She tried to shoot the dog but accidentally shot her son

She tried to shoot the dog but accidentally shot her son

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Did the kid live and i hope she lost fucking custody


Looks like both could happen: [https://www.kiro7.com/news/trending/woman-accidentally-shoots-5-year-old-son-while-trying-shoot-dog-reports-say/GGGFQZMAB5E4RET7GZKE5SD6T4/](https://www.kiro7.com/news/trending/woman-accidentally-shoots-5-year-old-son-while-trying-shoot-dog-reports-say/GGGFQZMAB5E4RET7GZKE5SD6T4/)


Poor kid and dog! I’m glad both will be ok. I’m all for the second amendment, but people who just whip their guns out over the slightest inconvenience should never own a firearm. That’s just asking for serious problems!


This steak is medium, i asked for medium rare! "Gunshots intensify"


Couple years back there was the news story of the people who got into an argument at the movies and one guy threw popcorn at the other guy so he just stood up and shot and killed him. That's why when people get aggravated and crazy I usually just nope out. You don't know how unhinged someone is


It was a retired Tampa Police Officer. It started over texting during the movie. https://www.wfla.com/news/pasco-county/ex-tampa-cop-asking-for-more-freedom-before-movie-theater-shooting-trial/


A cop murdered someone?! No...


Holy crap ! So much for equality under the law.




Honestly, he’ll probably die before he ever goes to trial. It’s been maybe 7 years since he did this and they keep delaying the trial. He’s 78 now.


Hopefully he chokes to death on popcorn.


This happened in Florida near where I live. The guy who did the shooting was an ax swap captain. Retired. To make matters worse he left the site went to his car got the gun and then returned to his seat in the movie theater before killing this young man because he was talking to his wife during the movie. The movie theater was basically deserted just the three of them in the theater. The guy who murdered the popcorn thrower got life in prison. See more [here](https://abcnews.go.com/US/wife-florida-man-accused-theater-shooting-victims-texting/story?id=45631421)


Returning to the scene with a weapon is premeditation, this fucking country


Knowing full well that the death penalty is impractical and inhumane, this guy's deserves to get Hammurabi's coded. If you're gonna feel free to execute someone at a movie theater in cold blood because you're annoyed at them then you should get the cattle treatment and have all of your assets go to the family (or in this case widow) of the person you decided to rob of their life.


I don't see how you read that there was sentence. That was just about his wife's testimony. On the other hand, the link below shows that Carl Reeves's trial date is set for February 7, 2022. TWENTY FUCKING TWENTY TWO. This piece of shit won't go to trial until EIGHT GODDAMNED YEARS after he committed murder! [http://www.curtisreevestrial.com/files/1205.pdf](http://www.curtisreevestrial.com/files/1205.pdf)


Uncle Leo?




I am a gun owner and I agree with you. I cringe even going to the range with the ammosexuals failing to follow basic safety guidelines and instructions.


Think the most eye opening thing for me was when I first started to go to an actual range complex on my own as an adult. Fucking support beams in all the ~25’ target lanes just absolutely covered in bullet damage. HOW?! The beams were maybe 4-5’ in front of the stations. Scary part of it every time


That's why I stopped going to ranges. I don't trust the patrons to not shoot me. A buddy was hit in the neck with shrapnel after a bullet ricochet off the concrete wall next to him. The guy that shot the wall was an off duty cop, too


Saw his shadow it looked like a… uh… perp?


Before the pandemic I kind of fell off my range days because of the dangerous stuff I witnessed people doing there every time I went. The range wardens were diligent about correcting and even ejecting some people but one single moment can change everything.


I go to a range, and they've got signs that say if your bullets hit the equipment we're kicking you out. And I think "that's not fair, accidents happen, what if someone's not that good a shot at first?". Then I see how far off you have to shoot to hit the equipment, and I'm wondering how people that stupid even got into the range.


oh ammosexual is a great name for that.


'ammosexuals' made me lol.


