, they *could* have used a different model for their mother.


Yea I mean there's a difference between resembling each other because being related and looking like identical twins with different clothes


You could post most of the women they've had in movies in the last decade and make the same good point


It honestly looks like they pulled a Mortal Kombat and just changed the color palette.


Yeah because that's what they did


Being related doesn’t mean you’re identical clones of each other. You share similar features but at the end of the day you are recognizable as your own person. You can barely tell the women in Frozen apart if you took away their hair.


Have you seen the Winnie the Pooh/Jungle Book animation side by side thing? https://youtu.be/sP7JMrMRUs8


You make a good point there but you have to remember how long it took to make cartoon movies back then. They hand drew and painted each animation cell. They photographed each picture. Just a single second of animation took probably an hour or so to make. Watch a video on the process. It is crazy. Gives you a perspective on how far animation has come.


I know all about the old school animation process. Cartoons used to be a badass craft. Even recycling those moments probably took hundreds of hours because they still needed to draw the characters and backgrounds. They got very creative with ways to be efficient. They recycled anything they could; sequences, backgrounds, facial expressions and body gestures. It is a lost art.


So true. Just look at the original Fantasia. They had to get that all timed to amazing classical music. The work it must have taken.


I am an animator nowerdays (3D animation). It is still an art form. It's an incredible proces to make movies like Frozen.


I mean, the recycling of animation by Disney is almost entirely in the period when they were struggling financially in the 60s-80s. It's almost all across The sword in the stone, The Jungle Book, Robin Hood, Rescuers 1 & 2, Great Mouse Detective.. that era. https://disney.fandom.com/wiki/List_of_recycled_animation_in_Disney_movies So it's not like it's just a function of age, it's specifically when they got cheap and started phoning it in. They were even considering shutting down their animated film branch back then. But then they made the little mermaid and the rest is history. :P edit: Some of the later examples in that list are just clear homages, too. Like when they re-use one animation from Snow White in Beauty and the Beast, a movie that had freaking CGI in it, it's not because they were desperate.


Now even teenagers can make animations. Making a meme video is no big deal anymore


Same thing goes for music. Have you heard the autottuned "fishy on me" song? It isn't all bad though. Some people who can't draw, or pluck a guitar are getting new ways to be creative, so that is good.


The real point was just the "Disney" Style. They rotoscoped a lot of their work so they had live action actors do the scene and then used animators to copy the motion to make it look life like. Some animators believed that copying the scene like above wasted more time than it saved (Finding OG old scenes to reuse plus tracing over them), but for Disney it was all about the authenticity and life likeness of the animation that counted.


Geez my dad and I look so much alike. God is a LAZY BITCH.


He be copy and pasting all the time


Dont even get me started on twins!


Ctrl C + Ctrl V


Someone is due for an accidental smiting


They just need something new to plagiarize and get their ball rolling


Maybe a full length version of "Monkey chased the weasel" but they end up friends in the end, and then in 20 years they can do the live action version


They do look like they could be triplets tho... 😬


Ok yeah they’re related but they have *the exact same face*


I disagree with Bromancer there, this is such lazy animation. Even old Walt Disney would be disgusted…


But they used the exact same character models though. I mean, look at The Incredibles; their mom and daughter look related, but don’t use the same models


The more real problem, imo, which I think I've seen stated before (not trying to take credit for noticing it myself) is them not really looking like real grown women. Like they kinda look like some weird grown woman / toddler hybrid or something lol. Which could maybe be excused as "it's just cartoons," but fetishizing young women is definitely a thing, so... it is a bit ick from that standpoint.


No they really are disgusting baby girl creatures. I really hope Pixar/Disney reels it back in. The recent "Pixar mom" big ass trend, paired with the huge wet baby faces is repugnant to me.


Honestly yeah this is still laziness on their part. Shared genetics should mean they look *similar*, not like identical triplets.


Back to the Future logic. Everyone looks exactly the same as their ancestors.


But actually, they said modeling different women's faces was hard bc emotions, so they actually are borderline the same model.


"Women aren't fuckable when their faces move and don't look like toddlers!! :( " - Disney


"Frankly unless I can see my entire body reflected in her oversized pupils I'm just not into it."


"If I can't see every emotion sitting together at a dashboard in their retina, then why am I even here"


tbf even omeeega has the same face


Should’ve compared the Raya dragon to Elsa. That shit looks awful honestly Then again, this is a repost


There’s absolutely no reason two sisters and their mom need to look identical to one another. Try showing those three pictures without context to someone who’s never heard of Frozen. They would tell you it’s the same exact character.


Doesn't explain why the dragon from Raya looks like Elsa's fursona though


Same exact "female" sliders where everyone looks like a disgusting melted marshmallow baby


The mom as a kid looks like Moana as a kid or just really similar


Same actress playing different roles. Happens all the same. Same old boring faces showing up in every new movie


I mean, Disney IS lazy, but this tool chose the wrong point to argue about laziness. Could've argued that they're lazy for rehashing their old movies and making them into live action films as opposed to coming up with original films or the fact that for about 2 years they used the same poster design philosophy for nearly all of their movies (Look at the Aladdin Poster, then one of the star wars sequels, and I think a marvel movie?).


Wait till this guy reads jojo comics and sees that everyone looks the same