Nested IF Formulas and Multiple Criteria

Hey all,

Seems basic, but my use is unique enough I'm not finding help online readily.

I'm trying to have excel check a cell for one of two names and return a different formulated value based on which name and if the cell is empty to just return a '-' as it does now.

I have it working with one name, but adding the second I keep getting 'too many arguments' error.

This is my current formula:


This is how I tried to modify and am getting the error.

=IF(J2="SLIT", G2*F2*.4, IF(J2<>"",IF(J2)="Steve",IF(G2<75,5\*F2,IF(G2>75,10*F2))))

If J2 contains 'Steve' I want to have it check the value in G2 and return a number based on greater or less than 75. If J2 contains 'SLIT' I want it to multiple G2 by F2 to get total dollar sales and return 40% this is due to different venues and commission structures.

Thanks for the help!


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If you throw in an ALT+ENTER before each IF you get the IF statements each on their own row. That makes it easier to count parentheses, etc.


This is wrong: IF(J2) But it would be better to split the logic into separate cells, rather than jamming it all into a single, complex formula,


I see an error at this point: IF(J2)="Steve" -the extra closing parenthesis. And then, on that same IF, there is no FALSE action. Actually, most of your IF statements only have a TRUE path.


I would rewrite with this: `=IF(J2="SLIT",G2*F2*0.4,IF(J2="Steve",IF(G2<75,5*F2,10*F2),""))` Only valid options for J2 is "SPLIT" or "Steve", anything else returns "".


Thank you! Just needed help cleaning up the formatting it seems as the main formulas and context were all there and correct. Solution Verified


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If you have a new enough version you can use IFS, which is much more readable so you'll be able to catch errors easier. AND and OR are good functions to know about too.


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