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I was really hoping she was gonna say “I didn’t run, i drove” and they were both gonna share a laugh


I wasn't running, I was traveling.


i don't need a driver's license to drive a vehicle it's common law! it's natural law!


Damn road pirates keep halting my travels! I never signed up for the laws so I am NOT going to follow them!


I'm pretty sure this woman just experienced being told what to do for the first time in her life.


I’m pretty sure her husband quietly smirked at this video.


I spoke to some acquaintances of hers a few month after this happened. (Its a real small town) Her husband had actually recently passed and her mental health had been spiraling since. Doesn’t excuse her behavior still.


That’s incredibly sad she’s been losing it on her personal mental health. However the whole time I’ve been thinking how awful it would be to be her kid if she resists action against her like that. Even if her life is rough right now, I just can’t resonate with someone that stubborn I guess.


Apparently her two sons died in a tornado incident in 2012…


Jesus Christ, this actually changes my entire opinion on the woman (not her behavior). Damn, I cannot imagine living with that type of loss. Edit because I saw the response edit: it doesn't change my current feelings tbh. Grandchildren are hard to lose because that's just so not the natural order. You were supposed to take care of those below you on your family tree and their branches continue long after yours ends. For that to be taken away, and under such awful circumstances... That woman was in a constant pain I will thankfully never know. She very likely was a completely different person in this interaction than she was the previous year. Grief and stress fuck you up. They literally alter and damage your brain when endured for prolonged periods. That's why some people change so drastically after a loved one passes, and I'm willing to bet that's what happened here. It doesn't excuse her behavior, but it does explain it.


Yeah, honestly, after reading about her sons and her husband passing... I can understand having a meltdown at some point. I imagine that's part of why she got quite a light sentencing all things considered. Edit: her grandsons passed in a Tornado incident in 2012, not her sons. https://kfor.com/news/local/oklahoma-woman-accepts-plea-deal-in-traffic-stop-arrest/


Basing off the above comments... (with no way to verify validity ofc) It’s so scary that you can be ‘one last straw’ away from having a mental health crisis at an age where you really have to start leaning on others for support, and if you don’t have that support, getting arrested/going to jail can be a death sentence or a ticket to homelessness. That’s so sad ☹️ This woman could have lived her entire life as a normal upstanding citizen, with a job or as a busy doting mother with kids, and a husband, and lost that all over the years leading to this event which could further affect her for the rest of her life. Life is really such a travesty sometimes


This is an example of the biggest problem with the society we had built.


In fairness, the officer did a terrible job at deescalation. He never said the magic words of: “Ma’am, signing this ticket is not an admission of guilt. You will still have the chance to challenge the ticket in court. All your signature does is avoid the need for me to arrest you, and you will be free to challenge the ticket in court.”


Did you catch it? She’s not stubborn, she’s “just a country girl”


Her husband probably used to take care of all the car related things.


Like...what was the thought process here?


Mighty presumptuous of you to assume she was thinking.


Sentient creatures learn to adapt to stimuli. For example, when they touch fire, one learns to not touch it again and pulls back when they start feeling the heat. They learn that what follows radient heat is a hot surface. It's the most deeply ingrained instinct to be conditioned in order to have the best chance of survival. This lady, when she refused to listen to the instructions, the cop escalated. This is fine, except that she kept doing this behavior repeatedly. She kept refusing, and the cop kept escalating. A sapient creature would learn quickly that escalation follows refusing to listen. Therefore this lady is not sentient. I'm also questioning whether or not a dog or mouse could be conditioned easier than this lady.


She's obviously been conditioned by other interactions in her life that, if she refuses enough, she eventually gets her way. The problem with humans is our ability to put maldaptive emotional responses onto what should be cut and dry responses. Much like any self harm situation it makes no sense on a survival level, but the emotional associations take over.


I'm just picturing Freud doin some coke and watching videos like this all day working up a new theory.


Ah, yes, the ol' "Coke and a Smile"


> if she refuses enough, she eventually gets her way. That's exactly it. You see it all the time on videos of people being abusive to workers where a manager comes along and still serves them, and the comment sections are full of comments like "Just give them the damned burger, it's $2 and they'll go away". These people learn that if they make a fuss and be abusive they get what they want.


