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Guys, calm down. It's a comedy TikTok run by an albino African guy named Raphael Ayara. They're just a bunch of guys making a joke. I repeat. It is just. A joke.


Right, the punchline is clearly "you spilled our food buddy, now we'll eat you!" Clearly not the peak of wit, bit then again, very few tik tok viral comedy is. TL;DR... no facepalm here, just a joke/comedy skit.


Ohhhh. I think I can see it’s a sketch after watching in a few times. The first time I was horrified thinking that poor albino man suffered so much for a small mistake. I’m so relieved. Thank you


Forgive me for asking, but since it's the internet and there aren't any tone tags here, I'm assuming you're being as sarcastic as I was.




Awesome, thanks for putting my mind at ease. He really is a funny comedian though, if you have time, you should look him up.


Let's waste a bunch of food for a really really really shitty herpderp reel


Is this where my unicef food donations are going? I mean okay wasting food in Europe or China where there is an abundance food can still kind of (stress on kind of) be justified because it is a logistical nightmare to feed Africa food from China, but Africans wasting food when their fellow countrymen are suffering just feels illegal.


I bet you eat McDonald’s


Uh..... ![gif](giphy|xT9KVeEPWqBlmDLgME)


Uhhhh? Yes?


![gif](giphy|doTT696Gy8sF2) Wtf????


It's ok. It's just a movie. They aren't actually going to eat him.


Well that's just fucked up-- they're going to let him go to waste?


I didn't think of that.. that is pretty fucked up!


What’s with the one guy with his pants around his ankles the whole time?


I think the facepalm is that it's not really that funny?🤷


For everyone not getting it, albinos in some parts of Africa are killed and dismembered for their body parts, some of which are eaten, because it's believed they have magical properties. This is very black humor, no pun intended


Stop yelling!