My bf was friends with this guy who was a cop. They went to the shooting range and the friend was trying to show off with his fancy police guns, thinking he was hot shit who didn't need to follow the rules. Tried to come in with a bunch of loaded guns (I guess they needed to be unloaded when you walk in or something), and the owner guy ripped him an absolute new one for thinking he was above the rules. That was the last time my bf went shooting with him but he really enjoyed watching his friend get taken down by the owner lol


yeah i've seen that. in fact i've done that. some kids (maybe 18 I dunno) were handling firearms horribly right next to my bench and at some point one of them flagged me and I fucking went off. One of the ROs came over and asked what happened and I told him and the dude checked his chamber and he still had a round in it. Needless to say they were kicked out. That range is usually super safe but like someone else said, all the support beams to the left right and above are lit the fuck up. even worse, we had a small lets just say, "not fully legal" skeet range in some woods that everyone used to go to and the cops were fine with it because nothing ever happened and we all cleaned up the place. One day were on the range over from these kids with their dad and we hear a shot and suddenly I hear shit whizzing over our heads. One of the kids shot at us and thankfully missed. We all dropped down and started fucking yelling at them. It comes down to people needing to learn proper gun safety and shit before even touching a gun. the 4(5) rules should be fucking welded into your skull.


Perhaps a licensing and basic competency test….?


anything would be nice. and maybe a certificate or some shit you have to bring to the gun store to prove you're not an idiot would be great


Also a gun owner, it has nothing to do with my identity, and I never interact with anyone when guns are involved, people are way too crazy and unpredictable.


Weapons are tools. Tools have a purpose and that should be respected. When people try to turn those tools into a lifestyle... Especially so when they fetishize them and think it makes them powerful... that's where all of my problems with weapons come from. ... Sadly the ship is sailed on all of that. The culture war is already over and decided because people didn't realize they were fighting a culture war until it was already over. Weapons are now synonymous with cultural identity, and so the consequences of that are just the price of living here.


I know enough people that it makes me happy you need to either be a trained and certified hunter or an active competing shooter to be allowed to own a legal firearm in Sweden. And no open or hidden carry bullshit it's for sports or hunting and if you're not doing either, your gun is to be in the safe, secure, and away from dumbfucks.


So his dog ran outside for like 10 seconds and he got a citation? That’s bullshit


"Police issued a citation to his owner for having a loose dog, the news station reported."... It ends there? What about that crazy woman shooting her own kid?! (edit: grammar)


It's literally first 2 sentences of the article. She was arrested and charged. How'd you miss it? > Police arrested a 24-year-old woman after she tried to shoot a dog in her Houston neighborhood on Saturday and instead shot and injured her 5-year-old son, according to multiple reports. Officials charged Angelia Mia Vargas with one count of deadly conduct with a firearm, KHOU reported.


Ah. Thank you. The advertisements got me bamboozled


Hoodwinked! Run amok!


Such tomfoolery and machinations


They're bebopping and scatting all over me!


Amok amok amok


Hey if it helps I acknowledged off the bat that hell yeah they arrested this dumb bitch But when I got to the bottom I thought those exact words I swear lol it took me a minute to realize I had read she was arrested.


No one shot the fucking tiger, why would someone shoot a dog!?


I bet she is still going to want Mothers day cards.


Her Years from now: Why doesn't my son ever phone or vist me?


He’s gonna have one hell of a story assuming he survived...


He did. He was hit in the abdomen and was stabilized at the hospital. I hope they take that sweet baby away from that horrible woman.


Oh shit, the stomach? Thought he was hit in the leg


Dog was grazed in the leg, kid was shot in the abdomen


Dog was grazed???? WTF???


And the owner was cited for having his dog off a leash, according to article above.


The dog was


>hit in the abdomen No wonder he was screaming so loud.


well, anyone would probably be screaming that much if they are shot, regardless of where the bullet hit them... unless maybe a headshot, or a shot to the throat?


Actually getting shot in the abdomen is one of the most painful ways to die/things you can experience. I can only attest to being stabbed in the stomach and let me tell you, it hurt way worse than anything else I've experienced in life to date and I've been through a lot physically.


I feel like the abdomin would be very painful because of all the intestines the bullet would go through aswell


She gets a choice.. they can take the child away or the gun away. She will choose to keep the gun because it’s her right, right? She can always make another kidlet anyhow. /s


You might be right, my mom took me to court over HER attempting to shoot me why drunk because the she was going to have her gun rights temporarily taken away for child endangerment. I won and now she’s unable to ever have a gun.


