ELI5: Why is Australia so hot when it is so far from the equator?

ELI5: Why is Australia so hot when it is so far from the equator?


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It's not far from the equator. It's closer to the equator than Egypt for instance, and on par with much of the Sahara desert. Much of the north is in the tropics, with the south in the subtropics Perhaps the maps you are familiar with are the ones that don't bother showing how much Antarctica there is, and cut it off. That would make Australia feel more southern than it truly is.


It's not that far from the equator. It spans similar latitude from about Panama to San Francisco. A lot of that is desert and pretty hot in the US. Or go over to Africa, it covers pretty much the same latitude of the Sahara Desert.


Its actually not far at all from the equator, especially the northern end. Even Tasmania is closer to the equator than England.


Same reason why Europe is remotely hospitable despite being at the same latitude as Canada Ocean Gyres conduct air and sea currents from the equator as far south as they can reach without being interrupted, in Australia and Aotearoa's case, that's very far south. So they are able to experience warm air and waters much further from the equator than other more inland locales