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Italy. A 43 year-old female living in a flat with her three pets, one dog and two cats, was found dead by her husband at 7.15 a.m. She lay unconscious on the bathroom floor, next to the bathtub, in a right lateral recumbent position, wearing a nightgown, her face covered with large lesions. Their last conversation had taken place the previous evening at 11.30 p.m. Despite the extent and gravity of the aforementioned facial wounds, crime scene investigation revealed the virtual absence of blood traces around the corpse; even the nightgown the deceased was supposedly wearing at the time of death presented blood splatter patterns utterly inconsistent with a violent death involving extensive facial trauma. Upon arrival at the hospital, cardiopulmonary resuscitation was attempted, but the woman was declared dead. The deceased had a history of heart disease and was being treated accordingly. A forensic autopsy was performed to determine the cause of death and to confirm what appeared a likely case of post-mortem animal interference. Twenty-four hours after death, the corpse was rinsed and an autopsy was performed. On external examination, it appeared well-nourished, with post-mortem lividity of normal intensity and consistent with the supine position. A number of post-mortem injuries likely inflicted by one or more animals covered its face, and a large amount of subcutaneous fatty tissue was missing. The nose, in particular, was almost totally missing, which made the nasal cavities and bones visible; remarkably, no bloodstains surrounded this wound nor other wounded areas of the face. The upper lip was also severely lacerated, except for one 2.5 cm segment on the left and one 0.5 cm segment on the right. In addition to some minor grazes around the lower lip were a number of stippled wounds along with groups of multiple small superficial lacerations, especially on the right hemiface. The wound margins, which showed no evidence of vital sub-cutaneous bleeding, were irregular in shape and finely serrated, the likely result of the action of paw nails and dog fangs. The rest of the corpse appeared unscathed except for a small number of bluish bruises; no defense injuries were found. Before proceeding with the dissection, and in consideration of the numerous wounds on the face, a cranial X-ray was performed and came back negative both for bone fractures and for the presence of foreign bodies. Internal examination revealed the signs of a large hemorrhage in the subarachnoid space, while the other organs showed no abnormalities. Besides, we found no evidence of blood aspiration. The histological analysis of a lip fragment came back negative both for bleeding and any other vital reaction. The examination of the formalin-fixed brain confirmed the occurrence of a large hemorrhage in the subarachnoid space: the basilar artery showed a 1 cm aneurysm with a 0.3 cm rupture on its wall. No alcohol or drugs were found in the blood. Based on the autopsy and the histological findings, it was determined that the woman had died from the rupture of a basilar artery aneurysm. \- **Fig.1 Frontal view of the victim showing large lacerations.** **Fig.2 Lateral view of the victim showing complete missing of the nose.** **Fig.3 Frontal view of the victim showing absence of vital subcutaneous bleeding.** **Fig.4 View of the victim showing absence of vital subcutaneous bleeding.** **Fig.5 X ray- No fractures or foreign bodies.** \- *This post is for educational purposes only and is nonprofit. Under Section 107 of the US Copyright Act of 1976; Allowance is made for "Fair Use" for purposes such as criticism, comment, news reporting, teaching, scholarship, and research. OP is not a medical expert. No copyright infringement intended. This post does not encourage or glorify violence/harassment. Images might have been upscaled and enhanced. Text might have been shortened and simplified/reorganized for online view.*


I’m not an expert but unless it was a small dog, those wounds look more indicative of cats. The punctures all over her face are very small, more like feline teeth. Seems like a dog would’ve done more damage overall.




So, did she have a heart attack or something heart related, and the animals are her nose? I've heard of animals doing that before, but never seen pictures of it


No to the first part. [This is the location of the basilar artery.](https://ibb.co/Z2cCqMv)


I'm very desensitized to gore, but something about disfigurements that cause exposed teeth creeps me out a lot. I once saw a documentary about a girl who looked somewhat normal from the face, but the entire set of teeth was virtually exposed. That disturbed me.


Her pets did not wait long to get started


Kind of what I was thinking too, that’s why I kind of suspect it was her cats.


I once did first aid on a motorcyclist who was wearing a tiny pot helmet and went down face first on the pavement. He had the same look on his face.


so this is what the dog was doing




good doggy


"This poor woman's gonna wake up with her fuckin nose chewed off and just be like "Oh, Mr. Wiggles was a little hungry this morning, wasn't he?"" \-Sam O'Nella, Jun. 2016