I never understood why people shame someone for actually working and trying to make money. Some people are just so spiteful.


CLASSISM. It’s a very simple reason.


This is how it can be summed up. They see it as a "job for teenagers" because they think a normal person who works there beyond high school/college is a loser who should be able to get a job somewhere else. And if not then it must be your fault. They were able to have college paid off by their parents so why can't you just do the same thing?


I worked in middle retail management for years and would regularly have people insult me about not "having a real job." The same people who were throwing a shit fit because there was a problem they caused and they were to stupid or entitled to fix it themselves. I'd have to fix whatever issue they had all the while I'd get screamed at about being a pathetic loser with a shit job.


I always ask these people where they work, usually they are unemployed or won't tell you because they are embarrassed.


I've never worked customer service in my life. But I wish it was more acceptable to tell off shitty customers. No one should have to be verbally abused by some asshole/karen


At the minimum, they better get compensated well for putting up with it.


I second that, along with jobs where you have to endure being spit on and physically assaulted regularly, too. It just doesn’t pay enough for the toll it takes on your spirit.


The best thing about being a customer is that you’re free to tell off shitty customers. You should try it.


I have done that many times! My favorite was this lady who was in a rush at a Mexican restaurant picking up her food, she left. Then she came back yelling at the staff about how they forgot her chips. Then she left again... Then she came back *again*... this time to yell that her Uber left because they forgot her chips. I told her off about managing her own time and how she's to blame for her Uber leaving. She stormed out.. Then she came back AGAIN all flustered yelling how everyone must think she's a bitch, I cut her off and said "yeah we kinda do" and basically talked over her so she couldn't say anything else.. she huffed and puffed out the door for the final time The staff were super nice to me afterwards haha


I've worked in restaurants my entire life. I was born into the business. My parents own very successful local restaurants. I've had every opportunity to work with them and run their restaurants. I went to school. I have 2 BA's. I also see how much they sacrificed and how hard they worked and *still* work. I make enough money being a bartender. I make more money than a lot of my friends who have professional careers. Granted, I don't have kids. I'm in my mid 30's and I still get asked if I'm going to school and what I want to do with my life. What it comes down to is, I don't want to miss out on life like my parents did.


My dad was General manager of several restaurants for many years after the service. He specialized in fixing up bad restaurants and making them better. I spent 15 years working in his shadow, working with people he used to work with and trying to make my own name. Until one particular place closed down inevitably due to some really shady embezzlement scheme that happened in the corporate office, it turns out they weren't paying the rent money for months and the lot owner kicked us out. I took that time to go to school and get my degree in a field that wasn't food service. I graduated just in time for the 2008-9 recession and my field had a hiring freeze, so I ended up in a warehouse for a few years. I got scouted for a startup IT firm and after being poorly managed it shuttered as well, but it led me to get a job at a larger, multinational corporation. I make 3 times what I made in the kitchen but what I have learned through all this is: 1) your time is more valuable than you think. Leverage it to do what YOU want, not what someone else wants for you; 2) It really doesn't matter what you plan for- expect the unexpected and say yes more than you say no to curve balls; and 3) always tip your servers generously. If nothing else as a sign of respect to the past you inside your head.


I love this!


I’ve been a bartender for the past decade. Pre-pandemic I made really good $ doing it. However, the pandemic has ruined my job as my boss now wants two bartenders on every shift instead of 1 (more cleaning to do because of covid, though that’s not even how it spreads). So now I’m considering using my degree to get a remote job, though I know it’ll be less $ than I made bartending pre-pandemic.


“Yeah I don’t understand, why don’t you just *get* more money?”


This drives me insane because some jobs were perfectly reasonable career choices back in the day. Like being a cashier at a grocery store and stuff. You could be a grocer and that is great. But now it's a "job for students"


I've had more than a few jobs that I really enjoyed that I could have made a career out of, like being a bank teller, but now most jobs that pay a living wage are gated behind degree requirements, which is why we joke about 'entry-level' positions that require a 4-year degree, which are then gated behind ivory towers and tuition bills which cost roughly the same amount as a trip to the hospital. Shit ain't sustainable. One day, it will all come tumbling down, and the wealthy have more to lose.


Apparently these people are also too stupid to realize if it was a job for teenagers, they’d have a hell of a time trying to get a burger for lunch 9 months out of the year.


Perfect comment. You walked off the stage too fast so I’ll drop the mic for you.


McDonalds built a whole long standing campaign on it being a bootstrap job for young black people. So let’s sprinkle a little racism in there too.


Race is one of the biggest weapons used to keep the classes divided. The last thing the ruling class wants is for us to figure it out and come together


Technically any job can be a stepping stone if you don't already have one. But yeah, hardly any entry level job is going to have room for advancement these days. I'm sure the campaign you speak of slightly contradicts the mentality we're speaking of because they were probably talking about moving up the McLadder while people just see it as something you do for a couple years at most til you finish school and find something better. The whole college-to-career pipeline has turned out to be a scam for banks to capitalize on however.


The myth of meritocracy


This is really what it comes down to. People are taught that hard work is rewarded, but that's not always true, and even when it is true there are severe limits on how much of a reward you can actually get just by working harder.