"The behavior one allows, is the behavior one will get." True of pets, children, Karens, & the male equivalent of "a Karen" the world over.


I took a development course years ago and I don't remember barely anything from it. Except for this one thing. Lessons learned are more expensive the older you get. In her case she should have learned this at about 3 years old, stomping her feet and getting put on time out. She did not. So the older she got, the more expensive the lesson would be to learn. Until it finally came time to pay the piper


But she’s a country girl! So edgy and rebellious. Luke duke is her friend and she hates boss hog. She’s just a good old girl livin fast as she can.


Well ya know she is a country girl and country girls love to talk about how proud they are as an American where they know they’re free so when a police officer informs her that she has to pay $80 for breaking the law she ain’t puttin’ up with that deep state garbage cuz Freedom bitches!


>She's obviously been conditioned by other interactions in her life that, if she refuses enough, she eventually gets her way. I think the scientific name for that is "privilege".


This is totally it. Society rewards assholes. She's learned that if she makes a big huff she gets her way. Walmart.....cracker barrel.....the bank teller, it works everywhere this kind of person goes. If she's enough of a bitch....things go her way. She's been conditioned to it. So that's the thinking here No one has said no to her and stood by it in a long time.




hahaha I literally just watched this episode


In a lot of situations in life, if you're difficult enough the other side will give up because it's just not worth dealing with you. When put under stress, this is probably her go-to tactic, police cause stress, and a history of no real consequences probably meant she couldn't process the concept that she could get in real trouble.


I see a lot of videos like this where people try to argue their way out. Sometimes people really do get arrested without legal justification, but the time to fight that is in court, not with the officer standing there. Cops aren't lawyers and sometimes they don't know the actual law, but can arrest you just for refusing to comply. So you can end up going to jail for the sole crime of resisting arrest, even if the original arrest wasn't justified. The only thing you should ever say to the actual cop is yes sir, no sir. If the handcuffs go on just shut up entirely until you get to the police station where you ask for a lawyer. It should be so obvious that cops can't just let people argue their way out of stuff because then everyone starts doing it.


The other important thing you should say is "am I under arrest" if the police ask you to do something (such as get out of your car or get into theirs). In this case the officer made it very clear she was under arrest, and her genius response was "no I'm not". Edit: Someone made the very important point that not being under arrest doesn't mean you can/should disobey the police. Whether or not they're right, they are in a position of legal authority and if you don't respect that you're going to find yourself in real trouble.


While I agree with the premise, I want to clarify so people don't get the wrong idea: You do not have to be under arrest for the exit to order a vehicle to be lawful. If you are stopped for a traffic violation, you as the driver are detained. If you are detained on a traffic stop and an officer orders you out of the vehicle you must exit the vehicle . This was settled in Pennsylvania v. Mimms. In my state there is a charge specifically for resisting during a detention so if you are told to step out and refuse, you will be arrested on that charge (plus any other charges that initiated the stop). It was also decided a few years ago that passengers in cars on a traffic stop are also detained. Passengers are not, generally, required to provide ID to officers outside additional circumstances. However they are not free to leave and can also be arrested for refusing to exit a vehicle when ordered on a lawful traffic stop the same as the driver. Decided in Brendlin v. California


Thank you for this clear explanation.


Ah yes, the good ole' middle schooler response. "You're under arrest" "Nuhuh"


She's probably gotten away with this before with a warning, back in the day you almost always got a warning when pulled over for this stuff. She felt entitled and is exceptionally dumb.


She did get a warning, 6 months ago.




"I told you you're not arresting me ' How did that work out?


I had no idea you could just refuse to be arrested! I wonder why anyone is in prison! /s


*Police officers hate this one simple trick!*


Shhhh. Then everyone will know.


Lawyer: Did you tell him they are not arresting you? Woman: Yeah! Lawyer: Well, I'm fucking stumped!


"Youre under arrest!" " No im not!" "Oh shit my bad, have a nice day"


But did she present her “get out of jail free” card? That’s the part that truly matters.


