When my Mormon co-workers talk about how crazy Scientology is

When my Mormon co-workers talk about how crazy Scientology is


According to Steven Hassan this is actually a good opportunity. Talk to them about all the fucked up things Scientology does to keep their members in line and abuse them. Watch as their subconscious mind connects those same tactics to life under the LDS


Post a notice on the bulletin board to form a book club and note that Combatting Cult Mind Control is the first book since everyone seemed fascinated by Scientology. Buy everyone a copy of his book and hand them out like candy with another invite to the book club, saying all can attend even if they haven't read the book. Make it a potluck and bring lots of delicious food to draw the crowd. Sit back and eat popcorn as they compare notes as they realize the LDS church is mentioned right alongside the Scientologists. Prepare a survey that people can compare their own religion against the BITE model beforehand. If they don't do it before the book club, they'll be able to do it afterwards.


I just bought it! Along with the author's other book: "The Cult of Trump" (yes, I know not everyone here will agree with the latter).


I read them both just recently. Good reads. I do have some minor disagreements/issues with the author (namely using the Stanford Prison Experiment as an example to demonstrate his points) but overall good books.


That's my face when they say anything..




During prayers


My younger sisters have this friend who's investigating the church and probably well on her way to be baptized. She's always talking about Scientology and JW and how they are kinda weird but Mormonism isn't so wierd. OH CHILD.... She also says she was voted most likely to become a Scientologist in school. I think it had to do with an obsession with Tom Cruise, I believe.


Anonymously send her a copy of Combatting Cult Mind Control by Steven Hassan. Do it now. If you can highlight the references to Mormons in a copy before you send it, do it. At the very least, she will reconsider joining long enough to do more research. Create an anonymous email address and start sending her daily links to church history and that they've NEVER apologized. Link to the Gospel Topics Essays and send books like Rough Stone Rolling with highlighted acknowledgements of polygamy and marrying 14 year olds and foster children. Include Explain that missionaries only know and teach enough to sell the soft side of the church and that they just DON'T KNOW any of the history, nor would they teach it if they did. Part of a high demand religion is to control the flow of information. Give her a list of questions to ask and assure her that they will brush off or dismiss the question instead of answering them.


Oof. That’s smart advice but I’m afraid I would be too nervous to go through with that. Lol.


This reminds me of a Scientology party I went to, when this guy started ragging on the mormons and how crazy their beliefs are. The look on his face when he realized that every other person at the table was mormon was absolutely priceless. To his credit, all of the points he made were valid. It's just that Scientology doesn't have any ground to stand on either.


L. Ron Hubbard was a sci-fi author, Joseph smith was a fantasy author.


And IMHO a piss-poor sci fi author


Mormonism doesn’t have any crazy space war (cough cough Battlestar Galactica)


But they have two civilizations in the Americas fighting with impossibly huge armies and complete destruction. They have five dudes who roam the earth never dying. They have angels delivering and then removing gold plates covered with a nonexistent, ridiculous language. They have wooden submarines full of animals. They have all the nutso stuff from the Old Testament, and not a hint that maybe it all should be considered allegorical. And they expect a magic sky fairy to descend any minute now and make everything great after first killing most of the people on earth.


A lot of folks don’t realize BG was founded on LDS theology




http://www.mormonthink.com/glossary/battlestargalactica.htm Enjoy


There was a war in the pre existence that was basically a space ghost war


Don't forget about the war in heaven. Then the winners sent the loser (Stan) down to planet earth to torment the winning minions to see if they would choose the winner again while they were basically blind folded. No crazy there.


Poor Stan, stuck down here with us.


Looks like you are still blindfolded....


And now we can add "The Expanse", though it's a minor part of the show. It's what got me 1st interested in the series. Then I stayed around for the male eye candy!


Omg! I just Googled Battlestar Galactica and Mormonism. Today I learned…


Because of course he does…https://babylonbee.com/news/mormons-attempt-to-distance-beliefs-from-plot-of-battlestar-galactica


My fascination with cults and Scientology specifically helped me out. I’d talk about how crazy stuff was and then I’d read something or hear an interview and be like. Wow that sounds familiar. Realizing L Ron Hubbard and Joseph smith are basically the same person born 100 years apart blew my mind


"Are those the ones that insist up and down that they don't practice polygamy and yet their main leader fully intends to be with multiple wives in heaven?" "Are those the ones that insult Native Americans by calling them Jews?" "Are those the ones that excluded black people from their most sacred ceremonies until almost the 80s?"


When you look into Scientology you'll discover that good ol' L. Ron used Mormonism as a template... down to the very story of 'a young teenage man who had a revelation'. They also use the same tricks to avoid taxes. Spending big on real estate, which just sits unused 99% of the time.


I don’t think that Scientology had a period of systematic sex trafficking of young girls by the organization. Also, scientologist don’t believe in magic underwear or bigfoot.


Scientology is significantly more crazy and scary than Mormonism.


my TBM sister asked me about scientology and I gave her both the high level overview of self-improvement and the deeper stuff about Zunu and thetans and blowing people up in volcanos. She commented that it is so crazy and didn't understand how anyone could believe it. I responded that we (I was PIMO at the time) believe in a virgin birth, a burning bush, the parting of the red sea, and that a teenage boy talked to god and dug up some plates and a whole bunch of crap that is just as crazy when looking at it from the outside. She thought about it for a second and realized we all have crazy, you just don't recognize the crazy when it's spoonfed to you.


Scientology's doctrine does include a lot more aliens from other planets than Mormonism does. Which is an interesting point — is Jesus from another planet? And what about the Holy Ghost — where is he from? Is Elohiem the only alien? Or all we all basically alien "spirits" who came to Earth and inhabited bodies here, which now that I write it down sounds a lot like Scientology?


What is this gif from? Because he looks like a (Mormon?, ex-mormon?) dude I met at BYU-H in the 2000s...


“Hello Kettle my name is Pot how are you doing”