AOC is the literal embodiment of "pull yourself by your bootstraps" and gets teased for working as a bartender to help provide for her family


I really like Russell Brand's thoughts on the matter: "When I was poor and I complained about inequality they said I was bitter, now that I'm rich and I complain about inequality they say I'm a hypocrite. I'm starting to think they just don't want to talk about inequality."


I think it's that last part. Call me crazy, I know.


Yeah, weird how I'm the bad guy when I say things like "racism is bad" or "hey maybe a small group of billionaires shouldn't control everything".


She isn't teased as much as harrassed... but I think the thing to recognize isn't that they are mocking her for her having "grown" from a bartender, but rather they mock her for trying to help others do the same. They want people like her to pull themselves up, then maintain a system where she keeps others down. That's the Republican way


Don’t knock another mans grind.


I have people still laugh at me Bc I worked at McDonald’s at 17-19. Money is money man who cares how I make it.


True. The only exception I have to that is the MIC, which literally profits off of war crimes.


>who cares how I make it Directions unclear. Am now a hit man.


Unless you're a scalper. Then I'll knock your "grind" all day.


Absolutely agreed. Scalpers exist to do nothing but make already-expensive or rare items even harder to obtain. They produce nothing of value and in no way benefit a functional society.


Scalpers are selfish POS, plain and simple.


It's really not that hard to understand. People who do this are trying to make themselves feel better by putting down others. That's it.


I don't actually think that's the explanation for most people. A lot of people grow up being told that they need to work hard to achieve their goals. That obviously has positive aspects to it, but unfortunately there's a dark side to it. You have the implication that anyone who isn't achieving everything they want simply didn't work hard enough for it. And you insult certain kinds of jobs by using them as a threat (work hard or you'll end up at McDonald's). The end result is a lot of people who think that they're teaching their kids that hard work pays off but are actually teaching their kids that any adult who works at McDonald's is lazy and would be better off if they were only willing to try.


Because they want to be dicks. They are going to complain if people dont work or who want to make a livable wage


I dont understand how mcdonalds is such a low level working place (for enployees) yet they still pay CEO and ad money like if they were a high scale restaurant lol.


I think you do understand. It's not complicated. They don't care about their employees, and they funnel all the money they spare from not caring into ads and executive benefits


The fact that they even have advertisements is laughable. Who the fuck doesn't know what mcdonalds is? At this point they can eliminate the marketing department and dump that money in to making the front line workers happy.


They use the marking less to tell you about them than to convince you that they are great and everything is okay.


"Jobs for teenagers" that occur during school hours. Hmmmmm


You know THOSE kids.


Also, what happened to all those robots that were going to replace us? Turns out billionaire CEOs need their workers a lot more than the workers need the CEOs.


Another facet is that people who fix robots were already in high demand before all this and McDonald’s *really* doesn’t want to pay my rate if they don’t want to pay people $15 an hour.


But but but if we pay them $15 an hour we won’t be able to afford to pay anyone /s Seriously though, when I worked at McDonald’s they put the price of meals up by 40p. All of the customers complained. They still bought their food, and profits skyrocketed. People aren’t going to boycott because of costs going up. As another little side note, the store I worked at was only a small one, it was designed to make about 800k profit a year. A bigger store that was near by closed and instead of going somewhere else those customers came to us, and each year we made more and more money, that first year making 2.5 mil instead of 800k. These stores are more than profitable enough to pay their staff a fair wage.


But corporate needs to show a record profit for the 73rd quarter in a row, otherwise the investors will be mad and invest in a different burger chain.


It's bizarre. If my business was doing $2.5M in sales, why would I want to attract investors? Oh, greed, right.


It's more than greed. Investment firms make their own profits by taking a portion of profits earned for their clients. If they can increase the profit margin of their holdings, they can lower their own fees and thus attract and retain more clients. Their metric for survival is growth, not just profit. So they push for unsustainable corporate practices because they are trying to survive in the short-term. When the headlines are saying that stocks are up 10% for the year, and the average worker with a pension and 401k sees that their retirement is only up 7%, they incorrectly (usually) blame the fees paid to the investment manager. They never consider their risk profile, or how they compare to the market as a whole in the long term, or usually even things like dividends. They see someone else getting a big instant payout, and they want that. The Elon Musk's and Jeff Bezo's don't help the situation, but their wealth is still dwarfed by what the big firms manage.


Its just like gas prices. It will go up, but what are you going to do? Not buy it? You'll still pay for it at $4 a gallon. I saw it on Reddit a few days ago and I never even thought about it. People will bitch about it, yet still buy it.


I don't really frequent McDs anymore, as I've gotten older I find them less and less appealing. But, every once in awhile, my wife still craves their fries. So, we'll stop and get whatever is on sale just to get the fries. I swear, since just in the last 40 years of my life, their products have exploded in price, and massively shrunk in size. I got a Big Mac for the first time in ages. It seemed like it was made with the just basic smaller cheap burger buns and was mostly lettuce & sauce. It took a few bites, just to find any meat! And, they charge like $8 for them now! But yet, no matter how bad they get, they always seem to do just fine business wise.


Yeah I ordered a McGriddle a month or two ago and was blown away when they told it it was 7.60 for just the sandwich. I could go to a Denny’s and get a full sit down breakfast for a dollar or two more. Then again I haven’t been to one of those in ages either.