Yeah I kicked you, cause I’m a country girl. Oh, charges dismissed.


Prosecutors in rural Oklahoma hate this one simple trick.


Well, I physically laughed out loud. I can close Reddit for the day.


I got so much joy from this video.. holy shit I'm still laughing. A combo of the cops voice, the lady, and then the scream when she got tased 🤣 And before anyone says "ShE cOuLd'Ve DiEd".. she could've also avoided the whole situation so idc 🤣😂


I would much rather pay 80$, than get a felony so yeah, this is all on her.


She also had 6 MONTHS to fix whatever the issue was. She chose.....poorly. [The scene](https://youtu.be/Ubw5N8iVDHI)


Great Indiana Jones reference..


It was a fix-it ticket too. She didn't have to pay anything but the repair bill.


Depends on where you are, a lot of places still make you pay administrative fees even when you get shit dismissed. That said, even if it's bullshit, this is clearly not the way to protest. This lady seems like she never matured much past 11 years old.


I have an 11yr old bonus son and can confirm that he is more mature than this.


I’d pay $80 to avoid getting tased


Didn’t even need to pay it. Just had to acknowledge it was received.


Ong I'm so glad I'm not the only one her scream made me actually laugh out loud by the end of the video my cheeks(my face) hurt from smiling so much. And if I'm going to hell for this at least I'll be in good company.


We all need a good laugh now and again. Cheers!


Laughing tightens your abs. We need more "raging memaw" videos so we can have a 6-pack.


If we learned anything from playing tag as children, is that just because somebody tags you and says “you’re it”!, you can invalidate that by simply stating “*nuh-uhhhh*” and shaking your head. This arrest doesn’t count.




I hate that I knew exactly what you meant by accenting the h


Is it that when you read it in your head, it sounds like Hank Hill is saying it?


Officer: Step out of the vehicle, you're under arrest. Karen: Oh, I am not. THAT'S MY PURSE! I DON'T KNOW YOU!


That hwhite woman ain't right, I tell you hwhat.


w*h*ite cake


I grew up in rural Oklahoma. No joke, that shit literally might work. Law Enforcement out there really is mostly good ole boy stereotypes. If that woman goes to church with anyone back at the station there is very real chance they'd just drag her back to the station, give her a firm talking to, and let her go. *Lesson learned*.


Where is Jesus when you need him.


She pleaded guilty to resisting an officer, obstruction, eluding, and operating a vehicle with defective equipment. All of those charges are misdemeanors. As a result, the state agreed to dismiss the assault and battery charge. She received a four-year deferred sentence and will have to pay a $50 fine on each count. https://kfor.com/news/local/oklahoma-woman-accepts-plea-deal-in-traffic-stop-arrest/


I wonder if she paid it with her country-girl bucks. This is my family 100%. They think just because they are country girls and good ol boys, that gives them an excuse to act like a dickhead in public and do whatever they want.


Seeing people that dumb makes me feel almost like a sense of relief sometimes haha


Yeah I hate to admit it, but it makes me feel better about myself. Like, I'm not perfect, but at least I'm not that woman.


This is my wife's justification for watching all of those "Real Housewives" shows.


Apparently if you are 65 and a grandmother, you don’t have to obey the law! One good thing about getting older I guess 🤷🏻‍♀️🤦🏻‍♀️




I was in a carpool once and the driver took an illegal turn near a federal building and immediately got pulled over. He almost wound up in the same situation this lady did but the officer warned him if he didn't sign it then it'd be a felony and he'd be arrested. Then he very begrudgingly signed the ticket while complaining the whole time, dude was lucky. I was sitting in the back just thinking, "I just wanna be at work man, sign the damn ticket."


Wow, that's cheaper than my traffic ticket.


I’m gonna use that one next time I assault a police officer


Uh........next time?


Yes next time. Always a next time when you're a country girl. Edit - county to country


After they got outta prison for the last time






"I'm a country girl. Therefore, I can kick you."


I'm no fan of the police, but uh, no, you can't...




Sometimes getting old turns you into a dumbass. Age related mental decline is a real thing. Keep using your brain if you want to avoid it.


