Fuck you and your religion.

You think I just hate Christianity? You think I'm a ignorant hater of all religion because I'm christianphobic or islamophobic or whatever stupid crap you spew out of your brainwashed minds?

No, I'm not. I disagree with how an entire family can disown their child because they are an atheist, I disagree with how there are starving, homeless people, sick children and mentally ill people all around the world who are SUFFERING and big ole sky daddy does jackshit. I disagree with how your religion gives people a false sense of hope and meaning and the idea that we live after death when there is no evidence or LOGICAL evidence for that to be the case. I disagree with how I "deserve" to spend an eternity in hell for being an atheist, same goes with lgbtqi+ people or anyone who defies your stupid made up morals and laws. Here's food for thought slim ass, morals are an evolutionary trait so is being lgbtqi+, we evolved through the process of evolution and no we are not monkeys. We are assholes who think we're so special that a magical sky daddy gets to tickle our ballsacks when we stop breathing. Fuck you and your religion honestly.

Tl;dr: Rant


and they need your money, please send all your money, yes we need money, gotta have more money, we don't care if your family needs it, we need it more


Gives me George Carlin vibes. What a timeless lad.


Oh and did they mention they need more money? lol


Did someone mention they need money? I feel that that was left out in your comment.


And don’t forget about the cash they need.


and power. need that also


You have encapsulated what I long to say to so many people. Thank you.


Speaking exclusively about Christianity here, and from personal experience (I only know one Muslim personally, and she's a wonderful human being; and most of my other not-Christian acquaintances are either atheists or pagans): Fundamentalist Christians use their religion as nothing more than a means to excuse their own bigotry. If you are guaranteed a place in an eternal paradise after you die if you follow the rules and submit to some petty Canaanite god --- well then, any amount of cruelty to other humans is excusable, isn't it? After all --- you want them to go to the eternal paradise, too. Nevermind that you make their lives living hell on the basis of an abhorrent anti-human pseudo-morality.


So many people just don't realize what these organizations do to us. What they rip from us.


Or mentally ill be damned to hell for killing themselves


Add to that we're supposed to take at face value what is written in a book that was written millennia ago, and the oral traditions present on them are older still, even if the evidence to them being just legends and tales with a very different meaning is overwhelming. And that a deity that sends people just for being unbelievers and using their brains to an eternity of torment can hardly be "all-loving". Oh, and that the words of someone who claims to have met the founder of this religion in a vision and has twisted them to his needs is put at equal or higher value than the ones (claimed to be) of the former.


You have every right as a human to disagree


I felt every word of this 😂😂😂😂


We didn't come from monkeys, but apes. Technically we still are. I get where you're coming from, the Abrahamic faiths have held mankind back far too long. It's time science and reason take over.




Thank you for demonstrating OP's point so effectively.


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1.) This is the exchristian sub. People are allowed to rant here. Christians who are offended by exchristians should consider not visiting the sub that is a support space for people injured by christianity. 2.) The OP was generalized and not targeted at any specific person. Your comment was plainly and clearly directed towards OP.