Raised prices, skyrocketed revenue bet you lot didn’t see a pence raise either, outside of annual review for cost of living of course.


Wait, you guys are getting cost of living raises? Look at moneybags over here! /s


Happened at the restaurant I used to work for. They raised the prices of their meals by a dollar across the board. Us crewmembers had to deal with the flak, and we didn't get a paradise. If I wanted to buy food, I get paid $9 an hour and the dish costs $13, and we get thousands of people coming in daily, and the lunch rushes are insane. If we got paid what we we're owed I'd be fine with it, buy we get no breaks and shitty pay, and we're expected to break our backs for their profits, etc. Fuck that shit.


I just wanted to say that I don’t think people would be mad to pay extra if it was to increase salaries for staff. I’d be happy to pay extra for my meal knowing that the person helping me get it makes a decent wage.


Exactly. One robotic repair man costs as much as an entire shift of what they're paying now. And that's just for 4 hours of work. I don't think they really want that robot mcdonalds.


they would also ironically be shite at their jobs compared to people.


I think we're probably at a point in robotics and automation where we *could* automate *a* McDonalds fairly effectively, but the idea that this level of robotics could be rolled out to *most* McDonalds as some sort of rapid response to a labor strike/shortage is complete nonsense. That kind of high-tech, boots-on-ground, logistics and support network, at a scale of thousands of locations, takes time, money, and manpower to develop. In 20 years, your average McDonalds might be a fairly large vending machine with maybe a small seating area and a maintenance schedule that is handled by an engineer. But it's way easier to *threaten* taking your jobs away with robots versus actually doing that.


I think bank branches and the advent of the atm is a good example of how automation goes. There are tons more bank branches now and bank branches still have about the same total number of employees with less employees per branch but more branches. Automation can’t solve new problems


I was involved in automating a scheduling system. The current system had two admins answering the phone and updating the schedule in Outlook. When the database was completed, they realized they still needed an admin to answer the phone. But they also needed someone to maintain the database, so they hired a DBA. They replaced an admin with a DBA.


Just a basic electrician in my area averages $120 an hour


That's gotta be the rate his company bills you at though, right? I know a few electricians, and they'd flock in droves to pocket 120 an hour ahah.


Yeah thats what the customer pays the actual tech gets much less


Why not replace CEOs with robots? That's a win for everyone...except CEOs.


Then who would the shareholders yell at for their investment projections coming in .1% short?


Those kids irresponsible enough to miss school so they can afford to eat. Smh kids these days.


Yeah, I don't know why we're glancing over how the majority of fast food workers aren't even teenagers.


They're working adults who pay taxes AND their job is NOT easy. All these people who go into an office each day who think these jobs are for lazy idiots, if you stuck them in a fast food job for a day they'd hate it. It's laborious and completely thankless. They'd also probably run into a few of their coworkers being rude as fuck, never seeing that side of them before.


As someone who has worked fast food jobs and then office/corporate jobs, I completely agree that fast food jobs are far more laborous. You’re standing and walking around on your feet all day, either on line cook duties or on the cash register interacting with customers 24/7, with minimal break time in between. The corporate/office jobs I’ve had since graduating university (aka, “proper” jobs) have been on average far less stressful day-to-day (the biggest stressor is always the office politics/favoritism of management and the team, rather than the work itself).


100% agree. I worked at McDonald's for five years as a crew member and a manager, and it's the hardest job I've ever had. I work as a software engineer now and my job is stupidly easy and I'm paid way more than what the work requires. Fast food workers deserve $15 an hour and more.


I work a construction management job, I’ve worked very hard to obtain the position. I have worked in the service industry, the construction industry, and in retail. I’ve never had a more taxing job than serving people food. Fuck anyone who thinks the minimum wage is sufficient pay for ANYTHING




Without retail and hospitality workers, a lot of people and companies would be fucked, the pandemic proved this with essential workers turning out to be shop workers and emergency services. Most of the people who judge low paid workers dont realise how fully fucked they would be without them and thats one of the worst things about it.


Yet they dont want to compensate "essential employees" for keeping their business and the economy going. Essential employees was just propaganda.


Exactly that, make them feel special without any special treatment


without a raise in pay edit: some did get *tiny* bumps in pay. I got an additional 25 cents per hour. Totally reasonable compensation for putting my life on the line. 🙄 But I checked my paycheck and the numbers weren't right. I had to tell the company I was not being paid what they promised to see the extra pay!


I worked full-time in a retail pharmacy. I made more than state minimum wage. I feel like they only got that because it doesn't look good to have an employee who could kill you with a typo making minimum wage. Three months into lockdown, corporate decides instead of the essential worker/hazard pay a lot of other companies were giving, we would get a bonus. Most of my location got a one-time bonus of $150 and permission to wear jeans for a couple of months. We're heroes, according to the signs they put up. They *appreciate* us. I'm so glad I left before vaccines were rolled out. From what I've been hearing from former co-workers and reading online, the company is hemorrhaging employees. Right now, a year later, the company is giving gift cards to the managers so they can order lunch once a week for a month or so.


$150 and permission to wear jeans. 🤣🤯. Yeah, $150 will pay like, 3 or 4 days of rent, just to rent a single room for yourself, around here. Forget utilities, food, medicine, kids, etc. Here's a big fat $150 slap in the face for risking your life! Meanwhile the company makes millions/billions in profit and it only goes higher. But here's your fucking $150, peasant. This is truly a fucked up dystopia we live in. 150 fucking dollars. One fucking time. I just can't.