"Listen buddy, I'm going to just shoot my shot here.. It's been dogging me for weeks but I don't want to make any irrational decisions.. please come for thanksgiving! I wouldn't say I've missed you, but it just feels like there's a hole in my stomach every time I think how you never call. So it's Sunday, aim for 6 o'clock!"


“I just winged ya Tommy, could have been worse”


My big question is why TF are you firing at the dog it wasn’t even aggressive… some people should be barred from owning a gun


She's charged with a felony, so she will be barred from owning a gun


She shouldn't have a gun in the first place


Thank you Captain Hindsight!


That poor kid, his screams. I'm so sorry his mother is an inbred moron. He really ought to be taken away from her.


Yeah good lord, it sounds like his soul has been ripped from his body.


Poor kid got shot in the abdomen, he was probably not only in intense pain but scared out of his mind. I hope they take him from her, she clearly does not know how to raise a child if she thinks shooting around at a puppy is acceptable.


Let's say she didn't shoot the kid and instead hit the dog. She should *still* have that kid taken away. What kind of fucking example is that?


3 shots, hit her kid with one, grazed the dog with one, where the hell did the third end up?!


Some random direction, into a wall, a garden, a car, a house.. who knows. This is why firing off rounds in a suburban area is a bad plan, especially with a child standing in front of the gun.




Hearing your kids in real pain is some next level shit. This video is extremely hard to watch as a parent.


Yep, after I realized it wasn't a scared scream, I had to turn it off. That sound hurt my soul.


***As a human. I'm still hearing it in my head. Horrifying.


For sure. It's just that this shit hits me even harder after becoming a parent. I'm not trying to gatekeep or say you don't understand, it just feels closer to home in a way that's difficult to express.




I have never been more glad to have sound off.


He got shot in the abdomen, gut shots are a mess and extremely painful. Relative to other gunshot wounds even. Go go cps. Who tf even shoots at a puppy in the first place? I hope she loses her kids and all her friends and family too, what a goddamn psychopathic asshole.


And she shot at the puppy within a couple of seconds of it getting out the door, when it wasn't even approaching them.


Imagine he's screaming more because of fear of his mother. As in: the first thing a young boy yells out when facing traumatic injury is,"mommy!" Well imagin when it's your momma who is the danger!




"The dog’s owner told KPRC that the 6-month-old boxer puppy suffered graze wounds to its hind legs but wasn’t seriously injured." https://wgntv.com/news/houston-mom-tries-to-shoot-loose-puppy-accidentally-hits-5-year-old-son-police-say/


Is there a copy of this news report that is available in other countries? If you're in the EU you get "Our European visitors are important to us. This site is currently unavailable to visitors from the European Economic Area while we work to ensure your data is protected in accordance with applicable EU laws." Which is basically: "Your country has required basic privacy and consent for data collection for three years, but we don't wanna!"


HOUSTON (NEXSTAR) — A Texas mother has been charged after police say she accidentally shot her 5-year-old son while firing multiple times at a puppy running loose in a Houston neighborhood over the weekend. Angelia Mia Vargas, 24, is charged with deadly conduct and discharge of a78 firearm in the Saturday afternoon incident. Around 2:15 p.m., Vargas tried to shoot a loose dog running near 700 Dunham Road, firing three shots with a small caliber pistol, according to Detective J. Hasley with the Houston Police Department’s Major Assaults & Family Violence Division. One of the bullets ricocheted and struck her son in the abdomen. The 5-year-old was taken to an area hospital where he was stabilized, according to police. His wounds are not expected to be life-threatening. Vargas was arrested and charged in the incident after prosecutors determined that she had fired across a public roadway and in the direction of two occupied houses. The dog’s owner told KPRC that the 6-month-old boxer puppy suffered graze wounds to its hind legs but wasn’t seriously injured. The owner of the dog was issued a citation of the dog running loose.


No surprise it's Texas.... Also an other example of how letting anyone get a gun, without any training on safety or any real regulation, is moronic. What a culture...


She was literally gun out waiting for that dog on the SECOND pass, meaning the dog didn’t stop to present a threat on the first pass. She wasn’t protecting her son, she was trying to kill a dog


The owner of the dog was alot more chill that I would be if someone tried shooting my dog like that.