This is one of those reddit posts that I'll always stop to watch. Don't care if it's a repost


I laugh every time. I'm going to hell


I'm glad it wasn't just me.


There are at least two of us


I'll bring chips?


I thought i was the only one! I found it hilarious. 😂


No there are many of us who shamelessly laughed at this. Shall we start our own bowling league when we end up in hell?


“Bowlers for Beelzebub”


I’ll bowl with you anytime homie!


Lmfao the only time I'm cheering on the cops! Karen got hers for sure and I'm laughing all the way to hell in solidarity.


That was not a Karen. That’s “a country girl”!


Kountry Karen, mKay?


Country Fried Karen after the tazing


Klassic Kountry Karen


CUNTry girl


Let’s hold hands ‘cause I’m heading there myself!


Man I'll just rent an SUV from Enterprise. I can drive us all there for laughing at this... You're under arrest....No, I'm not....LMAO


It's just so funny and satisfying to see privilege disintegrate! Although it's extremely telling that she apparently made it to that age without everl having to consider consequences for her actions. I'd bet she still thinks she was the victim.


Same. As soon as I saw the thumbnail I thought, "Oh yes, this is a classic!"


So satisfying seeing her self centred ass get tased.


"You didn't have to tase me" "I tased you because you kicked me" "Well I only kicked you because...."


Listen, she’s a country girl, its not her fault your honor.


Came here to make sure someone else enjoyed this part


I didn’t do it. And If I did, it wasn’t that bad. And if it was that bad, you’re just being too sensitive. Narcissist prayer or somesuch


“Because I’m a country girl!” I fucking lost it hahah


Yea, there's nothing like an entitled person getting their just desserts. This one I always like. She tries to back pedal when it is far too late.


The entitled crowd always tries to back pedal and play the victim. Too little too late, lady. She is playing on the fact that she's white and female. She makes me feel so ashamed of being both.


There is no shame in being either. The shame should come in how often we let shit like that fly, because it benefits us.


Turns out she was right about the white female thing, because they dropped the assault charges.


Omg same, too funny. WELL I’M A COUNTRY GIRL


Same here - I love the part where she’s physically dragged from the vehicle like a farm animal.


"I'm a country girl!"


Should have just signed the ticket lady


Yep. Sign the ticket, get your tags renewed, go to court, charges dropped.


I did this. They dropped the fine, and I just had to pay court cost. Fine was $40 I think. Court cost was $120…


Go to court again, to drop court costs.


how much is the court cost for the 2nd time?


$240 Source: My ass.


Put it back.


People are so dumb… I’m so confused that people don’t know that’s how this works


That’s explains a lot. Last year I got pulled over for expired tags and had a court date because of it. I renewed plates and at the courthouse I signed some piece of paper that said I would pay my ticket within two weeks of receiving it. That ticket never came lmfaoo


You should check up on that because there might be a bench warrant with your name on it and those always come up in the worst possible time.


Can confirm. I got a silly ticket once for going 5mph over the speed limit, but since it was raining the cop said I was driving too fast for conditions. Whatever, the ticket literally says 0-5mph over speed limit. Anyway it was a $40 fee. Not a big deal. But I honestly just forgot about it. I thought about it like a year later and figured since I hadn’t heard anything it was dropped. Fast forward another two years and my insurance literally triples in price one month. I start calling other insurance companies and no one would insure me. Called my insurance company and they said my license had been suspended. I scheduled an appointment at the DMV to figure out what’s going on but it was like a month out for an appointment. So then during that month I got pulled over and the cop came up and told me I had a warrant for my arrest. All that because of a $40 ticket. Luckily the cop was nice to me and I was nice back so he didn’t take me to jail, but he was very clear that he has every right to do so and to impound my car. He could see the original charge and told me he didn’t want to do that for such a simple ticket. I eventually got it all worked out but it was a hell of an ordeal and by the time I went to pay my ticket it was like $450 because of fees and stuff. Long story short, just because you didn’t get a ticket in the mail doesn’t mean it disappeared. Once it catches up to you, it’ll be a miserable day.