This was the case in my country too, the people in supermarkets were gifted a cash bonus of like 500€ and since I work at the same chain I was like 'sweet!' Turns out I wasnt gonna get shit because our store is a franchise aka its the same chain but not an official chain store, so even though I do the same work, am at the same risk and was considered essential, I was not essential enough to get money because its not an official store.


Permanently take away those “burger flippers” from McDonald’s and the entire company completely implodes. There would be a wealth of irony in that the first people to insult these workers would also be the first to start bitching about them being gone.


It proved how much society relies on minimum wage workers for their convenient and cushy lifestyle. Listen to how loudly Karens are bitching about not being able to get a Diet Coke on their lunch break. If preparing a meal is such an unskilled job, *then do it yourself!*


I had this asshole substitute teacher come in the teacher's lounge and go on a crazy, foaming at the mouth rant about how "if you're a bum who didn't even finish high school and you have to work at McDonald's you don't deserve to earn almost as much as I do." and "they don't deserve to have a car and a nice apartment like someone who worked hard and went to college." and "if fast food workers made $15/hr it would destroy there economy because everyone would just take "easy" fast food jobs and no one would be doing other jobs" We were all like, "TF is this guy?!" (・–・;)ゞ


Someone who has never worked retail or fast food.


Or someone upset they went to college and are only getting $15/hr


I'm guessing teachers are also badly paid in the US?


It depends on the state, but yes. Mississippi pays on average $45k a year, and New York $86k With cost of living being insane in New York... that's still definitely not enough. I was a pre-k and kindergarten teacher, and I actually made less than I did as a manager at a Wendy's restaurant.


And the thing to remember about those averages is that they include teachers who've been teaching for 30 + years who got in before they cut all our salaries and benefits. These days intro teaching salary is $30,000 a year or less in many parts of the country.


Oh definitely, as a manager at Wendy's I made about $17 an hour (adding my overtime and averaging it out, I think my math is correct) and I think I brought home around 2.5/3k a month. I took a huge cut when I started teaching, but at the time my sanity/well being was worth the pay cut. Maybe it's just the schools I've been in, but has anyone noticed the drinking culture in schools? Like a lot of the teachers I worked with loved going out every weekend and having wine every night was normal. Sorry that's off topic.


Drinking culture is strong in any field that has to deal with the public. I imagine in fields that have to deal with other people’s kids it’s even more so.


Is there a field where drinking culture is not strong? I feel like people in general just like to drink lol


Hard to get mad at these people when everything they've been told their entire lives has been designed to make them feel worthless for not being 'good enough' to be born with a silver spoon in their mouth. The goal being to have people work their bodies into submission for the benefit of their bosses, owners, etc. So, you end up in a profession that you know people wrongfully deem 'unworthy' and you lash out.


20 years ago, I had to get a college degree and couldn’t even make $15/hr. I struggled to survive even after moving back in with my parents. I had hoped we’ve improved since then...smh.


>if fast food workers made $15/hr it would destroy there economy because everyone would just take "easy" fast food jobs and no one would be doing other jobs This guy has clearly never worked fast food. Jesus. I did when I was 17 and it was the worst job I've ever had


For real, now that I have a white collar job I REALLY appreciate being spoken to with basic respect by basically every customer I deal with. That never happened when I worked in food service.


I don't know how many times I cried in the walk in freezer because of how cruel customers are.


Or just walked around shaking slightly with rage that you were not allowed to express. I feel you.


Man you have better control than me I threw someone's food they wanted (but then didn't want) in there face an ignored them as I took the next order


Ahh the classic quivering with rage instead of jumping over the counter and strangling the customer. Kinda miss working at subway when I was 15-17, taught me how truly shitty and nice people can be.


The sheer amount of times our order screen filled up wall-to-wall with huge orders in about two minutes, and I just stopped what I was doing and stared at the screen in despair. I debated the pros and cons of quitting every day. I was always too scared of not having income.


After I got my degree people starting talking to me different at my new job. I kept thinking these people are all faking it, and are talking behind my back. Nobody is this nice, right? Well, apparently people are if they see you as their equal.


I've never worked fast food, but I've worked retail. I'm a software developer now and I can tell you with absolute certainty if McDonalds or any other fast food restaurant offered me the money I'm making now to work fast food, I'd tell them to go fuck themselves. Those jobs are 10x harder / more miserable than what I do now.


"I'm underpaid, so the people who work jobs I don't respect should also be underpaid so I don't feel bad about myself" The mantra of a true king crab


They don't see it as a reflection of themselves being underpaid for their work, they see it as someone beneath them being raised to the same level. They might have to face the fact they're one of the Poor's.


I mean, I'm one of those idiots who whent to college and is barely working above 15$/hr. But I still want food service workers to make that 15 cuz guess what? If their wage goes up, logically mine will soon follow. It's like, FFS, how can people not realize that we want to raise the baseline so EVERYONE can be raised up?


is that a bucket of crabs reference?