That's fair, but wtf can you do except call the police and call for your dog? She literally has a gun. She can end your life in seconds if you chose to confront her. The dog needs help, but if you think logically you can't help it if you get shot as well.


Yeah that's the shit of this situation. She's obviously armed, reckless, and unhinged. As much as I would love to take a bat to her face for trying to murder a member of my family, the only safe thing to do is walk away and try to get your family to safety.


Meanwhile I'm in Canada, repeating my background check every 5 years so I can keep my grandfather's groundhog gun locked in my safe.


i can only own a gun because i own property in the middle of nowhere, too far for police to get there in time in case of an emergency. Brazil is fucked in many ways, but i can agree with our gun laws.


I know, right? In the army we train for 3½ months and some people still manage to fuck it up!


My favorite will always be the dude at our local range who got banned because he went down range to retrieve paper targets while his son was firing at metal plates not five feet from where the board was. Range officer saw him a half second before he caught a ricochet to the thigh.


I love my country, but Texas is something else. They’re really trying to go after Florida’s rep, which is.... disturbing.


Florida is what happens when stupid people are given drugs. Texas is what happens when stupid people are given guns.


It's stupidly easy to get a gun in Florida. I just shook my head at the number of people in my neighborhood who posted on NextDoor last summer about buying one in anticipation of protests. These are the same people who can't figure out how to get their TV back to the correct input for their cable box when they accidentally sit on the remote.


r/nextdoor Enjoy browsing these lonely/psychotic wine moms and elderly people calling the cops over a leaf blowing past their window


Here's a link to an article from The Independent: https://www.independent.co.uk/news/world/americas/crime/woman-shot-dog-son-texas-b1858389.html I don't know if these are international or not, but: https://www.huffpost.com/entry/texas-woman-shoots-son-dog_n_60b83ce2e4b02df1ad873652 https://people.com/crime/texas-mother-allegedly-shoots-5-year-old-son-trying-aim-neighbors-dog/


LOL a picture is worth a thousand words.


So is the lady gonna be charged with animal abuse. I mean shooting a dog coming over with a wagging tail doesn’t seem right. But I see cops get away with doing it to dogs weekly in America. That’s a real stat by the way. Cops kill innocent dogs weekly in America.


The cops killed my friend's dogs when we were in high school. One of them ended up surviving. I remember feeling such hatred in that moment.. not to mention thinking my friend was going to attack these cops. There was no reason to shoot. None what so ever. They didn't even flinch. One bark, two bullets. Even overheard them joking about it later. Fuck my local police station.


america is doomed


It's not just your local police station, pigs just love killing dogs


What’s your town? Reddit can mass star 67 them :) <3




John Wick style.


John wick enters the chat


John Wick intensifies


The only reason I don't believe your stat is because I expect it to be far more frequent than that.


It's double digits every single day. :-(


Innocent people too


I mean it's a boxer... it bobbed and weeved.


She shot him in the stomach too, I hope the kid gets removed from her because Jesus Christ that was a mistake that could have never happened. Poor five year old boy, he probably will be traumatised after this.... Edit: he for sure got ptsd for life


I think if you have a mom that shoots puppies, there’s very little chance of you growing up without trauma


That’s what I was thinking here, this could really be a silver lining that allows this kid to reach adulthood without crippling mental disorders and challenges. Tho- Can’t be much worse than being shot by your mom at 5 years old, and then explaining it was to kill the neighbors puppy...


Hopefully he's young enough he won't remember the event itself long term.


Age 5? Nah that shit’s locked in.


"Hey mom, hey mom, remember that time you tried to shoot a puppy and got me instead. Haha, yeah good times!"


If he even gets to share memories with her later in life. I hope not. Edit: I hope the mom loses custody btw- not the kid to die.


The kid got shot by his mother. He is probably traumatized and 5 years is old enough to remember things


What The Fuck was she doing trying to shoot the fucking dog?! If shooting the boy didn't traumatize him, his mother killing a fucking dog in their driveway would have!!


The news article says they were out biking. Wasnt even on their own property or anything


Obviously the only way to prevent this was for the child to also have a gun.


and the dog, and the camera, and at least one of the nearby trees


The showed up and gave the dog owner a citation according to the article. Yeah. Guns all around since nothing makes sense anyway.