Signing the ticket isn't even an admission of guilt. Always sign the ticket and argue with the judge.


Exactly. Signing the ticket is just acknowledging that you received it.


The one time I missed a renewal notice & got ticketed I brought the judge the proof of renewal & he dismissed the case


Yeah. $80 is peanuts as far as traffic tickets go.


You mean traffic stops aren’t a chance to test your expert negotiating skills? Such skills include saying no, telling them no, kicking and ability to take a taser to gut and keep on truckin.


I just read the “law of the road” booklet since im doing my first US drivers license and signing it doesn’t even mean admission of guilt, just acknowledgement of the ticket being issued. She should’ve def just signed.


"I can't believe that MY actions have consequences!" - this lady


"I did not run, i said you weren't going to arrest me!" I'm rolling


“You can’t just say it” “I didn’t, I declared it!”




She was really sure she was going to win that encounter until the electricity hit.


You might say it was shocking to her.


Actually, began with her *inaction*.. neglecting maintenance


And then her active resistance, attempt to flee, resisting arrest again, and assaulting an officer. Those are all active.


Everyone this ladies age in Oklahoma is this way. Entitlement runs rampant.


When your white privilege cheque bounces.


I'd say her privilege helped her out a bit here. Maybe that officer is just the friendliest officer in the world and he's like this with everybody but I've seen videos of similar interactions going south fast with non-white men. Patting her on the back and asking her what hurts? No knee on her neck or officers dog piling on her? But kudos to that officer though for holding back and using only the most amount of force necessary to subdue her. He was within his rights to really hurt her and he didn't.


Pretty sure she's the "Law and Order" type. Just a hunch, though.


"If he didn't wanna get shot by the police he shoulda just complied" \-this bitch, probably


Oh, you just know she's said that exact line before.


Probably has thin blue line flags and stickers at her house.


It probably shouldn't have been as satisfying to see her tased as it was.


She said "no you're not" when he said he was going to arrest her. Like it was an Uno Reverse or some shit. She's the type of person who believes a cop *has* to tell you they're a cop if you ask them. Lmao I said "tase her!" out loud and I'm not ashamed


One of my favorite parts! Like she has a say


This was so satisfying. I think just seeing ppl act like entitled morons and ACTUALLY getting in trouble for it.


I realized how satisfying it was around the 3rd watch


I don't know, seeing people who think laws don't apply to them get their comeuppance feels very right to me


I’m from rural Oklahoma. Can confirm that there are a lot of these women around.


https://kfor.com/news/local/oklahoma-woman-accepts-plea-deal-in-traffic-stop-arrest/ Before everyone gets too smug about her getting her comeuppance, this whole ordeal only ended up with her pleading guilty to four misdemeanors costing her $200 and probation.


Don't forget getting tased


Also don't forget being posted all over the internet for countless people to ridicule.


She doesn't care, you think she opens the internet to look at anything but boomer rants on Facebook


I still get some satisfaction knowing that the whole damn town and most of the people she chats with on Fb have seen this video


She cares. She’s a narcissist. It’s the only reason why she resisted in the first place.


That's enough for me honestly, we don't need to throw her away for 5 years with actual hardened criminals just for the crime of being an idiot.


$200, her face on the news, and the experience of getting tased should leave a lasting impression. Still, what an idiot


Lol I would have been fine if he let her pay the $80 bill after getting tasered and thrown around like that


200 for fleeing from the police? My last speeding ticket was more than that shit wtf


Geeze, and here I am getting pulled over for not coming to a dead stop at a stop sign, turning right at the intersection (with no traffic around), and getting a $250 ticket--the same fine I'd get for blazing through a red light.


She fought the law and the law..


…and the law tazed her fat ass and sent her packing to County.


"Yeah I tried to kick you cuz im a country girl" Oh shit nevermind, just let her go officer she didn't commit assault at all


> I got an ambulance on the way (after tasing you). That’ll be another $5,312… because America.


For real, I’d rather just go to jail than have an ambulance called. At least I can financially recover from jail.