Other country's economies collapsed decades ago and never recovered after they gave fast food workers and wait staff in restaurants a livable wage. /s


You mean the Netherlands, Italy, France, England, Sweden, Switzerland, Australia, Canada, etc have all collapsed? Man, they all must be chomping at the bit to move to the states because it's so awesome here, especially with our for profit health care industry too. Maybe that fence that Mexico paid for should have been built along Canada instead to keep Canadians out (unless they brought beer).


There's just no logic with these people and they're finally getting a taste of their bullshit. No one wants to work at these places and suddenly they can't get their easy quick food. Fact is: not everyone is capable of going to college, and not everyone is that ambitious. We're all getting under paid in a system with multibillionares. I'm starting to understand now why it was really important to get that $15 minimum wage through on the bill for the 3rd stimulus check. Too bad it didn't pass.


You couldn't pay me enough to ever go back to fast food or retail hell!


Anyone that thinks food service is “easy” is a moron.


Go to DQ on a Friday or work a Black Friday!


If they give "easier" jobs the same pay you're making just go work there instead... Why would you bitch about this. I would be stoked if the tire shop I worked at suddenly started paying close to what I make now and i could go back to doing that for a living. I loved that job.


Plenty of people HAVE gone to better jobs, just like they were told to do. But now, Karens are bitching because their favorite fast food joint is closed because they can't find anyone to work there. I'd say I hate that for them, but I really don't.


This is a story that I tell when "lower class" jobs are ridiculed. When I was growing up, there were many kinds of jobs that kind of interested me, but the number one ambition was to be a truckdriver. That's really all I ever wanted. During my junior year in high school, career conferences with counselors were occurring and when I filled out the pre-session paperwork where it asked what college I was interested in, what careers I was interested in, I only wrote one. The counselor, after pushing college and realized I wasn't interested, just blatantly told me there was no future in transportation, no real money to be made, no way to support a family, and I'd probably end up alone, miserable. I took my first trip as a professional driver in April of 1971, and I still drive part time. I raised a family, bought houses, put away money for my retirement, been married to the same woman for 50 years. And no matter what the economy did, I was never without work. I'm not slamming going to college, or wanting to be successful. To each their own. But somebody has to do the everyday jobs, the jobs that help keep society afloat. And it's time to start paying a living wage to these people.


Lol why would she tell you that? When would we ever not need truck drivers? I've read that's about to be one of the biggest issues for gasoline this summer. No one was training to drive the gas rigs during the pandemic and now there's not gonna be anyone to transport the gas. I feel really bad for the drivers they already have! They're gonna be worked to the bone. Also scary for safety.


People need plumbers and welders and electricians, too. People just don't think it's a good job because it's not in the office, but I do feel why people aren't as keen on getting blue collar jobs. You can fuck yourself up, it's pretty thankless, and the hours are fucking whacked.


lol plumbers, electricians, and welders all make way more money than I do in my cushy office job. Anyone who thinks those are “bad” jobs is a moron.


I am a welder, and I do make some money, but it's at the cost of the health of my body and a ton of my time. 12 hour shifts plus mandatory overtime isn't the ideal "good job" for most people.


I've said it before and I'll say it again. Overtime is meant to punish employers who overwork their employees. As long as there are large numbers of jobs with "mandatory overtime," it means the punishment is not severe enough.


In what world is truck driver a "lower class" job? That's a middle class salary even today.


At that time, college was the number one goal and if you didn't go, the attitude was that you were very likely to end up in a dead end job.


This attitude was super pervasive in American culture up until it wasn’t. So it really bothers me when people yell at millennials for going to into college debt and saying it’s their own fault. Like only recently are people starting to question college. But these were just kids. Kids raised in a society that told and pressured them to go to college, that what you had to do to get by, or so they were taught. “Shoulda went to college” used to be a genuine insult. But now people are going to college and guess what, they’re still working at McDonald’s or learning trades


I mean, it makes sense it was so prevalent. Right around the 1950s was the true opening of American Universities to those based on merit (and whiteness obvi) over anything else. And for almost five decades it was *the* pathway to the one-worker white picket fences household American dream. But then we got caught in the meritocracy trap and have a broken system again that resembles the aristocratic ways of old. Top colleges yield top pay but require immensely impressive credentials to get in which are far easier to obtain as a children born into wealth.


I always hated that argument that minimum wage jobs were for teenagers. If that was truly the case, why are those same businesses open during the day when teenagers are in high school or college? Answer: That’s just the lie they tell us to keep wages down while employing adults who need jobs.


And they're open overnights


It's not that minimum wage jobs are for teenagers, these people understand that adults also work minimum wage jobs, but the thought of a teenager earning roughly around what they do upsets them. I get the impulse, teenagers don't have the bills and financial responsibilities that we do, so if they are earning the same amount then effectively they are earning more than us, but it's still just such a petty, disgusting and short-sighted mindset. And hell, worst case scenario you can do what other countries have done and have age dependent minimum wages.


Adults to teens “when you’re 18 you need to pay rent or get out!” Also adults “you don’t deserve a decent wage working these jobs. They’re for saving money to go to the local drive in or sock hop”


In my experience, fast food jobs actively look for people who are *not* in school, and being in school is a detriment in your interview.