Indeed. Had the child been carrying (preferably CC) he could have been able to stop his attacker (the mother and the dog). Of course, one may ask: “He has two attackers and he is outsized by the mother, what good would a handgun do?” While a handgun would have done just fine, personally if I were the child I would be open carrying an AR-15 to act as a force multiplier. I’m sure had the child had an AR-15 there may not have even been shots fired. TL;DR: If child had an AR-15 he could have been ok.


I don't know if I should laugh at this woman or feel sorry for the child so I will do both.


No way she gets to keep the child after this i would hope


I honestly just hope the child will be okay, he doesn’t deserve what happened to him.


The bullet ricocheted and hit him in the abdomen, he was stabilized and it wasn't life threatening. The dog also had graze wounds on his hind legs but they were both "fine".


Glad to know that the kid and the dog both survived


Here's the [link](https://wgntv.com/news/houston-mom-tries-to-shoot-loose-puppy-accidentally-hits-5-year-old-son-police-say/)


Thanks, I can't read because it's blocked in Europe though x)


I tried lol, the link just says she was "charged with deadly conduct and discharge of a78 firearm" and the rest is in my other comment.


Getting shot or having her as a mother?


Where in the hell is it ok to just shoot a puppy? That woman should be in jail. Tries to kill someone else's puppy AND shoots her own kid.


Texas. Bunch of trigger happy morons live there.


Hearing the poor little kid screaming definitely left me with no inclination to laugh. That was heartbreaking.


I would end my own life if I was ever responsible for my children’s pain and terrified screams like that. Absolutely horrific. As a parent and a gun owner #FUCK THAT STUPID BITCH


Bruh I was thinking where I saw you because your username looked very similar. I think it was the r/oneplus subreddit and I have no idea why I remember that.


I get around lol Definitely me.


Why would you shoot a puppy??




Or a mix of 1, 2, 3, 5 and 6.


Yeah, in no way was number 4 a factor. This shit feels premeditated




Oh yeah. I bet if she would have killed the dog on the first shot, she would have been boasting about how she "protected" her family, and how she "saved lives" from the reign of terror that a small loose puppy can bring. This is totally one of those typical power-starved gun owners. She probably bought it recently and was carrying it around in her pocket waiting for that moment to use it. And instead she shot her own son. Hilarious.


Go to Jail. Go directly to Jail. Do not pass Go. Do not collect $200. Proceed straight to getting your ass whooped in prison, Karen.


Belongs in r/idiotswithguns Hope her son is doing well


so, this is a quiet and safe neighborhood?


This is stupid. I’ve been a mail carrier for 20 years. Every dog that has ever charged me has stopped within 3 feet as long as I stand my ground and don’t show fear. I know someday I may run into one that won’t stop, but invariably, after hundreds of encounters, this is how it has played out for me. Most dogs are friendly, and the ones displaying aggressive behavior are more interested in intimidating you than actually attacking.






Well, when you think about it she got her wish. It's like the story of the monkey's paw.


Wow, and didn’t Texas just introduce a bill that allows anyone to carry and conceal without a permit? Fucking GREAT idea!


They sure did. While completely ignoring the fact that our electrical system completely failed this winter and caused the deaths of many people while leaving most of the state without power.


I swear, the Conservatives in power really seem to want to expedite destruction across the board.


And their idiot base will continue to vote for them cause "the other side kills babies!!"


I got a great idea- why don’t they just make handguns available in Houston with no permit, training or anything? /s


Man that dog really dodged a bullet on this one...


well technically he didnt heres the article: https://wgntv.com/news/houston-mom-tries-to-shoot-loose-puppy-accidentally-hits-5-year-old-son-police-say/ Btw i cant see it bcuz im european i just copied it from another comment


Nice update, the stupid bitch has been arrested and charged: https://www.google.com/amp/s/wgntv.com/news/houston-mom-tries-to-shoot-loose-puppy-accidentally-hits-5-year-old-son-police-say/amp/


What’s sad is she will probably plead out, get probation and community service and then get her son back. That poor baby will have to live with the woman who shot him.