In most jurisdictions, if the ambulance does not transport you, you do not get billed for it. I'm a part-time EMT (side gig); we could show up to an accident where you got knocked off your ladder trimming a tree and attacked by a full swarm of bees. We could give you all the epi we have on our rig, and use every bandage we have on board stopping your bleeding -- and if you refuse transport, you won't see a dime of a bill from us. Usually how it goes with taser deployments - the EMT/medic might remove the taser barb, slap a bandage over the puncture, and you sign off - you get in the patrol car and the ambulance goes away.


"I didn't run! I told you you weren't going to arrest me!" ![gif](giphy|2UqtrCLuOMEw0)


Did anyone else lol when he tasered her?


Yes, accompanied by a sigh of relief. Boomers in trucks shouldn't be handwaved away, but leading with pistol pointed felt slightly excessive given her age.


Nah that was the appropriate action to take after she fled. Just because someone's old doesn't mean that can't own or operate firearms, and the cop could know what all she had in her truck.


There's a video I saw a few years ago of an old guy that got pulled over and he was arguing with the officer, then reaches into the bed of his truck and gets out a rifle. The office doesn't immediately shoot him, and instead takes cover and tries to reason with the old guy and winds up shot to death. Being old doesn't mean you aren't dangerous.


Wait, the officer was shot to death or the old man?


The officer was Kyle Dinkheller. Absolutely horrifying video and I would recommend not watching it, but reading the wikipedia page will fill anyone in who was curious.


Yeah, the officer was shot to death. There's this guy named Dave Grossman who's kind of famous for teaching cops to fear the public and be ready to kill them without hesitation and that's one of his videos he shows people.


Self entitled spoiled narcissistic people


But she’s a country girl




Cop: I got an ambulance on the way to financially ruin y… I mean check you out 😈


“What hurts?” *Evrrry thang* Always makes me laugh


This incident will always inspire polar mixed emotions in me. On one hand, I feel bad seeing that done to another person especially an old lady. On the other hand, part of me agrees with where she's coming from. Sometimes the consequences of arbitrary laws feel absurdly draconian (Oh you didn't pay us for the right to drive? Well here's a $1,000 fine. Can't afford the $1,000 fine? 10 days in jail. Lost your job because you can't afford to go to jail for 10 days. Tough luck.) All that being said, the other part of me is like f*** that lady. You know how many disadvantaged people get treated like that or worse every single day? I seen footage of black, hispanic, or developmentally disabled people being killed while trying to comply, and this entitled clown literally refused to comply, then assaulted a cop, then tried to flee the scene. Sensational.


this is what desensitization actually operates upon. you see so much horrible shit, usually from group a to group b, with little to zero empathy, that when something actually hurts group a, you cheer for the poetic justice of it, realizing too late it's just more hurt.


Oh Karen, have fun being a country girl in prison.


If a black woman kicked a cop I don't think he'd grab the taser...


‘I don’t want to pay $80 for something that is fixable’ Ma’am you had 6 months to get it done, instead you fucked around and now you’re getting fined.


Police hate this one trick to avoid arrest! When they tell you "you're under arrest," just say "no I'm not!"


I don't know. I feel like the cop could have simply explained what signing the ticket meant. He could have just said "This is just acknowledging that I'm giving you a ticket. You're not promising to pay it and you can dispute it in court." And then he could have said "If you don't sign it, I have no choice but to arrest you." And all of this may have been cleared up right then and there. This lady is absolutely insane thought, so that may not have worked. But it was obviously worth a try.


100000%!! The fact that he didn’t explain anything and went right to arresting her when she refused to sign it once is obviously not the right action. It’s wild to me how apparently the majority of people think just bc she was being a stubborn idiot his actions were “perfect” (direct quote from other comment). Cops are, in theory, funded by our tax dollars to de-escalate and take the high road to maintain people’s safety. This was an incredibly low stakes situation that could’ve been addressed without tasing. Let her know if she doesn’t sign she will be arrested. If that doesn’t work then maybe you let her drive off and they’ll just send letters increasing the fine or whatever. If she continues being a stubborn idiot and drives away, maybe you let that one go for the moment. She will pay eventually or receive her punishment. It doesn’t have to be right now.