Because no fast food restaurant is going to give you a consistent schedule that you can work around. You'll work 6:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. one day, midnight to 10:00 a.m. the next day... Despite only paying you minimum wage, they expect you to be available 24/7/365. I've scheduled days off literally *months* in advance and then still get a call on my day off asking why I didn't show up. "Because, *as I have been telling you for the past 5 months*, I am out of state this weekend. This is vacation time that *you* approved, Boss." Oh. So you cant come in for 2pm? NO MOTHERFUCKER, THATS WHAT "IM ON VACATION" MEANS!!! I literally told you this every single workday for the past 5 months so how do you not remember????


i got fired from subway because they couldnt call me in during dialysis.


> Because no fast food restaurant is going to give you a consistent schedule that you can work around. See this is only case in USA. In Europe you must have consistent schedule. In my country basically all work is contract work, even 20 hours a week is often contract work. There are hourly contracts but they are limited to something like 540 hours a year at one company. They are basically summer jobs or student jobs. The contract specifies how many hours in what kind of shifts you work. Not scheduling your shift doesnt exists.


Exactly! You know who the people are that aren’t in school? Adults.


When i worked at Tbell, the absolute worst employees to train were the lower-middle class adults who assumed the job would be EZPZ. They would complain about *every* task, stand around on their phones, argue with me, and then a week later they’d quit. Good riddance. The best workers? Young people without anywhere else to go to work, ex-convicts trying to put their life back together, immigrants trying to build a life, etc. The people that are constantly put down as being lazy and irresponsible for finding themselves in a fas-food, minimum wage job. The work is hard and exhausting as is, then you factor in dealing with people who have a seriously misplaced superiority complex and it becomes emotionally exhausting too. And I know for a fact if the person ordering ten Grande Meals because they find it hilarious to order 100 tacos was on the other side of the counter, they’d flounder HARD. Rant:over


Sad but true :/


[Minimum wage was supposed to be a living wage](https://historynewsnetwork.org/article/164635)




People will look down on and take advantage of the cleaning jobs or what some people might call, say, "lower class" and not realise just how much of a role they have in keeping society going. Every job is important, and it's important that you love the job you have. For those who look down on cleaning jobs, here's a tip for you: Stop and consider these people for a minute. They work extremely hard to keep everything sanitary, to keep people from getting sick. The clean public bathrooms, hospitals, and everything in between are clean for a reason; because the janitors were there to do just that. Places don't keep themselves clean, so when bathrooms, shops, schools and everything are clean, you should think of those janitors, the ones that work their butt off day and night to keep it presentable and sanitary. It's more important than you think and they deserve the respect. You should look up to these people.


I make it an effort to smile and greet the janitors everytime I see them at my work every day.


That's lovely of you. I wish everyone was like that.


I don't really get the bias against such jobs. It's a job, nothing terrible about it.


Yeah well exactly. It's a job, we can't have nobody doing jobs and not everyone can get a "higher class" job. It's a job, what have we come to? The indecency is insane. Just have some respect people.


Even the janitor works their arse off to make a place look nifty.


Absolutely. They deserve respect, they work hard


They deserve respect and a living wage.




I've never understood why people assume that the most humiliating, laborious, dangerous, and disgusting jobs *don't* deserve a living wage. Like, yes *anyone* can do them....but that doesn't make them any less important. In fact, they're often the worst and most difficult jobs in the company. Capitlaism is a scam.


I think about this all the time. Like how can people not appreciate people who are willing to do the work they don’t want to do, and how can they look at those jobs and feel okay paying them pitiful wages. It’s so bizarre to me. I’m so grateful people are willing to help me out by delivering my groceries or my takeout because I don’t have a car - or even clean my apartment for me when I really need it - but I wish I knew they were making a comfortable wage and not relying mostly on completely random tips. I’d use those services even more and I’d be a lot more comfortable with a regular cleaning service, etc. I honestly think about this every time I’m scrubbing my own toilet and can’t believe people get paid less than a living wage to do that for OTHER people.


The insanity is that the narrative, especially among Fox News loving assholes, is that of we give food workers a liveable wage it's suddenly taking away from everyone else of people more deserving. Think about that for a moment. Really think about it.


As a housekeeper/janitor working at a hospital thank you for that. The amount of thanks I have gotten now compared to pre COVID is insane


We thank you for the job that you as a janitor among others do to keep the place sanitary. You play a part in saving lives. Without you so many more people would probably be getting sick. You work so hard and I have so much respect.




You more than deserve the recognition and respect. People will take advantage of jobs like this, and not realise just how much of a significant impact you janitors play. People need to stop and think for a minute. You do a wonderful job.


Thank you😭. I’m not crying, you’re crying!


I agree, society would be fucked if everyone was a lawyer or a doctor so bitching about people who have a "bad job" is stupid and impractical


It's the entitlement that happens when historically these jobs don't increase in wage faster than others. So, these entitled pricks just think less of the people that work them, not really understanding that these jobs are hard fucking work. Yeah, sure it's not some trade, and you can learn the job mostly in a week, but these jobs are very physically and mentally demanding, arguably just as much as high paying. My thought process is, we are all on this pale blue dot together, with one life. We should be equal as much as possible. Tearing people down because they work for a low wage job is just inhumane. It's not their fucking fault. They're just trying to live and get by too.