That lady needs to never be allowed to own a gun. You can't just fucking shoot your neighbors dog, that's wrong and multiply felonies all at once. The kid needs to be moved to a safer home, and the dog owner ought to move somewhere that has less inbred dumbfuck selfish people living there. Honestly if someone shot at my dog just because he ran into the street, I don't think I'd be able to keep myself from shooting them back.


What a fucking moron! She should have her child removed from her because clearly she's brain dead. Discharing a firearm on a busy residential street because a puppy wouldn't leave you alone?


And the hoooome of theeee braaaave


Deserved. Not the son, but she did. What a fucking twat. That’s what guns do in the hands of an Australopithecus


She deserves to lose custody. Son deserves a parent who won't shoot him.


Why the fuck would you want to shoot the puppy for running around? And why is the owner so calm like nothing happened?


Because she has a gun and just shot her child and has proven she's very willing to use it.


Yeah it’s like these people didn’t see the video of the neighbor still yelling and talking shit as his neighbor holds a gun to his face. Cocks it and kills him and his wife. Meanwhile the wife is still yelling at him while he shoots them to death. No one is John fucking McClain. Even a navy seal of held at gun point would probably try to calm you down not keep talking shit or yell at you. But people watch to much action films and think they can be the hero. It’s why you get comments like this guys “why did he stop”. “Why didn’t he drop kick her after shooting at the dog” etc.




The owner did the right thing. Not panic, and speed walk back inside.


I have many questions


Wtf type of monster takes shots at a 6 month old puppy running in the street? Honestly this dumb shit should be charged with way more and should never be allowed to own a firearm again. Should be sitting in a cell or psych ward, in my opinion


That poor kid, and that stupid mother. Why would she even try shoot the fucking dog? It’s not causing any harm and it’s not wild either. Why would she even shoot at the dog with the owner literally out there and calling it’s name? This woman was so stupid that she tried to shoot a dog doing no harm, and then shot her son in the stomach. In the end, the dog was doing nothing, the mother did something dumb, and the kid was the one hurt. Absolutely disgusting.


Honest to God the fact the dog owner was charged with anything is ridiculous. The dog was literally out of the house for all of, what, 8 seconds when Madam Unhinged starts a blind shootout in the middle of the fucking street? Dog wasn't "running amok" or being a nuisance. Straight up ten seconds of freedom. That lady is a bigger danger than anything. Unbelievable.


This is really disturbing


Let me get this straight ... you see a dog/puppy running around in a yard. You can tell from its body language it’s not acting aggressive just playful. And your first instinct is to shoot? WTF


She was just walking around with a loaded handgun. Then No Reaction as her kid is screaming in pain.


Idiots like these owns guns across the country, it amazes me how easy it is to register to own a firearm in other states. Fuck the system.


“Mom, you shot me!” That’s heartbreaking. I need ear bleach.


Sad world we live in. Uneducated fat fucking bitch shooting dogs.


Let me guess, Texas?


My Mama always told me stupid is as stupid does


Oh man. The kids screams are heartbreaking. I read this story the other day but hearing the little one in agony hits different.


What a dumb bitch. Hope she loses her fucking kid.


This shit-show brought to you by the NRA.


Why is no one asking the real questions? Why would you try to shoot a puppy and why the fuck was she so quick to pull out a gun? She was just waiting for her chance to shoot something, CMV


Americans man. I’m disgusted by my country.


Clearly the problem is that the kid wasn’t armed. More guns needed.


But… hey, guns protect people. 2nd AMENDMENT…. ‘MERICA FUCK YEAH.




Americans and their guns...


Some people don’t deserve to be mothers... on the other hand she probably isn’t one now.


That has ruined thats kids life


Oh my god, the fact that she was probably ALLOWED to get that gun is a fucking nightmare. People who are so easily angered and lacking self control that they would try to shoot a dog and instead shoot their son should not be in possession of machines of death. How about you be pro this kid's life? Or the many others killed by gun violence?


Too bad she didn't shoot herself. People who hurt animals are the absolute scum of the earth.


Fuck her. That's what you get you stupid bitch


What an absolute fucking asshole of a person. I hope she rots in the deepest pits of hell. I fucking hate people like her.


"If her son and the dog were armed this wouldn't have happened" - NRA