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And when she has a baby why are there so many single Mums? You are useless when you abandon your woman and child. So why can’t you get your F’n job done ? To support your family??????????


Sincerely, someone whose mother should have resigned.


Says the moron that would fold like a card board box giving birth.


What the f*** is this asshat on the earth for if he can't have a baby? I mean it's a simple f****** task




Congratulations on your separation. I'm sure that it wa,sand still is a tough part of life to deal with. You must be a strong person. Good luck in life.


I don't get guys who always want to be the ruler of the house. It's so much work to try and be in control all the time, fuck it.


I guess that means guys with erectile dysfunction are equally useless. If giving birth is a basic task, ejaculation has to be even more basic.


So I guess we men should throw on dirty loincloths, make our own spearheads and spears, and go hunt bears to feed our families?


Dude wont even f###ing swear. I mean, he's saying all this dou##ebag "alpha male" sh#t, and wont even say "f###" without a censor? F###ing pu##y. ^/s


Probably a Taliban.


To the moron who said that nonsense, What are you in the world for if you don't even know the difference between the singular term "woman" and the plural term "women"? It's "a woman" not "a women". Now go make me some tacos, little boy.


Don't get paid enough, I'm quitting


So is a man who doesn't have any kids also useless?


Yeah! This dude already has the job of not giving birth. Who are you to take away his job just because anyone can do it?


Wow a basic task to shit out a chair from your ho-ha?


Who assigned this task and what happens if I don’t do it? Oh nobody and nothing, I think I’ll keep my free will.