I like that you put higher class in quotes because it highlights the importance that there really shouldn’t be a distinction. Someone who studies rocket science and most CEO’s would probably make the worst janitors ever. They’d be fired because of their inability to do what some people can do really well. What’s more is there are people who might actually enjoy being a janitor. I still remember janitors at my school. They were friendly and had that look of, “No one is better than each other when we all have things that we can do well” which begs the ongoing question, “Why are we not paying people living wages for doing things that they are good at, that they are happy to do, and that are necessary for a growing society?”


You've just discovered Communism. In seriousness, I completely agree. I'm an IT guy and I'm constantly asked, "How do you know so much about computers?!" Well...it's my job. I've done this job for nearly 30 years now, I think I should know my way around computers. Put an engine block in front of me, and I'd be lost. I had someone actually ask me, "How did you know how to fix that?" Umm...because I know. How do you know how to balance a general ledger? That's not something I could do. To sound pedantic, I really hate those bumper stickers, "Farmers feed cities/Construction Workers build cities." Yes, numpty...it's called society, and we all have our part in it. No one is more special than anyone else if we want to keep things civilized. I really want one that says, "Did you take a selfie today? Thank an IT person."


So many nightmares. My first minimum wage job that I had in Jr. Highschool has been closed and is an entirely different business now. Despite being in the middle of my career, I still have nightmares about being forced to assume my old role. Literal nightmares. There are plenty of things terrible about these jobs but if they paid better, maybe they wouldn't suck quite as hard


I had nightmares about working at my job at a Sonic Drive-In *while I was working there.* That was it. That was the nightmare. No missing pants, no forgetting to study for a test. The nightmare was just the fact that I was working at my job.


Classism. That's the answer.


Its just a way for people unsatisfied with their jobs to feel superior to others. I've noticed its a very common thing among people in the service industry who don't work with food.


Minus parts of my military service, fast food was the hardest job I’ve ever had. I’d like to see these whiny fools manage the chik-fil-a drive thru during lunch time, while re-bagging and managing orders, filling drinks and running to the back to get a 20 gallon jug of sweet tea because the manager on duty is a fucking piece of shit that never helped. Stupid weak bitch...


> It's a job, nothing terrible about it. Except the pay, hours, lack of benefits, and other such things yup nothing terrible about it. The compensation majority of the time fucking sucks.


Here's another angle that doesn't get much playtime: Some people ENJOY working fast food or in the food service industry. Yes hard to get a grip on, I know. Some people are fulfilled working at five guys, mcds, Wendy's, waiting tables, bartending, hosting, etc. They just want to be paid a livable wage.


Ask anyone complaining that no one wants to work at McDonald's or any of these fast food joints and they'll answer very quickly with a no and how they've put in the effort to not have to do that. Then ask them why others should have to work such jobs for so little pay and watch as they fall all over themselves complaining about how unemployment is paying more and this let's people sit at home. Notice how they don't address why anyone should have to work such a job for so little pay because they sure won't.


My argument is my physical disability. I otherwise would be perfectly willing to do any job as long as it's not customer service. I'm extremely uncharismatic. But I'd flip burgers if my scoliosis didn't scream at me.


I don't know who thinks they are saving money or value shopping at McDonald's. I don't even look at the damn prices. What does a couple burgers and a 20 piece nuggets cost? I have no idea, and I don't care. I want tasty grease to come out of a drive up window, I'll pay whatever they tell me. If the price of a meal goes up $5 to take care of the workers, cool. Just keep handing me my grease.


I live in Australia so obviously things are a little different here, but basically the same concept. There's been news articles over the last few months about how the hospitality industry aren't able to find any chefs, cooks, servers etc etc that want to work anymore and clubs/pubs/restaurants have had to change their hours and menus because they don't have enough staff now. And I laugh and laugh and laugh. Most of us took the $10000 out of our super, paid off our debts and got jobs that don't treat us like absolute shit, jobs that we actually enjoy working and don't have to bust our asses 70 hours a week (but only got paid 55 because of the wage theft that is so common but not reported because we were scared to lose our shifts). So I'll keep laughing while I work my extremely cruisy job I have now, at a workplace that actually tells (and lets) me stay home if I'm sick, that allows me to take my annual leave without trying to guilt trip me, that makes sure I actually take my legally entitled breaks and doesn't expect me to do the jobs of three people because we might be short staffed. Go fuck yourselves managers in the hospitality industry. Do it yourselves if it's so easy.


The laziest person I knew was my consultant manager for a tech firm. He would deceitfully tell our client we would have something finished for them in 2 weeks, when he knew we would be done in 3 hours. He mocked me for working as a USPS city carrier, to pay for college, and I looked at him and said "it obviously gave me a better work ethic than you ever will." ​ The look on his face was great. I left the company 7 months later.


>The laziest person I knew was my consultant manager for a tech firm. He would deceitfully tell our client we would have something finished for them in 2 weeks, when he knew we would be done in 3 hours. He mocked me for working as a USPS city carrier, to pay for college, and I looked at him and said "it obviously gave me a better work ethic than you ever will." I would take this over what my company does, promise something in a week that is going to take at least 2 to setup and more to test.


Dude sounds like a dope manager who knows how to get billings up without grinding his employees into dust.


>He would deceitfully tell our client we would have something finished for them in 2 weeks, when he knew we would be done in 3 hours. How is this being deceitful, if he got it to them in 2 weeks? I'd say clients care less about how long something takes to get to them than about whether or not their suppliers actually deliver on their promises. And factoring in extra time to account for any random delays that might crop up anywhere is the wiser thing to do. In fact, the more deceitful thing to do would be to tell the client "We'll have it in 3 hours" only to then hand it over late, or shoddily-done because you rushed it.


I mean you're not wrong, even though USPS is going downhill depending on your area lol


Depends on your area. They seem to be going uphill here. But that’s because my house is one of the higher elevations.


Sabotage is a powerful tool.


Yeah it sucks Republicans passed that bill/requirement for the USPS to prefund all hires retirement funds decades before they retire. Oh and to still not help USPS or lower their delivery volumes/days


These things tend to happen when you have an orange clown who put a competitor in charge of the USPS.


Largest workforce strike in history and it is glorious


Do we actually have numbers on anything? I keep hearing this rhetoric but only ever see photos posted on Reddit/Twitter of shops being closed. Areas near me aren’t closed it seems, though I don’t go to any fast food places typically being named & shamed.


Not that the unemployment benefits aren't needed but without those benefits this would look very different.


Several Red states have stopped the federal assistance, and still no one is returning to THESE jobs. You gave a people a year off to improve themselves and a lot did. Yes there are still about 8.4 million unemployed, but people have a higher value of their own worth. As Cris Rock put it, "Minimum wage jobs really means, I would pay you less but legally I'm not allowed to." Franchise restaurants are the ones hit hardest by this. Not McDonald's, but your local Micky D's.


> "Minimum wage jobs really means, I would pay you less but legally I'm not allowed to." I love this. Repeating it everywhere.


Exactly, they’ve spent decades shitting on impoverished people, teaching children “you better learn xyz better, or else you’ll be saying ‘do you want fries with that?’ Hardee-har-har!” And now they wonder why people don’t want to be shat on anymore while serving these smug assholes.


Pretty sure people like this just want minimum wage employees to accept their inferiority to the Real Workers like them and be grateful they're bothering to give them money at all. Zero empathy; pure smug classism.


The human race is so rude and contradicting


Conservatives: "Hey, if you don't like what McDonald's pays, how about don't work at McDonald's!" Everyone: *does that* Conservatives: *shocked Pikachu face*


Well if you listen to most any conservative this is because everyone is getting so much money from the government so they don't have to work. While I'm sure this has happened, I am sure that a bigger reason is that people lost their jobs doing this and found jobs doing that. Why would anyone leave their new min wage job to go back to their old min wage job? Why would the parent who made $5 an hour after deducting for child care go back to the work when they figured out how to make more than $200 a week doing something on Etsy or eBay or door dash or an upwork type of site? Many people work fast food or retail because it is easy to find. But there are many jobs working for small companies, when you lose your job you find those smaller companies. Again, why are you going back?


I was fired because my manager lied a lot and tried to make my metrics look shitty. (Until I called him out in front of our boss) She was gonna make me a supervisor in less than a year. My manager didnt like that (his face was easily readable) I worked through the pandemic when they furloughed 50% of the company. (My first day out of training) I caught coronavirus. Anyways long story short my manager lied to h.r. about our last meeting. It was clear she was on his side (and an all lives matter type) and I had entetered the meeting wearing a blm bracelet. Anyways they fired me the next day. I will collect unemployment until it runs dry. I used to work away from work because the boss gave me tasks to help improve other agents. 2 weeks straight id come home from work to study policies and brainstorm ideas and put my processes down into tips. I cried for 3 days when they blindsided me.


Or those gaps should supposedly be filled by college students because they have enough free time to work a full time job that fully covers tuition, room, board, and other expenses... riiiiiiight. Some people live in a fantasy land.


Yep. It's called "entitlement." People who are anti pay equality genuinely just feel entitled to the work of people less fortunate than them. I unironically think almost every one of them thinks they are better more important humans just because of the job they work. It's mind blowing.


Is there a burger shortage I was unaware of??? Anyways, I don’t mind if I have to drive a little further to get a burger now. It’ll help me use up the 75 gallons on gas I have in trash bags in the trunk of my car.


I heard that one before. >> Here in Texas is no jobs no more for Americans. >> Really?! There are many jobs in the place I run. >> Where is that? >> In that farm; always Help Wanted to pick tomatoes and crops. >> I'm not doing that job. >> Welp, it is what it is.


Don't you understand? People should just want to work for slave wages serving ungrateful rich officer workers all day. Its what we deserve for 'not having any skills'. Well I've worked in restaurants and I challenge one of these upper management wheeze bags to survive 1 single shift in a kitchen without having a nervous breakdown. Won't fucking happen. 'Skill' does not validate the right to a living wage. Also cooking has skills, a lot of 'em, mostly involving time and stress management and sanitation. I am willing to bet anyone reading this has had food poisoning from take out a number of times they can count on one hand. You know why? **Because the people serving you DO have skills.**


I used to work at McDonald's, and only made it 2.5 months before deciding I couldn't take it anymore and found someplace else to work. I respect the shit out of fast food and other service employees. It's a very high stress and thankless job - especially during these times.


I don’t understand what’s so controversial about working 40 hours a week at literally any job at all necessitating a livable wage


Who's upset about this besides company owners?